The Sock Sisters (Chapters 9-12)

The Sock Sisters (Chapters 9-12)


Jeff dropped us off in front of Kim’s house around 8:30 and she met us at the door wearing one of the fluffy old robes.
“I just got out of the shower girls. Come in my bedroom, we’ll change in there. Phil just left and I kind of forgot about time!”
“Phil just left, huh?” I kidded. “And just what were you two up to that you lost track of time?”
“We were fucking, Mar! What did you think?” Kim smiled at Beth and I and we all burst out laughing.
When we got to Kim’s room, she dropped her robe and stood there naked, letting Beth and I admire her tight little body.
“Welcome to our group Beth,” Kim grinned as she walked over and gave Beth a hug.
Beth held my naked best friend in her arms and whispered, “Thanks for having
Kim reached behind Beth’s head and their mouths found each other in a long
tongue filled kiss. It made me hot just watching them! When their mouths finally pulled away from each other they both stared at each other with looks of lust. If I didn’t know that they had both been sexually satisfied recently, I could have sworn they were going to drop to the floor and have sex. When they separated from each other, Kim’s chest was flushed and her dark brown nipples were sticking straight out. I could see the outline of Beth’s nips straining against her tee shirt.
“Wow you two!” I whispered. “That was really hot! Whew! I think I got wet just watching you two!”
“You got wet?! What do you think I did? Beth replied.
“Let’s put something on and go in the living room”, Kim suggested. “I have something to show you! I have some stuff for us to wear.”
Kim had laid out three bikini panties, three ribbed tee shirts and three pairs of our soft, white socks. Kim started getting dressed as Beth and I stripped off our tee shirts and sweat bottoms. Kim was eyeing over Beth’s sexy body.
“Wow Beth, what an incredible body!” Kim cooed.
Beth turned to face Kim and I as she slid a see-through pair of white bikinis up her long legs. Both Kim and I saw the wet glistening of her bald pussy slit before she pulled her panties into place.
“You two are the ones with the hot bodies!” Beth replied. “And you sure know what to do with them. I can’t wait to learn more from you. Everyone thinks you two are such goodie-two-shoes ….but you are so hot. I think I love both of you!”
“We’re sisters Beth….forever!” I told her.
We finished pulling on our panties, tees and socks and went into the living room.
“Mar, lock the doors. I’ll get the curtains. Beth, get us some wine coolers out of the ‘fridge. My parents aren’t going to be back until Monday sometime so we’ve got the house to ourselves!”
We all sat on the floor in the living room drinking wine coolers and laughing and telling stories. Kim wanted to know everything we had done that afternoon, but mostly she wanted to know about Jonathon’s cock. Beth told about fucking Jonathon and then Jeff. I told Kim about fucking Jeff while wearing the white thigh highs she had given me, and then about fucking Jonathon by the pool. Kim told us about fucking Phil all afternoon. We all talked about our soft white socks. Beth made fun of my swimsuit situation.
And, we figured out how to get Beth on the pill. It seems as though Kim had always been getting a double supply each month so she could keep one supply at school in case she forgot to take her pill at home. That was the plan when she had first started taking them when she turned fifteen. For the last year she has just been storing the extra prescription in her dresser drawer. Kim went into her bed room and came back with a years supply and gave them to Beth.
“You’ll have to take them for three weeks before you start letting guys cum in you”, Kim instructed.
“Here, take your first one with us tonight.” Kim handed Beth the round container. “Then take one every morning for as long as you are having sex! I bet you can’t wait to feel a guy fill you up with warm cum can you? It’s the best!”
“I can’t wait to clean her up afterwards!” I burst out.
We all started laughing as Beth washed down her first contraceptive with a swallow of wine cooler.
Kim kept asking Beth and I about Jonathon’s dick….how long it was soft, how long it was hard, how thick it was, how big his ball are, etc., etc. She had Beth and I rolling with laughter with her questions.
“Wait a minute!” I jumped up and got my gym bag. “I’ve got something for you Kimmie!”
I fished around in my bag until I found the filled rubber that Beth and Jon had used. I playfully tossed it to Kim.
“This thing is nearly two inches full!” Kim cried out. “How many times did he cum in this?!”
“Just once!!” Beth and I said at the same time.
“Oh my god!” Kim squealed. “Beth…my sister…you have got to let me fuck him…PLEASE!!”
“We’ll see Kim…maybe if you are good!” Beth smiled and winked at me knowingly. Beth and I both burst out laughing.
We were all enjoying sitting around with hardly anything on. We were always touching each other and checking each others bodies out. I suggested that maybe we should all get rid of our panties. They were so thin and see through that they really weren’t doing much anyway. Beth and Kim agreed so off went our panties.
Beth got up to get us more wine coolers from the kitchen and both Kim and I followed her out of the room with our eyes.
“You want her don’t you Kimmie?! I teased.
“Not as much as you!” Kim fired back.
“When the time comes sis, let’s do her together. Or maybe we will just all be doing each other at the same time.” I offered.
“God! I can’t wait to get in bed with you two tonight.” Kim moaned as she came over and laid down next to me.
“I know Beth is here, but let’s do each other now. I am so horny….and I want you to lick Phil’s cum out of me!” She whispered in my ear.
“I have Jonathon’s cum for you. Why don’t you lick me? I’ll cum for you!”

Kim kissed me on the lips before she pushed my tee shirt up and took my nipples into her hot mouth. She then trailed her tongue slowly down my stomach until she reached my bush. I spread my thighs so that Kim would have complete access to my pussy. I felt my cunt lips open and I knew she had a full view of my wet sex.
Kim began sliding her tongue up and down my slit as Beth walked back into the living room. She immediately came over to where Kim and I were having sex and gave me a deep kiss. Kim looked up for a second and she and Beth quickly tongued each others mouth. Kim went back to eating my aching pussy while Beth gently sucked my nipples between her teeth. I rested my right leg on Kim’s back while she continued to work my pussy over with her expert tongue and fingers.
“Oh lover….god you know how to drive me crazy!” I moaned. Kim was sucking my swollen cunt lips into her mouth and gently pulling them with her teeth. I was grinding my hips towards her mouth and was about to start begging her to lick my clit.
