Fucked by The Genius & Athlete

Fucked by The Genius & Athlete

Schools out. The bell just rang and everyone was packing their things and leaving the room.

I felt a shiver over my neck and I already knew who was staring at me. Kevin was staring at me, again; and he was talking to Jerome, his best friend. The two guys were not only best friends, but they were also neighbors. They live exactly right across each other's house; other than that, the two are also complete opposites. Jerome was athletic, active, and loud; while Kevin was more insanely smart (he's the class valedictorian!) and he's more quiet and subtle, and too me, he's a puzzle and mystery that I can't just hack into.

One thing was clear for me though, I had a huge crush on both of them. Jerome was hot as fuck and Kevin was like a magnet that just kept my ass pointing right at the direction of his dock waiting to be fucked.

Hell, now I'm getting turned on by thinking both of them fucking me right here and now; but I know they won't. I mean, who would even fuck me? I'm gay and just a normal average person. My grades are above average and I keep my body fit, not fat but also not too skinny.

None of them would even notice me anyways. Well, except for Kevin. He's been staring at me for the past couple of weeks or so. And not just the normal glancing, but REALLY staring right at me. Ever since he's been going at it I've developed this staring sensor that makes me know that he's staring.

I packed my bag and headed to the door when Jerome suddenly bumps onto me which is weird since the door is still a bit far away and his seat on the other side of the room from me.

"Oops. Sorry, Jamie," he said looking apologetic, which I THINK is an apologetic look anyways. Weird.

"No, it's okay," I replied, "excuse me, I have to go."

I tried to move and leave when Jerome suddenly grabs of my left hand tight. "No, just wait a second. I need to talk to you."

I paused looked back to him. "Umm, okay. What is it?"

Looking sheepishly, he said, "I wanted to return this to you. I found it a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't give it back to because of how busy it was of exams and I was kinda shy to go up and give it back to you."

"But I didn't lose anything." I don't lose anything, like ever. I always have my stuff with me and I've never lost anything practically in my whole entire life since I could remember.

"Umm," he reached into his bag and pulled out a light blue medium-sized notebook and terror just rained down on me.

"Isn't this yours?" his eyes gleamed and he whore this sexy smirk that would have given me a hard on if he didn't have my diary in his hands.

"Give me that!“ I rushed and grabbed the notebook, but Jerome was quicker and dodged my hand.

"So you admit it's yours then?" the Jeri was smiling and chuckling.

I need to get that notebook. God knows what I've been writing in that thing, especially about Kevin and Jerome.

"Did you read it?!" I demanded.

He shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe?"

I've just had enough with this. My heart beat was frantic and I was sweating bullets and all I wanted to do right now was to get home and crawl hinder my bed and die.

"That's mine and you know it. You better give it back or else."

He chuckled again. "Or what? Whatcha gonna do about it?"

"Give it back so now one will get hurt." I growled.

"Oh yeah, you and what army?"

Okay. I don't have an army. I don't know what to do! The only choice I have is to resort to begging.

"Please, just give it back. I'll give you anything I want. Do you want money? Or do you want me to make your homework and projects? Or I could carry your bag for you everyday. Please, just please give me back my diary." I was shocked at that last word. Please don't tell me they've heard it.

"So you admit that it's a diary then?" Jerome said and I just wanted to die right at this moment.

"Wait. No. It's a Journal and—"

Someone was at my back.

"Don't lie, or else." It was Kevin.

I was speechless. I couldn't breathe.

"I-I," I kept stuttering.

"Don't scare him, Kev. You don't want him running away now, do you?"

Kevin smirked, "Don't worry, bro. I've locked the door."

Jerome laughed. "Just what I'd expect from you, genius."

I've had enough of this. I need to leave. Now. I can't handle this.

"Please just give me back my book. I wanna go home." I pleaded.

"What's wrong baby?" asked Jerome. "We're not gonna hurt you. We'd never do that."

"Baby?!" I'm shocked.

"That's right, pet." Kevin held me from my back. He whispered in my ear, "We've read your diary, little pet. Every single page, word by word."

"W-what?" Sweet heaven. I wanna die.

I felt something hard rubbing my ass. It was Kevin's cock! And it was huge!

"Don't worry, baby," Jerome said. He started unbuckling his belt and I was getting hotter my dick hard at the sight. Damn he was sexy.

"P-please," I didn't know what I was saying.

Kevin held me tighter. His giant cock was still inside his pants, but I could feel its massive size as he rubbed it up and down on my ass.

"I-I don't know." That was all I could utter.

Jerome was already naked when I looked back at him. "You like what you see?"

I couldn't move. I was paralyzed.

"Tell him, pet. Do you like watching his perfect naked body? Tell me, does his giant erect cock turn you on, makes you want to suck it?" Kev whispered, enough for me a Jerome to hear.

