Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture - Chp33

Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture - Chp33

Cheerleaders’ Rape and Torture



Chapter Thirty-Three


This is a Non-Consensual, rough story, and if that’s not what you’re interested in, don’t bother reading. This is a fictional work, it’s a creative enterprise, so don’t bother to read if you’re not looking for NC writing.

I do enjoy getting comments from people, who like my stories, especially women, it’s always very encouraging. My contact info is up with the previous chapters on bdsmlibrary.


“So Mack know we’re coming?” Jim took a swig of his beer as girls danced on the stage up behind the bar; the teeny, tiny bikinis the girls wore barely covered their gyrating nubile bodies as their reflections swayed in the full length mirrors behind them, reflecting everything, in lurid obscene detail.

“Yeah, I gave him a call, said I needed to talk with him about Lisa.” I swirled the glass in my hand till the ice cubes clanged, chilling the tequila a bit before I took a sip.

“What’d he say?” Jim chimed in, not taking his eyes off the dancing girls.

“Nothing much, just said to drop by and we’d talk.” I felt the tap on my shoulder, turning I saw a girl there behind me, her ample breasts swayed as she stood there obediently. Her nipples were rock hard and her large areolas were barely hidden by the floss like top stretched over her massive tits.

“Mack is ready for you.” She was petite, but with the high heels she teetered on, she came to a respectable height. Her hair was long and fluttered softly as people brushed past her in the aisle way. She barely reacted as guys grabbed her ass and squeezed her tits.

A shudder went through the girl as some guy reached around and grazed her clit. Her eyes shut for an instant and she moaned quietly, waiting patiently for me and Jim to finish up at the bar.

“Follow me Sirs.” She was barely audible over the din of the bar and the pulsing, throbbing music that filled the bar.

“Nice ass!”

“Yeah, bet she gets some work here.” Jim chuckled as we traversed our way through the throngs of people, till we got out of the main body of the bar and into the back passages, where the crowds finally thinned out.

“Check that out!” I pointed to the girl exiting one of the myriad of rooms that lined the hallway. The girl, she was in heels and sheer black stockings, thick leather cuffs were locked around her wrists and ankles, heavy clover clamps connected by a chain together swung from her nipples as she followed the customer passively. She was on a leash, it was locked to the collar around her neck and there was a ball-gag wedged between her teeth with drool dribbling down her chin. The flesh of her breasts, her ass, they glowed red and were crisscrossed with vicious stripes.

“Guess he got his money’s worth.” Jim smirked.

We passed door after door, it was obvious what was going on inside, the slap of flesh on flesh rang out from every room. As we neared the end of the hall a trucker in overalls and Caterpillar hat walked out of the last room, a huge titted redhead followed behind dutifully.

“This way Sirs.” The girl leading us scanned a pass key and the door to Mack’s offices opened.

“Hey boys! Mack greeted us as we entered his domain, he was seated magisterially in his chair, the bank of video monitors covered the wall in front of him and the wild scenes of the bar played out in vivid high definition detail in real time for his pleasure.

“What’s happening? Take a seat.” Mack pointed to the two large recliners adjacent to his, they weren’t quite so big, but comfortable looking nonetheless.

“Can I get ya’ll something to drink, food, a little cunt to shine your knob?” My dick got hard just being back in the bowels of this place, the control room of Mac’s lovely, deviant, demented empire.

“Na, I’m good.” The screens danced in front of me, the bar was crowded, but most of the cameras were fixed on the working girls throughout the place.

“How’s business been?” My eyes locked on one screen in particular, it was one of the dungeon rooms, perhaps the one I’d seen the girl in the hall come from. The girl in there now was different, she was tied to an x-frame getting flogged. The volume was off, but I could only imagine the howls she made as the leather tails smacked hard against her pussy as the man brought the whip up between her spread thighs over and over again.

“Been a bit slow, price of oil is down, not as much money for the boys to spend on pussy, but most, they’re a long way from home and don’t have a lot of other places to drop their cash, so, of course I provide an important, vital, service to the community.” Mack chuckled.

