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My Love Adventure_(0)

This is my first story, so it can be a little bit boring. The good things happen at the end of the first chapter. There will be a lot of beating and abusing on a teenage boy. I don't guarantee that it's the best but if you like it, then that would be really cool. Please write to [email protected] or [email protected] either one is fine. I hope you enjoy it. Chapter 1 From Brendon's point of view Oh my god... this is a bit embarrassing. Hmmm... I don't know how to start. Ok, let me begin by introducing myself. My name...


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Trophy Wife Crescent - Chapter One

It was a crisp evening in the hills around the city. With the yellow coloured street lamps pockmarking the hillside like fireflies and the rasp of sports cars winding through the narrow streets, it sounded and looked very much alive. People on their balconies and terraces overlooking town, some eating, drinking and having fun whilst others doing something a little more private. Claire Moore was one of these more private individuals. She was the stereotypical Hollywood Housewife: long flowing blonde hair that rested over her shoulders and shimmered in the late night moon; a pair of fake breasts that were a...


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I have a Dick and a Pussy II

I have a dick and a pussy II Megan went looking at a site of read headed women only. She spent hours searching through it. Finally she found ’IT’ and the picture gave her jolting tingles in her pussy. She found a picture that looked exactly like Shan, except no dick, and printed it out on the computer. I got the web address. Picture # 157, I printed one for my self. Megan and I did a sneak fuck one night, and I had noticed again, she had a really nice big clit. I love it to play with and lick...


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Beth goes to the dogs - Chapter 09

Cindy gets three new dogs. One of them surprises us both. After my surprise at finding out the Husky was already trained I worked on the others. The German Shepard was quite powerful and was a perfect breeding dog but also had the makings of a wonderful plaything. It didn’t take long to get him to lick me. In fact I was quite surprised at how quickly he learned that. I just thought he was smart and a natural. Cindy’s business was also picking up and I spent quite a bit of each day doing normal breeding duties. But every time...


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Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture - Chp33

Cheerleaders’ Rape and Torture by Semiater Chapter Thirty-Three -------------------------------------------------------- This is a Non-Consensual, rough story, and if that’s not what you’re interested in, don’t bother reading. This is a fictional work, it’s a creative enterprise, so don’t bother to read if you’re not looking for NC writing. I do enjoy getting comments from people, who like my stories, especially women, it’s always very encouraging. My contact info is up with the previous chapters on bdsmlibrary. -------------------------------------------------------- “So Mack know we’re coming?” Jim took a swig of his beer as girls danced on the stage up behind the bar; the teeny, tiny...


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Kristen begins her training

Kristen Begins Her Training PREFACE For years, Kristen had known something was missing from her life. Although content, Kristen always felt a huge void, as if she wasn’t the woman she was supposed to be. She had a husband she loved, beautiful children, and a good job; in all appearances, she had the perfect life. However, as Kristen took stock of her life, she knew better than anyone perception was definitely not reality. Over the years, Kristen searched for something to fill the emptiness. She tried various activities at her local health club, became treasurer of the school PTA, changed hair...


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A Family Taboo pt.1

Okay let's just get sarted shall we, my name is Max Gardner, I'm 16 years old, and I live with my mom and older sister in California, from what my friends tell me as well as most of the girls at my high-school say, I'm quite the attractive fella, I have short black hair with frosted tips, a well toned body thanks to me being on the wrestleing team, and...well lets just say that the guys in the locker room are jealous of my package. Well this story starts about a month ago after I broke my leg during wrestling practice...


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Mom sons in love with me

I hated myself; I hated how my son loved me: I such a way that he should love a pretty high school girl. My name is Rosey and I’m a single mother, I have been ever Since my son Clover was born, as he grew he had every Man I’ve ever dated. But I excepted it, if he doesn’t like the Man I may like or even love: I can’t be with them. He’s hung on to me these 16 years; maybe it was because I babied him: Even if we both knew money was tight. Clover is 16 years old...


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Hey Danny, wait! Danny turned as his best friend, Kayla Sanders, came down the steps of Gordon's front porch, pulling her winter coat over her t-shirt. Her pale skin and red cheeks made her look amazing on such a cold December night. Can you give me a ride home? Sure thing. Danny got out his keys and hit the button to unlock his Jeep. He opened the passenger side door for her before going around to the other side and climbing in. Once they were both settled, and started the ignition. They didn't say much to one another for a mile...


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When My Dreams Came True. Chapter 3.

When My Dreams Came True. Written and posted by hard93 Chapter 3. Learning to be the Couple we always wanted to be: There is more story than sex if that not what you're look for, sorry but try a another writer. In the previous chapter Andy found out he won the lottery. Rachel his longtime crush, the girl Andy dreamed of as long as he’s known her also had a crush on him. From their second kiss on their crush become love and Rachel insisted all she really cared about was Andy’s love. Andy is not about to turn down his...


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