My sister's husband

My sister's husband

Hello. My name is Emma, I am 22 years old, born and raised Iowa.

I am a cute girl next door type similar to ones you would see in Hallmark movies.

I have pale white soft skin, sky blue eyes, 5’7, 90 pounds, size 36C/24/36, natural blond hair but I wear my hair brown.

It all started when I moved to Boston.

Three years ago, I was accepted to a college in Boston, where my married elder sister Lizzy lives.

I was going to stay in a student housing, but Lizzy insisted that I stay in their house, and I accepted.

Lizzy and her husband Mike have a nice ocean front home. There are four bedrooms upstairs, and living areas on the main floor. My room is at the other end of the hallway from my sister’s master bedroom.

One day, I undressed, was about to sleep, when I heard Lizzy cried, “No! Stop!”. I was curious and went out to the hallway to see what is going on. Their bedroom door was ajar, and I peeked inside.

Lizzy was in doggy position, and Mike was trying to push his cock into her butt hole. “Wrong hole! Your cock is too big for my tight butt hole, you tore me up last time and it was painful”, Lizzy shouted, “Hurry up! Fuck my pussy and come quickly! I am in the mood but I am doing this for you so you get off my back, because I want to sleep”.

I continued peeking and devoured Mike’s athletic body, and his big strong hands grabbing my sister’s ass. At that moment I wanted to be in Lizzy’s place.

“Your pussy is dry again” gruntled Mike and turned to the night stand to get some lubricant.

At that moment I saw Mike’s huge dick, it was long and thick, with a shiny mushroom head, that sight made my knees weak, and I felt my pussy burning hot and getting wet.

I inadvertently pushed my three fingers of my right hand into my pussy, while I rubbed my clit with my thumb, and started rubbing my left nipple with my left hand, as I continue watching Mike’s rock hard cock.

Mike lubed his cock generously, grabbed Lizzy’s ass with both hands, and shoved his cock all the way in into her pussy, “as you wish”, he shouted, and started fucking Lizzy’s pussy in deep long thrusts, slapping his pendulum like big balls with each push.

I felt like Mike wasn’t fucking Lizzy, rather he was punishing her by hitting her ass and pussy as hard as he can with all of his body, shaking Lizzy from head to toe with every push.

Mike grabbed the ponytail of Lizzy with his right hand and pulled Lizzy’s head back as he continued pounding her ass, while Lizzy was cursing and telling him to hurry up, which was causing Mike to go harder and faster.

Mike stopped for a moment, groaned, pulled Lizzy’s ass against his cock and started cumming inside Lizzy. Just by watching that, I came too.

“I am going to sleep now”, Lizzy said, laid down and pulled the comforter over herself.

Mike’s cock was still erect, cum still dripping from the tip, and he stood up and turned towards the door, that was when he saw me totally naked with my fingers in my pussy.

I froze, but Mike didn’t say anything, and winked at me. I was embarrassed, my face blushed. I panicked, ran back to my bedroom and went under the comforter as if nothing happened.

“I am downstairs”, Mike said to Lizzy. “I am sleeping, leave me alone” replied Lizzy.

A minute later, I heard my door opening slowly, and my heart started racing. Was it Mike, I asked myself. I am sure he was.

I closed my eyes, I was feeling someone was watching me.

“I know you saw us” said Mike. I opened my eyes. Mike was completely naked and his cock was still erect, one feet away from my face.

“I won’t tell your sister that you watched us, if you suck my cock” said Mike. I shook my head yes, playing reluctant hard to get girl on the outside, but in the inside, I was ecstatic that Mike wanted me.

Mike pushed his cock between my lips into my mouth, holding by head with his both hands, and I grabbed and squeezed the shaft of his cock, and started to circle my tongue around his cock head. “You have such soft and warm lips” Mike moaned. That made me felt desired, and victorious because I now had a piece of what my sister had only for herself.

I started rubbing Mike’s balls and shoved his cock all the way into my throat, pushing and holding there several seconds, and pulling out, circling around his cock head with my tongue as I wrap soft warm my lips around his shaft, then I repeated the deep throat.

“You are awesome!” Mike moaned, “I wish I was married to you instead of your sister”.