“Doin alright though, can’t complain.” I heard the clap of heels before I saw the girl. Her ass was bright red and you couldn’t even see the thread like thong it was buried so deeply in the crack. She didn’t have on a top, her nipples were rock hard, her breasts looked puffy and raw. Her hair was matted, streaked with obvious patches of cum dried in it.

The girl handed Mack a beer.

“Ya sure I cain’t get ya’ll something?”

“I’m good.” I chimed in and Jim nodded in agreement.

“Ya see her nips? Gorgeous, ain’t they? God I love sucking on those things, after I whip them a bit.” Mack winked at me, then smiled and nodded at the girl, I could see the consternation and fear in her eyes, she paused for an instant, then quickly made her exit, leaving us alone with Mack.

“So, I hear you’ve got a proposal for me? You wanna take Lisa off my hands?” Mack flipped one of the small screen images to the large main one, I could see Lisa on her knees in a small room, three cocks jutted through the walls and she was busy moving from one to the other, sucking on one while using her hands to get the other two cocks hard and ready to blow. The image was in color, in lucid, lurid detail, it filled a huge section of the wall.

“Don’t know boys, she’s pretty popular, spending lots of times in the pit sucking cock after cock, and the guys, they love handling them some tit when she’s got her lips wrapped around their shafts.” I could see the cum spurt from one of the cocks she was working in her hand, it spewed and splattered over her arm and shoulder.

“We’ve got these bikers we know that want a girl, we got the Asian slut, thought you might use some color around this place. The bikers, they don’t really want her, not for what they have in mind, bride-bitch for one of the guys. You know, the chink girl, good for fucking, but they want a little more.”

Mack started stroking his cock. His eyes were fixed on Lisa working hard to make the guy in her mouth cum. Another prick was already through the empty hole and she had her fingers wrapped around it as she tried to make the one shoot in her mouth.

I hadn’t even noticed her standing off in the corner, waiting to serve, but Mack snapped his fingers and the girl who’d brought him his beer scurried over.

“Go get Lisa.” The girl looked at Mack dispassionately, took his command and quickly hobbled out of the room.

“Hate to see her go, but need to keep the stock fresh ya know, and you guys have brought me some good meat. Sure you’ll keep me in mind when you find some new hotties, right?” Mack winked. I just barely caught one of the bouncers pulling Lisa out of the gloryhole room mid-blowjob before Mack flipped the big screen to another scene.

It took maybe 10 minutes for the bouncer to drag Lisa into Mack’s office. Not sure why it took so long, it’s not like they cleaned her up or anything. She tottered on high heels and was a mess as she was finally lead in. Her skin was covered with splotches of cum. Her hair was plastered to her forehead, her tits were red, her nipples were hard.

She kept her head low as she was dragged into the room. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and she had a short chain between the cuffs on her ankles. She let out a cry of recognition when she looked up and saw Jim and I there; I’m not sure if it was fear, surprise, or some other emotion.

“I see you remember these boys cunt.” Mack spoke to Lisa as the bouncer pushed her to her knees in front of the large chair. For an instant, I thought I saw some optimism in her eyes, some hope. Perhaps she thought we’d bring her home.

“They’ve got plans for you. They’re gonna sell you to a biker gang” Mack paused dramatically, letting her take it in. I could see the instant change in her countenance.

“Hell, you may have sucked some of their cocks’, or been fucked by them already, they come in quite often.” Mack grinned.

“Sure you’ll like a big hog between your legs when they travel though.” Mack flipped through the cameras till he found something to watch.

“You’re workload will probably diminish a little. Though, might be a little rougher day to day.” The big fat man laughed uproariously as he mocked her.

It was obviously still the same girl who’d we’d found with the others, though she looked thinner now, gone was any sign of the high school cheerleader and the soft young body, her stomach was now taut and flat, her tits were still large and ripe, but she looked like she’d been worked hard, that was for sure.

“You see she’s completely depilated now around the cunt, can’t have any hair down there, not with the amount of guys she was fucking. When they shot their loads, woulda just made a real fucking mess.” Mack roared, Lisa just knelt, unmoving before the man and his jiggling gut.

