Cumming Home Late

Cumming Home Late

New story (: I got wet writing it so I hope everyone gets wet reading it (; Enjoy!


"Leah, I'm home."

Isabelle yells throughout the apartment. Leah smiles and wraps the robe tighter around her body as she sits on the couch 'watching' one of Isabelle's favorite shows.

"I'm in the living room! Come here and sit with me, Izzy!"

Leah calls out, adding her girlfriend's nickname on at the end.

"One second."

Isabelle calls back. She goes into their bedroom and grabs their favorite strap on from the drawer. Thankful that the straps are separated so she doesn't have to take off her pants to put it on. She pushes her jeans and boxers to her knees and straps on the strap on before pulling her boxers up and positioning the dildo comfortably. When she is content with her appearance she starts back out to the hallway. Isabelle sighs and walks into the living room rubbing out the knots in her neck.

"You sure you want me to sit with you? I'm all yucky from work."

Isabelle teases as she smiles at her girlfriend and gives her a quick kiss. Leah smiles back as Isabelle sits down on the couch, her head resting on the arm of the couch and her still boot clad feet propped up on the couch cushions.

"I'm positive."

Leah smiles and Isabelle looks to the tv before smiling brightly.

"Hey! You're watching Shades of Blue."

Isabelle focuses on the tv and relaxes into the couch. Leah rolls her eyes affectionately and takes off Isabelle's work boots. Isabelle doesn't make a move until Leah starts to massage her feet. Isabelle looks at Leah and smiles.

"A foot massage?"

Leah smiles seductively and presses harder into Isabelle's foot, making her girlfriend moan softly.

"Anything for my hard working girlfriend."

Leah bites her lip but Isabelle smiles and looks back to the tv. Leah rolls her eyes again but this time, it was annoyed. Sometimes her girlfriend could be so blind. Leah moves her massage to Isabelle's calf.

"And I wanted to help you relax after you got home."

Leah says seductively. Isabelle nods her head while still looking at the tv. Leah furrows her brow and moves her hands just behind Isabelle's knees.

"Do you know how I want to do that?"

She asks huskily. Isabelle shakes her head and laughs at something on the tv. Leah groans and resorts to the least seductive way she planned tonight. She takes off her robe and throws it in Isabelle's face. Isabelle jumps and looks at Leah.

"What the-"

Isabelle stops short as her jaw drops at what her girlfriend is wearing. A red skimpy thong with a matching push up bra, displaying her gorgeous breasts. Leah smiles proudly and runs her hands up Isabelle's thighs to her hips, bending over slightly to give her girlfriend a better view of her cleavage. Isabelle gulps and stares shamelessly at her girlfriends bust.

"I"m horny."

Leah states bluntly. She grips Isabelle's jean clad hips and jerks her towards her body. Isabelle smiles and puts her hands behind her head, one foot now on the floor and the other on Leah's armrest. Leah narrows her eyes at her girlfriend.

"Oh, you're playing that game?"

Isabelle simply smirks in response. They had a 'game' every so often. Where Isabelle would act like a cocky bitch and Leah would act like a huge pussy tease. It was almost torture for the most part but in the end, they both had incredible orgasms. Leah smiles with an evil plan forming in her mind. She leans down, keeping her eyes locked on Isabelle's and presses a kiss to her girlfriend's thigh. Isabelle's eyes darken further and she licks her lips. Leah smirks internally and presses another kiss to Isabelle's opposite thigh. Isabelle could feel her breathing becoming heavier. Leah moves one hand to Isabelle's thin t-shirt and raises it slightly to expose a sliver of her girlfriend's tone stomach. Still keeping eye contact, she leaves a soft kiss on Isabelle's soft skin. Isabelle bites her lip as she watches Leah's every move. Leah can't hide the smirk that graces her lips at the sight of her girlfriend's lustful state. The apex of her thighs was also starting to have a growing heat. Leah kisses over Isabelle's shirt just above her belly button. Isabelle loses her self-control and reaches for Leah's face. Before she can touch her Leah grabs her wrists and pins them to Isabelle's sides. Isabelle groans in lust and annoyance. Leah smiles and leaves a kiss at the top of Isabelle's chest before kissing her neck lightly because she knows how sensitive her girlfriend is on the side of her neck. Isabelle immediately turns her head to offer Leah more access to her weak spot, one she knows will make her crumble under Leah's touch. Though Leah doesn't kiss her neck just yet. She whispers in Isabelle's ear.