Kim was on her knees between my spread legs with her face buried deep in my hairy sex. Beth had gotten up and gone behind Kim so that she had full access to Kimmie’s dripping slit and eagerly began tonguing her. Kim lifted her head from between my legs and let out a low moan.
“Oh Beth!...that feels incredible! This is fantastic…I’m eating one sister while my other sister’s eating me! Mary!! This is so fucking hot!!” Kim almost yelled out.
Kim looked down at my soaked snatch and said, “Now let me taste that big, black cocks cum!” She planted her mouth on my clit and started sucking it in and out of her mouth.
“Finger my ass Kimmie and I’ll shoot Jon’s cum right into your mouth!”
Kim reached up and pinched my right nipple really hard. I cried out and Beth pulled her shiny face away from Kim’s wet hole to see if I was OK. When she saw my flushed face and chest she knew I was all right and went back to licking Kim’s sweetness.
Kim let go of my burning nipple and slowly slid her finger into my tight asshole. I felt myself starting to go over the edge just as she gently bit down on my hard clit.
“Oh my god Kim….here it comes….oh god…don’t stop! Oh fuck……oh fuck….get ready!”
I felt my pussy start to go in and out and my stomach muscles started pumping my hips up and down as I exploded in Kim’s mouth. She kept her mouth glued to me as I felt my fluids gush out of me. I heard Kim gulp and choke a little bit as I fed her my juices and Jon’s cream. When Kim had sucked me dry she rolled herself over onto her back and spread her legs so Beth could finish her too! She had her head resting on my soaked muff as we both watched our new sock sister eat Kimmie’s hot cunt.
I looked down at Kim as she caressed Beth’s body with her soft, white socks. Her flushed face was covered with my mixture of juices and her big brown nipples had pulled into tight little buttons that stood straight out on her heaving chest. Her stomach muscles were grinding her sex against Beth’s mouth.
“Oh god you two….I am so fucking hot….Mar…Beth….oh…Jon’s cum tasted great. Don’t stop Beth! Oh!...Fuck my ass Beth! I’m going to give you Phil’s cum! That’s it….oh…Beth….I’m gonna do it for you!” Kim cried out.
I saw Beth slide her long finger into Kim’s wetness and then she must have slid it up her ass because Kim’s hips came off the floor as she began orgasming over and over again. Finally Beth pulled her wet face from between Kim’s legs and licked her lips. An exhausted Kim just lay on her back with her legs still apart and her chest still heaving.
“Wow….that tasted great!” Beth moaned. “I loved it!” Her black nipples were as hard as Kim’s as she crawled up and gave Kim a long slow kiss. I could tell by their quiet moans that they both enjoyed swapping the fluids and tastes in their mouths.
I started getting extremely horny watching my two sisters making out in front of me and my hand found its way to my revived pussy. I slid my finger between my swollen, wet lips and found my clit was still hard. I closed my eyes and started jilling off. Kim and Beth got off of the floor and knelt down so they could watch.
“Oh Kim! You know what’s going to happen don’t you!” I moaned.
Both Kim and Beth held one of my sock covered feet so that my legs were supported and spread wide apart. I was furiously fingering myself with my right hand while my left hand ground against my clit.
“Watch Beth! You won’t believe it!” Kim whispered in her ear.
I looked down at my two sexy sisters and put my feet on their thighs as I tried to caress their hot bodies with my soft, white socks. Kim leaned over and gave Beth another long kiss as they both watched me masturbating. They both began caressing my feet and legs as Kim whispered, “You look so hot Mar…your socks are are so soft. Beth and I love to fuck in our socks as much as you do. Guys really like to fuck you when you are wearing them don’t they?! It’s because you look so hot and you are such an incredible fuck, aren’t you? You love to fuck, don’t you?”
I was getting so hot listening to Kim that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.
“It’s coming….it’s coming!” I lifted my ass off the floor and pushed down hard on my clit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”
I felt my cum begin to shoot out of me. My pussy spasmed hard at least three more times as I heard both Kim and Beth squeal in delight.
“My god….my god!” Beth cried out, “Look at her cum!”
“She’s our little squirter!” Kim added. “She always does this for me!”
“Only for you baby, only for you.” I added and collapsed to the floor.
Both Kim and Beth’s ribbed tee shirts were wet with my cum and I could see the outline of their gorgeous breasts against the thin, wet material. Both of my sisters layed down next to me and we rested. Our arms and legs were entwined as we all tried to pull each other closer.


We had only rested a few minutes when Kim untangled herself from our naked pile of sexually spent teen girls.
“I’ve got to show you something” she told us as she headed off to her bedroom. “I’ll be right back!”
“Kimmie, we’re coming with you. We’ve got to dry off and Beth needs a dry tee shirt!”
Kim met Beth and I in the bathroom and we all washed ourselves off and raided Kim’s dresser for dry tee shirts and bikini panties. We all still wore the same soft, white socks that had become our fetish and trademark. Of course we all had them slouched just perfectly.
“I’m going to grab a few more wine coolers and I’ll meet you guys in the living room.” I yelled out to Beth and Kimmie.
By the time I got back to them, they were already sitting on a big comforter in the middle of the floor. I handed them each something to drink.
“OK, what do you have that is so important?” I kidded Kim.
She pulled out an envelope of pictures. She told me that she had Phil drive her over to the neighboring town this morning and that she had developed the pictures from Mr. Jameson’s apartment. She had gone to a one hour developing machine where it is all done automatically.
“I didn’t want anybody to see these!” she exclaimed.
“I don’t know….it might be pretty sexy if someone we didn’t know saw them….and enjoyed them!” I replied.
Beth just looked at us like she had no idea what we were talking about…because she didn’t!
Kim explained to her, “These are some pictures of a little adventure Mary and I went on last night. They are pretty explicit…are you sure you can handle looking at them?!” She kidded Beth.
“Oh, try me!” Beth giggled as she leaned over and kissed Kim’s cheek.
Kim handed us each a few of the pictures to look at. The first one I had showed me lying naked on the floor covered in Dave’s cum. The second one showed Kim’s anal creampie. None of the pictures really showed our faces but they did show the backs of our heads a few times. The only one that you could recognize as Kim and I were the two that Dave had taken when we standing in front of him naked.
