The Evil Farmer_(1)

The Evil Farmer_(1)

The evil farmer

It is the near future and after several wars, crime and
violence is still endemic as the police are very thin on the
ground and in places it is chaotic with the law frequently ignored.
Things are slowly getting back to normal but meat is scarce and people will
try any type of meat that is given to them to eat.
The black market for goods makes 60% of the economy.

It was the summer holidays and five young women who all
wanted to go to art college tried to enrol but their course
was full until the next year.
Mary, Sophie, Fiona, Debbie and Maxine were hanging out at
Sophie’s house pondering what to do in the mean time.
We could all get temp jobs said Fiona. What about a round
the world tour backpacking said Maxine.
What with? said Mary we have hardly any money.
Sophie was flicking through an alternative female artist
journal and in it an advert caught her eye.
It said “Come relax on the farm, pretend you are an animal
and go through the life cycle of an animal of your choice”
fresh air, food and good company at Edith Smith’s farm!
Cost is not a problem for young budding artists and others.

On making contact with the farm they all agreed that a cheap break away from it all would do them good so they decided to go
and went on the long train journey to the station in the
As they came out of the station all excitedly a minibus was
there waiting for them to pick them up.
It was another long journey in the countryside in the middle of
nowhere before they turned off on to another long private
dirt track.
In high spirits they chatted and smiled until they saw a
meat truck heading out. As they looked they saw women tied
up, eyes wide open trying to mumble something but they
didn't know what to make of it. The driver said don't
worry S&M.
As they pulled up they all got out of the minibus to be
greeted by a lovely old lady Mrs Smith.
Hello my dears. Welcome to my farm. Please call me Edith I
do hope you enjoy your time here. It is lovely and relaxing
and you get to really unwind.
Fiona asks Edith who were those girls on that meat truck?
Oh don't worry about that for now my dear as she puts her
arm around the girl comfortingly they were just getting the
full feel for life on the farm. We have all sorts here.
Naturists, S&M People. In this day and age we have to
diversify to make money.
We even have a puppy farm here breeding wom – err
They all nod in agreement.
As you can see on the walls we have lots of award winning
meat, succulent and juicy supplying sausages, ribs and
anything else we can muster she says warmly.
Now then what animals would you delightful girls like to
What animals do you suggest said Debbie?
Well you could be Veil or for the larger ladies they like to
pretend to be pigs “she chortles”
Or horses. But you ladies could be - Friesian cows she
Oh yes let's be cows they said moo moo ha ha ha.
Very well said Edith. I will need you to sign this
It is very long piped up Fiona what does it all say?
Edith explains that is is just boring safety waivers but she
does want something in return and that is to milk them every
After talking it over they agree and sign the document.
Good, now please undress. You won't need clothes here. You
will be stabled in a lovely barn with lots of straw.
The girls laugh as they undress in the summer heat thankful
of a cool breeze.
Now please get some rest and I will see you all in the
The next morning Edith comes out. Ok girls it’s milking
time for my cows she smiles.
She politely tells the girls to get on all fours and she
attaches the breast pumps on them to milk them. This is one
way to recoup some money while you stay here.
After milking they are fed their food in a trough and let
out in to the field to relax.
Now rest assured I won't be getting a bull to breed you she
says cheekily. Maxine goes Awwww and they all laugh.
There are chairs for them to sit on and look up at the
clouds or go for a short walk round the paddock or play some
Life was good in the hot summer sun frolicking about as
pretend cows for two months.
Then one afternoon Edith tells the girls that they were to
be put in the truck as they are going on a little journey.
Shall we put our clothes on they said? No it’s fine where
we are going. Hop in my dears.
They walk in and are taken on a journey to a warehouse.
As they come out other animals and women are there in pens.
It was a back street cattle market. “What are you
doing?” We are naked in front of these people!” They
said. Don't worry my dears” Edith says. As the auctioneer
gabbles away very fast getting the best prices for the
animals,. After a time the girls are then taken out. They
looked nervous and embarrassed as they looked in to the
crowd they could see rough looking men and suited men. One
man had the M of McDonalds on his suit and another from a
well known dog food firm bidding.
It was all strange as people bid for them and then it was
They went back to their pens where they could see Edith
completing paperwork, smiling and saying her goodbyes then
they were ushered back on the truck.
On returning to the farm they asked have we been sold? Yes
the old lady said most of you were sold to a local butcher
except for Maxine who was sold to the dog food firm.
Are-are we slaves? No don't worry. Just giving you the
experience of the farm. It is nearly over now.
It has been a long day. Get some rest as we are up early
The shed is locked shut for the night and in the morning the
girls are fed and watered then burly men with Edith order
them in to the meat truck.
What's happening?! Said Sophie. Just get on the truck now!
demanded the men. come on! Said Edith tersely. The niceness
had ended.
They are pushed inside and tied up and a gag is put on
Just before the final one Mary has her gag put on her she
