New York College Adventures (Bukkake/Horror Movie Guy)

New York College Adventures (Bukkake/Horror Movie Guy)

And so - I am continuing my stories because of the positive response to my last one! Thanks for supporting me guys! You have NO idea how much I appreciate it!

If you haven't read my last story (which you should), then you would know that I'm an 18 year old college student in New York, experimenting with sex of all sorts (mostly the gay sort - but we'll see where that goes). If you're interested in seeing these stories as they are churned out, feel free to visit my blog:

I mainly direct you guys to here, because I typically have to lump 2 stories together to meet this site's character count.

And now, on to the stories!

Not long after posting another Craigslist ad, I was invited to a bukkake group on the lower west side of Manhattan. The idea was that they would have a cocksucker to gulp down a few cocks before having cum sprayed all over his face. The host and I exchanged information and pictures, and I was all set to go and get sucked off!

As soon as I got off the subway station, I couldn't find the place for the longest time. I was also worried since I was in a sketchy part of town. Oddly enough, the place the bukkake event was taking place at was a rather nice apartment complex that looked dingy on the outside, but sophisticated on the inside.

I was quickly stopped by the doorman who asked who I was looking for. Once I mentioned the name, the doorman shot me a bizarre look and said "Who's that?" A little nervous, I started to stutter for a good 5 seconds or so. Suddenly, the doorman laughed and said he was just messing with me, and directed me towards the room I was supposed to go to.

Once I made it to the room, I was greeted by a couple of guys. The host looked to be around his 40's to early 50's, while the rest of the group seemed to be around their mid 20's to early 30's. Considering that I have a thing for guys my age, I was a little disappointed, but I decided to go along with it anyway.

The "cocksucker" (this is the word the host constantly referred to in the email) seemed to be in his mid to late 20's, had a fair amount of hair on his chest and wore thick-rimmed glasses. Being the first one undressed, the host pulled me over and made me stand in front of the cocksucker so I could get sucked off first.

As the cocksucker went down on me, I couldn't help but notice one thing. This guy's teeth scraped along my dick almost the entire time! The sharp pain was a turn-off, as it wasn't a really good blowjob compared to what I've had before - but on the bright side, it allowed me to last for quite a while! While being sucked and waiting to be sucked, I couldn't help but notice that everyone kept on fondling each other. Not wanting to seem stubborn, I touched a few of the other guys too, and I let them touch anywhere on me they pleased.

To my left, there was this blond guy who seemed to me the best looking out of them all. His dick seemed pretty thick, and he looked to be around 24-28 (I could be very, VERY wrong on this). I noted on how he took the cocksucker by force, and constantly made him deepthroat and gag on his cock. I really liked this guys style, but I don't think I'd ever be able to command even a loyal cocksucker to do that much on my cock.

The two men across from me pretty much just made out the whole time while they were being sucked. I wasn't exactly sure as to whether they were a couple or not, but they seemed to be pretty satisfied throughout the ordeal.

Out of all of the men who touched me that night, I'm pretty sure the host was definitely the one who fondled me the most. At first, I was pretty uncomfortable with him constantly touching me, but I eventually resigned myself to accepting it. Several times throughout the event, he pulled me aside from everyone to give me a blowjob. Even though he was the oldest out of the group, I will admit that he was MUCH better at cocksucking than the actual cocksucker. So good, he actually was the one who made me cum! I quickl pulled out of his mouth and shot on the cocksucker's body, and everyone followed suit soon afterwards.

While reflecting upon the experience, I surmised out that doing bukkake isn't really my cup of tea. Sure, I got off and had a bit of fun, but the age difference and okay blowjob on part of the actual cocksucker didn't really make me want to do it again. If given the chance again with a different group, I very well might do it. In fact, maybe I would do it again with the same group. However, it still doesn't change the fact that I was repulsed by anything sexual for the next couple of days soon afterward.

But of course, being a regular young and horny teenager, I quickly bounced back and started resuming my usual internet searching activities!

For the sake of not posting a terribly horrific failure (if you ACTUALLY want to hear this, let me know... but the ending isn't very satisfactory), I'm going to skip right over to guy number 3!

After hunting around Craigslist for a while, I got kind of bored with all the emailing I had to do. I had to wait for pictures, stats, and all sorts of vital information that would help me decide whether I would want to fuck or not! And then, I found my miracle - Adam4Adam!