“Oh my god!” Beth blurted out. “Is this Mr. Jameson’s apartment?”
“You’ve been there?!” Kim asked excitedly.
“Well evidently my sisters have!” Beth answered.
Beth told us how two weeks ago she had gone to see Mr. Jameson after class to see if there was something she could do to get her grade up in Biology. If she didn’t at least an A- for the semester, her grade point average would fall to the point where she may not get her scholarship for college. That scholarship was very important to her because without it, her mom wouldn’t be able to afford to send her on to school. Anyway, Mr. Jameson had told Beth that she should stop by his apartment on a Friday night after she was done at the basketball game and that he would have a work packet for her to complete. If she completed the packet, she would easily get an A for the semester. She said she went over to his house after the game and was still wearing her dance outfit which consisted of a bare red midriff sport top and a short red skirt over a pair of white tights.
She rang the doorbell and Mr. Jameson opened the door and invited her upstairs. She said that he was barefoot and was wearing a tee shirt and an old pair of jeans. She went into his apartment and he had her sit down on the couch.
“I had to keep my legs together really tight when I sat down because our dance skirts are so short!” Beth said. “But Mr. Jameson was really eyeing me up.”
“Well Christ Beth, do you blame him?” Kim jumped in. You do look pretty hot in that dance outfit! There are probably a lot of hard-ons in the crowd when you are out there showing off that body!”
Beth went on to tell us that he came out of the kitchen with a couple of beers and handed her one. She wasn’t sure if she should take it or not because she didn’t want him to get her in any trouble. Mr. Jameson assured her it would be OK. She said that he then gave her a work packet that was almost two inches thick and that he wanted her to have it finished by the time he was done, which was a little over four weeks.
“I told him that there was no way I could get that much work done in such a short time.” Beth complained. “He told me that maybe there was something else I could do instead of the packet. I told him I would do anything to get an A! When I told him that, he stood up in front of me and unzipped his jeans. I didn’t know what to do…but I knew what he wanted.”
Mr. Jameson stood in front of Beth waiting until she finally reached up and unfastened his pants and pushed them down exposing his hardening cock. He then pulled her hands up and told her to stoke him.
“I jacked him off for a little bit and then he told me to take my top off. He even reached down and started helping me pull it over my head. He told me I was being a good girl and that I’d get an A easy! That’s why I didn’t resist…too much! He played with my tits while I started stoking him again. Then he leaned down and sucked on my nipples. His cock had gotten really big…not as long as Jon’s, but it was thicker. I didn’t know how much further this was going, but I wished he would cum in my hand and we’d be done!”
Then Mr. Jameson reached over to a little table by the couch and grabbed a small chain.
“He sucked on my nipples until they got hard and stuck out and then he slipped this gold chain loop over one nipple, and did the same to the other one. It really kept my nipples hard but it kind of hurt when he would pull on it!” Beth told.
“I had the same thing on my tits Beth! Here, look at this picture.” I handed her a picture that clearly showed my long, hard nipples in the gold chain loops. “When he pulled on them, I thought I would explode! In fact I did!”
Kim and I both started laughing at my remark, but Beth was dead serious in telling her story.
“Then Mr. Jameson pulled my face closer to his dick and told me to start sucking it.” Beth whispered. “I licked the tip and ran my tongue up and down his shaft, but I thought it was too thick to give him a blow job…and then he told me to stand up and turn around.”
Beth got up from the couch and turned around. Then Mr. Jameson bent her over so that she had to grab onto the back of the couch to keep from falling over. He then pulled her short dance skirt down over her long legs and Beth stepped out of it. Beth was standing in his living room wearing only her white opaque tights.
“I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath because they show through when I do my high kicks. Plus I kind of like the way it feels knowing that there is hardly anything between everyone’s eyes and my snatch!”
Kim and I looked at each other and just smiled. Beth was an exhibitionist just like us!
“Then he turned me around again and pulled the chain hanging between my nipples. I fell up against his body and I felt his cock slide between my legs. He then told me it was easy to earn an A in his class, just keep doing what I was doing. He pulled on the chain and I felt my nipples begin to burn. It hurt, but my nipples have never been that hard or stuck out that far….ever!”
Beth reached down and pulled Mr. Jameson’s hard dick from between her legs and began slowly stroking it to keep him happy. They both sat back down on the couch and they started French kissing.
“His tongue was driving me crazy. He had worked his hand between my legs and I knew he could feel my wetness through my tights. I kept my hand on his cock and he told me to start sucking it. I put as much of him as I could in my mouth and just moved my head up and down. I kept it as wet as possible but I really didn’t want him to cum in my mouth.”
Mr. Jameson then began pulling Beth’s tights down her long legs. When he got them past her knees, she told him to stop.
“I told him he couldn’t fuck me because I wasn’t on the pill. I did part my legs a little bit and he fingered me while I kept stroking him and occasionally sucking him off. I knew he was starting to get close to shooting his load and he got up and stood in front of me. I was hoping he wasn’t going to stick it in my mouth when he came!”
Instead he pushed her back on the couch and jacked himself off shooting his cum on the outside of her cunt.
“When he finished, he made me stand up and pull my tights back up without wiping myself off. His cum and my wetness made the whole crotch area of my tights almost invisible. I was so sticky!”
Then Beth finished getting dressed after taking her nipple jewelry off. Mr. Jameson had his jeans back on and told Beth as she was starting to leave, “Well Beth, you’ll probably have to come back again to make sure you pass my class! You’ll probably need to bring some rubbers!”
“I felt sick to my stomach!” Beth moaned. “I thought that was all he wanted and that I could be done. I guess I wasn’t getting an A unless I let him fuck me! I ran down the steps and started to walk home but I had to stop because I was crying so hard. Not because of what I had done….I was just so mad! I never went back but I’ve passed all my tests and I should get at least a B+ for the semester….at least I hope so!”
“What a jerk!” Kim and I said almost at the same time. “Don’t worry Beth, we’re going to figure something out so you get that A!” I already had a plan in mind that would guarantee all three of us an A for the semester!