“I’m sure your fans will miss you cunt, how many cocks do you think you’ve fucked and sucked in your time here?” Lisa knelt unresponsive.

“Hell, I’m not sure how many myself, but fucking did good for my bottom line.” Lisa started to tremble nervously.

“When you guys gonna bring me the chink then? I gotta get her in the rotation I guess.”

“Maybe tomorrow, couple days most.”

“You ready to see your friends bitch?” Jim grabbed for her long blonde hair and jerked her head back so she was looking up at him.

“See what all the cum does for her skin and mane?” Mack was starting to get distracted, he barely laughed after his comment.

“Why don’t you boys pull up behind the bar and get her loaded up, I think I need some service.” Mack started stroking his cock. The girl, whatever she was, waitress, fucktoy, she was on her knees in the corner, Mack had told her to start playing with herself after she’d fetched Lisa, and she was squatting on the floor on the towering high heels rubbing her tits and pussy obediently, of course not cumming, but getting ready to please the big fat man.

I left Jim with Mack and Lisa and made my way through the bar. It was raucous and crowded. The music was too loud for me, and the girls in barely any clothes scurried around with a mission. I could still hear the noise as I got into the lot and found my truck. I inched my way behind the bar till one of the guards opened the tall fence to let me back. Jim was waiting for me with Lisa in tow, dutifully naked, cuffed, and pretty much devoid of emotion.

Jim had to lift Lisa up into the truck, it was a double cab and we’d brought a bunch of towels from the shop for her to lie on, I didn’t want my truck to be a fucking mess because of her.


I walked into the bedroom, pulling off my shirt as I moved across the plush carpet. I tossed the shirt in the air and it landed perfectly on the back rail of the chair in the corner. My head was ringing still from the loud, thudding base of the bar.

I rubbed my cock and I started getting harder the closer I got to my little pet Emily.

I could smell the rancid smell of smoke in my hair, and the sickening sweet smell of the girls’ perfume and bodies. I needed to take a shower, but I needed my little slut even more.

Emily popped up onto the bed from her little doggy cushion on the floor. Her breasts shuddered, her nipples went visibly hard as she knelt on the mattress, spreading her legs wide with her hands up behind her neck like I’d taught her.

The chain locked to her collar clanged as she got into position, the cool metal hung between her breasts and trailed over her thigh to a ring in the wall as she softly shuddered.

I sat at on the chair next to the bed and untied my boots, I slipped off my jeans and my prick popped to attention the instant I pulled down my boxers.

“We brought Lisa back from the club, gonna ship you out there instead, to replace her.” Her face changed instantly, I couldn’t tell if it was a frown, or fear, perhaps both.

“I bet you’ll love it, won’t you?” Emily didn’t react, her face was impassive.

“Just before we grabbed her she was in a little room with three holes in the walls for guys to stick their cocks in and she had to suck them all off . You shoulda seen her, she’s expert at it, always had one in her mouth, then her hands stroking the two others at the same time, she never missed a beat.” Emily whimpered as I reached out my hand and cupped her chin.

“Sometimes she was too good with her hands though and it was a fucking mess in there, cum splattered everywhere from the guys who blew before she could get her pretty lips on those cocks and swallow it all down. The walls and floor are rubber coated though, easy to spray down with a hose.” I laughed as Emily sniffled, like she was gonna start crying at any second.

“Then, after her shift in the gloryhole, she was supposed to be going back to the bunny fuck room. That’s where she’s tied down over a rail, cushioned of course, so she can put in her 3 hour shift there, her tits dangling, arms pulled out and bound in front of her, her legs spread strapped to posts in the floor. Then, the guys lineup, pay $20, grab her hips and just fuck her as hard and fast as they can, till they cum in her pussy. God it’s brutal.” I wiped away the tear rolling down Emily’s cheek.

“Hell, the girls need an ice bath after, their cunts and ass are so sore.” Emily’s body was trembling violently.