That was my chance to beat my sister and have his husband addicted to me. I wanted Mike to fuck me and don’t fuck my sister anymore. I switched to doggy position, turned my head to Mike and winked.

“I want you to take my anal virginity” I said to Mike, as I fingered my butt hole. I saw Mike’s cock getting harder and his eyes getting brighter.

“Really!” Mike said, “Oh yeah”, I replied. and giggled. “I am extremely open minded, and I like you, you can fuck every hole and crevice of my body as long as you are gentle”.

Mike took his position behind me, and took a minute devouring my nice round bubbly ass with his eyes and caressing my curves with his strong hands.

I shook my ass in the air while I keep my head down in the pillow. “Nice ass!” Mike exclaimed and slapped my butt, “I am going to fuck your ass and pussy so hard, you will think I will split you in half”.

“Wait!” I said, picked up the lubricant bottle from my night stand, lubed my butt hole, and gave him the bottle, “I want you to fuck my ass first! I am very tight, please lube a lot”

Mike was understanding, he didn’t want to hurt my ass and lose his future chances of anal sex like he did with Lizzy.

He lubed his cock, then lubed his fingers and worked the lube inside my butt hole with one finger, then two finger, and then three fingers. With each finger push, I was shivering and moaning.

“Ready?” Mike said. I shook my head yes and said “please go slow, I never had a cock up in my ass before.”.

I said that but I also regretted saying that, because I wasn’t sure I could have taken that big cock all in, but it was too late now.

Mike grabbed my ass with his left hand, took his three fingers off of my asshole and start rubbing his cock up and down my butt hole with his right hand, occasionally pushing against my butt hole.

Feeling Mike’s cock around my pussy and butt hole made my pussy wet, my butt hole relaxed and my knees completely go weak, “I want you deep inside of me” I moaned.

My heart was pounding and I was feeling the adrenaline rush in my body, from the excitement of having the biggest cock I had ever seen going into my ass and the excitement of fucking my brother in law while my sister was sleeping next door.

“Here we go” said Mike, and inserted the head of his cock into my butt hole.

Even with all the lube, I felt the stretch and the pain from the girth of Mike’s cock, my eyes teared up, tear coming down my cheeks, and running down the make up I didn’t remove before I go to bed.

I couldn’t complaint or say anything because I myself wanted this.

“Does it hurt?” asked Mike, “a little” I said with a crying voice.

“I want to take your cock completely up in my ass, and make you happy. I will probably cry or beg you to stop, which will make you unhappy. I don’t want to be like my sister. I want you to promise me that you will ignore what I say, and treat my ass like a piece of meat, push your cock all the way deep inside my butt hole, fuck me hard and fill me with your cum” I said to Mike.

“I promise I will fuck you good tonight!” laughed Mike. “I will go slow”, and started slowly going into my asshole, I started crying from pain, but he didn’t listen, and pushed his cock until his balls are pressing against my pussy.

His cock was so thick and long, it felt like I had a spear in my stomach, and my whole ass was on fire.

I was crying, kicking my legs and begging him to pull out, but he grabbed my waist and wasn’t letting me go. “stop complaining bitch, you wanted my cock up in your ass and now you have it!” he yelled.

After a minute, my pain faded and I stopped struggling. “Do you like it so far?” asked Mike. “I don’t know yet” I answered. “Where is my cock?” Mike asked, “your cock is up in my ass” I answered. “Good girl!” Mike said. I giggled and made a blow job gesture with my hands. “I am your new whore” I said.

“Should I go on”, Mike said. “Yes”, I replied, with a trembling voice from the pain, and the adrenaline rush. My whole body was shaking violently.

Mike started going in and out of my butt hole, pouring lube on his cock as it came halfway out. At some point, my ass was completely open and lubed, and his cock was easily going in and out. “I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can”, I instructed Mike.

Mike was waiting for that moment, he grabbed my ass so tight I thought he was going to rip my ass off my body.

“I will split you in half now”, shouted Mike, and started slamming his body against mine and pushing his cock all the way in and out of my butt hole, his balls slapping my clit with each push.

“Your ass is so tight and warm, wrapping my cock completely, feels so good, I think I will come early”, Mike said, as he ruthlessly continued to penetrate my body cavity.

“You can come inside me”, I said as I was rubbing my clit.