“Let’s forget about that for now,” Kim said. “C’mon in my room and let’s have some fun. I’ve got something else I want to show you. Mar, grab a few more wine coolers….OK?”
I grabbed the wine coolers and walked into Kim’s bedroom. When I got there, I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. There on Kim’s bed were five rubber dildos all different colors and sizes!! Lying next to them were two bottles of lubricant, a porn movie, and two or three porn magazines.
“What the….” I started.
“I ordered these from an ad in the back of a magazine I took from my sister’s house,” Kim explained. “They were supposed to be here for your birthday last week, but they didn’t get here until this morning. I only ordered the dildos, everything else they threw in for free. Boy, I am sure glad they came when my mom was gone. I can’t imagine what I would have told her!!
Beth and I both cracked up laughing at Kim’s expression.
“She probably would have just thought.. “My poor little baby just isn’t getting enough cock these days!” Beth giggled out loud.
All three of us burst out laughing.
Each of us grabbed a wine cooler and got on the bed to look at our new toys. Two of the dildoes were about the size of a normal guy’s cock, so Kim said. One was blue and one was flesh colored. A green one was much bigger, and the black one was huge. I picked up the black one and handed it to Beth giggling.
“This is what black cocks are supposed to look like Beth! Not that little thing Jonathon has!!” Again we all burst out laughing.
Beth grabbed it away from me.
“My god Kim, this thing is as big as my arm! Look at the head on it!” She smiled as she wrapped her beautiful full lips around it and moaned.
“What is this?” I asked as I picked up another dildo that had to be almost two feet long with a cock head at each end.
“It’s so two girls can fuck each other at the same time. Wanna see how it works?” Kim teased.
“Beth, let’s show her!” Kim cooed. She was starting to get that look in her eye. Kim stood up and pulled her bikini panties off and tossed them on the floor. Beth got up and did the same thing. Kim pulled a comforter off her bed and spread it out on the floor. She and Beth got on the comforter on their hands and knees facing away from each other. Kim took the dildo and lubed up both ends with oil from one of the bottles on the bed. She handed it to me and said, “I think we are going to need some help here Mar!”
I grabbed the slippery toy and positioned one end of it near Kimmie’s pussy and the other end I nestled next to Beth’s wet slit. They each started to slowly push back against each other and inch after inch of each end of the rubber cock began disappearing into my sister’s hot cunts! Slowly, Beth and Kim found a rhythm as they gently rocked back and forth on their hands and knees, keeping the tool slipping deeply into each other’s pussies.
“Oh Beth!” Kim whispered. “God….it feels so good. Keep fucking me! Ohhhh!
“Give me more of your big cock Kim!” Beth ordered. “I can take more! Deeper baby!”

I was getting really turned on watching the two of them going at it. Their tee shirts had slid up and both of their full boobs were swaying back and forth with their rocking. Their fuck holes had swallowed up so much of the dildo that their asses were almost touching at times. Kim’s beautifully tanned skin looked exotic against Beth’s dark coloring. Their soft, white socks touched each other’s legs. They were both moaning as they continued to grind their asses towards each other.
Kim put her head down on her arms as she continued fucking Beth. As she did, her ass poked up in the air. I quickly took the opportunity to spread her cheeks apart and give her ass hole a good licking. Kim moaned out loud as I slid my tongue into her back door.
“Eat my ass Mary….Oh god I love it!” Kim gushed.
“Me to Mary….Plleeaasseee!” Beth begged.
I pulled my tongue out of Kimmie’s ass and spread Beth’s ass apart. Her dark hole had relaxed and opened up showing me her bright pinkness. I slid my tongue right into Beth’s ass and began tonguing her as deeply as I could. Beth loved it!
“Lick my ass! Oh yeah! That’s it….ohhhhh!”
I kept switching back and forth between Beth and Kim’s assholes. Both of them had opened up wide so I had no trouble sliding my tongue deep inside of them. The double ended dildo sliding in and out of their pussies was making a very sexy fucking sound and I could smell a combination of sweat, lubricant, pussy juice, and ass… was overwhelming. I paused a minute from giving my sister’s their rim jobs and grabbed the blue and flesh colored dildos off of the bed. I quickly put a few drops of lubricant in each of their gaping ass holes and slid a dildo into each of their asses.
“Oh Fuck!” They cried out at the same time as I pushed the rubber cocks deep into their back doors. I started working the dildos in and out of their asses as they continued fucking each other with the long black dildo that was filling their sopping pussies. Pussy juice and lubricant were leaking out of both of their holes and running down their thighs as they ground back against the toys stuck in their holes.
“I’m so full!” Beth cried out. “Oh fuck Mary….my ass…I can’t take any more!”
“You like getting your black ass fucked by your white sister….don’t you bitch!” I growled at her as I pushed the dildo as far as I could up her ass. “I’m going to fuck your beautiful black ass until you scream!”
“Mary! I’m cummmmming!” Kim cried out. I stirred her ass with the blue dildo and saw her start to arch her back and press back against Beth’s ass.
“Oh my god….oh my god” Beth moaned. “Here I go too!”
Beth and Kim started pumping back against each other so hard it kind of startled me. They had each taken half of the big black dildo in their pussies and were ass to ass pumping away at each other. I plugged their asses with the dildos until I thought they were about to explode. When they were about to cum, I pulled the dildos out of their assholes and they each made a loud sucking noise as Beth and Kim’s tight asses hesitantly let go. Big globs of lubricant and ass cum leaked out and ran down the backs of their thighs. Both of their sweaty bodies stiffened and they stopped breathing for a moment as their orgasms rocked their bodies. Finally, they both took deep breaths and let out low, sexual moans. I reached between their asses and grabbed a hold of the dildo as they both fell forward on to the floor. Kim crawled around on all fours until she found Beth and laid down next to her. They both wrapped their arms and legs around each other and gently began kissing. I covered them up with another comforter and gave them each a pillow. I knelt down and gave them both a kiss.
“You two just relax now. You are so beautiful!” I whispered.
They both just smiled and closed their eyes.
