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“ Mmmmm..., yea, Lisa...yea...keep it up...yea..., lick..., lick me!”

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Her hairs short and dark, Lisa licked away at her blond friend’s cunt, both twenty one year old girls all naked and alone in the motel room, enjoying themselves, getting off at each other’s touch.

“ Oh Lisa..., oh, oh, yessss!”, cried long-haired blue-eyed Sue as Lisa’s tongue went deep down into the blond’s pussy, going on and on for the next three minutes! Finally, Sue exploded, “ Yessss..., yea...I’m gonna cum...I’m gonna cumm!” Five seconds later, Lisa’s lips were all wet and sticky, the brunette really giving it to her girl friend!

While Sue caught her breath, Lisa sat up on the mattress and said, “ So how was that...hope I did it for you just as good as you always do it for me?”

“ Yea...not bad.”, answered the blond as she too sat up, eyeing her friend’s tits, saying further, “ You got nice breasts, Lisa..., love ‘em.”

“ I like yours too...real pretty!”

For the next ten minutes or so, both sexy college dropouts rubbed their nipples together, spending a little more time at their favorite hobby, each other. Nevertheless, they both eventually raised their terrific naked butts from the bed and headed over to the bathroom. Together, the two hot looking dykes showered off and then dried themselves. When they were back by the mattress, the girls got dressed, each going into a pair of well fitting jeans and brown western boots. Lisa put on a black tube top while Sue slipped into a light blue T-shirt. All dressed, they grabbed their purses and left. At the motel’s office, they checked out and finally went over to their car, a big old rusted tan colored Mercury with a bench seat up front.

After their asses where parked, Lisa’s nice rear behind the wheel, Sue asked, “ So how much gas is left?”

Looking at the gage, the short-haired brunette replied, “ It’s about halfway down.”

“ We’re gonna need some money.”

“ Then we’ll get some...the same way we always do.”

A smile on her lips, Sue answered, “ Ok..., we’ll find some guys, suck their cocks...let ‘em screw our butts..., and that should get us what..., about four hundred or so between the two of us?”

“ Yea...that’ll keep us going for a few more weeks.”

Nodding her pretty head, Sue remarked, “ This ain’t bad...I’m glad we did it..., I mean..., dropping out of college and hitting the road...taking off like that...sleep in one motel after’s great...we’re free...the hell with what everyone else says...we make out ok selling our butts...just as long as I don’t have to work...that’s all I care about!”

“I knew we‘d be doing this together the moment I laid eyes on you..., when they put us together in that dorm room...I just knew we’d end up together.”

“ You got it..., my parents sent me off the college..., fuck that shit...I wanna get out and do my own thing..., I mean it!”

“ Me too...! And by the way...want some?”, said Lisa as she leaned over across Sue’s lap toward the glove compartment, opened it, and removed a plastic back full of white powder. Lisa straightened her frame and pinched some of the stuff between her fingertips, bringing it up to her nose.

As Lisa sniffed and inhaled the powder, Sue said, “ Yea...why not...give me that bag.”

Lisa gave the blond the stuff and remarked, “I don’t know what’s better...this shit or sex!”

After doing the same, snorting some cocaine and getting herself high, Sue returned the bag to the glove compartment, hearing from her friend, “ All right...let’s go!”

Lisa started the engine and took off.

“ So where the fuck are we headed?”, asked Sue.

“ I don’t know...the next town or something...need money, remember, there’s gotta be some guys there..., we’ll let ’em use our butts for a while and then we’ll get a few dollars.”

“ The last time I looked at the map, the nearest town was over a hundred fucken miles from here.”

“ Then we’ll stop at a gas station if we run out.”

“ We don’t got any money.”

“ Then we’ll give the guy at the station a blow job for a tank of gas...who cares...we’ll be ok.”

“ What if there ain’t no fucken gas station between here and the next town..., I mean..., this is Wyoming.”

“ We’ll make it....I think we can squeeze out a hundred miles on half a tank.”

“ With this old piece of junk?”

“ Don’t worry.”

As they went, down the deserted state rout, nothing to either side except wide open space that seemed to go on forever, the summer temperature got higher and higher, causing Sue to remark, “ Man...the next time we buy a car, let’s make sure it’s got air conditioning...rolling down the windows doesn’t do much in this fucken’s only eleven...what’s it gonna be in the afternoon..., over a hundred?”

“ I like it...I like warm weather.”