"Are you as horny as me yet? Hm? Enough to make you actually move your hands and work on your girl like you work on machines?"

Leah whispers and follows up by sucking Isabelle's earlobe into her hot mouth, knowing how it drives her girlfriend crazy. Isabelle clenches her teeth to muffle a moan and tries to grind against Leah's stomach which had rested right above her center as she whispered dirty words to her girlfriend. Leah smiles as she releases Isabelle's earlobe and presses her lips right in front of Isabelle's ear, making the woman before her shiver.

"I didn't hear an answer."

She whispers softly and Isabelle whimpers as her girlfriend's warm breath washes over her cheek. She knew she would have to voice what Leah wanted to hear for her girlfriend to actually touch her and stop teasing her. Isabelle wets her lips as Leah leaves light kisses to her jaw.

"I-I am so horny f-for you."

Isabelle stumbles out, distracted by Leah's kisses. Leah smiles in victory and incorporates her tongue into the kisses, brushing Isabelle's skin every kiss.

"That's my girl."

Isabelle moans and tries to move her hands but Leah keeps a surprisingly strong hold on them.

"Ah ah ah. You don't get to move your hands yet. I want you to tell me how you're going to fuck me. Because I want it deep and hard and I know only you can give it to me just the way I like it."

Leah whispers against Isabelle's lips. Isabelle growls as she realizes what Leah wants, craves even...her strap on. Isabelle suddenly bursts forward, catching Leah off guard, her hands slip from Leah's grip and caress her girlfriends back as she lays Leah down on the couch cushions. Leah narrows her eyes at Isabelle who in return gives her a smirk. Isabelle grabs Leah's hands and moves them above her head, successfully pinning them to the couch. Isabelle moves her lips to Leah's.

"You want to know how I'm going to fuck you?

Isabelle whispers huskily against Leah's lips. Leah bites her lip and gently nods her head. Isabelle smiles and runs her tongue lightly across Leah's bottom lip. Leah's own tongue comes out to play but Isabelle pulls back at that exact moment.

"First, I'm going to go down on you. I'm going to suck your beautiful clit as I reach up and play with your nipples."

Isabelle describes as she ghosts her lips down Leah's neck. Leah moans and bucks her hips up. Her center connects with Isabelle's and she moans again. Isabelle moves her free hand down to Leah's hips and holds her to the couch with a strong hand.

"Then, I'm going to finger you. Fast and hard."

Leah groans and arches her back as Isabelle pulls down her bra with her teeth and nibbled at a stiff nipple. Leah tries to jerk her hands-free but Isabelle just tightens her grip. Leah whimpers and starts to breathe heavy, not that she wasn't already. Isabelle smirks against Leah's skin and moves to her other breast, replicating the same bites. Leah pushes her chest further into Isabelle's mouth, the latter eagerly takes the offered breast in between her lips and sucks lightly before releasing it with a pop. Leah groans louder.

"After that, I'm going to go get your favorite strap-on and fuck you six ways to Sunday."

Isabelle husks against Leah's lips and Leah finally breaks and whines loudly.

"God, Izzy, just fuck me. Please, God, damn it. Please."

Isabelle smirks and nips at Leah's pouty bottom lip, making Leah groan in annoyance.

"If that's what you want."

Isabelle teases and finally makes the move to crash their lips together. Leah moans deeply into her mouth and deepens the kiss quickly. Isabelle releases Leah's wrists and unclasps her girlfriend's bra expertly with one hand. She tears it down her arms and breaks the kiss. Leah moans as Isabelle worships her nipples and breasts. Isabelle then moves down Leah's stomach, planting kisses all over her stomach, teasing the top of her panties. Leah bucks her hips up and Isabelle smirks at how needy her girlfriend could get. But neither women were in the mood for anymore teasing so Isabelle jerks Leah's panties down and tosses them to the side. Isabelle moans at the sight of her girlfriend's wet cunt. Isabelle situated herself between Leah's legs and uses one finger to run up and down her slit. Leah, let's out a breathy moan and grinds on Isabelle's finger. Isabelle softly kisses her thigh.

"You're so wet Leah."

Isabelle whispers softly. Leah whimpers an "mhm" and nods her head. Isabelle finally leans forward and takes Leah's pussy into her mouth, her tongue stroking Leah's slit. Leah digs her head back into the couch as a moan rips from her throat.