Starting up with this site was a painfully slow process, but I was astounded SOMETHING would actually let me choose the guys based off of the pictures first, and not the interests! After getting acquainted with the site, and discovering what it had to offer in the way of guys, parties, and other things - I decided to start emailing some people.

I managed to pinpoint my search down to two guys who replied. The first one I contacted (who will appear in a later story) told me he was a bottom who recently decided to become a top. For some reason, he had this really bizarre urge to fuck me. And he was pretty vocal about it. A little weirded out by the overt advances, I decided to go for the second, more chill, dude.

This guy was aesthetically similar to my first time guy. He was blond, skinny (actually, thinner than the first guy), and 23-24 years old. Although, it wasn't his looks that really enticed me at first. It was actually his offer of cuddling in front of a horror movie that drew me in like a fly to a light.

And then I was off! He had a small apartment near Times Square, so it took about 15 minutes to get there. As soon as I walked into the building, I couldn't help but notice how AMAZING the interior design was. Marble covered the floors, while several things were decked out in a nice gold trim. There was also a beautiful looking wooden piano that I had strong urges to run up to an play. But of course - I had to make my way past the security guard first...

She was bordering on bitchy, but she seemed to attempt to be nice to me. As she gave me my name tag, I noticed that she put down my middle name as my first name, even after she had an eyeful of my ID, and an earful of my name as soon as she asked for it. After a couple of minutes of waiting, she finally directed me to the elevator.

I couldn't help but notice that I didn't feel a sense of apprehension when knocking on the door this time. As soon as he opened the door, I realized why.

He looked just as nice as his picture! Very slim, very cute, and his extremely small apartment had a wonderful sense of style. He explained that he worked for playbill, and was an alumni of the school I currently go to. After a little bit more introductions on both sides, he asked me to choose the movie we would watch. Not having seen it many times before, I decided to watch "Suspiria" with him, since I had never seen the whole movie.

We laughed at the insanely bright visuals and ridiculous score of the movie as we cuddled together on his bed. Once the movie ended, things started to heat up...

I turned my head around as we spooned, and our lips slowly pressed together. I turned around and quickly proceeded to make out with him, feeling his lithe body all over as his hands searched mine as well. From this point, we started shifting through several positions, until he eventually laid down on my right side. At that point, both our jeans flew off, as did our underwear. I put my hand on his now-hard cock, and slowly started to jack him off. Of course, he did the same thing as we continued lip-locking for the next few minutes.

What happened next was a complete blur. However, I somehow managed to end up right on top of him. stared down into his pretty-looking face as he whispered "Do you want me to fuck you?" I quickly answered "Of course," with a wide grin on my face. I asked for some lube and a condom, and once they were on, I started to lower myself onto his nicely sized dick.

Like the first time, it burned like hell as soon upon his first entry. I pulled off and allowed the pain to subside for a second, and then tried again. This time, I went down pretty quickly on the entire length. I slowly started to bounce up and down, getting used to the feel of having a cock inside of me once again. I started to moan a little bit, in hopes that I wouldn't disturb the neighbors since we were separated from them by only a wall.

Then he took charge. He started slamming into me faster than I thought - taking my breath away instantly. I could feel all the pleasure surging throughout my entire body as he moved in and out. As I rode him for a while, my moaning increased in volume ever so slightly. I couldn't stifle the amount of euphoria rushing through my mind at all as he started pumping in harder and faster.

He then asked me to flip over, and we took it to the missionary position again. He raised up both my legs, and started plowing into me extremely deep. We fucked like rabbits for what seemed like hours. My moans were now uncontrollable as my concern for his neighbors hearing us became lost in a sea of pure, physical pleasure.

He made it known he wanted me to cum first, so he pulled off the condom and started to finger me. And boy, did he finger me good! In fact, it was the most intense fingering I ever had! He mercilessly drove two of his fingers in and out as fast as he could, and he sure didn't mind going as deep as he wanted. My moans escalated as I slowly realized I wouldn't be able to handle the intensity much longer.

Cumming felt like such a wonderful relief. I exploded at least 5 or 6 ropes out onto my chest, and panted like crazy afterward. He quickly followed by jerking off onto my chest also - mixing his hot, steamy cum with mine.

We took a quick together shower afterwards, and I managed to clean up all of the hot seed that covered me. I asked "Do movie dates typically turn out like this for you?" He replied "Not really." I laughed at the idea as I turned to leave. Before I could, he grabbed me and planted a kiss on my lips as a goodbye before I walked out the door - thoroughly satisfied for the evening.

Let me know what you think! I'm open to everything!

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