“ You mean you like this fucken heat?”

“ Sure...the hotter it is..., the better your cunt tastes!”

With a sigh, Sue replied, “ Yea...right.”

Twenty more minutes went by and they were still driving, moving along the lonely road, not seeing another car the whole time! However, the silence was pierced by Lisa’s voice as she said, “ Hey..., look...I think our boat just came in!”

“ What?”

“ There..., way up ahead on the road...see it?”

“ Oh yea...,, there’s gotta be some money there waiting for us.”

“ That’s right...!”, giggled Lisa, “ Then when we get to that town...there’ll be more...ha, ha!”

Five minutes later and the girls approached the utility truck, the thing parked on the right side of the road, it’s boom raised up to one of the many telephone poles planted along side the two lane highway.

“ Ok...this is it.”, exclaimed Lisa as she slowed down, passed up the truck and then pulled up along the shoulder a few feet in front of the huge maintenance vehicle.

Confidence written all over their faces, the girls raised their asses from the car’s seat. After she shut the door, Lisa winked at Sue and licked her upper lip.

Slowly the two sexy sluts walked toward the large yellow truck. When they finally stood before the passenger side door, Lisa shifted her weight, placed her hand on her hip, looked up at the thing, and asked with frustration, “ Where the fuck are they...the truck’s here but I don’t see anyone...the engine’s running...where’d all the guys go?”

“ Yea...that’s weird...that crane thing is aimed up next to the top of that pole...yet no one’s in the metal basket or whatever you call it.”

Lisa circumnavigated the truck and then strolled up along side the driver’s door, reaching up to its handle.

“ What are you doing, Lisa?”

“ Gonna open it and step up inside...see if anyone’s here.”

“ I don’t know...I’m getting the creeps...let’s just leave!”

“ Ok..., but let me see something.”

“ Let’s go...we got drugs on us...wanna get busted if a cop drives by or something...they’ll think we’re up to no good.”

“ I know...just give me a second.”

Curiosity taking hold, Lisa stepped up on the truck’s run and opened the door. She saw no one as she stepped into the cab and lowered her beautiful denim covered ass to the driver’s seat. Seconds later, the engine went silent as Sue yelled, “ What are you doing...let’s fucken go...get the hell outta here!”

“ Just turning off the engine, that’s all.”

“ Why..., who cares..., let’s go...I don’t need any trouble!”

Lisa’s eyes looked the interior over, the girl searching for anything small but of value, something she could trade for dope at a later time.

Nothing, the radio was screwed down tight and the rest of the stuff was of no value to her. Right when when Lisa was about to raise her ass and leave, she suddenly froze, holding herself steady, her ass still parked to the seat.

“ What is it, Lisa, let’s go..., c’mon or I’ll drive off without you!”, yelled the nervous blond.

“ Hold on...I thought I heard quiet!”

Lisa sat there and strained her ears. Then it came again, a tiny squeaky sound. Looking down by the side of her butt, to her right, Lisa suddenly exclaimed, “ What the..., what the fuck!”

“ What’s wrong, Lisa?”

“ I don’t know...either this is real or that stuff I’m snorting is really fucking my brain up!”

“ What?”

“ Come here and look for yourself!”

Reluctantly, Sue nevertheless approached the truck’s open door and then stepped up inside, hanging her head before Lisa’s tits, looking down at the side of her friend’s ass while the brunette pointed at the same spot, saying, “ See...there...tell me what you see.”

“’s..., it’s a tiny little man at the seat’s edge, just standing there looking up at us...he can’t be more than two inches high!”

“’am...please, help me!”, cried the tiny creature, standing there next to the edge of Lisa’s fabulous backside!

“ What happen to the hell?”, asked Lisa.

“ I don’t now, the guy up in the cherry picker was working on the line when all of a sudden a bright flash came...then the next thing I knew..., I shrank...I think the same thing happened to the other two guys...!” He then said, “ You almost killed me...almost sat on me...I ran to the side of the seat just in time!”

Lisa and Sue looked at one another for a moment and then returned their attention to the little man. The brunette finally asked, “You mean there’s two other guys?”

“ Yea.”

Slowly, Lisa moved her hand down to the guy and said, “ Here...step on this.”

He did as she asked and both girls got out of the truck and went to the back of the thing. There, they looked up at the extended boom as Sue remarked, “ Guess one of the guys must be up there...let’s lower it.”

“ How do you operate it?”