Jerome hissed and started stroking his cock. "God, Kev, your turning me on. I think I might just come by hearing you say those words."

"Save your cum for our little pet here."

"Whatever you say, bro." Jerome replied.

"Now come here and undress our mate. I think he's stunned by your perfection there."

Jerome laughed and made his way towards me in all his naked glory. He stared me right in the eyes, his hands held my face and he leaned towards me. We kissed. It wasn't slow and he definitely wasn't a boring kisser. He's hot. He's dominating. He slips his tongue and invades mine, demanding for submission and I couldn't help giving in to him. I just wanted to give him everything I could offer.

Kevin started undoing the button on my pants and unzipped me causing it to fall down. He then started making his way to my shirt. "Guess I'll be the one to undress him," he chuckled.

Jerome chuckled back. "Okay. I'm done kissing our baby here. Why don't you kiss him and I'll finish undressing him." He brushed Kevin's hands off my shirt and took my shirt off above mine himself when Kevin stopped him.

"No. Stop right there." Kevin called. Jerome obeyed and left my shirt above my head and covering my face.

I felt jot all over. My heartbeat was beating faster with second and my cock was probably gonna burst if it didn't get any attention right this second. But what could I do?

My breathing hitched when I felt kisses and fingers pinching all over my body and my nipples.

"Mmm…" Jerome growled. Your body tastes great, babe. I could kiss you forever."

"And pinch your sweat delectable nipples." Kevin added.

"Yeah, that too,” added Jerome and pecked me some more.

They suddenly stopped and I didn't know what was going on.

I could feel them standing still with me. Jerome was at my front and Kevin at my back. I heard a rustling of clothes and I knew it was Kevin getting naked.

I heard his clothes landing on the other side of the room, landing with a thud.

Jerome laughed and declared, "We're gonna fuck you now."

"Okay." That was all I could say.

"You're safe word's 'blink'." Kevin said.

"What's a safe word?" I asked.

"Baby, Kevin and I... We're both Doms. We don't take things slow. We fuck hard and we take all we want; but if you trust us, you'll find it pleasurable too. A safe word is for you to tell us to stop when it's too much. We'll stop immediately when you say it. We don't want to hurt you and we don't know what your limitations are." Jerome said looking at me with sincerity in his eyes.

Kevin held my chin and turned me to face him.

"We've read your diary, Jamie, we know all your secrets. How you want both of us, how hot you always feel when one of us is around you... The thing is... We feel that too. We want you, pet. But we don't do vanilla. We're not gentle. You need to trust us because we don't want to scare you away. We went to keep you. We want you to be ours."

I was speechless. They read my diary? Most of the things I wrote in there were all about them. I wrote how I wished I cuddled with Kevin while watching a movie, where we kissed and later on had a slow and gentle sex; the same thing with Jerome but the place was at my room on my bed.

Hmm, maybe I was a bit of a vanilla.

"So, pet, do you trust us?" asked Kevin as he grazed his cheeks with mine. His stubble was kinda ticklish but also stimulating my dick.

Jerome saw my erect cock and smirked. "I think his dick says yes. But I wanna hear YOU say it, baby."

Jerome came up at my front. His rubbed his washboard abs against mine and I shuddered. My dick hardened even more with the touch of his skin. He circled his hands around mine and kissed my lips hard.

Jerome released the kiss and stared me hard in the eye. "Say it, baby. Say that you will submit to us, that you'll offer your body to us. Tell us how you want our fat cocks filling all your holes and that you want us to fuck you hard until you faint."

A few seconds passed and I was still frozen. What can I say? Can I really handle this? I thought.

Jerome's hands gripped my hips hard. "Tell us now, baby. My cocks not all that patient."

"YES!" I begged in a hoarse voice. "Please fuck me! Fuck me hard. I want big fat juicy clocks inside of me. I want your hot cums filling me and leaking out of me! Please! Please! Please!"

They both stared wide-eyed at me, both of them were stunned.

"Our little baby has quite a dirty mouth on him, doesn't he, Kev?" Jerome broke the silence.

Kevin chuckled, "Indeed he is." He pushed me hard against him and forced his mouth into mine, owning me.

I heard a crash and saw Jerome shoved the things off the table.

I released myself from the kiss.

"What if somebody hears us?" I asked Kevin.

Kevin shushed me by kissing me again. "Don't worry pet. The school janitor is out and the school doors are locked. Don't ask me how, but I also have the keys so we could get out later after our fuck fest. No one is here inside the school than you, me and Jerome. Relax, pet."

Before I could reply I was grabbed by Jerome from my waist as he lifted me off Kevin's arms. My back landed hard against the teacher's table and I could see them both standing beside me naked and ready to pounce me like predators.

"Get ready, pet, you’re gonna have the greatest fuck of your whole life."

