Taking it on

Taking it on

Ken never thought it would happen to him. He was a small mousy man and still very much a virgin. He had known he was gay from the beginning but just did not know how to express himself. And then the new club opened just down the street from his home. The first time was very tough. He left his house 4 times just to return shortly after leaving, indecisive. It was all the what if's that just did him in. What if no one like him? What if no one talked to him? What if they laughed?

He had been laughed at before, mostly when he was a kid. The other boys tormented him because he was different. During those years he sought enjoyment in the safe world of books, finding and discovering friends that were not critical, but accepting. Then he picked up a special book. It called to him and as he read it spoke to him. He discovered he was not as strange or weird as he had imagined. That there was a word for him.

He embraced the word and tried to embrace the life style. Accepting the word was much easier. He found it difficult to embrace the life style. He never knew just who was going to be cruel, laughing and tormenting with derivatives of the wonderful word he had embraced. He lived the life style in his dreams.

Through the years, he had acquired many wonderful toys to delight him. He was a master that handling himself. His favorite toy was a large pink butt plug. He enjoyed sitting on the plug as he massaged his own cock. As far as Ken was concerned, he had a very nice cock. He never named his cock like some of the other boys in school.

He remembered one guy in particular during high school. He was on the football team and fairly popular with the girls. He called his cock the dancing lion. It was large, thick and long. He called it the dancing lion because when the guy stroked his own cock it did look like a lion dancing. He claimed the girls loved it. Ken had loved it too! Ken watched on so many afternoons as the cock jumped and danced. Ken fantasized about having the football's player's cock deep into his tight ass. He thought often about riding it deep and hand pumping his own member.

But like so many dreams, that one ended with having the other guys beat him. Ken had been watching too closely one afternoon. He lost himself, forgetting where he was and who was surrounding him. He licked his lips wanting to suck and hold that magnificent piece. He woke when the first fist hit him across his brow. He did not remember the second, third or fiftieth hit. All he remembered was the bruising and pain. His mom screamed at about getting blood all over his shirt. His dad had given his one and only son, that sad look that parents give when they know there is more to the story then what has been told.

The couch banned him from the gym room. Instead he went to study hall, not that it was any safer. Ken had thought college would be different, but he had been beaten down so many times in high school, by that time he became afraid. He was afraid to approach or even look at another guy. So all during his college years, he stayed hidden. Everyone just thought he was shy.

Ken again looked at himself in the mirror. He willed himself to leave his home. His behavior was silly. He was grown now. He had a wonderful job and his own home. He lived in an accepting neighborhood. Besides all that, blessed it was a GAY bar he was going to go to. Others who were like him, looking for the same thing.

He knew the moment he walked through the door, that it was going to be finally a lucky night for him. Finally he was going to be able to experience sex with another person and not just the use of his mind. He felt comfortable in the new club. He smiled at a guy that was near him and immediately received a warm smile back. Warmth. That's what he felt. Warmth. Like two thick arms pulling him in and holding him safe.

The atmosphere was thick. The music was load. There were dozens of men dancing on the floor, swaying and bobbing together. He saw touching and fondling. He wanted so much to be part of that. Someone tapped him on his shoulder and he turned. There was one word for the guy standing before him - UNBELIEVABLE! Handsome just did not cover it. The guy was in a pair of form fitting loose Levis and a light blue cotton shirt. He had dark hair and warm green eyes. The guy nodded toward the dance floor and Ken nodded in agreement. Yesss... He knew his words could not be heard over the din. But he said them more to himself than to anyone in particular.

As he walked to the dance floor, the man behind him caressed his ass. He felt chills up his spine and his cock immediately responded, getting thick and hard. A tent had formed in front of his pants. He turned facing his dance partner and saw the wonderful smile on his beautiful face. Ken knew this guy had noticed the tent and was happy it was there. Ken was still a little surprised by how comfortable he was feeling. Mr. Unbelievable moved close and as they danced their crotches rubbed against each other. Mr. Unbelievable's hands massaged Ken's cock as they danced. Ken was no longer cognizant of his surroundings. He was swaying to the beating of his heart and the pulse of his blood throbbing in his ears. He was aware of the drumming of his body as his own hands found Mr. Unbelievable's crotch.

Ken was pushed to the back of the dance floor. He moved as if in a trance, not wanting the feelings that were over taking him and his senses to stop. At the back of the dance floor, Mr. Unbelievable unzipped Ken's pants. Ken looked around himself and noticed other guys having sex. The back of the dance floor was dark, but not dark enough to shield the lovers from each other.

Ken smelled the over powering odor of sex. He smelled it when he started orgasming and finally, having his hot cum spray high in the air. But this smell was stronger... thicker! It was the wonderful smell of many. Many men having sex!

His own partner, had removed his pants. The Levis made a light blue puddle around Mr. Unbelievable's ankles. His large cock was bobbing up and down sheathed in a protective rubber. Ken found himself facing the wall his legs spread wide. The shock of hot pain lasted a moment and then melted into pleasure. They moved together as one. Ken couldn't believe how wonderful the experience was. He felt cheated. He had spent so many years just toying with himself. He was angry that he had not sought out mutual companionship before.

Mr. Unbelievable seemed to know Ken was a virgin. He took it slow, taking his time. He caressed and teased Ken's ass and his nipples. With one last thrust, both Ken and his unexpected lover orgasmed. Ken hugged the wall. Mr. Unbelievable wrapped his arms around Ken, covering his quivering back with many tiny kisses.

That was not the last time, but rather only the first. It was the first of many encounters. Sometimes with Trey (Mr. Unbelievable's name) and sometimes with other guys. But it was Trey that he kept coming back to. Trey insisted that Ken try other guys. But after 4 years of sexual encounters of every type with one or more partners, Ken was ready to settle down.

Trey was the best thing that ever happened to Ken. And all that it took was getting up, going out and taking it on!

The end!

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