I recently bought a used police car - equipped with the spotlight and flashing side lights and an old siren with a bunch of wiring thrown in a box in the trunk. I thought that with the great way these old cars were built and how well they are generally taken care of that I'd have a car that would last me for a long time to cum - er, uh come!! Little did I know that my new found "authority" would not only get me through traffic quickly, but also get me access to some nice cocks to suck and fuck if I played my cards right.

A buddy of mine helped me hook up all the lights and the old siren that came with the car and after a couple of days of cruising up and down the local highways freakin' people out and cruising at high speeds to my next "emergency" the newness of the whole thing died out and I began to think of other ways to make my new vehicle entertaining.

There are several gay bars in town that I frequent somewhat regularly to meet hot guys to suck their cocks and pump my asshole full of their jizz. Even the times of going out and getting filled and fucked seemed to begin to get boring and I thought, hey, maybe I'll pull over some guys I see leaving the clubs and try to get sex from them! It took a couple of nights of tyring this before I got the balls up to actually put on the lights and siren and pull someone over. I was very nervous and actually shaking as I sat in my car in the parking lot while a hot, well built brunette boy in a mustang left the gay bar and headed north out of town. I followed him closely and when he got to a somewhat deserted area of the state road I hit the lights and chirped the siren a couple of times and he immediately pulled over. I trained the spotlight on his vehicle as I pulled over behind him and was shaking uncontrollably as I got out of my car and approached him.

He lowered the window as I approached and appeared to be looking for something, perhaps his ID or insurance or something. "Do you know why I pulled you over this evening?" I asked with my best macho non-fag voice. "No sir, I don't think I was speeding." I leaned on his door window jamb and looked inside. He kind of looked at me funny as he saw I wasn't in uniform or anything.

I looked at his crotch, he noticed me staring and a slight smile overtook his before quizzicle face. "I pulled you over because I'd like to suck and fuck your cock!!" I said with my normal gay/feminine lisp. You could have scooped his jaw up off the floor after I said that! "You live nearby?" I asked him. He nodded and gave his address. I asked him if he was interested and wanting to fuck, to which he eagerly said yes. I told him I'd follow him back to his place if he was willing, and when we agreed and he gave me his cell numberand I gave him mine in case we got separated, I got back into my cruiser and followed him home. My cock was twitching and throbbing at the thought of what I was doing and going to do - it turned me on to no end!!

I followed my young victim to his apartment about ten minutes away. His name was Robert and I had guessed him to be about 30ish years old. We went upstairs to his place and he offered me a drink as he pulled a couple of beers from his fridge and we sat on the sofa next to each other. I accepted the beer and we took a few sips.

"Do you smoke?" He asked me. Not real sure what he meant or where it was going I said, "sure" and thought he might have been asking me in case cigarette smoke bothered me or something. But that wasn't the case. He opened a wooden box on his coffee table and I could see a baggie of what looked like marijuana and a half dozen or so rolled fat joints inside the box. He pulled out two joints and a lighter and offered one of the sticks to me. I hadn't smoked pot in a long time but confess I was very eager to do it!!

"This is some good shit!" he exclaimed as he lit my joint first and then fired up his own. I hit it hard and deep sucking down all the smoke I could - I didn't want to waste any of it. By the third or fourth long deep hit on my joint, I was feeling a slight buzz starting to overtake me. "Yeah," I replied after a few minutes of hitting the joint, "this sure is good shit!" Robert just chuckled to himself and we sat back on the sofa, each of us toking on a joint getting stoned with one hand and rubbing each others thigh and crotch with the other hand. I was getting hard as a rock - I get so fucking horny when I'm stoned and can't get enough cock in my faggot hole to satisfy me!! I could fuck the whole Army when I'm high! Hmm, I think I'd actually like to try that!!

"So is the whole cop car thing a new kind of pick up tool or something?" Robert asked as he neared the halfway point of his joint. A thick layer of hazy smoke began to fill the living room as we just sat there getting fucked up and getting hard.

"Well, I just got it and this is the first time I've done this." I replied. "Well, you certainly fooled me!" Robert responded. "I thought I was more fucked up than I was or something." I smiled wondering how fucked up was he before now, and how fucked up was he going to be.

We made some small talk about what we liked sexually. I told him that I was a bottom and rarely was a top. He said he was versatile but did prefer to be the top. This worked out well as we were about to get into some hot and nasty faggot sex!!

We finished our joints a few minutes later and downed another beer as we headed for Robert's bedroom. The soft glow of the hall light cast just enough light into the bedroom without it being too bright or too dark, just enough to see each other and what we were doing. My head was spinning and my body tingled as we undressed each other. He had a tight smooth body, nice abs and thighs. His bikini underwear barely concealed his rather large and bulging cock. As he pulled down my jeans he rubbed my bare asscheeks and found my thong panties and muttered how sexy it was to him.