“I bet you’re getting wet just thinking about it, aren’t you? All that cum you’re gonna swallow. Though, I’d imagine it’s gonna take you a little while to get up to speed, to get into practice, so you get your mouth on the right cock before it blows.” I smiled sadistically, closing my eyes, imagining my cute little girl covered in cum; all over her chest, in her hair, dribbling down her belly and running over her pussy.

“They’re not supposed to butt fuck them in the bunny room, but you know at least a couple guys a night manage.”

“It’s amazing for Lisa’s skin and hair though, her flesh is so soft and smooth with all the sperm, then her hair, it’s still so lustrous.” Emily could barely keep from crying out as I ran my fingers through her locks, then over her breasts.

“Do you want to go be the bunny fuck girl cunt?” She could barely sputter out the words.

“No Master, I want to serve you, to be your fuck slut.” I moved my hand up under her chin, then climbed on the bed. I pushed Emily back and got on top of her. She opened her mouth without a word as I clamped my lips down on hers and thrust my tongue deep in her mouth. I loved the feel of my tongue wrapped around hers, controlling the movement, owning her in every way.

I ran my hands over her body, I could feel her small frame under me, crushed beneath my weight as I mauled her tongue with mine. She squealed as I took hold of her right nipple and brutally dug my nails into her teat, twisting violently till I think I drew a little blood.

I finally pulled my mouth off hers and stared down into her eyes, not saying a word.

“Permission to speak Master?” I reached for her left breast and took hold of her nipple, poised to make her cry out.

“What do you have to say cunt?” I held her bud between my fingers, but didn’t dig my nails in.

“May this useless whore suck your cock?” I started twisting her nipple, not hard, almost gently.

“No slut.” I rolled on my side, next to her, and slid my left hand down over her belly, starting to finger her softly. She was already sopping wet as I plunged two fingers into her easily. I didn’t say a word, just stared into her eyes as I played with her nipple and pussy.

“Master, will you then please fuck your slave’s pussy.” I drove my fingers to the hilt in her snatch till my thumb was pressed against her clit, but I didn’t respond to her, I didn’t even look at her, I just toyed with her body, which I owned, my property.

I started digging my nails into her nipple, not as harshly as with the other, but enough to make her react. She started to whimper softly, knowing what I was waiting for, though I knew she was reluctant.

She moaned as I forced my fingers in and out of her pussy a few times, then pulled out completely. My fingers were wet and I brought them to her lips, obediently she lapped them clean without command. Still she did not speak as I slid my palm over her soft skin and cupped her ass.

“You’ve got such a nice ass.” I squeezed her rump, moving my fingers between the soft globes. She hesitated before she could speak.

“Master, will you fuck your slave’s ass.” I spit in her face, her head shot back in shock as it landed and splattered on her forehead in a thick wad. Her eyes jerked shut for an instant, and when she opened them again I thought she’d start crying in earnest.

“What was that whore?” Emily’s voice caught in her throat before she finally got out the words.

“Master, will you PLEASE fuck this dirty cunt’s ass, will you cum inside me, and then allow this useless slave to clean your glorious cock with her mouth.” I stared into her eyes, savoring her humiliation.

“That’s more like it.” I ran my hand over Emily’s quivering belly, then spit in her face again, causing her to sob louder, in spite of all her efforts to hold back the tears.

“Will you let your slave lube your glorious cock Master, so this bitch’s ass will be more pleasant for you to fuck?”

“No slut.” I reached out and wrapped my right hand around her throat above the leather collar and started to squeeze tighter and tighter. I thrust two fingers of my free hand between her lips and started pressing down on her tongue while she started to gasp.

“You don’t want my fat cock in your tight dry ass cunt? I think that would be pleasant, to hear you scream for me.” Her face started to go redder and redder as I held her throat tight.

“I thought you liked whenever I deigned to use your holes.” Emily clamped her hands on my wrist trying to fight me, but she could do nothing to really stop me. I finally let go of her throat, letting her breathe, and smacking her hard across the face as she was wheezing.

“You exist for my pleasure cunt, on your belly!” I loved the way the girl sobbed, tears were running down her cheeks now as she rolled over onto her stomach. I found a small pillow and wedged it up under her hips.

“Grab your ankles!” She turned back to look at me.

