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Alisbeth.. My best friends girl Part 2

When could I fuck her again?... PART 2 It had been 1 month since I had fucked my best friends girlfriend. Me and Alisbeth had only been in contact once since the incident and that was at me and Taylors high school graduation. It was uncomfortable. Through out the entire month my heart had ached for her. I couldn't deny how I felt for her. I'd stay up late at night and play the moment when we laid together in bed over and over. Then of course I'd think about how erotic it was when I fucked her up in the...


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Brunie's Best Meal

This is a tale of a young boy named Brunie. There once was a 12 year old boy named Brunie. Brunie always considered himself mature for his age and always tried to act this way. He would often masturbate and drink alcohol. One day, Brunie was alone in his room, masturbating of course. He was moaning very loud as he was about to reach his steamy climax. All of the sudden, his 15 year old brother Tommy walked into his room. Ahh Fuck! Brunie screamed as he reached for his blanket to cover himself up. Tommy looked away, secretly trying to...


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New girl in school-Part one-

The teacher stood up as a new student walked through the door. she was gorgeouse. black hair pale skin. not to mention her greeat body. the teacher then announced class we have a new student from our sister school. I want all you girls to be very very nice to her.her name is Evee. Evee go sit next to sarah there. she pointed to the seat right next to me.I smiled at her coyly and acted as if I wasnt thinking about jsut how nice I would like to be to here. I noticed her low cut front of her thin...


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Young fun in my new sauna

The sauna was at the perfect heat. I could feel the beads of sweat running down over my entire body and I was so relaxed I could have just melted. I really felt like I was in heaven. I had won the national lottery a few months earlier and had just bought my dream house - indoor heated pool, large sauna, majestic view of the ocean - perfect. I was trying out the sauna for the first time and was lost in the moment when I heard voices which snapped my attention back to the real world. Two of my step...


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New York College Adventures (Bukkake/Horror Movie Guy)

And so - I am continuing my stories because of the positive response to my last one! Thanks for supporting me guys! You have NO idea how much I appreciate it! If you haven't read my last story (which you should), then you would know that I'm an 18 year old college student in New York, experimenting with sex of all sorts (mostly the gay sort - but we'll see where that goes). If you're interested in seeing these stories as they are churned out, feel free to visit my blog: I mainly direct you guys to here, because I...


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Mom sons in love with me

I hated myself; I hated how my son loved me: I such a way that he should love a pretty high school girl. My name is Rosey and I’m a single mother, I have been ever Since my son Clover was born, as he grew he had every Man I’ve ever dated. But I excepted it, if he doesn’t like the Man I may like or even love: I can’t be with them. He’s hung on to me these 16 years; maybe it was because I babied him: Even if we both knew money was tight. Clover is 16 years old...


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The Switch

Marcus was sitting in the corner of the restaurant he agreed to meet his girlfriend Katrina at. He had been eagerly waiting for her at first but after a while with no sign of her, he switched to being glued to his phone. He was trading messages with a woman named Rita who was asking him to switch weekends with him. “Who’s Rita?” Katrina suddenly appeared behind him, peering over his shoulder. “Why do you have to switch shifts with her?” “When did you get here?” Marcus was startled. He had not heard her approaching at all. “Normally you stand to...


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New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 7 - part 1 of 2 - Harry's Recovery

This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 7 part 1 Hermione began to shake Harry as she tried to wake him from his exhaustion. ‘What? No it can’t be Ron,’ said Hermione hysterically as she shook Harry’s arm vigorously. ‘It was Ron,’ replied Harry as with a groan he sat up on the beach and felt sand-grains fall from his hair. ‘You must have been mistaken Harry,’ said Hermione shakily, her eyes wide in a manic shock. ‘It was Ron,’ repeated Harry weakly. ‘But..,’ ‘Hermione,’ said...


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My Daughter's Friend Natalia Part # 7 & # 8

I head out to the kitchen to get the food for the barbeque, when my daughter comes in wearing her two peice light pink swim suit. It looks so nice on her the way the two patches of triangles hugs her sweet budding breast, and the small triangle down below just hinding that sweet puffy semi bald virgin pussy, that hugs around to a wonderful firm ass. Rachelle asks if I need any help? I tell her she can grab the plates and glasses. She is moving around me to get to the plates and glasses I told her about, when...


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Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Seven)

Chapter Seven ____________________________ Cynthia had encouraged me to return to the Nursery and assist in the “tutoring” of a particular group of young girls who had only recently serviced male genitalia for the first time. At her suggestion I skipped breakfast the next morning, anxious that I not be too late to sign up for an early morning opportunity to visit this class, and proceeded directly from my suite to the front desk on the main level. The chance to participate in the training of some of Island Royale’s youngest student sex slaves appeared to have been even more popular among...


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