I grabbed the green dildo and the porn movie off of the bed and headed for the living room. I grabbed a wine cooler on the way, popped the movie in, and sat down on the couch. I threw an afghan over me as I was only wearing my tee shirt, panties and socks. I looked at the clock on top of the television and was surprised that it was only a little after eleven o’clock.
I took a long sip of the wine cooler and enjoyed its sweetness. Before I got to comfortable, I decided I had better get up and wash my hands and face. I decided to use the bathroom off of Kim’s room and on my way through to the bathroom, I grabbed the dildoes we had been using and carried them to the sink. As long as I was washing up, I figured I might as well wash the toys also. I washed them all with hot, soapy water and was surprised how horny I was getting playing with them! I guess I might have been a little jealous that it wasn’t me that had been playing!! After I had rinsed them clean, I laid them on a towel so they could dry and washed my hands and face with hot soapy water. I quick ran Kim’s toothbrush around my mouth just to get the few pubes from Kim and the taste of their asses out of my mouth! On the way back through Kim’s room to the living room, I checked my two sis’s. The comforter had gotten pulled up exposing Kim’s ass. I could faintly see an amber colored trail of whatever was leaking out of her asshole dribbling over her tight ass onto the comforter she and Beth were lying on. She and Beth had better shower before they had any more sex tonight, and we were going to have to do some extra laundry!!
I plunked myself down on the couch and started watching the movie. It was about some girl named Kelly that had gone off to college. She was prancing around in a short skirt and white thigh highs with a tight sweater and no bra. She had a killer smile and long blonde hair and was having sex with every boy she met.
The one scene I really liked was when she was upstairs in a room with two horny college boys. They had stripped her down to just her white thigh highs and she was trying to satisfy both of them at the same time with her mouth and pussy. One of the boys was fucking her from behind while she was sucking on his roommates cock. I know it was just a movie, but it really looked like she was enjoying herself! Then she sat on top of one of the guys with his dick deep inside of her while his room mate fucked her in the ass. Those two guys were really giving her a good working over and it was getting me hot and wet!
I slipped my moist panties off and dropped them on the floor. I spread my thighs a little bit and slowly began jilling off. Within minutes, my fingers were dripping with my juices. I grabbed the green dildo and was surprised that it really felt a lot bigger than it looked. The head of it was the size of a golf ball, but I was going to try to satisfy myself with it anyway.
I lay down on the couch so I could keep watching the porn movie, and spread my legs a little further apart. I held the dildo in my right hand and gently began rubbing the head of it against my wet snatch and was surprised when I felt it easily slip in between my hairy lips. I pulled the afghan off of me as I was getting plenty warm!!
Kelly in the movie was getting fucked in a locker room by a well hung football player who hadn’t even taken off his uniform. I closed my eyes and imagined it was me getting laid instead of her! I was sliding the dildo in and out of me as my hips started to move up and down to meet the thrusts. The rubber cock was filling me up perfectly, but I needed more. I reached down with my left hand and my fingers quickly found my hardening clit and I began rubbing it in little circles as I slid the dildo deeper and deeper into my wet pussy. I certainly didn’t need any lubrication as my cunt was oiling up the dildo plenty!
If I pushed the rubber cock far enough inside of me, it rubbed against the back of my pussy and when I slowly slid it out, it dragged across my g-spot making me quiver and making my nipples hard. I looked up at the video and Kelly was sitting backwards on some guy and was bouncing up and down on his cock as she had another guy’s rod halfway down her throat! I was really fantasizing about doing two guys at one time now!
I knew I was going to make myself cum soon. I kept pumping myself with my right hand as I reached under my tee shirt and caressed my firm tits. My nipples were hard and sticking straight out. I closed my eyes and pinched my nips as I thrust the dildo as deep into me as I could. I felt it cumming. I raised my hips off of the couch and plunged the big rubber toy deep into my box as I let out a little moan. I felt my orgasm start deep inside of me and then rush to get out. I put my left hand back on my clit and pressed hard as my orgasm continued to rock my body. My thighs were clamped down on my right hand as I held the fake cock deep inside of me while I shook. I felt myself squirt out just a small amount of cum and it ran between my legs to my ass. After what seemed like minutes, I finally began to relax and could finally spread my thighs far enough apart so I could slide the long dildo out of my used cunt. I let out a rather loud sigh as I felt its length finally pop out of me.
Suddenly I heard Kim and Beth start cheering and clapping. They had crawled into the living room and had been sitting in the darkness by the doorway watching me the whole time.
“We woke up and couldn’t figure out where all the moaning was coming from. We thought it was the porno, but then we saw you on the couch and….well, we just loved watching you get off!” Beth admitted.
Kim walked to the couch and sat on the floor next to me.
“Want me to clean you up a little baby?” she whispered as she turned my body on the couch so my open legs gave her complete access to my dampness. Kimmie gently covered my pussy lips with her mouth and began running her tongue up and down my sensitive slit. She paused for a moment and stuck her tongue into me as far as she could go and wiggled the tip of it against the moist walls of my cunt. I looked over at Beth and she had picked up the green dildo and was licking my juices off of its length.
Kim licked me noisily until she finally pulled away and brought her shiny face close to mine. She gave me a long kiss and explored my mouth with her tongue.
“God, I love to eat you Mar!” Kim gushed. “C’mon girls….lets go shower off!”
“Good idea Kimmie. I’ glad you two didn’t ask me to clean either of you up!” I giggled. “Who knows what’s leaking out of your butts!”
We all cracked up laughing on our way to the shower.
“I had better bring this along,” Beth said. “Kim’s mom would have a heart attack if she found this under the couch!” she giggled as she grabbed the dildo off of the couch and bent over to pick my panties up off of the floor.


“It’s still pretty early,” I informed. “Maybe we should get cleaned up and go check to see what’s going on at Jeff’s house.
“Phil said he was going out there too.” Kimmie said. “I guess they were just going to sit around and drink all night! Phil said Jeff’s parents weren’t coming back until late tomorrow. They should be pretty well wrecked by now!”
“I’ll go” Beth added in. “Maybe we can play a trick or something on them!”
We were all kind of in and out of the shower at the same time. Somehow we all managed to get soaped up and rinsed off without anyone slipping or falling down! We giggled and talked constantly. No one was even concerned that we were all naked. I think we just expected that whenever we were around each other it was normal to be naked and horny. We were all constantly checking each other out and judging by our nipples, pretty excited to be around each other!