"You’re gonna taste what sex with real men feels like," said Jerome and he jumped right on top of me and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

Kevin's head slipped between our bodies, he grabbed both of our dicks which were rubbing against each other as Jerome was humping me and he licked and sucked them both in his mouth.

"Ahhh," I moaned.

"Damn, Kev. If you keep ducking us both, Jamie and I will cum right this instant," Jerome growled.

Kevin shrugged and darted off, leaving me and Jerome.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked turning my head towards Kevin.

Jerome stopped me by grabbing hold of my chin in his hand and faced me towards him. "Look at me, babe. Don't let your eyes wander of you know what's good for you. Are we clear?"

I nodded.

Jerome planted pecks of kisses and lick across my chest and pinched my nipples. I moaned as he pinched and turned my right nipple.

"Ahhh!" I screamed as Jerome bit my other nipple. I grabbed hold of his hair and pulled him towards me. I wanted more. My whole body was burning inside and out.

I felt Kevin's presence above my head and saw him there standing above me with complete lust in his eyes.

I reached out my right hand to him and he grabbed it tight in and grabbed my left hand as well, pulling it out of Jerome's hair.

"Eyes on me, babe," growled Jerome, still licking and pinching my nipples.

"Better listen what he says, pet," Kevin chastised.

I looked back at Jerome and he was staring right in the eye as he sucked my nipple.

I felt something cold latching on both of my hands and saw Kevin locking me in handcuffs.

Kevin saw me and glared. "Jerome told you to keep your eyes on him, pet."

"I'm sorry."

"Jerome, back off from our mate." Jerome stopped and moved off of me.

"No! Please!" The absence of Jerome's body and mouth on me left me cold. I needed him.

Kevin pinched both my nipples. Hard.

"Ahhh!!!" I screamed.

"Don't move, pet. You violated your master’s orders. You will be punished. Now, on your hands and knees," Kevin ordered

I immediately obeyed him. My nipples were on fire and the aftermath of Kevin's pinch made it swell and sensitive to the cold air.

Kevin strode behind my back and grazed his knuckles on my butt cheeks.

"So soft... So round..." he admired, "It's just begging for a hard cock to fuck it."


"Ahhh!!!" I screamed.

Suddenly Jerome was at my front looking down at me with those sexy hooded eyes.

"Mate, from here on out, you are going to call both of us Master and you must obey whatever we say or you WILL be punished, understand?"

I nodded.

"You will receive ten slaps excluding the first one. You will count every single one of them and failure to do so will not be valid," Kevin declared.

"You will also suck on my cock as Kevin spanks you," Jerome added, "and I don't wanna feel any teeth on cock, alright, baby? Because if I do, another ten rounds of spanking will be added to you punishment. Do you understand?"

I nodded and Kevin grabbed my right butt cheek hard and I hissed.

"Don't just nod your head, pet,” said Kevin, "you will be allowed to say yes or no but you can only talk if you are being asked. Moaning and screaming are allowed, but talking if not permitted is off the line. Now, do you understand us?"

"Yesss…" I hissed.

Jerome smiled. "Now, suck my cock baby."

"Wait, how can I count when I'm sucking your cock, Master?" I asked.

Jerome's left eyebrow raised. "You just count while your mouth is sucking my cock babe. We'll understand. Plus, the vibration of your throat as you count while my cock is jammed inside your mouth would be fantastic!"

And before I could say anything more, Jerome forced his giant cock inside my mouth. He pushed all the way through in one quick motion, his cock slid down my throat and I gagged.

Sweet babies, he was huge! It was even bigger than I imagined.


My body then bolted in a shudder as Kev slapped my but with his calloused hand.

"Count, pet!" he barked.

"Wooneefff" I tried to speak but I couldn't.

"Keep going, Kev! Damn, his throat feels so good! You'd wish you'd be at my position right now." Jerome moaned and pushed his cock even deeper into my throat. My saliva was dripping from my mouth and I couldn't breathe. My eyes were starting to tear up, but I couldn't move. I was immobilized and helpless under their control.

Jerome continued to rock his hips back and forth, his cock pushing in and out of my mouth along with him.




"Mmmff!!!" I cried.

"Count, pet!" Kevin ordered.

I made these sounds that I thought were two, three and four; but still sounded all muffled coming from my mouth which Jerome was still fucking.

Kevin's spanking and Jerome's deep throat fucking continued for minutes. My mouth felt like it was gonna fall off and I didn't think my ass cheeks could handle any more of Kevin's painful strikes.

But no matter how painful and exhausting it was, every spank on my ass cheeks and every thrust of Jerome's gigantic cock in my mouth kept me moaning and begging for more of them. It was as they were also fueling the burns of lust inside of me.

Just when Kevin's spanking reached twenty, he stopped; but Jerome still kept fucking my mouth in furious motion.