We stood there for a while and caressed each other then started to kiss and make out. My tongue darted wildly into his mouth and down his throat trying to get as deep inside him as I could. He returned the eagerness as our bodies pressed together and we gripped each others waists and ass, pulling each other closer - our raging hard cocks pressing into each other.

Then we fell together onto the bed and began to kiss more and lick each others body. Then we got into a 69 with him on the bottom and me on top. I felt his wet tongue dart straight for my asshole and he began to tongue my smooth hole - I shave ALL my body hair!!

I sucked his cock and slurped some precum down my throat and fondled his balls as Robert stuck a finger into my wet asshole. I let out a little moan as he licked my cock and stroked it with his other hand while pumping his middle finger deep into my hole.

It felt great to have his digit banging my gay box but I wanted the real thing. As I slurped on his pole I estimated it to be about a solid eight inches long and fairly thick around. My asshole puckered just thinking about riding his meat pole. I deep throated his cock for a few more minutes while he slipped another finger inside my nasty hole and then I slowly pulled off his fingers and turned around and lay on top of him. We kissed passionately a bit and then I reached for a tube of lube I spotted on his night stand. While we kissed I smeared a glob of lube around and into my asshole. I wanted to be plenty wet for his shaft.

We both moaned in anticipation of what we both knew and wanted to come next. "Mmm...I want you inside me baby!" I said with a smile while grinding my hips into his. "Yeah, I want you so fuckin' bad!" he replied. I pulled my knees up so I was more or less straddling him and reached down and grabbed his large cock. I guided his massive man tool towards my aching hole and rubbed the head of his cock along my ass crack. He moaned each time it rubbed against my asshole. I rocked my hips back and forth along his cock and when I was ready, I stopped moving and sat down a bit so the bare naked head of his cock slowly started to press into my hole. I took a deep breath, trying to relax my sphincter muscle to accomodate this large intruder. Robert continued to moan as he pinched my nipples which made me arch my back in excitement. That movement caused the head of his cock to pop right into my asshole. I gasped a little, still working to loosen my cock hole and I lowered myself down an inch or so to begin the task of bottoming out on his cock.

I leaned over with just about two inches of his cock in me and kissed him hard a few times and I smiled as I sat back up preparing for my ritual "plunge". Then I made sure I had a good angle on his cock and lifted up a bit, waited, and then let my legs go limp and plunged all the was down onto his cock and didn't stop until I was literally sitting on him and he was all the way inside my asshole!! What a fucking rush!! My whole body burst with a rush of pleasure as I wiggled on his pole and lifted myself back up to the tip of his cock and slammed back down again. Holy shit this was turning me on so much I thought I was going to cum right then and there!! I arched my back, leaned my head back, closed my eyes and imagined that this is how good it felt to be a woman and be fucked!!

Robert grabbed me by the hips as I worked up and down on his cock and he'd pull me down hard each time drilling up with his hips to penetrate me faster and deeper. We fucked this way for about ten minutes I guess and then I asked him if he would fuck me doggy style. No sooner had I gotten the words out than he had sat up, spun me over and up onto all fours and aimed his love tool at my gaping asshole!

"Pound my fucking hole!!" I yelled out. He obliged and sunk his cum-filled pistol deep inside me. He grabbed my hips again and pulled me back to meet each of his deep inward thrusts. My gaping asshole began to make fart sounds as he pumped me deeper and deeper and deeper. I've kind of always had a problem with that, I'd get nice and loosened up for all my lovers and the next thing you know they're pumping me full of air!! Well, at least it didn't smell!!

We fucked doggy style for quite a long time - I thought Robert was going to cum inside me a couple of times, but I guess he didn't, he just kept on pumping me harder and harder. I could feel droplets of sweat fall from his head and onto my ass cheeks and lower back as his violent thrusts caused his sweat to fling about.

It felt so great to be stoned and being fucked by this hot guy I'd just met. And what was even better was that he didn't even mention using a condom or anything nasty like that!! I just absolutely love to fuck bareback and refuse to wear or use condoms!! I have used them in rare instances, but the guy would have to be so fucking hot that I wanted him regardless and I'd give in and let him use one. Otherwise, it's bareback for me or you don't get in me!!

