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THE INDIA CHALLENGE 2: Challenge Day 1

CHAPTER TWO: CHALLENGE DAY 1 The home we were brought to the night before the challenge was to begin had the appearance of something constructed to remind you of a palace from a time long ago. Though I wasn’t that familiar with Indian history and I had no idea how long ago it might have been representative of, it did seem to reflect what we had been told about the man’s ego and feeling of power and control over the region. I was accompanied on the trip by Mary Borden, a man she hired as a bodyguard just for this trip...


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THE BOSS'S SLUT 10: Convention Slut – Kennel Slut

CHAPTER TEN: CONVENTION SLUT – KENNEL SLUT “What’s on the agenda for today, Sir?” We were relaxing in the hotel café over another cup of coffee. We had managed to arrive just before the end of serving breakfast, which happened to be my favorite meals. It was probably the eggs and fatty meats of the choices I gravitated to. I was in a casual dress with straps over the shoulder. There was nothing obviously erotic about it except for the shortness of the hem to mid-thigh and the fullness of the skirt. The light material allowed it to swing with my...


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Dave, your wife Lisa and me 3

Letter No 3 July 2013 Hi Dave, Your wife and me So it not been a full year but there has been a development of exquisite delight with your wife. I can’t believe how far your wife has developed in the 3½ years since I first fucked her and all the things that she has accepted along the way. Of course only a small fraction of that development is down to me, but I have certainly appreciated the hand of others in these things. More than that I have appreciated the introduction from you and Lisa of so many married women...


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( 5 ) Joy and I get fucked by a horse

Last wednesday night we had fun with Steve and his dog, both going home empty of cum as did the rest of the guys we invited along, so when we got a phone call asking us to attend his place again this Saturday night we said yes of course. He told us to invite our guys along as well. We got to Steve's around 6pm, his drive way already full of cars, so stripping of we made our way in, soon things got going, and Joy and I were kept busy sucking and being fucked in ever hole possible, it didn't...


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The Final Lesson

All of the incidents in this story are fiction, but the relationship between the two main characters is based on my relationship with my lover. The story is dedicated to her. Are you ready for this, baby? Yes, Daddy. I'm always ready for anything you have for me. Anne smiled sweetly. She calls me Daddy because I'm much older than she is, and because we share fantasies about incest. It says something about our relationship that the incest fantasies are one of the tamer aspects. I looked at her, took in the love and devotion shining on her face, and her...


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Men Women Dogs and any thing Else Faget Gay

New Guy In The Neighborhood The neighbors Jack and Jill came over and introduced themselves and helped carry boxes in the house, that I just bought and am moving in to. Both where Blond and Nordic looking, he is tall broad and handsome she was vary beautiful and shapely every thing about her was perfect. She looked so sweet and innocent you would never think she could do any thing naughty or wrong in any part of her life. What I found out about them before they left was they had no kids, he worked three months on days and three...


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In Love With The Dog

Sara Henderson opened the door to her newly purchased house, smiling to herself as she usually did. As she closed the door, her labrador scurried through the door to her right and jumped up at her. As she saw him, her smile increased and she got on her knees, kissing him on the muzzle quickly, avoiding his tongue, Hey Boy, Missed me? She giggled as his fur stroked against her face and she got up, walking towards the kitchen. She stopped by a mirror to check herself out. She allowed her liquid, hazel coloured eyes to check her body up and...


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