Abi and her friend surprise me, Part 1.

Abi and her friend surprise me, Part 1.

Abi and her friend surprise me, Part 1.

I need to share with everyone what has just happened that has totally blown my mind.

On Saturday evening about 8ish just as I was returning from a football/soccer match I received a text from Abi that read ‘Got 2 c u now, I’ve a surprise for u, love Abi xx.’ I knew that I would be alone as my fianc?was visiting her parents who have retired to Spain for a long weekend so I replied immediately saying ‘Sure, can’t wait 2 c u. x.’

I went into the house turned on the music, dimmed the lights to set the mood and brought out a bottle of champagne on ice and 2 glasses as I knew or I thought I knew what was about to happen. About 5 minutes passed when my door bell went and I got up went to the door expecting to welcome Abi in for a hot night of lust.

I wasn’t wrong Abi was there but she had her friend Rachel who is a fellow dancer with her. This girl is tall at about 5’ 8”, good looking although not as stunning as Abi, she has long brown hair, sexy green eyes and as a dancer like Abi has a stunning body.

They smiled widely, said “Hi” and giggled as they stood at the door. I was very pleased to see them both and my mind automatically raced with lustful thoughs as I invited them in. The girls passed by me and I could smell their perfume as Abi ran her hand over my chest pouted and winked as they walked into the living room.

Abi giggled and said “You expecting company” and I replied “Yeah although, I need another glass now that there’s 3 of us.” They slowly peeled off their coats revealing their stunning bodies covered by short tight dresses my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. I took the coats and grinned as Abi again winked at me smiling lustfully, I could smell drink and it was clear they had been drinking.

I just dumped the coats on the hall chair then returned as they sat on the couch and I stood behind them leaning over as they both turned to look up at me smiling. I could see down both their tops and grinned “nice view girls, real nice from this angle” they both giggled and Rachel said “Oh, Mr. D you are naughty” then Abi said “no, its Johnny aint that right” as she winked. I smiled and said “Yeah, Rachel call me Johnny if you want” and with that I moved from behind the cough.

I said “I’m gonna get another glass, be right back” and walked out of the living room towards the kitchen as myy heart pounded and my cock stiffened. My mind was racing and I wondered if this was going to happen or where they just gonna tease me? I looked out another glass and returned to the living room.

Rachel was bending over checking out my CD collection and my eyes popped out as I could just see her panties. I looked at Abi who was coming towards me and she whispered “I see you looking, she’s hot isn’t she?” as we kissed passionately I looked at Abi and just nodded. The music was loud enough that Rachel could not hear as Abi continued “This is your surprise” and with that I almost dropped the glass as my eyes widened, my heart pounded and my cock almost exploded.

“What, what did you say?” as I looked back and forth at Rachel and Abi in total amazement and disbelief. Abi moved right up against me and firmly grabbed my throbbing cock “Us” she said “if you want that is” she lustfully whispered. I could not believe it and was so scared to say yes just in case it was a fucked up teasing game they where playing.

I looked straight into Abi’s eyes and I hesitated as I said “Yes” she then kissed me hard and pressed her body hard against me then moved away. I was in wonderland and still couldn’t believe it as I walked over the table and lifted the champagne. Abi was now over with Rachel and as they spoke I fumbled the champagne trying to open it and it nearly dropped.

The girls whispered and smiled over at me as I finally forced the cork up and it shot out hitting the ceiling and disappearing over by the TV. Rachel clapped as they both walked over and I passed them their glasses and began to pour. The champagne bubbled up and spilled over the top of the glass and Rachel quickly licked the side of the glass with a wicked “mmmm” and dirty smile.

I poured Abi’s then mine without spilling anymore and I raised my glass to toast saying “To the sexiest girls in the world” and with that the girls giggled saying “To Johnny” as they all but downed the full glass. The atmosphere was electric and I was grinning full of lust as I scanned each girl from head to toe repeatedly.

I topped up their glasses and said “damn, almost need another bottle” as I wiggled the bottle. Rachel turned round and looked at me and joked “hope you’re not gonna get me drunk and take advantaged of me Mr. D, I mean Johnny?” I grinned and said “well, I’ll get another bottle and see what happens.” We all looked at each other as we drank the champagne and I was mesmerized by these 2 sexy young girls. The music was playing in the background and the girls where moving slowly to the beat as they moved towards me.

Abi stretched out her hand towards me and I was drawn in as my heart pounded hard and fast. She took a step forward and we began to kiss slowly, I took her glass and placed both on the table then we returned to kissing more passionately this time and our hands moved over each other.

I opened my eyes and seen Rachel standing there nibbling on her lip so I put out my hand for her to come close. I moved away from Abi so that we could all get close and Rachel moved in nervously as I slipped my hand around her waist. I started to kiss Rachel as I held Abi close to me feeling their bodies rub against me and I felt like I was dreaming.