Most of the time I want them to cum deep inside me too. I love feeling a man's cum blast inside my bowels and fill me up. Sometimes I like them to cum on me or if not in my asshole, then down my throat. I don't like to waste cum!! Real quick, I remember one time in Key West, Florida I was in a group sex party thing and I fucked a bunch of guys that day/night and one session about 8 guys fucked and came inside me - I loved it so much, feeling all that cum spray inside me. I'd stick my fingers inside myself later and taste all that cum - waste not, want not!!

Robert pulled out of my dripping fag hole and pushed me over onto my back. He spread my legs open, smiled at me and asked me how I was enjoying the ride. I told him I was lovin' every second of it and not to stop fucking me!! He nuzzled up in between my legs and easily slid that monster cock of his right back where it belonged - deep inside my shit hole! I raised my legs up as far as I could as he lay on top of me grinding his cock deeper inside me. He pumped me feverishly and leaned down onto his elbows and stuck his tongue inside my mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and opened my mouth wide and sucked his tongue into my mouth.

With my other hand I ran it along his taut back and down to his firm butt and squeezed his cheek. I slid a finger down his crack and rubbed his throbbing asshole while he pounded me relentlessly. I think this started him on track for an orgasm. He moaned louder, "Yeah, that's it" as I put a finger inside his asshole. His thrusts inside me got harder, more violent and deeper - I could tell he would be cumming deep inside me in a few minutes more!! I couldn't wait to accept his sweet and delicious load!!

Then he pushed off his elbows and grabbed my legs and put his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs back up by my ears. That stretched me a bit but I was too horny, stoned and busy concentrating on being fucked to notice my hamstrings straining. Robert got onto his knees and held my legs up and pounded me harder and harder and I could tell by his face he was going to cum. Just light a freight train gaining momentum, he continued to pound, to thrust deeper and deeper and deeper inside me. Pounding, thrusting, pounding, thrusting. Every thrust he would be pulling all the way out so that just barely the tip of his cock was inside me and then he slam it down into me very hard and fast, over and over again. This was very likely the best fuck I've ever had!!

He tensed up, every muscle in his glistening body seemed to tighten as he continued to ram his cum stick deep insdie me. "Aaagh!" he yelled out. "Almost there!!" I smiled and giggled like the little girl I wish I was with eager anticipation and lust as he pumped a half dozen or so more times and then I felt the explosion of cum way down deep inside me somewhere I'd never felt before. "Fuck yeah!" he blurted out as his cock twitched and continued to spew out jizz into my asshole. "That's it baby!" I yelled as I felt spurt after spurt of cum spray my insides. "Give it to me harder! Give it to me deeper! Give it ALL to me! Gimme what I need baby!!" He pumped in deeper to try and get as much cum as deep into me as he could - I was loving every drop of it too!! As he continued to empty his sperm bank into me, the pumping slowed, he let my knees down and I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him into me as he lay on top of me very much out of breath. He still pumped me and was making faces and I thought surely he was done cumming.

A few more deep and violent thrusts were in him and he unleashed another short round of fucking as he moaned aloud again, "Aaaghh...a... little more cum for you!!" and finally he just rested on top of me. Our bodies heaving under our breath and sweat running off our bodies onto his bed. My legs quivered as they still wrapped around his moist, sweaty, hard body. We kissed for a while and after he was totally limp, he slipped out of my asshole and rolled over onto his back and let out a sigh.

"Dammit baby, " I started, "that was one helluva fuck!!" I chuckled and smiled at him. He grinned kind of sheepishly, "Glad you enjoyed it! I sure did!" We both laughed a bit and I felt his hot and steamy cum slowly make its way out of me. I put my hand down there and motioned like I was going to get up. "No, no, no..." Robert said sitting up. "I like to eat the cum out of assholes!" I lay back down and spread my legs nice and wide and as he lay in between my legs licking the cum that started to exit I gently pushed to get the flow going more without letting too much air out and "farting" in his face. He globbed some of his cum onto two fingers and offered it up to my hungry mouth, I sucked in the fingers and licked the cum clean off. We shared as much cum together as we could. I love the taste of a man's cum in my mouth, I could drink it all day long!!

Robert went into the kitchen to return with a couple of beers and two more joints and we sat in bed and drank and continued our drug session and got even more stoned than before.

We fucked twice more before the sun came up Saturday morning. By noon we were both exhausted and sticky and rather "unclean" feeling. We showered together and I left his place to do my Saturday errands and stuff and he called my cell phone later that night and we hooked up again and had Round 2!!

He was a GREAT fuck for me and we'd hook up more times down the road. I didn't think sex with Robert could be any better - of all the hundreds of men who have fucked me over the years, Robert is indeed the best!! As far as solo, one on one fucking, he rates at the top. Later on, I'd meet one of his long time friends Jeff and we got into a threesome, I had no idea that the sex, and the drugs, would get even better!!


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