“ I don’t know...just fuck around with the levers.”

Lisa gave the tiny man to Sue and started moving the control levers back and forth. Finally, after some trial and error, she lowered the boom and both girls went up to it, looking down into the small enclosure. Sure enough, standing on the base of the thing, was a tiny two inch high man, gazing up to them with fear in his eyes. After opening the small metal door, Lisa stepped in, squatted, and took up the little helpless guy.

When she stepped back out onto the road, Lisa gave the second man to Sue and asked, “ I wonder where the third guy could be?”

“ I think he’s on the ground somewhere!”, yelled the reduced male found on the truck’s seat.

Sue and Lisa searched the immediate area until they heard a very feint, “ Help, help!”

“ Sounds like it’s coming from under the truck.”, mentioned Lisa as the foxy girl got down on her hands and knees, arching her ass up and peering underneath the vehicle.

“ it away!”

“ I see him.”, said the brunette as she moved her hand forward and scared away a lizard, the thing slowly stalking the little human. With no effort whatsoever ever, Lisa grabbed the tiny man and took him up, finally standing herself straight afterward.

Still somewhat surprised at the whole situation, Lisa asked the one guy in Sue’s hand who was previously in the “basket” working on the line, “ What the hell happened here...the first guy said he saw a bright light...then he shrank?”

“ I’m not sure...I cut the wire, then all of a sudden it started to glow, it fell, hit that transformer there and then everything went bright for a second...after that...I shrank!”

“ Hmmmm...sounds strange...”, replied Lisa, “...maybe it’s one of those freak one in a trillion know...something you might hear about on those TV shows that talk about weird stuff...there’s allot about electricity and lightening that we don’t even know about...I’m no fucken scientist, but they got magazines out about all that freaky know...”

“ Probably...but you gotta get us help...please!”

Not answering, the two girls returned to their car and parked their butts, Lisa again behind the wheel. Slowly, they placed the three little men down to the center of the bench seat, right between their rear ends! Just sitting there, the men could do nothing but stare up at Lisa and Sue, feeling small, helpless, and insignificant! A second later, Lisa started the engine and drove off.

“ So what are we gonna do with ‘em?”, asked Sue.

“ They want us to get ‘em help.”

“ But that’ll put us in the lime light...we don’t need that...what if the cops find out about all the stuff we know...the dope and shit...this is serious crap...I mean...these guys shrinking like that...the government or whoever’ll really stick their noses in our business.”

“ I know...we’ll have to really think of something when we get to the next motel...probably at that next town...I really gotta think...clear my fucken head.”

Eventually, as the fuel gage was almost down to “empty”, the girls drove up to a small motel at the outskirts of the town they were talking about, the place not more than an intersection with a few buildings.

“ Great..., there’s a gas station across the street.”, mentioned Sue.

“ Yea...we’ll get some gas later, let’s check in.”

“ We ain’t got any money.”

“ We’ll pay later...see that small shop over there...looks like a repair place..., well..., I’m sure the guys there’ll give us a few bucks...if you know what I mean..., ha, ha!”

“ Yea...ok.”, answered the blond.

After they raised their butts from the car, Lisa grabbed all three men and stuffed them down into her breast cleavage so no’ll see them. They checked in and finally walked into one of the rooms. When the door was closed, the brunette reached down between her two fabulous tits and took up the tiny guys, placing them to the bed’s mattress. Next, the two hot looking girls lowered their butts to the bed, Lisa to the right of the men, Sue to the left, again having the tiny guys between the edges of their curvaceous rear ends!

“ Ok..., Lisa, what are we gonna do with ‘em?”

Before the brunette could respond, one of the men said, “ Get gotta help us!”

Looking down at him, Lisa replied, “ But I’m all confused...this is real heavy shit..., we’ll really get noticed if we report this...and just like Sue said before...we don’t need any trouble.”

“ But what about us?”

Her brain still intoxicated with cocaine, Sue suggested, “ Hey..., why don’t we just get rid of ‘em..., I mean..., who’s to one saw us by that truck...let’s just kill ‘ one’ll find their bodies, they’re too small!”

Thinking for a moment, Lisa, who was also still under the influence, replied, “ Yea...I think you’re right...let’s flush ‘em down the toilet...why one’ll connect us to it.”

“ Please..., ma’am, please!”, cried the men, helpless expressions on their faces.

