Wife raped in South Africa

Wife raped in South Africa

My wife Elaine and I took a vacation in South Africa last year and decided to try and see as much of the country as we could. We flew into Johannesburg and spent a couple of days looking around. We had lots of warnings about the dangers of the city,as the murder capital of the world and we took taxi's everywhere. The townships were a real culture shock but with a guide and staying in the transport,we had no problems.

We travelled to Port Elizabeth and rented a bungalow , it was beautiful. We relaxed and probably were less aware of our surroundings. We visited an Elephant Park which was great and went out to a lighthouse at Cape Recife. We went to eat in Port Elizabeth and while walking met a man who seemed very friendly and said he was called Sipho. He sort of hung around all day chatting and said he wanted to get to know people from Europe. My wife thought he was funny and when he naked if we wanted a guide the following day,she said that would be nice.

I had hired a car and the next morning we picked Sipho up on the outskirts of town. He directed us to a lion park and then a not too good dolphin place. We bought him lunch and he asked if we would visit his family. Elaine thought it would be good to see the "real South Africa". Sipho directed us away from the tourist areas and the housing got more and more rundown. The road signs were saying Motherwell and Elaine joked that it might be like Scotland.

Sipho said his family would be eating at the beach and it was just starting to get to dusk. He pointed us down a track and spoke on his cell phone.The beach was behind some concrete buildings. We pulled up and got out. The beach was a mess,lots of rubbish, but Sipho said it was better further along. We walked a few hundred yards when four black men appeared from behind a shack. They approached and I felt uncomfortable by their behaviour. Then as they got close,they produced long bladed knives and grabbed us. They obviously knew Sipho and his manner changed from friendly to menacing. They took us behind some deserted shacks and tied my wrists and ankles with cable ties and gagged me with a cloth. Then they grabbed Elaine and started to rip her clothes off. They pushed her to the ground and did not strip her naked just ripped her top open pulled her bra up and then tore her panties off.. The men were all aged between 35 and late 40's and dressed in dusty clothes that looked very worn and old. One of them. a tall guy with face scars unfastened a bit of string round his waist and let his pants drop. He was not wearing underwear and his big, thick, cock was already erect. He stroked it as he knelt down and two other men pulled Elaine's legs apart, spreading her for the man. There was no touching or foreplay. The guy got on top of Elaine and guided the tip of his cock between her legs. She gave a scream as he penetrated her and one of the guys put his hand over her mouth as he pushed and entered her fully. He began to thrust. slow and deep at first and I watched.being held each side by Siph and another man as the guy raped Elaine a few feet away. It did not last long the African began to make nasal noises,sort of "nnnuugh nnnuugh" with each thrust. Then he was pushing hard and making a grunting sound and I knew he was ejaculating and spurting his seed deeply into Elaine's pussy.

The man gave a few more jerking thrusts,then pulled out of Elaine and stood up. One of the guys holding her down was already unfastening his tattered, loose,baggy pants and I saw that it was true about the black African men. His cock was also big,both, length and girth. It was easier for him to penetrate Elaine as she was lubricated by the first guy's semen. Once he was in her,he began to fuck her rough and hard. He said "You make moving" Elaine lay still, not understanding. He stopped thrusting and slapped Elaine across the face. He snarled "You make sex moving same as me " Elaine realized what he meant suddenly. As he started to push again, she began to lift her bottom to meet his thrusts and soon they were in rhythm. The men were not using condoms and as a result Elaine was unprotected both from sexual diseases and pregnancy as I had had a vasectomy. She had not taken contraception for 3 years and there were no problems conceiving with the females in her family. As the man speeded up the pace of his thrusting, Elaine also moved faster,her hips rising as he pushed,helping to drive the mans big penis deeply into her vagina. She had remained silent up till this point, but as the guy began to make circular movements of his round muscular buttocks, Elaine made a small whimpering sound which I knew so well. I knew I should not, but suddenly I felt my cock become erect. Elaine was about to have an orgasm. As the man worked his cock inside her Elaine began to make high pitched cries that got louder. Sipho put his mouth next to my ear and said in the guttural African accent "She liking it. She wanting him to brrrreed her. I fuck her next . I give your wife black baby inside her. Elan want me. I know by how she looks at me in car" Elaine suddenly tensed,then began to thrust herself upwards,arching her back as the second guy lost control and came inside her