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

Leah grinds against Isabelle's tongue, desperately needing release from the teasing. Isabelle moans and licks her girlfriend's clit repeatedly, enjoying the way Leah squirmed. Leah pants hard and moves one hand down to Isabelle's head and presses her harder into her pussy. Isabelle moans deeply and teases her tongue against Leah's entrance. Leah groans and her nails claw slightly at the back of Isabelle's head.

"Baby, you're going to make me cum so fast."

Leah breathes out. Isabelle groans against her pussy lips. She wanted to make her girlfriend cum hard and fast. She wouldn't be getting a break tonight. Isabelle Quickly sucks Leah's clit into her mouth. Leah gasps and arches her back, nails digging into Isabelle's scalp.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Izzy- right there- right there!"

Leah screams loudly. It takes all Isabelle has not to smile into Leah's wetness. She loved it when her girlfriend was loud and animated. It was so incredibly hot and turned her on more than anything. Isabelle sucks harshly at Leah's clit, determined to make her cum in her mouth. Leah's hips buck hungrily against her girlfriends mouth and her free hand reaches behind her to grip tightly at the armrest. Leah mewls loudly in pleasure.

"Izz-Izzy...God! Izzy!"

Leah yells as Isabelle presses her tongue firmly against her clit. Leah cries out as her orgasm washes over her. Isabelle doesn't let up and the intense pleasure makes Leah squirm. Leah whimpers and twists her hips and turns her head into her arm. She bites the inside of her arm and groans. When Isabelle recognizes her girlfriend's pleasure will turn into pain she releases her clit and resorts to simply licking her delicious wet pussy lips. Leah releases her bruised flesh and pants hard as she rests her head back against the couch cushions. Isabelle moves up Leah's body and kisses the top of her breast before placing a light kiss on her lips. Leah smiles softly.

"I'm not done with you, sweetheart."

Isabelle whispers and thrusts two fingers into Leah's cunt. Leah gasps and snaps her eyes up wide. Isabelle smiles devilishly and plants her free hand next to Leah's head and lower her lips to Leah's neck. Leah moans loudly and her hands move to Isabelle's back.


Leah hisses next to Isabelle's ear. Isabelle pumps faster and faster. Tonight was going to be filled with rough, fast, and hard orgasms. Leah pants hard next to her ear and her nails claw at Isabelle's back, though her shirt restricted most of the pain, it makes her girlfriend moan against her neck.

"Do you like that?"

Isabelle asks breathily. Her favorite part about their preferences during sex? They both loved dirty talk. Whether one was listening and the other was talking or vise a verse. They would be turned on in the drop of a hat. Leah moans and bites her lip, humming and nodding her head in positive confirmation. Isabelle moves her lips right against Leah's ear.

"My fingers deep inside you?"

Isabelle says seductively. Leah was now a whimpering mess between her girlfriend's hot, hot dirty talk and her fingers ramming her closer and closer to her impending orgasm. Isabelle didn't quit.

"Fucking you so deep? Huh?"

Isabelle muses. Leah throws her head back into the cushions, certainly not for the last time.

"Yes! Oh, fuck yes!"

Leah cries out, her breathing labored and harsh. Isabelle smiles to herself and bites softly at Leah's earlobe. Leah moans and her legs start to quiver at the quickly oncoming orgasm.

"Not as deep as my cock can fuck you, though. I know how you love my cock baby- how stretched and filled it can make you feel."

Leah growls out loud and very loud. Her orgasm was so fucking close. Just a few more strokes...

"Cum for me baby."

Isabelle husks into Leah's ear and it's the push she needs to fall over the edge. Leah clenches her teeth, grabs her girlfriend's ass and thrusts her hips up to meet Isabelle's last hard thrust, groaning loudly as her orgasm crashes down on her. Isabelle kisses Leah's neck and makes a 'come hither' motion with her fingers to find that sweet spot inside her girlfriend. Leah squeaks and jerks forward as Isabelle finds her g-spot, her face burying in the crook of Isabelle's shoulder and neck as her body shakes almost violently. Leah's nails dig into Isabelle's jean clad ass as she groans and jerks against her body. Isabelle relents with her fingers and eventually pulls them out of Leah's sopping wet cunt. Leah falls heavily back against the couch and breathes deeply.


Leah mumbles exhaustively. Isabelle chuckles and kisses Leah's cheek. By now Leah was soaked in cum and sweat and on her way to being absolutely worn out. Isabelle pulls Leah into a soft and tender kiss, giving the girl underneath her time to recuperate. When Isabelle had Leah moaning again she pulls back with a devilish glint in her eyes.