I was now kissing both girls passionately and theirs hands where all over my body as they pressed against me. I tilted my head back as they both kissed my face, neck and shoulders which was driving me crazy and I was sure I was about to explode any second. Rachel slipped down my trouser zip and ran her hand over my throbbing cock which was fully exposed as I rarely wear underwear. My cock had leaked over my lower stomach and Rachel ran her figure on the wet head before bringing her hand up to taste my pre-cum.

She looked at me and then Abi before repeating the action but this time sucked one finger then let Abi suck the other before they moved in to kiss each other. I held them both and marvelled at these two stunning girls kissing and tasting my pre-cum and my heart pounded as my cock twitched.

Abi whispered in my ear to sit on the couch and enjoy the show as Rachel walked over to the music centre and looked out a CD to play. About 30 seconds later she turned and the music began as she walked over to Abi, they both smiled widely and began to move to the music. My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing as I watched them move and then they started to caress each other very erotically as the music played.

I was in heaven and sure I’d wake up at any moment thankfully it was real and as Abi gave me a lap dance I couldn’t keep my hands off her body, running them between her legs feeling her hot pussy in the process. Then it was Rachel’s turn and as she danced in front of me she mounted the couch and began grinding her pussy against me and kissed me hard.

I was in totally ecstasy and wanted to fuck her so hard and shoot my cum all over her but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Rachel got up and began to strip off as Abi joined stripping off too which was truly fantastic.

The girls danced as they removed their dresses and slipped them off revealing their stunning firm young bodies and sexy underwear. I was breathing so fast and deep that I thought I would pass out as my cock was throbbing harder than ever before.

Rachel was wearing a white frilly set that showed her amazing breasts off and a pair of frilly half panties that really complimented her stunning ass and tight stomach. Abi was wearing a black and silver set that I’d bought her the week before and as I looked at her I shouted out “Fuck me, you are so hot I want you both right now.” They took off each others bras slowly then moved towards me Abi on my right and Rachel sitting on my left.

They began kissing and fondling me as Abi finally removed my trousers and firmly held my cock just as Rachel grabbed my balls hard making my flinch. Abi licked my soaking cock as Rachel licked my wet stomach both tasting my pre-cum as I quivered and twitched with their every movement.

Abi was now sucking my cock while Rachel was kissing me passionately as she ran her nails over my balls squeezing them every so often. I could feel my balls tighten as I was getting near to coming as this was the most erotic and exciting experience I could ever have imagined.

I was moving wildly at this point when Abi stopped only for Rachel to take over and as she ran her tongue over my balls and up my cock I began to quiver again. Thankfully, Rachel moved onto the floor and spread my legs so she could kiss, lick and nibble my inner thighs leaving my cock to pulsate and bounce around in sheer delight. Abi and I where kissing passionately and she was whispering “this is for u babe, we both want u” which was driving me crazy.

I stopped kissing Abi and got Rachel to stand as I frantically peel off her sexy white panties revealing a very trimmed landing strip and a soaking pussy that I immediately began finger fucking. She was so wet that my fingers slipped in without a problem and she started to moan with pleasure as I went fast and deeper rubbing her clit with my thumb.

Abi then stood up and with my other hand I rubbed her wet pussy over her panties and then helped her take them down. I had both the girls standing in front of me as I finger fucked both their hot soaking tight teen pussies as my cock bounced around waited to fuck them. I was working my magic as they pushed their pussies into my hands while touching my hand and caressing their own bodies and each other.

Both girls where moving and grinding on my hands faster as I moved my head over to lick Abi’s throbbing clit and taste her sweet juices. This wasn’t easy to do but I was trying my hardest to ensure both girls where enjoying it and that I kept the pleasure going.

I then started on Rachel who had her legs spread real wide and her clit was sticking down begging to be sucked. She tasted amazing and within a minute or so as I sucked harder and finger fucked her soaking pussy she began to moan real loud and her body quivered and shook, she grabbed my head and screamed as she came “oh fuck, yes, yes, yes I’m coming” and with that she squirted over my fingers, face and down her legs as she shook violently and her legs quaked. She was holding my head hard grinding her pussy against me slowly as her orgasm subsided and she breathed heavily and continued to moan saying a lot of things that I couldn’t make out.

It was Abi’s turn as Rachel collapsed onto the couch I sat Abi on my low table spread her legs and began to suck, lick and finger fuck her hard and fast as I wanted her to come too and come quickly. I had my head buried deep and I sucked on her clit and she was quivering and grabbing at my head as her legs gripped me. It took her no more that 2 minutes to burst over me as she shouted in total pleasure “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming” grabbing my head she continued as she came “Yes, yes, oh babe, yes” before crumbling back on to the table as her body shook and her juices continued to pulsate out of her young stunning pussy.

By now Rachel was on her knees at the side of me and her hands and lips where all over my back, shoulder and arm. She whispered wickedly into my ear “you’re amazing, fuck me first, I want u inside me now” then she grabbed my cock and slowly wanked me as I leaned up from Abi’s sweet dripping pussy.