We all threw on little sweat pant shorts and long sleeve sweatshirts. Beth and I pulled our damp hair into ponytails and Kim just fluffed her short hair up with a brush. We threw some extra clothes into my bag in case we went swimming or just needed some dry clothes and headed out to Kim’s old car and piled in. It only took a few minutes to get to Jeff’s from Kim’s house and we parked about a block away on a side street. If we were going to pull off any pranks, we didn’t want them to hear us pulling in.
We walked the short distance to the house and walked around to the back so we could look right into the big pool room. Phil, Jeff and Jon were sitting around a table by the pool playing cards. We could tell by the pile of beer cans that they had put down quite a few! Kim was about to go up and knock on one of the big picture windows when we heard a car come up the driveway.
“Who’s that?” Kim asked us. “It’s almost 1:00 in the morning!”
“Shhhhhhh” Beth whispered. “Let’s wait and see!”
We heard the doorbell ring and Jeff just yelled out, “C’mon in! We’re by the pool!”
About twenty seconds later I thought all of our jaws would hit the ground as Jill Peterson came walking down the steps into the pool room.

“Been waiting long for me boys?” she asked. “I’m certainly ready for you guys!”
“What the hell is that slut doing here?” Kim whispered.
We started giggling at Kim’s outburst.
“I am not sure,” Beth said. “But I think she’s going to do all of our boyfriends!”
Jill did look good. Her dirty blond hair hung loosely around her face. She had on a really short pair of denim cutoffs and was evidently braless under the light blue denim work shirt she wore over a tight white and blue tee shirt. She wore her trademark opaque white knee socks and a pair of heeled clogs. Her tanned skin looked great against the light colored clothes. She definitely had the attention of the three boys.

“I’m glad you called earlier Jeff!” Jill gushed with a big smile. “And we have all night? Oooooo!”
Jill slid off her work shirt and tossed it to the floor as she walked over to where the three boys were playing cards and leaned over Jeff and crushed her tits against his back.
“Well who wants to be first? How about you Phil? I’m always ready for you!” Jill teased.
She stood up and peeled the skin tight tee shirt up over her head. Her full breasts poured out as she nonchalantly tossed the tiny light pink piece of cotton on top of her other shirt.
“Look at her nipples!” Beth whispered loudly. “What the….”
“She’s got puffy nipples,” Kim answered. “Guys love ‘em. They cover almost the whole front of her tit. Wait until they get hard. They get huge!”
Jill took Phil over to the couch and before she sat all the way down, Phil quickly had his mouth covering her left nipple. Jill tossed her head back and moaned. Jill laid back on the couch and let Phil work over her puffy nipples for at least five minutes. The whole time it looked as though she was about to have an orgasm. Finally Phil pulled his mouth away from her tits. When she spread her legs apart we could see a noticeable wet spot in the crotch of her panties!
“Oh my god!” Beth squealed. “Look at her those…!”

Jill’s huge nipples had turned a beautiful deep pink color and had spread out to cover the whole tip of each of her firm tits. They looked so hot!
Jill pushed her hips off the couch and slid her cutoffs and orange colored cotton panties down her long legs and onto the floor. Her blond bush was perfectly trimmed and her swollen pussy lips matched the color of her nipples. She kicked off her clogs and stood in front of Phil wearing only those white opaque knee socks. Phil slid his swim trunks off and his cock sprung up.
“Christ!” Kim whispered. “She looks so hot I want to fuck her!”
“Shhhhhhh.” Beth cooed. “Listen”
We could barely hear what they were saying, but we could hear most of it because the boys had left the screen door open.
Jill reached out and stroked Phil’s hard on as she laid back down on the couch.
“Gimme your cock Phil!” Jill told him. “I need it now!”
She lay on the couch with her right leg draped over the back and her left leg hanging off the edge with her left foot on the floor. She put a large pillow behind her head.
“Geeez Phil! Fuck her or I will” Kim whispered as we all started giggling.
Phil crawled between Jill’s long legs and she grabbed his prick and pulled to her slit. Phil pushed his hips toward Jill’s and immediately started fucking her. Jill had her eyes closed as she ground her hips up to meet Phil’s thrusting. Phil was playing with her tits when we heard her tell him,
“Cum in me Phil! Come on…..shoot your load!” she demanded.
They had only been doing it for about three or four minutes when Phil grunted and pumped his load.
“He always cums quick” Kim added. “But he can do it all night long!”
“Who could last long with that fucking you?” I whispered.
Jill just lay back, relaxed as could be, while Phil pulled his dick out of her cunt.
“That feel good baby?” she cooed. “Just like always?!”
“You know you’re the best fuck ever Jill!” Phil told her. “It’s always fantastic!”
Jill loved hearing that and gave him a big sexy smile. She reached down and pulled her white cotton bikinis out of her cutoffs and used them to wipe her pussy dry. When she finished, she tossed them back to the floor and stood up.
In the meantime, Phil stood up and walked over to the hot tub where he pulled his swim trunks back on and slid into the warm water.
Jill walked up behind Jeff and ran her hands all over his chest while she pressed her hot naked body against his back.
“Your turn now Jeffy.” Jill cooed in his ear. “Time for me to give you what your do-good, cherry cheerleader girlfriend won’t give you!”
Jeff stood up and followed Jill back to the couch. She promptly sat down in front of him and slid his wet suit down to his ankles. As he stepped out of them, Jill reached out and guided Jeff’s hardening cock into her mouth. She quickly got him hard as she took his whole length down her throat while she fondled his nut sack.
“I can’t believe I’m going to watch him fuck that slut!” I whispered. “He’s never putting that thing back in me!”
Kim giggled. “Shhhhhh Mar. Listen!”
“I don’t know why you just don’t be my boyfriend again.” Jill told him as she looked up at him with her huge blue eyes. “We fuck all the time and I know you still love me. We were each other’s first….remember the summer before our freshman year? Out by the lake? You never forget your first!”
“My god!” Beth giggled. “She’s been fucking him since she was fourteen!”
