The Submissive Position

The Submissive Position

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The Submissive Position

My little sister Pricilla said, “Come with me I want to show you want I learned at Jill’s house.”

I knew that my sister had a sleepover with Jill the night before so I followed her into her room. She locked the door and started to get undressed. As much as I wanted that to happen I also knew that I had to get the hell out of there before I got killed. So I left.

Before dinner she whispered, “I just wanted to show you the submissive position.”

I asked, “What is that?”

Pricilla whispered, “It is what a girl does for a boy. It puts her in a very submissive position so that the boy can have his way with her if he wishes. Jill’s mother assumes it every time that her husband comes home from work and again at bedtime.”

I asked, “How do you know about what she does?”

Pricilla said, “Because Jill does it too and I saw it. I didn’t have to open myself for him but I had Jill help me later, after we were in bed together.”

Right then Mom called us to eat.

During dinner Pricilla asked, “What is a submissive position?”

Mom spit out food and Dad looked like he had been caught killing someone.

Mom asked, “Where did you hear that phrase?”

Pricilla lied and said, “One of the older girls in school was talking about it in the bathroom when I was peeing.”

Mom carefully told her that some women were very submissive to their husbands or lovers and that in some countries women were required to present themselves in a particular manor.

Pricilla asked, “Are you submissive to Daddy?”

Mom looked at Dad, he gave a slight nod, and then Mom told her that she was sort of submissive in that she let Dad make all of the major decisions since he earned all of the money. She said that it was her job to care for the house, take care of us, and to fulfill all of Dad’s needs.”

Pricilla asked, “What are Dad’s needs.”

I jumped in and said, “Sex.”

Mom took in a deep breath and released it before saying, “Yes, sex is a big part of it.”

Pricilla then asked, “Do you lay on your back naked with your feet behind your head and your arms out to the side like Jill’s mother does?”

Mom turned white as a ghost.

Dad sent us to our bedrooms.

Later Mom knocked on my door. She brought Pricilla in with her and then she started to explain things to us. Mom said that she and Jill’s mother were very close friends and that over the years they had come up with similar ways to please their husbands. The submissive position being one of them.

Pricilla said that Jill had to do it too for her father, but that she herself had not assumed the position. She did tell Mom about Jill helping her get into it.

Then Pricilla asked, “Can I do it for my father and brother too?”

Mom said, “We were wondering how we were going ask you that. Your father would like you too. In fact if you are willing we can go see your father about it now.”

I asked, “Can I come?”

Mom smiled and said, “Yes, certainly.”

I followed Mom and Pricilla to Mom’s bedroom. Dad was already in there sitting in a chair. I stood near the open door. Then we both watched as Mom undressed, then as Pricilla undressed. Mom sat on the very edge of her bed, lay back, and flip her legs up over her head. She tucked her feet behind her head and opened her arms up.

Pricilla undressed and got in the same submissive position.

Mom was thirty-five years old and very agile. She folded up easily but it took Pricilla a few moments to get it right.

Mom’s knees were spread so as not to cover her big breasts. Pricilla was only thirteen years old and had much smaller breasts.

Mom’s pussy lips opened up and I could see some moist pink skin in there. Under her pussy was her light brown puckered asshole. Pricilla’s pussy was glued shut and her asshole was a light pink like her nipples. Neither had much pubic hair. Pricilla’s had just started to grow and Mom shaved most of hers off, leaving a tiny patch on her love mound.

Dad got up and walked closer. His hard cock was sticking out of his pants. I hadn’t noticed that before. He walked over to Mom and let his cock kiss her pussy, and then he shoved it into her. He didn’t do anything, he just left it in her then he turned to look at me.

I pulled my hard cock out and walked up to Pricilla. I looked at her pussy with her lips glued together not knowing what to do.

Dad reached over with one hand then used two fingers to open her slit up for me.

When he pulled his fingers away I leaned in and stuck my cock into my sister. It took me a while to get it inside of her.

Then Dad said, “This is how your mother greets me when I get home from work. From now on this is how she will greet you too.”

Pricilla asked, “What about me?”

Dad said, “I’m not going to put my cock inside you for another year but I expect you to let your brother…as often as he wants too. You will greet me this way whenever your mother does. Is that clear?”

Pricilla said, “Yes. Do you do this with Jill’s mother too?”

Dad replied, “Yes, whenever we get together. Jill’s parents are just one of the couples that your mother and I get together with.”

I smiled and said, “I’d like to put my cock in Jill’s mother and in Jill too.”

Dad said, “That can be arranged.”

Just then I started to cum without any movement on either Pricilla’s or my part.

Pricilla said, “He just squirted in me.”

Mom said, “That is what we girls do for our men. Like your father just said your brother can put his cock in either of us as often as he wants too.”

Pricilla asked, “He can put it in you too?”

Dad said, “As often as he wants too.”

Dad pulled out of Mom and allowed me to put my cock inside her. That time I moved it in and out for a couple of minutes then came in her too.

I asked, “Dad can I sleep with Pricilla?”

Dad smiled and said, “Of course you can…she belongs to you now…just like your mother belongs to me.”

That night Pricilla got in the submissive position three more times…then twice in the morning.

When I got home from school both girls were on Mom’s bed waiting for me. Mom had taken Pricilla to the doctor for birth control.

I put my cock in Mom first, told her how my day had gone, and then I stuck my cock in Pricilla.

Mom said, “Just because we assume the submissive position to greet you doesn’t mean that that is the only position. Let me give you both some instructions.”

So we got our first lessons in sex, various positions, and the fact that girls had three very useful holes.

When Dad got home he pressed his cock up against Pricilla’s pussy but the head did not disappear so he had not actually penetrated her. Pricilla enjoyed it though. Even Mom smiled.

Then Dad had Mom get up on her hands and knees so that he could plow into her pussy from behind. I enjoyed watching her big breasts sway under his assault.

Just before he came in her he told Pricilla and I that we were invited to the next group meeting. He said that Pricilla would be in her submissive position for eight adult men to touch their cocks to her pussy and that me and two other boys would be fucking her, Jill, and three other teenage girls all that we wanted too.

That three days took forever to arrive. It was a good thing that I had my sister and my mother to fuck. I was hard constantly and in one or the other the whole time I was home. I started to hate school for getting in the way.

Friday night Jill spent the night in my bed. That way I could concentrate on the other three girls that would be at the meeting. Apparently Jill had been to three of the group meetings and knew that the other two boys would want my sister. When I found out who the other teenage girls were I couldn’t wait to go to that meeting.

The End
The Submissive Position

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