Kevin moved. His hand was on his cock pumping and stroking it in fast. He reached Jerome and they both made out with each other while Jerome was still fucking my mouth. They both clashed against each other competing for domination; their tongues danced and kept invading and switching each other's mouths.

I was getting even more turned on by this. The sight went straight to my dick and made it painfully harder.

Kevin ended the kiss and gave one quick long lick from Jerome's collarbone to the tip of his nose. "Watching you fuck our pet made me extremely horny. I think it's time we end this."

Jerome nodded and looked down on his massive cock still fucking the inside of my mouth and throat.

"Babe, better get my dick really nice and wet because I'm gonna fuck your tiny little hole right after this."

"That's right, pet," said Kevin, petting my hair, "give your master one last wet lick cuz both of us are going to fuck you now."

I gave Jerome's cock one last wet slurp when Kevin grabbed my hair tight and pulled my mouth away from the cock.

Kevin spit into his hands and helped stroke Jerome's cock.

"Fuck our pet hard. Give it all you've got," Kevin said to Jerome and Jerome nodded.

Kevin bent down to meet me in the face and gave me one long kiss. "Mmm… I love the taste of your saliva mixing with Jerome's precum. Two of my favorite flavors on the world mixed together." Kevin chuckled.

Jerome spread my ass cheeks wide and began licking and prodding my hole with his finger, loosening my tight little pucker.

"How are you holding up, pet? You seemed to be not really vocal in our activities." Kevin asked.

"I'm okay." I replied.

"That's it? I'm okay'?" he mocked. "Speak up, pet. I'm giving you permission to speak here and I don't do that often."

"I'm okay. Really. I just wanted it keep it short because I want to taste you cock inside my mouth. I want to please you and Jerome. I'm yours both, Kev," I said sincerely. I felt like something opened up inside of me for the first time.

Kevin smiled at me and stood back up looking at me with happiness and pure hot last in his eyes.

"I love you, pet," he whispered, enough for only me to hear it.

My heart warmed at his words. He loved me?

"I—," tried to reply to him, to say that I also loved him when he filled my mouth with his cock. Kevin's cock wasn't as insanely thick as Jerome's, but it was still almost as big as his and even longer. His cock slid down my throat and I gagged fast.

"Are you done eating his cock out, Jerome?" Kevin called.

Jerome still was licking my whole and had three fingers fucking me.

"Oh, alright. Man, my baby has one sweet pucker. You should taste him sometime," Jerome said with a smirk on his face and licked his lips seductively.

"Maybe I will," Kevin said, looking at me with that smile on his face again, "soon."
“Get ready, pet!” Jerome shouted and forced his humungous cock inside my tight ass.

I tried to scream but my sound was muffled by Kevin’s cock in my mouth.

“Relax, pet, or you’ll hurt yourself,” Kevin’s voice calmed me and I began to relax as Jerome started moving at a slow and gradual pace.

Jerome and Kevin moved faster and faster inside of me. Both they’re cock filling me in and out. Jerome fucks my behind just as Kevin pulls out of my mouth. They later on fuck me all together. Both men push inside of my hole and pulling out at the same time.

They had a rhythm. They synchronized fucking me, bringing me into the edge.

I moaned and moaned continuously. Their hard cocks felt amazing inside me.

I clenched my ass as Jerome pushed into me. He grunted and I felt the tip of his cock suddenly enlarging and releasing a flood of hut cum inside my ass. Jerome held my waist tight and continues fucking me in slow motions until all his spunk was spent inside of me.

Next was Kevin, he grabbed a handful of my hair and fucked faster, more vigorously than ever before. The head of his cock swelled and I knew he was going to cum any second.

“You better drink it, pet,” he growled. “You better drink all of it.”

He came and I obeyed his orders. His cum was sweat and salty, combined with his musky scent, I was in heaven. I began sucking him forcefully, sucking all the sperm inside of him and drinking him in my hot, dirty mouth.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and collapsed on the table. Both of their cock slid out of my holes. My breathing and heart beat was fast as I tried to recuperate. I was bliss.

Kevin and Jerome suddenly went down on my cock and sucked and licked it at the same time.

I came and spurts of semen erupted from my dick.

Both men fought over it, battling and competing to who gets most of my cum.

Jerome sucked my dick, cleaning all the cum left leaking outside of my dick’s slit.

Kevin began licking my pelvis, following the streaks of cum and making his way towards my face.
“Kiss me,” he whispered.

I leaned my head towards him and kissed him. I tasted my cum in his mouth. Our tongues swirled the white liquid between each other.

Jerome climbed in and joined our make-out fest. He tried squeezing his way into both of our faces. He quickly stole a quick kiss between me and deposited the semen in his mouth into mine.

“You taste delicious, babe,” he said and then held Kevin and my head towards him and we kissed until we couldn’t anymore.

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