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True Story


Hello guys & gals, I am a regular visitor of I really enjoy the stories that all the people put on the website. The stories are really very hot, steamy & sexy. I nearly masturbate after reading each of the stories. But today I am here to tell a story that I experienced barely 3 months ago. So here it goes… I am 20-year-old boy & a Management student. I had a sexual encounter with one of my teachers. Her name is Aparna Jain. She is 26, very fair & has a figure 35-25-36 with a smile to die for...


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Ralph At 50 Part 1

Ralph At 50 My name is Ralph. I am a light skin Black man. I am 50 years old. I am 6-4 in height and weigh 210 pounds. I am a recently retired computer technician. The years have been good to me. I was able to retire early because I invested ten thousand dollars in a prominent tech company in my younger years. I have had a few girlfriends over the years. Women of all races. So I feel kind of strange not having a girlfriend presently. In February I moved into a 6 story apartment building in Edison New Jersey...


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Moving up in the Cumpany

Kind of a first time thing, decided I'd give writing a try. It's probably horribly and definitely a slow burn, so sorry in advance if you choose to read on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVING UP IN THE CUMPANY In between jobs, John took whatever work was available. Being a quiet 18 year old, he knew he'd never quite fit in at a call centre but he took the job anyway knowing he had to make some money to continue paying the bills. Bills like the trips he had to take to make his long distance relationship actually work. It was tough but on...


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The Priest and I

[b]I was 17 at the time, (this only happened about a year ago) and i had just started a new school. I am 5'5 with 32b breasts that have a good shape, long blonde hair and an average figure because i am a dancer. Anyways, I had moved from a public school to a Catholic School because it was what my parents wanted, and during the first few months i had quite a bit to do with the priest at our school... i am going to call him mike (which isnt his name but i wanna keep his identity safe) So...


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Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wife's Confession

Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wife's Confession by rat_race * * * * * “How would you feel if you found out that I really wasn’t a virgin when I met you?” My wife, who was my live-in girlfriend at the time, was naked in bed with me one afternoon, when she asked me that question. I didn’t realize it at that point, but it was a question that would end up permanently changing our relationship. About Bea I met my wife, Bea, during my first year of college in the fall of 1972, and I immediately fell in love with...


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The Babysitter_(14)

My name is Molly im 19 and love to give blow jobs!!! I'm 5'5 and 125. mixed with skin like light cream coffee. being mixed i have green eyes and long wavy black hair. The best thing about my body is my tits 38 d. they look to big for my body, but men love them. As a young girl my parents will only let me babysit to earn money,sooooo i quickly learned how to make extra cash. The first time was when i was 16. I got a babysitting job for the Stuarts. they had a new baby that only...


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Sister in law_(1)

It was a late summer evening and my wife had asked me to deliver some paperwork to my sister in law that she needed for work. My sister in law lives about ten minutes away and I figured I'de go out for some cool air. My sister in law Sarah is a very attractive woman, she is very short so that makes the rest of her body look very big. She has full breasts and a very nice round ass. For a few years now I have fantasized about making love to her. You see, her husband has been a real...


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Sexual Adventures of a Young man -2 The Sugar Daddy for two families

In Sexual Adventures of a Young man Part 1 you read Montu Kumar saw a chance here and Montu said to Asha. Ok Asha You can try them and see how you look in these saree and jewellery .. If You like them after you wear them .. Then you can decide to take them or leave them. Try them to check if they suit you. She said Sahab I am feeling sticky due to sweat and wanted to take a bath and then wear these new clothes.. Montu Kumar said Ok I am in no hurry to sleep and tomorrow...


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Did He Get Caught II

Did he get caught ? Part 2 My guilt trip is getting the best of me. So I decide to quit, (not masturbating), with the bra and go back to my old collection of porn magazines. Time marches on but its not the same. The Wednesday visits by Betty continue. I would not miss those episodes and hot conversations. Within a week after no more cum in the bra, the Wednesday conversation turns hot again. About the second week my mom says to Betty, I need your advice on something rather embarrassing. It seems as though my new bra feels moist...


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I can't just say 'SIster you're fucking me'

We're in your room, with no door, it broke last week, your sister is in the hall on the computer, blissfully unaware. I have u tied to ur bed, blindfolded so you couldnt see anything, we are talkin loudly, deliberately discussing how we hoped no-one would hear us. i get down n start sucking your dick, ur making quite loud but not too exaggerated noises, after a few minutes your sister gets up, edging towards the door, wondering whats going on, she isnt stupid tho so she doesnt just walk straight in, she lingers at the door, just watchin, because if...


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