Elaine had her eyes closed as the man stood up. Sipho let go of my arm and knelt down next to Elaine. She opened her and eyes and saw him leaning over her. It was difficult to read what she was thinking Her eyes flitted to the wicked blades of the machete"s held by the other men, then back to Sipho. He said "You hot for me Elan. When we first meet, you wanting sex. I can tell you thinking. I want Sipho to fuck me. I am right Elan. You thinking that ,yes". Elaine did not look at me as she gave a nod. Sipho said " Look at your husband Elan" and he put his hands each side of her face and turned her head towards me. Our eyes met. Sipho said "Tell your husband I want him to to fuck me". Elaine said "Dave i want him to fuck me". Those words excited Sipho and I was so hard it was painful .The oldest guy noticed my erection and called "Hey Sipho look he wants as well". He unfastened my shorts and Elaine looked up at me and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw my state of arousal. Sipho laid next to Elaine and kissed her on the mouth. She started to turn her head,but he pulled it back and he kissed her fully. He moved her hand to his pants and whispered to Elaine. She unfastened the buttons and his cock sprang out. Elaine took hold of it and began to stroke and masturbate Sipho as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and squeezed her breasts at the same time. After a few minutes he moved between Elaine's thighs and whispered again. She guided the swollen tip of his cock between her pussy lips and spread her legs a little wider as Sipho entered her. Elaine was sexually aroused now and I suppose having seen that I was getting an erection rather than fighting to save her, she did not need to pretend. It was not rape anymore, Elaine was having eager, willing, sex with Sipho without any contraceptive protection. Elaine was kissing him deeply as her hands moved onto his butt cheeks and she pulled him inside her as he pushed I could hear the sound of wetness as he plunged his cock into her and a slap, slap, slap as their bodies came together.

Afterwards Elaine laid for a while spreadeagled on the sandy ground, Sperm running from between her spread pussy lips. The men cut the cable ties on my wrists and ankles and I rubbed to get the circulation going again. Sipho took us back to the car got in the driving seat and drove us back to our rented bungalow. Elaine and I had not spoken much in the car. I suppose both of us were shocked at the events and our reactions. Sipho pulled up outside the bungalow and turned grinning in a sort of arrogant way. He said " Give me your cell phone number. I visit you " Elaine took a pen and note pad from her bag and saw that her purse was missing. Sipho reached back and handed her the purse. '' I make sure those others not steal " he said as he returned it. Elaine wrote her number down handed it to Sipho. He said " I call later " and he got out and walked down the drive.

After Sipho had left we got some beer ,sat on the porch and talked Elaine said " I had no idea that would excite you" I said " I did not know either until it was happening. It was very, very, exciting watching them with you and you being so aroused". Elaine said " Its going to change things alot. Do you mind that" ? I shook my head " No i want it . You are going to need post exposure prophylactic treatment in case any of them was HIV positive". As a nurse
Elaine knew this of course. She nodded and said Yes but I can get that up to a week later and in the meantime,it wont make any difference if we have a little more excitement will it " ? I could not believe it was the same Elaine,who I had always thought of as my faithful,little wife slightly prudish around other men. Elaine said " I will have to go to a pharmacy to get emergency contraception. I am in the middle of my cycle and could get pregnant" I felt my cock stir and start to harden. I heard myself say " Lets not think about that " Elaine's eyebrows raised and she looked questioningly at me. ' I like them having you without contraception. Watching them cum inside you ". We sat drinking and chatting for an hour or two and I could feel a knot of excitement in the pit of my stomach in anticipation of what our sex life was going to become.

In the evening Elaine's cell phone rang and I had to stop myself grabbing it and answering. a A friend had the number at home but it was the middle of the night there,so it had to be Sipho. Elaine moved quickly and picked up the phone. She spoke a couple of sentences then clicked it off. She looked at me and said " He is here with a friend" !!! Before I could answer there was a knock on the porch door. Elaine had a dressing gown on and went to open it. Sipho walked,well kind of swaggered into the room with another black man following. Elaine disappeared into the kitchen and Sipho nodded at me and said "It good today. You like see more beba fun with your wife. I looked at him blankly,not understanding the word. Sipho said " We have beers. We fuck your wife. ok" ? Without waiting for a reply Sipho went into the kitchen and the other man sat on the sofa. He was perhaps in his 40's, not overly tall. Despite the warm evening,he was wearing an old wool jumper and looked well muscled beneath it. He did not speak or look at me, but looked across towards the kitchen door. I could hear Sipho talking to Elaine but not what was being said. Sipho suddenly appeared brought to cans of beer and gave one to the other guy and handed one to me. He nodded towards the guy on the sofa and said " He name Mzamo" Then he went back into the kitchen.

