The Anniversary Reunion - CH 2

The Anniversary Reunion - CH 2

I made my way back down the hall and went looking for another beer. After what I had just been through, I needed one. My head was swimming with confusion. I had just been blackmailed into fucking Aunt Edna. And while it was certainly pleasurable, I found the whole thing to be kind of weird and kinky. Then it hit me…

What about Heather? My mind raced with thoughts of whether I should tell her what had just happened. What would I say when she went looking for her panties? How could I explain what happened; that I had gotten caught by Aunt Edna? How could I tell her that Edna forced herself on me? Would Heather believe me? I would soon find out.

I had reached the back door and reaching into a cooler full of beer my hand was met by Heather’s. Startled, I looked up and said, “Oh, hi. You startled me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too.” Heather continued, “I noticed you were in the bathroom a long time. Do I have a present waiting for me in there?”

“Well, no. Not exactly.” Still looking down at my beer, I continued, “I was caught.”

“You were what?” asked Heather half laughing.

“I was caught by your Aunt Edna.”

Heather, standing up straight and looking shocked said, “Oh shit! What did you do?”

Looking around, I said, “Edna found your panties and confronted me. I guess she saw you leave and then me going in after you.”

Continuing, I said, “I went in to look for your panties and they weren’t there.”

“Oh shit!” Heather was in a near-panic state.

“I was looking for them when someone knocked on the bedroom door. Thinking it might be you, I opened the door.”

“Oh shit, Steve. What did you do then?”

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to tell Heather what had happened. Realizing that there was no turning back, I continued.

“Well, what else could I do? I let her in.”

She asked me about your panties and told me that if I didn’t make her panties just as wet as yours she would tell our folks everything.”

With her eyes as big as silver dollars, with her hands instinctively covering her mouth, Heather exclaimed, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this! So what did you do next?”

Looking directly into her eyes, I said calmly, “I did as she instructed.”

“No way!” was Heather’s reaction, almost laughing.

With that, Heather grabbed me by the hand and told me to follow her. She led me down stairs into the garage. Once there, Heather closed the door to the house and began pacing back and forth. With her hands over her mouth she finally spoke up.

“Do you think she’ll tell anyone?”

“Nah. She agreed to keep it a secret,” I said.

Looking at me through watery eyes, Heather asked, “Did you…?”

Not knowing how she would react, I said, “Yes. I had to. I didn’t want anything to happen to you. I didn’t care about myself, my only thought was you.”

With that Heather ran into my arms and hugged me tight. “I can’t believe you did that for me. Thank you Steve. If my parents ever found out….”

Cutting her off, I began stroking her hair and said, “They never will. You’re fine.”

With that Heather put her arms around my neck and kissed me. This wasn’t your friendly cousin kiss, either. This was a passionate, loving, and emotional kiss. We probably kissed a good minute or so before she caught herself and stepped back.

“We should get back to the party. Someone will notice we’re gone.”

Nodding I answered, “Yea, OK.”

Pausing a moment I spoke up, “Um, Heather….”

“Yes Steve?”
“You know, I had to do it, don’t you? I mean, its not like I wanted to.”

Looking down at the ground I continued, “she pushed herself into the bathroom and forced herself on me.”

I felt my eyes well up and looking up at the ceiling I wiped away my eyes and put my hands in my pockets. “I just need you to know that. I didn’t want to do it.”

Heather, looking sad said softly, “Yeah, I know. I can’t believe she would do that. She and Uncle Jack have been married for so long…..”

Just before we went back into the house Heather stopped and turned to face me.

“Thank you Steve. You are really special.”

With that, Heather opened the door and headed upstairs.

I stayed back to gather my thoughts. As part of my emotional state I exhaled and said out loud, “I blew it.” I leaned back against my Uncle’s car and began thinking about how my little screw with Aunt Edna pretty much ruined my growing relationship with Heather. It took me a few minutes to get my thoughts together, and once I felt I was “together” I left the garage and went back upstairs. I needed a beer and needed to get the whole situation out of my mind.

About ten minutes later I was having a beer and hanging out in the kitchen with all the men at the party. There was lots of laughing, and someone had the brilliant idea of eating jalapeno peppers and chasing them down with tequila. So I figured it was a great time to see what everyone else was doing, and quickly left for safer ground.

When I reached the doorway overlooking the living room I saw Edna. She was laughing it up with a group of women and she gave no indication that anything had happened earlier. This made me a little angry.

Just at that moment I heard a “Pssst.” Turning to my right I saw Heather standing by her bedroom door. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, I walked down the hall towards her. When I got close, Heather grabbed my arm and yanked me into her room and closed the door behind us.

Standing there in the dark with only the moonlight to light up her room, Heather grabbed my hands and said. “I can’t get it out of my mind.”

