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Traveling Through Alabama

Traveling Through Alabama While traveling through Alabama on business, I stopped one Friday afternoon at a motel that was within just a couple of miles from my appointment on Monday morning. I had been on the road for several weeks and was in need of a nice long weekend to rest up, take care of some the personal chores like getting my truck cleaned up and the ever present laundry done. While checking in, I asked for a room in the back of the motel thinking it would be quieter and more suitable for all the sleep that I was planning...


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Shower Sex By Blueheatt him… ____We laid in bed talking naked. She asked me to tell her one of my hot stories. She loved them, and they got her hot. She rated them by hot, hotter and hottest. I rated them by wet, wetter and wettest, because she was my hot story indicator. I noticed a pattern, any story with two women licking, fucking and having any kind of sex, she got the wettest. I wondered if she had a hidden desire to have sex with a woman again. I knew she had been with a woman before. Her best friend...


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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 40 - The Third Task

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Forty – The Third Task Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mmf, mmmf, Mf, mg, anal, cream pie, hp, grope, magic, mc, spank, uniform, voy The Triwizard Tournament was finally coming to an end; Harry and the other Champions had faced numerous challenges throughout the tournament and each of them had made it to the finals relatively unscathed. Harry’s lack of magical knowledge and experience had not hampered him thus far in the...


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Abi and her friend surprise me, Part 1.

Abi and her friend surprise me, Part 1. I need to share with everyone what has just happened that has totally blown my mind. On Saturday evening about 8ish just as I was returning from a football/soccer match I received a text from Abi that read ‘Got 2 c u now, I’ve a surprise for u, love Abi xx.’ I knew that I would be alone as my fianc?was visiting her parents who have retired to Spain for a long weekend so I replied immediately saying ‘Sure, can’t wait 2 c u. x.’ I went into the house turned on the...


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New girl in school-Part one-

The teacher stood up as a new student walked through the door. she was gorgeouse. black hair pale skin. not to mention her greeat body. the teacher then announced class we have a new student from our sister school. I want all you girls to be very very nice to her.her name is Evee. Evee go sit next to sarah there. she pointed to the seat right next to me.I smiled at her coyly and acted as if I wasnt thinking about jsut how nice I would like to be to here. I noticed her low cut front of her thin...


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The Submissive Position

Fbailey story number 721 The Submissive Position My little sister Pricilla said, “Come with me I want to show you want I learned at Jill’s house.” I knew that my sister had a sleepover with Jill the night before so I followed her into her room. She locked the door and started to get undressed. As much as I wanted that to happen I also knew that I had to get the hell out of there before I got killed. So I left. Before dinner she whispered, “I just wanted to show you the submissive position.” I asked, “What is that?”...


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THE INDIA CHALLENGE 2: Challenge Day 1

CHAPTER TWO: CHALLENGE DAY 1 The home we were brought to the night before the challenge was to begin had the appearance of something constructed to remind you of a palace from a time long ago. Though I wasn’t that familiar with Indian history and I had no idea how long ago it might have been representative of, it did seem to reflect what we had been told about the man’s ego and feeling of power and control over the region. I was accompanied on the trip by Mary Borden, a man she hired as a bodyguard just for this trip...


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New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 1

Lieutenant Barley waited nervously outside the Colonel’s office. The information he had was incredible and completely unbelievable. But he had the proof. All that was required was the Colonel’s attention for five minutes. “Sir, Colonel Sattersby will see you now,” the aide said, stepping out of his superior’s office. The lieutenant stepped into the dark, wood paneled office. Colonel Sattersby looked very fit and professional in his gray uniform as he browsed through a manila folder. The Confederate flag hung from a pole behind the desk next to a wall map of the territories claimed by the Confederacy and the few...


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THE BOSS'S SLUT 10: Convention Slut – Kennel Slut

CHAPTER TEN: CONVENTION SLUT – KENNEL SLUT “What’s on the agenda for today, Sir?” We were relaxing in the hotel café over another cup of coffee. We had managed to arrive just before the end of serving breakfast, which happened to be my favorite meals. It was probably the eggs and fatty meats of the choices I gravitated to. I was in a casual dress with straps over the shoulder. There was nothing obviously erotic about it except for the shortness of the hem to mid-thigh and the fullness of the skirt. The light material allowed it to swing with my...


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Trophy Wife Crescent - Chapter One

It was a crisp evening in the hills around the city. With the yellow coloured street lamps pockmarking the hillside like fireflies and the rasp of sports cars winding through the narrow streets, it sounded and looked very much alive. People on their balconies and terraces overlooking town, some eating, drinking and having fun whilst others doing something a little more private. Claire Moore was one of these more private individuals. She was the stereotypical Hollywood Housewife: long flowing blonde hair that rested over her shoulders and shimmered in the late night moon; a pair of fake breasts that were a...


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