It was quiet for about 5 minutes then I heard a pan or something crash to the floor in the kitchen. I jumped to my feet and went to the door to see what was happening. Sipho had his back to me and his trousers were down round his ankles. He had Elaine pushed into a corner against the cooker. Her dressing gown was open and she was wearing a lacey, black, top. She was standing with her legs wide apart and I saw she had got her black stockings on. Her thighs looked very pale and white with Sipho dark thighs between them. He had already penetrated Elaine and was thrusting his cock eagerly into her making a guttural, grunting, noise as he fucked her. Elaine's eyes were closed and as I watched, her head arched back and her hands moved around and gripped Sipho's buttocks. Her fingers clenched and she pulled him into her. Sipho leaned forward, head bent, as he kissed her throat. Then he was jerking rapidly as he squirted his fertile seed, deep into Elaine's vagina.

They shuddered as Sipho gave Elaine the last few drops of sperm,then parted. Elaine opened her eyes and saw me there. She gave a kind of guilty, self conscious grin. Then Sipho tugged up his trousers and pulled Elaine past me into the living room. Mzamo had waited patiently but now he was-already unfastening the buttons on his pants. Sipho said "On de floor. He want to fuck you on de ground" He took Elaine's dressing gown off and they pulled her onto the living room floor. Mzamo immeditely moved onto Elaine parting her legs with his knees. He quickly lowered himself onto her and reached to pull back his foreskin to reveal a lighter brown, large, swollen glans. He took hold of the shaft of his cock and guided it between Elaines parted,hairy, pussy lips and then pushed it inside her. She lay, still at first but then began to move with him. She made a whining noise and orgasmed, just as Mzamo started to cum and he ejaculated deep into Elaine's receptive womb.

After that both Sipho Mzamo drank more beer and smoked. They gave Elaine a hand rolled cigarette and said "You try. It good Ganja". Elaine took several draws and coughed uncontrollably then sat back . A few minutes later Sipho sat next to her on the sofa. She leaned towards him and put her arms around him and they started kissing. She began to unfasten his trousers and once open put her inside and stroked his cock to hardness. They slid to the floor and Sipho mounted Elaine again and they started to fuck. Mzamo got on his knees and dropped his pants. He shuffled towards the top end of the action and positioned himself over Elaine's face. She opened her mouth and took his cock into it and she sucked him,lips and tongue at first,then opened wide to deep throat him. I was hard as rock and as I watched, I began to masturbate. It was a fantastic site to see the two Africans plunging their cocks into Elaine and as both built towards adding more baby seed inside Elaine I spurted copiously all over my stomach.

The next day in the late afternoon. Elaine and I were in the back garden sunbathing. Suddenly her cell phone rang. She answered and clicked off. She said " He is coming round with friends again" ! We sat waiting and shortly afterwards Sipho walked along the side of the bungalow with another man. A minute later another figure appeared. A strange looking old man, Wearing an animal skin over a grubby, torn, vest and stained pants. He was tand had tufts of white hair. He looked ancient and had a string of what looked like fangs around his scrawny neck.. He carried a stick with strips of snake skin attached as a kind of brush which he wafted to deter flies. Elaine shuddered and I felt her reaction. She said quietly " Ugh !!! He is like a reptile or some kind of insect. Don't let him come near me Peter" Sip ho and his friend walked into the kitchen and Elaine went into the living room. The old man sat on the step outside. Sip ho said, nodding towards the man "He is Witch doctor in township" I said "Why is here Sip ho" ? Sip ho shrugged. " I sleep last night and he come in dream and say, bring me to white woman" I said "How old is he Sipho" ? He shrugged again "As young boy my father knew him as and he was old man then. We get drinks. He poured beers and took a folded leaf from his pocket. He opened it and there was a herbal powder inside. " He said he ask we give to Elan in drink" I said "What is it" ? Sipho said " He make medicine and it safe" I was about to ask more but Sipho quickly tipped it into Elaine's glass and shook it, then walked into the living room. We drank the beer and Elaine did not seem to notice anything. I expected events to follow the usual course of the men moving in on Elaine, but they drank more and talked. After about 20 minutes I noticed Elaine starting to look drowsy and slurring her words. After another 5 minutes she was slumped on sofa, very sleepy.