“What?” I asked.

“What you did for me. I don’t know why, but it has me so turned on that if you don’t take me right now I think I’m going to explode.”

“What about the party? Won’t someone walk in on us?” I asked.

With that, Heather reached over and locked her door.

“Now they can’t. No one will miss us, trust me,” she said with a wicked smile.

I grabbed Heather and pulled her to me. We began kissing frantically. I held Heather’s head in my hands and kissed her. Heather responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me back towards her bed until we both fell on to it. I rolled her over onto her back and began French-kissing her. I began running my hand up and down her body taking in every detail.

My penis was rock-hard from Heather’s kissing. I was rubbing my dick against her thigh and she was pushing back onto my groin. She reached down and cupped my penis in her hand and gave it a squeeze. In response I moved my hand up to her breast and began massaging her wonderful tits. In a matter of seconds I felt her nipples stiffen through her bra.

Squirming under my touch, Heather began tugging at my pants and zipper. I slid my hand back down her smooth body until I reached the bottom of her dress. I slipped my hand under her dress and began to slide it up her thigh until I reached her panty hose covered pussy. I could easily feel her lips through the material and felt its warmth and wetness. She was soaking her hose. I was so turned on at this point I knew I had to taste her wonderful pussy.

Leaving her luscious lips, I began to move down her body while kissing her neck and her cleavage area. Sliding down her body I reached under her dress and grabbed the tops of her pantyhose and began pulling them down. Heather lifted her ass off the bed to help me get the hose off her easier. Once I had removed the hose I moved between her legs and pushed them apart to give me better access to her luscious box. I stood for a moment and grabbed her thighs to pull her to the edge of the bed. Now her ass cheeks were right on the edge of the bed. I then held her legs up with both hands and from this position I marveled at the sight before me. Here was Heather with her beautiful pussy shinning in the moonlight and her little rosebud asshole winking at me for attention.

Wanting to savor this as much as possible, I started by kissing the backs of her thighs and moved down around to her ass cheeks. Letting my lips drag across her skin in between soft kisses, I circled her ass cheeks and then moved back up to the backs of her thighs. I was switching back and forth between sides and each time I moved a little closer to her wet and fragrant pussy. When I had gotten within about an inch from her pussy Heather’s hips began moving up and down and her breathing became labored.

I began to gently blow air across her pussy lips and her exposed clitoris. This gave her goose bumps and caused her to coo and laugh softly. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer, and I knew Heather couldn’t either. I slipped my tongue into her pussy and with my pointed tongue I moved the tip up through her lips and across her swollen clit. Heather began to moan.

“Mmmm Steve, that feels incredible.”

I continued to lick her slit and circle my tongue around her clit. After a few more minutes of this Heather’s pussy had become totally drenched. Pussy juice had begun to trickle out of her pussy and was running down onto her sexy little asshole and on to the bed.

Taking my right hand I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and began to work on her g-spot. Heather’s breathing became very heavy and her hips were thrusting into my face and hand. Feeling brave, I moved my tongue away from her clit and down to her ass. When my tongue hit her asshole Heather held her breath and stiffened. Obviously surprised by my action, I took my left hand off her legs and caressed her thigh, relaxing her. Releasing her breath Heather spoke.

“I’ve never felt anything like this before. This is incredible.”

I took my left hand and slid it around over the top of her thigh, pulling it down on top of my shoulder. I then wrapped my arm around her thigh and over her pelvic area in order to finger her clit. With one hand in her pussy applying pressure on her g-spot, the other working on her clit, and my tongue playing with her ass, it was only a matter of seconds before Heather began to cum. And cum she did! She came hard and furious.

It was such a turn on to see Heather cum. She was clinching the bedspread with her hands and tossing her head back and forth. Heather let her orgasm roll over her body and convulsed through her post-orgasm twitches. Her pussy juice was all over the place including the bedspread. Her sweet juices had completely soaked my face and were beginning to run down my neck.

I let her wind down and catch her breath for a few minutes while I softly caressed her thighs, stomach and breasts. Her spasms and twitches seemed to last for several minutes. I began to softly kiss her legs, thighs and pubic hair, as I raised myself up to lay next to her for some more kissing. Heather took my head in her hands and kissed me with passion that I had never experienced.

Breaking our kiss Heather whispered, “I taste pretty good don’t I?”

As I smiled back at her Heather began to lick her cum from my lips and face. And after a minute of this Heather rolled me onto my back and lowered her mouth to my exposed penis, completely taking my breath away. Holding my hard dick in her hand she began licking the shaft and circled her tongue around the tip. Then she held the tip inside her mouth and gently sucked while stroking my shaft. After repeating this a couple of times she began to deep-throat me. The feeling was incredible.