"I have a surprise for you."

Isabelle informs Leah. Leah kisses Isabelle's neck, making her moan.

"Yeah? What is it?"

Leah asks softly. Isabelle grabs Leah's hand and leads it down to her crotch. Leah lets out a gasp as her hand brushes the bulge in her girlfriends baggy work jeans. How had she not noticed? Isabelle smirks and rubs Leah's hand up and down on the bulge.

"Do you want to see your surprise?"

Isabelle whispers into Leah's ear. Leah moans softly and nods her head. Isabelle leans back on her heels and stares down at her girlfriend as she takes off her belt. Leah bites her lip as she waits for Isabelle to whip out their favorite strap on but she was going so damn slow. Isabelle finally pushes down her boxers and work pants to reveal the 7 1/2 inch flesh like cock with about an inch in width. Leah moans and rolls her hips against the couch. Isabelle smirks and grabs the base of her cock.

"Like what you see, Leah?"

Leah smiles and pushes herself up enough to grab Isabelle's hips and pull her down onto her. Isabelle chuckles lightly and plants her hands on the armrest above Leah's head. Isabelle looks down and sees Leah's hand already stroking her.

"I want to see you fuck my cock, Leah."

Isabelle husks to her. Leah looks into her eyes and smiles.

"Sit back."

Leah says and Isabelle complies. Soon Isabelle is sitting on the couch with Leah straddling her hips. Isabelle grabs the end of her cock and leads it to Leah's entrance. She moans at how wet her girlfriend's pussy is. Leah reaches down and pulls up on Isabelle's shirt until it rests over her breasts. She unzips the front of her girlfriend's sports bra to release her breasts. Leah moans softly and cups them gently. Isabelle looks up at Leah.

"Move down."

Leah pushes herself down on the cock and moans deeply.


Leah breathes out when her pussy has taken all 7 1/2 inches. Isabelle gives her time to get used to the cock inside of her before grabbing both hips and pulling Leah up just slightly before letting her move back down to the hilt. Leah moans but grabs Isabelle's hands.

"Wait. Shirt off. You know how much I love playing with your nipples while I ride your big cock."

Leah smirks at Isabelle's low groan and the small twitch in her hips from her dirty talk. Isabelle sits up more and pulls her shirt and bra off of her body. The only clothing she has left is her socks, jeans, and boxers that were all pooled down by her ankles. When Isabelle settles back against the couch Leah immediately bounces her ass on the cock buried in her, making both of them moan. Isabelle grabs her girlfriend's ass and squeezes hard. Leah moans and starts a steady rhythm.

"Fuck my cock baby. Fuck it so good."

Isabelle says as her hands run up and down Leah's sides. Leah moans and cups Isabelle's breasts, her thumbs brushing over her nipples roughly. Isabelle moans and can't help but buck her hips. Leah moans and moves harder against the cock. Leah captures Isabelle's lips in a hot, deep kiss that has them both moaning. Isabelle joins in on the thrusting, pushing the cock deeper into Leah. Leah whimpers and sits down as far as she can on the cock then grinds herself on it, knowing how crazy it drives her girlfriend. Isabelle groans at the way the harness rubs against her clit and grabs Leah's hips tightly.

"Fuck, Leah. You're so hot- You're so hot."

Isabelle mumbles against her lips. Leah moans and pinches Isabelle's nipples, enjoying the whimpering moan the comes from her.

"Do you like it when I grind on your cock Izzy?"

Leah taunts in a breathy voice. Isabelle bites her lip and nods her head. Leah stops her hips and pulls back from Isabelle who wears a confused look. Leah grabs Isabelle's hands and pins the to the couch behind her head. Even though Isabelle was stronger than her, Leah can sometimes manage to hold at least her hands down. Isabelle groans in frustration at not being able to touch her. Leah moves her lips right next to Isabelle's ear.

"Prepare yourself for a rough ride baby."

Leah whispers then slams herself down on the cock. They moan together and she does it again. After a few more stokes she has gained her voice back.

"Does this drive you, crazy baby?"

She whispers softly. Isabelle groans an affirmative and Leah chuckles teasingly, still riding her girlfriend's wonderful cock.

"Not being able to touch me? To grab my ass and slam your big dick into me?"

Isabelle was panting hard now and her hips were jerking up to give Leah more of her dick. But they were small thrusts because she couldn't get enough leverage with her hands behind her head.

"Oh god, I'm getting so close."