“But Master, may I lube your glorious cock.” She shrieked as I smacked her ass hard.

“Ankles, now!”

“But Master, please!” I hesitated.

“Make it quick then.” Emily got off her belly and knelt before me. She ran her tongue over my shaft trying to lube me as much as she could, leaving lines of saliva trailing off my prick to her lips. She gagged as she took me deep in her mouth.

“That’s enough bitch, on your belly, holding your ankles.” Emily got in a couple long swipes of her tongue over my cock before she rolled over on her belly. She worked the pillow again perfectly up under her hips and grabbed for her ankles, splaying her legs as wide as she could.

I didn’t waste any time, as soon as she was in position I was on her. She grunted as I dropped my weight on her back. Using my hand I guided my dick to her nether hole and pushed hard till I was in her.

I grabbed for Emily’s hair and used it like a reins, forcing ever more of my prick into her ass, loving the way she whimpered and murmured in pain all the while.

“God that feels good bitch! Such a tight little shitter.” I jerked her head back using her hair, making her arch her spine brutally.

“That’s it cunt!” I tried to take it easy, I could hear Emily crying as I forced my cock deeper and deeper inside her, but I couldn’t get the thoughts of Lisa and the bar out of my head. I loved the way she’d been used, and the other girls too.

Emily writhed in discomfort under me as I started pumping faster and harder into her ass. I let go of her hair and closed my hands around her neck. I could feel the sweat dribbling off my chest and belly onto her as I hollered with effort.

“That’s it cunt, god what a tight fucking ass!” Emily panted for breath as I tightened my grip on her throat, stifling her screams of despair as she desperately tried to take in air.

The bed creaked under us as I picked up speed and starting fucking her brutally. I can’t describe the feeling, the complete and utter lust that filled my head, my body.

Emily struggled to take in air as I finally let go of her throat. I then took her hair in both hands, jerking on it violently I pounded into her ass with my cock. I loved the feel of her under me, the way she cried out, sobbed, begged, as I tugged mercilessly on her scalp.

“Fuck, fuck!” The feel of my hips driving into her ass was incredible. Her hands were off her ankles, her fingers were wound tightly in the covers of the bed hoping for some relief, but I kept pumping my raging shaft in her ass over and over again.

“Fuck!” I could feel my head throbbing, I needed to cum, but loved the feeling of smacking my dick into my girl’s tight hole.

“FUCK!!!!!!” My balls contracted and spewed into her body like an eruption. It felt like it would never stop. It was so intense it almost hurt, my dick contracting and pumping, till I was spent.

“Fuck!” I collapsed on top of Emily with my full weight, she grunted, as she was crushed, pinned beneath me.

“Fuck!” I could feel her sobbing under me as I worked my cock inside her slowly, trying to milk every drop of semen into her hole.

I grabbed Emily’s hair and tugged her head to the side so I could bury my tongue inside her mouth, while still delicately pumping my hips into her ass.

Tears were streaking down her cheeks. She didn’t fight, just let me violate her mouth and sobbed.

“Fuck that felt good cunt!” Emily buried her head in the mattress as I slowly eased my still hard prick out of her rectum.

“Oh my God!” I rolled over onto my back, dick still erect and aching.

“Fuck!” I closed my eyes and savored the feeling as Emily whimpered.

“Fuck.” I got up on my elbow and stared at the girl for a second, then started to get annoyed at her inaction.

“Why the fuck aren’t you cleaning my cock bitch?” As soon as she lifted her head from the covers I smacked her hard across the cheek.

“What the fuck cunt, you know what your purpose is, get my dick in your mouth and clean it, now!” I backhanded her across the face again. Quickly she scurried to her hands and knees, her ass burning from the fucking; then took my shaft between her lips and started cleaning like me as she should have. I could feel the tears streaming off her cheeks onto my groin as she suckled my cock, and I loved every second of it.

“Clean it all bitch, this is what you’re made for.” I fell back onto the mattress and let Emily frantically lick and clean my prick.

To Be Continued…

Thanks for reading. Depending how this goes here, I have more chapters to post.

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