I started fingering Rachel’s wet pussy as we kissed passionately and I then felt Abi’s hands on my body as she kissed my back and shoulders. I was having the best time ever and still couldn’t believe my luck but was not letting a thing stop me from fucking these two stunning young women.

We moved over to the couch and Abi told me to sit down with a lustful look just as Rachel moved over me saying “I’m first, I want you inside me now.” Rachel placed her hands on my chest as Abi held my cock allowing Rachel’s soaking pussy to devour my cock in one swift movement. I was inside her and she began to bounce up and down slowly as Abi sucked on Rachel’s right breast as I cupped the other and caressed Abi’s back with my free hand. Rachel’s right was rubbing my balls and digging her left nails into my chest and shoulders as she continued to bounce on my throbbing rock hard cock.

Rachel was beginning to move faster and grind harder with every push and she brought her right hand round and slipped 2 fingers into my mouth and I sucked on them as Abi was gripping my balls and kissing Rachel’s arm and side. Rachel began to scream again that she was coming and that she loved my fucking cock and was now coming hard squirting over my cock, balls, splashing over my stomach and soaking my couch.

Abi was rubbing my soaking balls and licking her fingers, repeating this giving me her fingers to suck and then Rachel so that we could all taste her pussy. Abi then moved Rachel’s quivering body off my cock and the juices flowed out everywhere as she lay on the couch.

Abi then took my cock and slipped down it slowly as she held it and we began kissing passionately whispering that she loved me over and over as she rocked hard. I sucked on her glorious breasts as she increased the pace thumping down hard on me as I moved to the edge of the couch to get deeper inside her.

She was gripping my back and could feel Rachel caressing me and kissing me telling me to fuck Abi good and faster. Abi was really going for it and was bouncing hard and fast moaning louder and louder as Rachel went between my legs and pushed Abi down with her hips harder onto my rock hard cock. Abi was shaking violently and screaming that she was going to cum and explode at any moment, just then I felt her whole body tighten and pussy gripped my cock and she held a kiss firmly on my lips as she exploded squirting all over. Rachel was now below Abi sucking best she could on my soaking balls lapping Abi’s pussy juice as it flowed out.

I laid Abi on the floor and slowly pulled out watching her body shake and she moaned with total satisfaction. Rachel moved towards me and we kissed hard as she pressed against me. “It’s your turn to come” she said as my cock throbbed against her tight young body.

Abi was recovering slowly as Rachel began to stroke my cock, then Abi joined her as then both ran their hands over my thighs, stomach, balls and cock. It was so amazing and I was ready to explode so hard after satisfying these two amazing young girls. They took in turn to suck my cock and balls as they upped the tempo I could feel my balls tighten and my cum building up deep within me.

My body was quivering and shaking like crazy and the girls where loving it as they increased the pace yet again which finally sent me over the edge and I screamed that I was coming then Rachel devoured my cock with her mouth as I came harder than ever shooting a jet of come clear down her throat and as she pulled me out I came again over her face just as Abi devoured it so that she too could swallow my come. I shot another load as Abi swallowed and sucked on me hard making my whole body judder and shake.

The girls continued sucking me teasing my balls as my cock was pulsating ensuring every last drop was sucked out before kissing my cock and kissing each other tasting my come.

The girls joined me on the couch and we cuddled, kissed and caressed each other, my cock twitching as it softened and we all sat there truly satisfied. We sat on the couch for about 20 minutes then I realised Abi was sleeping but Rachel wasn’t as she moved her hand over my cock and began stroking me.

Within seconds my cock was getting hard and I leaned over to finger fuck her pussy which was still soaking. Abi was fast asleep and Rachel bent over to suck my cock getting me harder and harder then she straddled me holding my cock as her wet pussy devoured me. She told me she wanted more and as Abi was sleeping she wanted me all to herself and I was only too glad to let her.

She began grinding hard as I cupped her firm ass watching her beautiful breasts move as she got faster and harder. I was sucking her breasts as she press her body into my face and my finger was slipping in and out of her ass. After about 10 minutes or so I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was getting ready to come again but before I could tell her she began to quiver and gripped my chest and screamed that she was coming. Her pussy gripped my cock and with that I came shooting my come deep inside her throbbing pussy as she continued to grind hard and fast as she squirted down my cock and over my balls. It was so amazing as her pussy gripped my cock milking every last drop out although, I wasn’t sure if much was left.

We kissed for a while as my cock softened and her tight pussy relaxed after another orgasm. Once we recovered I suggested that we go up to bed and Rachel nodded lustfully and I lift Abi who was still sleeping and carried her to my bedroom with Rachel following behind us. Abi stirred putting her arms around my neck and kissed me mumbling that she loves me. It was just after 10 when we all got into bed and with the girls at either side of me I kissed them both then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning the fun continued…

The End.

PS: Be sure to read part 2.

Well, everyone I hope you enjoyed my story and I would appreciate your comments.

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