Leah whispers with a whimper at the end because it wasn't a lie. The dirty talk and hard riding was bringing her to the edge quickly. Isabelle growls and makes her first attempt at freeing her hands. Leah slams them back against the couch as fast as they move off of it.

"Oh no. You don't get to touch yet. I want you to watch me cum all by myself all over your big cock."

Isabelle moans and looks down between them. The sight makes her dizzy with arousal. Nothing looked hotter than her strap on thrusting inside of her girlfriend. Leah moans loudly and throws her head back, her bouncing becoming faster and faster.

"Ah! Izzy! I'm gonna- ah!'

She wasn't screaming because she came. No, Leah screamed because Isabelle had managed to free her hands and literally throw Leah off her cock and onto her back beside her. Isabelle is quick to pull off her pants and boxers, her socks having to stay on, and move in between Leah's legs. Leah is delirious at this point. Her cunt was throbbing almost painfully for release. Isabelle straddles Leah's left thigh and wraps the other around her right hip. Isabelle positions the cock at Leah's entrance and doesn't hesitate to thrust hard into Leah's dripping pussy. Leah screams in ecstasy and throws her head back against the cushions. The position of her thighs so close together made her pleasure double ten fold. Isabelle groans and thrusts hard and rough, her breath coming out harsh from the excursion. Leah is simply writhing in arousal and pleasure.

"Please, Izzy! Isabelle! Yes! Don't stop fucking me- don't fucking stop!"

Leah screams. Isabelle grunts and grips her girlfriend's hips tightly, moving Leah's body back to meet her wild and frantic thrusts. Leah reaches behind her head and claws for purchase at the armrest. Isabelle, intent on making Leah cum hard and fast, moves one hand from Leah's hip and reaches around her to rub her clit hard with her thumb. Leah comes undone within a few seconds of the new stimulation and hard thrusting. Her back arches and her nails dig into the armrest. Isabelle moans at the site of her girlfriend writhing and moaning uncontrollably.

"You're gorgeous Leah."

Isabelle whispers as she slows down her thrusts and moves her thumb from Leah's clit, sweat dripping down her back. Leah's grip on the armrest goes limp and she sucks in deep breaths. Isabelle stops her thrusts and gently pulls out of Leah's cunt, making her girlfriend whimper at the lost. Isabelle takes off the strap-on and lays down behind Leah, pulling her tightly against her body. Isabelle kisses Leah's neck softly until Leah is back to herself. Leah turns around to face Isabelle and smiles softly.

"You are amazing Isabelle."

Leah whispers and kisses her girlfriend lightly.

"I believe I owe you an orgasm."

Leah whispers against Isabelle's lips with a smile. Isabelle smiles back and Leah kisses her harder. It doesn't take long for Leah to roll on top of Isabelle and then start to kiss down her neck, driving Isabelle absolutely insane with want.

"Leah, please don't tease me, honey."

Isabelle whimpers. Leah moans and moves between her legs. Leah's strokes of her tongue are gentle at first but soon become insistent and rough. Isabelle moans and moves her hands into Leah's hair, pulling Leah in deeper, urging her to make her cum. Leah moans and swiftly enters Isabelle with two fingers as her tongue laps hungrily at her clit. Isabelle moans loudly and her fingers press into Leah's scalp.

"Fuck me harder baby...I'm almost there."

Isabelle breathes out. Leah moans deeply in response and sucks her girlfriend's clit into her mouth and adds another finger in her thrusting. Isabelle cries out and whimpers in pleasure as how stretched and filled she was.

"Yes! Leah! I'm so close- so close baby!"

Isabelle screams. Leah doubles her efforts to make her girlfriend cum and it works beautifully. Isabelle convulses in climax, her legs quivering and her eyes rolled back in her head. Leah doesn't let up and forces another orgasm out of Isabelle, making her scream and whimper in ecstasy. Isabelle eventually has to push Leah away so she could catch her breath. Leah pulls out her fingers and kisses her thigh lightly before moving back up to kiss Isabelle. Isabelle moans quietly and runs her fingers through Leah's soft hair. Isabelle stares into Leah's eyes and smiles softly.

"I love you, Leah."

Leah smiles back and kisses her so tenderly yet so intimately.

"I love you too Izzy."

Leah whispers back. Isabelle kisses her again and wraps her arms around Leah's neck. Leah settles herself against Isabelle's body and they lay in a sweaty, cum soaked, exhausted mess of tangled legs and crazy sex hair.


I hope everyone has enjoyed my new story. I have high hopes for good reviews (:

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