Lisa gazed down at them and said rather coldly, “ Don’t call me ‘ma’am’...., it makes me feel old.”

“ Ok..., but please, you gotta help us!”

“ Why?”

“’s the right thing to do!”

“ I don’t know where you’ve been...but this is the twenty first century....people only obey the law because if they don’t they might get caught...that’s the only reason....fuck all your moral shit!”

“ C’mon...please!”

“ No way...I can’t report this and go through all that’s much easier for me to get rid of you and that’s that.”

“ Please!”

Lisa grabbed the one guy and stood up. Upon seeing this, the other two panicked and ran to the bed’s other side, using the blanket to quickly lower themselves to the floor.

“ Hey, they’re getting away!”, yelled Sue as she too got up.

With the one guy in her hand, Lisa went around the bed and said, “ Shit..., they ran under it!”

Quickly, the two girls went down to their hands and knees, arching up their butts as they moved their faces to the space separating the bottom of the lower mattress from the floor.

“ Where the fuck are they?”, asked Sue.

“ I don’t know...hard to see.”

As the sexy girls searched under the bed, the little man in Lisa’s hand struggled to free himself from her grip, her finger’s wrapped around him. In desperation, he pushed himself upward. However, his pants and underwear came loose in the process, going down to his ankles as he pushed up on himself. Feeling his movement, Lisa stared down at her hand and said, “ Hey..., look at that...the little fuck’s trying to get away..., and he lost his pants in the process!”

“ Cute little dick!”, mentioned Sue, still high on drugs!

“ Hey, that gives me an idea.”, said Lisa as she tore off the rest of his clothes, stripping him naked!

While Sue continued searching under the bed, sick Lisa ventured over to the bathroom and finally stood before the toilet. Slowly, she lowered the little guy to the seat and then opened her trousers, pulling them down to her knees and doing the same with her panties. Next, she took up the guy again and moved him before her cunt!

“ What are you doing?”, cried the little guy.

“ Let’s do it...c’mon...let’s do it!”, exclaimed Lisa, pushing him into her public hairs!

“ No, Ma’am...please!”

“ You fucken asshole...I told you not to call me that!”

“ Please don’t hurt me...please!”

With no mercy whatsoever, Lisa forced him up into her opening, up into her vaginal cavity, getting herself off at his motions as he wiggled and struggled for air!

At last she came, screaming, “ Oh man...does that feel good..., oh yea!”

After it was over, she realized the man was dead. Having no regrets, Lisa pulled him from her slit and dropped him into the bowl, finally pulling up her pants and underwear. She returned to the blond, hearing, “ Got ‘em..., got ’em! I found ‘em by the bed’s leg!” Sue then stood up, holding a little man in each of her hands.

“ All right..., get rid of ‘em, then we’ll go across the street and raise a few bucks.”, said Lisa.

“ No,!”, cried the little guys as Sue strolled into the bathroom followed by her dark-haired friend.

The blond dropped both men into the toilet and watched as they came back to the surface, startled to see their dead coworker floating around next to them, his tiny eyes wide open with death’s eternal stare!

Without shame, the blond turned around and lowered her pants and panties, parking her nice rounded ASS! to the seat!

“ No..., please...get us out!”, yelled the little ones.

She didn’t care. A second later, Sue pissed down at them, peeing away, emptying her bladder, turning the water yellow!

Finished, the blond stood up and pulled up her clothes. Standing there, Lisa said, “ Well..., may as well go too....gotta pee just like you.”

A malicious smile on her face, the drug addicted girl pulled down her attire again and parked her ASS! To the misfortune of those below, she also pissed, peeing and peeing, her piss coming from her cunt with a thick even flow, going straight down at the two men!

“ Help...get out. please!”

“ Piss on you....see if I care!” was all she said as she continued to pee!

“ Man Lisa..., how much piss do you got in you?”, asked Sue while laughing.

“ I don’t know....I always take long when I pee.”

Finally, the dark-haired girl was done. She stood up, raised her attire, and turned around.

“ Don’t flush..., please...don’t!”

After making a snorting sound with her nose and throat, Lisa spit down at them, striking one of the men on his tiny head! A second later, she reached for the lever and flushed them to their deaths!

“ All right...that’s done.”, mentioned the brunette as both girls left the motel room and ventured across the street to the repair shop, using their good looks to raised some money, pay for the room, stay in town for a day or two, and then leave, going somewhere else, determined to have as much fun as possible.

The End

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