says where are we going?
“Why you are all going to the slaughterhouse and meat
rendering plant my dears”.
The girls all try screaming in terror as the door is closed.
Edith bangs the side of the truck twice “ Ok take
them away!” She bellows and the truck moves off.
As they drive out another minibus of young exited women are
coming in and look at them confusingly.
The girls try to screem but all they can do is go hmmpf and
wriggle about.
When they arrive at the slaughterhouse men unload the girls
and check they have the correct stock and put marks on their
Mary the hottest women by far with a lovely body wide hips and nice
ass has “clean BBQ” written in red on her chest. This
one should cook up well a man said. Then Sophie and
Fiona who are also attractive had "gen sale" & “gut” written on
their chests. Debbie had Kebab written on her brown skin.
Maxine used drugs a lot when she was younger and had been
round the block when it came to men and was not really that
much of a looker had “dog food” written on her chest.
Watching other cows going in some of the girls defecated and
wet themselves in fright.
They were chained up one at a time by the ankles and hoisted
upside down and the machine drew them inside, each could see
what had been written on them.
As they went in the smell of death and the sight of meat parts and
entrails stacked up on the floor.
The noise of sawing meat and the ban saw cutting flesh was
non stop.
Being held in a queue to die a large heavy set hairy man
slaps Mary’s ass and says loudly “Hey Jim, just slaughter and
gut this meat then you can go to lunch” “Ok Dave” Jim
He gets out his knife for the first one which is Maxine. It
has dog food on it so he slits her throat and she writhes
about. He passes the body to a colleague who uses a large
meat knife to break in to her rib cage And her guts empty
out on to the floor which is swept up by a machine in to a
corner marked prime dog food. Maxine's carcass is then
picked up and thrown on to another pile of left over meat
parts ready to be ground up, bones and all for cheaper dog
food in a rendering machine by another operative using a
fork lift truck.
The others saw just what happened and next it was the turn
of Sophie who had her throat slit then her head was
sawn off and put in the freezer on a meat hook.
Fiona was next as her throat was slit and taken over by
pulley to the man that gutted the meat. But Fiona was still
alive! Her arms writhing about as the man sliced her open.
“Crunch” as her rib cage was ripped wide open and her
body suddenly became lifeless.
Debbie was next up. Looking at his notes the operative used
a ban saw SSCCCCRRRRREEE went the saw straight through her
neck like a hot knife through butter, her head picked up and
thrown in the bin as the blood poured out of her down a
drain in the floor. Once the bleeding had stopped she was
also pinned with with a piece of paper in to her skin with
the buyers note and put in to cold storage.
Then it was finally the turn of Mary. She was cut with a
knife in the throat and she bled to death like the others
but was then put in to cold storage.
The next day the butcher arrived to collect his meat he
He puts the carcasses in to his van and drove back to his
shop round the back to unload all the carcasses in his cold storage area but takes one to the front of the shop to work on.
Before starting the butcher shaved off Sophie's ginger pubic hair by sliding his fingers in her pussy making sure every hair is removed with a razor and under her arms on her pale delicate skin before chopping her up with a meat cleaver to display neat cuts of meat in
the trays of his shop, heart, liver, her ribs and tasty mince all neatly arranged with a price tag on each item.
He leaves the other carcasses hanging in his freezer to cut up and sell later before working on the body of Mary.
This piece of prime meat cost him a pretty penny but for
which he was going to make a lot of money out of.
He and another colleague got a thick metal rod spiked at the
tip and inserted it in to Mary’s ass. As they both pushed
the rod in to the meat it slid in nicely and came out of her mouth.
They then tied her arms and legs up.
We are going to sell this to those survivalists. They want
to have a BBQ in the woods over a spit fire.
The butcher makes the call. “Ted it’s Mike the butcher.
I got your meat all prepared and ready. Ok I will bring it
round in the afternoon”.
The feast is already in full swing when Mike turns up and
they help him unload the meat and put it on the fire.
Slowly rotating round they can't wait to tuck in to the
lovely tender meat that they have got hold of.
Enjoy your party lads! Mike says.
Mike gets back to his shop to prepare Debbie.
He cuts her arms and legs off with a meat cleaver and
then with a knife cleans up the meat.
The arms and legs can be minced up and turned in to
sausages later he says to his colleague and then once
finished he takes the meat to his van to take to Hakeem the
Kebab shop owner who pre-ordered his meat.
“Ahh Mike so good to see you come in come in” “we were
running out of meat I am so glad you have turned up. Oh yes
this looks excellent” he exclaims in broken English. My
other friends who own Kebab shops use dog or cat or even
badger meat. I could never do that No?
You bring me quality meat my friend.
Ok Hakeem enjoy, take care says Mike.
Hakeem then checks and prepares the meat and slides a skewer
pole from the base through to the neck and puts the meat of
Debbie in the window as it slowly rotates and cooks on the rotisserie.
Every so often pouring fat over the browning skin.
Customers see the delicious tender dripping meat and start coming in.” I see you
have some more meat Hakeem” only the best. The best for my
customers” he exclaims.

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