Just then the old man appeared in the living room doorway He spoke for the first time. His voice was high pitched and his words came out in a sort of yipping sound. It was staring to get dark and he lit candles in the room. He appeared to be giving instructions to Sipho and the other man. They got each side of Elaine and laid her on a rug. The old man shuffled over and stood at her feet. He sad something else and the two men began to take Elaine's clothes off,until she was laid naked. Then the man began to chant and move the stick, so snake skin strips brushed her body. He carried on for several minutes. I had no idea what was going on. Then he spoke again and Sipho said to me " Take wedding band from Elan's finger". I moved across and kneeled down,before sliding the ring from Elaine's finger. " Now stay on knees, hold band in both hands and give to him" . I held out my hands and the man's thin, bony fingers picked it up. He spoke some more words then kneeled and picked up Elaine's hand and placed it back on her finger. I thought about Elaine's reaction of disgust and what she had said about not letting him near her, but I did not stop him. He spoke to Sipho and he said to me " Your wife ,his wife now. Elaine was laid not moving, but breathing deeply. The old man produced a small container and poured oil into his hands. He placed them on Elaine and began to massage her body. He massaged her neck,arms, breasts and legs. Then he spoke to Sipho again and he interpreted. He placed a hand on Elaine's lower stomach just above her pubic mound ans said " you stroke here with your hand and say after him" I placed my hand on Elaine's stomach and made circular movements as the old man began to say words in his language. to It was a kind of chant and which I managed to copy.When it was finished Sipho said "You give him your wife's womb and you allow his spirit and flesh to join with her spirit and flesh to give her child " .

The old man stripped naked, his body was a skeleton and his skin dry, but he had sinewy muscles on his frame. He did look like a reptile as Elaine had said. He spoke again and the Siho and the other man kneeled and moved Elaine's legs apart. The Witch doctor stroked his penis and it grew stiff. It stood out, rather than up and a large vein ran along its length. He had a large,clear,bead of pre cum ooozing from the tip which he squeezed out and spread long the shaft. His cock now shiny looked like a knotted tree root, old but still vigorously alive.

The old man move between Elaine's legs . Her eyes opened slightly and half focused on him. She said one word "No" I almost stepped forward but Sipho held my arm." He said "Tomorrow this gone .Elan no remember this" The man lowered his old body onto Elaine's. His hand reached between their bodies and I knew the exact moment his cock slid between her labia and entered her. Once he had penetrated her fully, he began to move. His small wrinkled buttocks tensing and relaxing. It was like some ancient ritual. He looked more like a non human, demon, from before people walked the earth. Now entering,savouring,enjoying, possessing the body of a modern day, white ,European, female. and mating eagerly with her. He fucked Elaine without excessive movements, like he had experience of many,many years. He pressed into her to ensure he was as deep as possible and after some time,he spoke to Sipho and the other man. They moved across and took hold of Elaine's ankles and bent and lifted her legs,so that her knees were up against her shoulders and spread wide. I knew from having sex with Elaine in this position what the old man was feeling. His mushroom shaped glans would be sliding over Elaine's cervix. The hole in the end of his penis would be pressing into the entrance of her womb. The old man gave a jerking thrust and suddenly Elaine opened her eyes. They were unfocused, but then suddenly it was obvious she was totally aware. She made a retching sound in her throat then Started to wail " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!! ". and started to struggle. Sipho looked at me and said " You speak Elan." I moved across Elaine's eyes were closed again but she continued to struggle and wail . I kneeled down and put my mouth against her ear. I said "It's OK Elaine. Keep calm. Let him do it." At the sound of my voice Elaine suddenly stopped struggling but She said " Stop him Dave. I dont want it" I said "Its nearly over. Lie still Elaine. Just let him finish." Elaine stopped wailing and the old man was thrusting again. I whispered " That's it Elaine. Let him cum inside you. There's a good girl,just relax and let him do it. Let him fuck you. The old mans sinewy body tensed, then he was , jerking quickly and I knew his sperm was squirting into Elaine's womb, filling her.

After cumming the old man slid from Elaine, his cock already softening and covered in his white cum. Elaine was quiet now and the man spoke to Sipho. He and the other man picked Elaine up and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Sipho came out again . He crossed to a book shelf and got two big ,heavy,books. He went back into the bedroom and the other man lifted the foot of the bed so it sloped towards he head board and Elaine's feet were higher than her head. Sipho said " All his seed stay in Elan,to make baby with her."

As all three left the old man handed something to Sipo and spoke. Sipho handed me a folded leaf and said "Tomorrow he come back. You put powder in last drink of evening for Elan. He stay till dawn and give Elan his seed many time ."

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