“You dirty whore!”, Mike exclaimed. “You are my bitch now, and only I will fill your holes, don’t let anyone else fuck you, I will satisfy your cock craving every day!”

I was having body shaking orgasm over orgasm, biting my pillow no to make a big sound, and clenching bed sheets with my hands.

“I am coming!” Mike shouted, and shoved his cock all the way in, as he squeezed my ass so hard that I probably got bruised. I felt his pulsating cock cumming inside my butt hole.

I teased his balls with my fingernails as he continued cumming for a minute or two.

Interestingly, his cock was still up. “Did you get Viagra or something” I asked. “No”, Mike said laughing, I knew he was lying from his laugh. He probably took one before coming to my room so he can fuck me all night long,

I was still in doggy position, and Mike’s cock was still in my butt hole. Mike pulled out and wiped his cock with a paper towel.

“Don’t move! Now I will fuck your third hole!”, Mike cheered, and shoved his cock in my pussy all the way in, in one deep thrust. His cock was so big, it hurt and I thought my vagina got torn, “auch!” I shouted.

Mike waited a minute until I relax, and started pumping my pussy, which was already wet. I looked at the mirror on the bedroom wall, and started watching his cock going in and out of my pussy, and me creaming on his cock while my pussy lips stretching.

I had countless orgasms so far, but Mike kept pumping. “What a stamina!” I thought to myself. I thought about my winky boyfriend who came in 1 minute than turn his back and sleep, and felt lucky that I now have Mike to satisfy my sexual cravings and fill my cavities.

I thought Mike’s counting how many times he fucked was funny.

Probably Mike was trying to impress me, or prove himself to himself, or to his friends, telling how many times he fucked his sister-in-law in one night.

Mike wasn’t able to come easily third time because first he fucked my sister’s pussy and second he fucked my butt hole, and now he was fucking my pussy as the third time tonight. I played along, he fucked me like that for 20 minutes.

I was tired of doggy, I pushed myself forward completely facing down, and Mike laid on my back as he continued fucking. 6’4 tall Mike’s huge frame was completely covering me like a blanket. If people enter the room at that moment, they would probably think Mike was sleeping face down, and don’t see me under him.

“You are heavy” I said, “let’s change our position”.

Mike stood up, and said “come to daddy”, making a come gesture. I jumped on him like a tree hugger, wrapping my legs around his back, put my arms around his shoulders and neck, and kissed his lips, then his neck, and giggled.

I whispered “fuck me in the rabbit position” into his ear, and bite his earlobe. Mike’s eyes shined again, he put my feet over his shoulders, grabbing my ass with both hands, and shoved his cock all the way into my pussy. I moaned with pleasure.

Mike’s strong arms started lifting my ass up and down over his cock, and because my legs were folded up, he was going way deeper than before, I was almost feeling his cock massaging all my internal organs.

Mike continued bouncing me over his cock, bouncing faster and faster. “You are much tighter than your sister” Mike said, which made me very happy.

“If my sister doesn’t make you happy, I will make you happy”, I replied as I continued bouncing in his arms, with his cock going in and out of my pussy like a machine.

Mike was a sex machine, and my sister wasn’t using it to full potential, I thought.

“You are so tight, I will come faster than usual” shouted Mike. He put my back against the wall, my feet still on his shoulder, pressed his cock completely inside me. I felt his cock throbbing and filling my pussy with his warm cum, as he kissed my neck and bite my shoulder.

We stayed like that without moving for a minute, until Mike completely emptied his balls inside of me, then Mike put me back on my bed.

I stood up, his cum was leaking from my butt hole and pussy, draining down my legs. I scooped some cum from my legs with my fingers, and looked Mike in the eye as I lick my finger covered with his cum. I smiled with cum on my lips. He smiled back.

I looked down. Mike’s still erect cock was covered with my pussy cream and his cum. I grabbed and squeezed his shaft, laughed, and stared into Mike’s eyes. I bit his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “From now on, you are mine. We’ve just started”.

“What’s happening here?” said someone. Mike and I looked at my bedroom door, and saw my sister standing there naked, with her hands on her waist, and Mike’s cum from earlier fuck dripping from her pussy and oozing down her legs.

—to be continued

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