“I guess she’s had quite a head start on the rest of us, huh? Kimmie added.
Jill laid back on the couch and spread her legs like she had before. She pulled Jeff’s dick to her used pussy and it slid in easily. Jill moaned as Jeff began his deep thrusts.
“Oh Jeff….I love it the best when you do me!” Jill groaned. “Fuck me hard if you want to! I bet Mary Lambert doesn’t beg you to fuck her like I do!”
Jill had wrapped her long knee sock covered legs around Jeff’s hips and she was letting him plug her with his long, hard strokes. We could see her firm breasts quiver each time his hips pounded into hers. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and was kissing and biting his neck as he hammered away at her. We could see that Jill’s face and chest were starting to flush a beautiful pink color as she let her head fall back to the couch.
“Pump me full Jeff! I’m going to cum with you!” Jill moaned as she continued to grind her hips into Jeff’s weight.
“Here it comes baby……ohhhhhh…” Jeff moaned as he released his hot cream deep into Jill’s pussy.
“Fuck me Jeff….oh that’s it….harder…..harder…..oh yessssssss……ohhhhhhh fuck!” Jill cried out as she climaxed.
Their bodies shuddered and they both relaxed. Jill slid her long legs from around Jeff’s back and he pushed himself off of her.
“Wow Jill….it just always gets better and better!” Jeff said.
“I know baby……you belong to me…..forever!” Jill returned.
“Wow!” Kim gushed. “I think I got wet just watching that.”
“Me too!” Beth and I almost said at the same time.
It felt kind of funny watching my supposedly boyfriend just get his brains fucked out, but it sure was kind of exciting.
Jill wasn’t done. She gently wiped her pussy with her already soiled panties and tossed them back to the floor. As Jeff pulled his suit back on and made his way over to join Phil in the hot tub, Jill stood up and started to make her way over to Jonathon. Her swollen pussy lips were bright pink and shiny with a mix of cum. Her nipples had gotten a very dark pink color and she looked incredibly sexy as she crossed the room. The white opaque knee socks looked fantastic against her tanned body. I wondered if she could ever be considered a “sock sister”. Kim must have been thinking the same thing.
“Do you like those Mar? Better than ours?” Kimmie whispered.
“They’re different. I like them….but maybe not more. They wouldn’t be as soft….or soak up as much!” I giggled.
Jill pulled Jon up to his feet and pulled him towards the couch.
“Time for you to give me some dessert Jonny. I like hot chocolate dick!” Jill said sexily.
“I’ll give you what you want you little white whore!” Jonathon kidded back. “I’m gonna stretch that white girl pussy of yours until you beg me to stop!”
Jonathon stepped out of his suit and Jill pushed him onto his back on the couch. She straddled him and reached down and started stroking his rising cock.
“Oh my god!” Kim gushed. “Look at his dick! And you two fucked that? God I want a turn!”
Jill wiggled the tip of Jon’s hard-on between her dripping pussy lips and slowly sat down on him. She took his entire length in one downward stroke!
I looked over and Kim and Beth’s eyes were open wide and staring at what they had just seen.
“Holy shit! I can’t believe it!” Beth said. “That white girl can really fuck!”
Kim and I burst out giggling.
Jill was laying down on Jonathon slowly pumping her hips up and down, her pussy swallowing Jonathon’s entire shaft with each downward thrust. She looked extremely hot laying on Jon’s dark body. Her blonde hair was hanging down, covering his chest and her lighter skin and white knee socks stood out against his darkness. Jill alternated between sucking on Jon’s tongue and biting and licking his nipples as he pumped his prick in and out of her.
“Fuck me big boy!” she whispered. “I can take your big, black cock any time. Now give it to me!”
Jon reached out and grabbed Jill’s hips and pulled her down tight against his thrusting. Jill threw her head back and let out a loud moan but never missed a beat with her fucking motion. Suddenly she put her right foot on the floor and pulled herself completely off of his throbbing shaft. She quickly bent down and started giving him a wet sloppy blow job. She pulled her mouth off of his cock and jacked him off with her right hand while she stared at him sexily.
“Let me get on the bottom Jonny boy so you can get that horse cock in me all the way!” Jill growled.
She swallowed his cock once more with her mouth and pulled him off the couch. She laid down where he had been and spread her legs widely.
“Now fuck this white girl like you know she likes it!” Jill ordered.
Jill looked like she needed to fuck bad. Her face and chest were flushed with her excitement. Her puffy nipples had swollen until they were dark pink. Her breathing was kind of shallow and rapid. She had her right leg over the back of the couch and kept her left foot on the floor. Her pussy lips were dark pink and spread apart. She reached down with her right hand and toyed with her clit as she pulled Jon’s cock toward her waiting hole with her left hand.
Jon’s dick slid into Jill’s wet slit right up to the base. Jill quickly wrapped her white opaque knee sock covered legs around Jon’s waist and crossed them at the ankle. Jill stretched her arms out over her head as Jon worked her nipples over with his teeth and tongue….making her moan out loud.
“God Mar….I think I’m going to cum just from watching them!” Kim whispered hoarsely. “I’m not sure which one of them I’d want to fuck more!”
Jon was taking long, slow strokes in and out of Jill’s cunt. We could see at least four inches of his dark rod as he would pull it out of her and then slam it back in. Jill just kept going “uhh!....uhh!” as she took his meat right up to his balls. Jill had her eyes partially closed and was digging her fingernails into Jon’s chest and pinching his nipples as her body shook with his pounding.
“You’d think she’d be getting pretty sore….wouldn’t you?” I asked my sisters.
“It looks like she could go all night…..geeez!” Kimmie answered.
Beth just kept staring at what was going on in front of her. It looked like she had tears in her eyes, but she wasn’t crying. I think she was pissed!
“OK…black boy….start fucking me so I cum!” Jill hissed.
She dug her heels into his back and started bucking her hips off of the couch.
“Jon…I’m so close…..pump me full….do it….ohhhhhhhhh!” Jill moaned as she started her orgasm.
Jon pushed himself fully on top of Jill’s bucking body.
“Take this in your little white cunt!” Jon grunted as he started filling her hole with his hot cream. “Uhhhhhhhhhh!”