As she sucked on my dick she positioned her tongue so that it rubbed the bottom side of my penis shaft, sending me into orbit. It wasn’t long before I began to feel that familiar tension in my balls building as my orgasm got closer.

Sensing that I was close, Heather lifted her mouth off my penis and said, “Not yet. I need you inside me first.”

I didn’t need any more direction than that. I unzipped the back of Heather’s dress and pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor. Heather leaned over and unfastened her bra and tossed it at me playfully. This was the first time I had seen her magnificent boobs. They were unreal. They were firm, perky, and with sexy little nipples that were hard with anticipation. I removed my pants and positioned myself between her legs. As I slide up I took each breast into my mouth and gently sucked her nipples. They seemed to get even harder under my touch, and then I noticed that Heather had once again gotten goose bumps. It was really cute.

Reaching down between us, Heather took hold of my erect penis and guided me into her sopping wet pussy. Her pussy felt incredibly smooth and tight. I had to hold myself still for a moment to keep from cumming. While I waited Heather began to run her fingernails up and down my back, giving me my turn at goose bumps. After a couple of seconds I began to slowly thrust in and out of her fabulous pussy.

Heather raised her legs up and wrapped her arms behind her knees. This allowed her to hold her legs up high giving me full access to her wetness with the deepest possible penetration. I moved up and buried my dick in as far as I could and Heather arched her back and held my shoulders. On the next deep thrust she wrapped her legs around my neck and gabbed my ass with her hands.

We made love in this position for several minutes, trying to keep our love making as quiet as possible. This wasn’t easy as we found that her bed had an annoying squeak. Heather motioned for me to roll over and she quickly straddled my body. She stroked my slippery dick a few times and guided back into her luscious pussy. Soon we settled into a nice slow rhythm.

I really liked seeing Heather in this position. With the moonlight coming through the window I was able to see her beautiful face and breasts move to our thrusting. Her body seemed to glisten in the moonlight. Then Heather leaned forward and began French-kissing me - she was a fabulous kisser!

After a few more hard thrusts Heather slowed her pace and began slowly, but deliberately, guiding my penis in and out of her wet pussy. This seemed to make our love making even more sexual and intense. While still French-kissing me, Heather leaned forward a little bit more and let my penis slid out of her pussy. But before I could react her hand was holding my dick and guiding me back in. However, something felt different. She was moving the head of my penis around and then I felt myself slip inside something very warm and tight. Heather then slowly rolled herself back onto me. It was then that I realized that Heather had just given me her virgin ass.

I had never had anal sex before, and was worried at first. But it didn’t take more than a couple of slow thrusts for me to become a big fan of this forbidden act. I had thought her pussy felt fabulous, but her ass was simply mind shattering! And the best part was, Heather seemed to be really enjoying it.

We rocked back and forth with my dick sliding in and out of her ass, all the while maintaining our wet French kiss. The kissing was broken for a moment when Heather leaned up a little bit to catch her breath. Still fucking my dick, Heather looked me straight in the eye and said,

“Cum in my ass Steve. I’ve got to feel your cum fill me ass.”

I pulled her back down to me and we kissed some more. I then wrapped my arms around her back and waist and began to fuck her ass with long, slow strokes. I felt Heather slide her hand down between us to finger her clit. This turned me on and I let out a moan into her open mouth.

Heather moaned back at me and began to meet my thrusts with the same long slow deliberate strokes as before. She was matching me stroke for stroke. All at once Heather stiffened and began quaking on top of me while still kissing me. Her breathing became very labored and short. I could feel her strong orgasmic breathing coming from her nose as we kissed and this turned me on even more. Squeezing her into my body I began to cum. I came in her ass her with a force that I had never felt before. I felt jet after jet of cum coat the inside of her anal passage.

As out orgasms faded we held each other tight. Heather’s head had fallen next to mine and she was now breathing into my ear. I began rubbing my hands up from her ass cheeks to her shoulders, and back down again. I was simply taking it all in and enjoying the feeling of her sexy body.

We laid there for several minutes before either of us moved. Before I had realized what I was saying, I had whispered in her ear, “You are so beautiful and sexy. I don’t want this to end.”

Heather lifted her head, gave me a sexy kiss, and answered, “it doesn’t have to end, yet. We still have the rest of the week.”

Smiling, she lifted herself off me and rolled onto her side. We agreed that we needed to get ourselves put back together, and return to the party. Looking over at her clock radio we realized that we had been making love for nearly an hour.

Laughing, we quickly got dressed, gave each other another soulful kiss, and I left her room. A moment later Heather would do the same.

For the rest of the night we stayed pretty close and participated in the celebration with our families. Every now and then we’d exchange smiles and make eye contact.

As for the rest of the week, well, we got together a few more times after that night. Each time was more incredible than the previous. We’re still close today and enjoy a very special relationship.


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