Jill’s heels were pounding on Jon’s back as she wanted to get more and more of him into her.
“Deeper……deeper…..that’s it! Oh!” and Jill’s body stiffened and then completely relaxed.
They laid together for another half a minute before Jill let her legs fall to each side of Jon’s body and he pulled himself out of her.
“I want to clean her up!” Kimmie whispered.
“Not as much as I do!” I returned. “Wow, think how good that would taste!”
Jill was catching her breath while Jon stood up and pulled his shorts back up. She found her white cotton panties and wiped her pussy once more with them before dropping them to the floor. Then she did something that took us all by surprise.
While all three of the boys were lounging in the hot tub, Jill quickly squatted down behind the couch just out of their sight…. but clearly in ours! We watched in awe as she started to pump her stomach muscles in and out until Jon’s, Jeff’s and Phil’s cum began to leak out of her just fucked snatch!
“She’s making a creampie with the guy’s jizz!” Kimmie almost said outloud. “My god….look at all of it leak out of her!”
Jill was looking down at her pussy as she continued to push the thick cream slowly out from between her spread legs. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she watched the cum slide out from between her swollen lips and drip into a puddle on the floor. After a few seconds, she wiped a few remaining drops off her shiny pussy lips with her finger and quickly licked her finger clean.
Jill stood up and slid her white knee socks off and dropped them on top of her soaked panties. She walked over to the pool and was about to dive in. She looked fantastically sexy as she pranced around naked, considering she had just spent the last half an hour or so fucking the three hottest senior boys in school.
“Well? Did you boys have a good time? Why don’t you join me in the pool while I cool myself off?” Jill asked.
All three boys came to her like a magnet. Jill dove in and swam across to one side of the pool where she floated on her back. We couldn’t see her but she had to look gorgeous floating on her back with her shiny wet skin and her hard nipples still pointing straight up.
“Mary. Do you still have that used rubber in your bag?” Beth asked.
“I think its back in there…..why?” I wondered.
“I’ll be right back!” Beth said, and then she took off.
“Where is she going?” Kim asked.
“I don’t know….I don’t think she is very happy though!”
After about ten minutes, Jill climbed out of the pool and her wet body looked magnificent.
C’mon you guys….lets raid the kitchen. I’ve worked up quite an appetite!” Jill giggled as she wrapped a towel around herself.
The boys pulled themselves out of the pool and grabbed towels and followed her.
“Well….let’s go!” I offered.
“Just a minute.” Kim said excitedly.
She suddenly slid the screen deck door open and shot across the room and grabbed Jill’s panties and knee socks. She came back through the open door and said,
“Now we can go!”
“Kimmie, you are crazy!” I gushed as I closed the screen door tightly.
“Let’s go find Beth.” She said as we stood up and began walking back around the house. “Do you feel that?”
I giggled, “Oh my god, yes!”
The gentle wind of the night blowing on us as we walked made our wet pussies feel cold. I think both Kim and I were pretty soaked.
“Here, you hold these” she handed Jill’s white knee socks to me. “I’ll hold onto these!”
“I don’t have any pockets Kimmie”
“Do like this” Kimmie said as she folded Jill’s used panties into a small bunch and stuck them down her shorts. I folded her socks together into a small square and slid them inside the crotch of my panties. I was surprised how silky they felt.
“God Kimmie! Jill would die if she knew what we were doing!” I laughed.
We heard a car door open quietly in the driveway and we ran around to look. Jill was driving her dad’s brand new sports car and she had it parked in the shadows of Jeff’s driveway.
“Sis! Come here!” Beth whispered loudly.
We ran over to the car and Beth had opened the door slightly. She had reached inside and was squeezing the used condom from her and Jonathon’s fuck session as hard as she could.
“What are you…”
Just then the rubber burst open and sprayed Jon’s cum all over the inside of Jill’s dad’s new car.
“Let’s get out of here!” Kimmie said excitedly.
We all ran down the driveway giggling and felt safe once we got to the street. I looked back and saw that Jill’s car was sitting kind of funny in the driveway.
“What’s wrong with her car?” I asked.
“It looks like she has two flat tires!” Kimmie answered.
“I guess someone must have let the air out of her tires.” Beth whispered sheepishly. “Serves her right for fucking our boyfriends!”
“Relax Beth. You’ll get over it!” Kimmie told her. “Besides, we’ve all been fucking other guys! You can’t have it both ways!”
“I guess your right Kim.” Beth admitted. “Sorry if I acted stupid!”
“It’s OK sis! Jill deserves it!” I told her.
“Christ Beth….that was hilarious when you popped that rubber inside of her car!” Kim laughed out loud.
“Let’s get going girls, we can have more fun at home!” Kimmie told us as she started back to the car.
When we got to the car we all piled into the front seat.
“Wait a minute.” Kimmie said.
She slid her shorts and panties off and pulled on Jill’s cum soaked bikinis that she had grabbed before we had left.
“Oh my god!” she cooed. “These are just soaked with cum!”
“Here…you might as well have the whole outfit!” I said as I handed her Jill’s white opaque knee socks that I had stuffed down my panties.
Kim pulled her shorts back on and took the socks from me. She quickly slid them up her legs.
“Mar, what’s this wet spot on these?” Kimmie kidded me.
“Hey, I got just as wet as you guys did watching that show!” I giggled back.
“I would have loved to have been Jill tonight” Kim gushed as she started the car.
“I know I couldn’t have taken that much cock!” I admitted. “Could you guys? Jonathon was really pounding her…and she took every inch…and she came at least twice!”
“I don’t know about you two, but I sure would have given it a try!” Kim added.
“I’d like to fuck a couple of guys at once but not with those big cocks. I’d get to sore!” I confessed.
“You mean more like a couple of freshman boys?” Kim kidded.
“That would have been fun Kim and you know it! They would have gone all night and done anything I asked! How much fun would that be?” I giggled.
“I agree.” Beth joined in. “I think it would be fun if we got some younger guys together and took turns fucking them! It would be fun to be in complete control of them…and Mary’s right, I bet they could go all night!’
“OK, OK…” Kim said. “We’ll do it as soon as we get the chance. Young boys!! You two are nuts!”

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