Did He Get Caught II

Did He Get Caught II

Did he get caught ? Part 2

My guilt trip is getting the best of me. So I decide to quit, (not masturbating), with the bra and go back to my old collection of porn magazines. Time marches on but its not the same. The Wednesday visits by Betty continue. I would not miss those episodes and hot conversations. Within a week after no more cum in the bra, the Wednesday conversation turns hot again.

About the second week my mom says to Betty, I need your advice on something rather embarrassing. It seems as though my new bra feels moist when I add it to the wash machine load. So I examine it more closely. I wouldn’t swear to it but it appears someone is dropping a load of cum in the cups. Sometimes one, cup sometimes both. And the only suspect has to be my teenage son. Betty says “wow that is hot” you own son jerking off in your bra? Betty adds I’m getting wet just thinking about it. How about throwing one of my bras in your hamper?

My mom continues and says it has been going ever since I purchased that new bra. I purposely put in in the wash, even though it was not worn, to see if my theory was correct. Sure enough almost ever time I placed it in the hamper it was juiced up. I even went to check it out the same day I placed it in the hamper. After about three hours I check it out and sure enough its loaded with cum. I came to the conclusion that my son is a compulsive masturbator. He is active at least daily, always using the bathroom right off of the laundry room. I also came across some porn magazines he had in his room. Wow I didn’t know how explicit they got lately. Some of it was really hot but most of it was just gross.

Betty responds. You know teens whack off frequently, sometime multiple time daily. He is just going through the normal puberty stage. Their disks are hard constantly. All the guys gather a fair collection of porn. But it seems your son may be lusting after you? Have you been wearing that bra around the house?
Mom says once in a while, but I never seen him notice. Betty says try it sometime with a light blouse and make sure you strut around the house so he can‘t miss you. My mom says Betty what are you suggesting?
Betty says “Oh hell Eva, give the boy a thrill”.

Now about this time my dick is dripping without stroking. I mean I’m rock hard and the tip is wet with pre-cum. I cannot believe what I just heard. I’m almost feel dizzy thinking about two women talking about my dick and sexual habits. On Thursday the bra is back in the hamper. And I am back to filling up those cups.
Almost to the point where “the cup runneth over”. I am excited, confused, and horny as hell. If she knows, why is she putting the bra back in action? I don’t know what to think anymore.

Friday we get out of school early. When I get home my mom says don’t eat anything, I want to take you to the park and have a picnic a little later this afternoon. What is this mean? About three o’clock Mon calls me and said lets go. I get in the car and the first thing I notice is mom is wearing the thinnest white blouse I ever seen on her. Obviously she has the sheer bra on. My mind turn to mush I’m trying to sneak a peek without being too obvious. I start talking to her just so I can turn towards her and get a good look.

We get to the park and she picks out the picnic table way in the back away from most park activity. So she spread out the picnic lunch on the table. So here we are sitting across from each other eating and engaging in light chatter. I cannot take my eyes off her chest. That blouse did not hide anything. I could see the dark nipples get hard and poke out of that bra and almost poke through the blouse. My dick is rock hard and starting to twitch, I swear. We are finishing up out lunch and my mom says what have you been staring at the last half hour? I says good grief mom I can’t help myself. You have the most beautiful breasts in the world. Who wouldn’t stare at them?

Now I know I got caught. I’m sure she is pissed about me and the bra. But she is very calm and collected and talks to me in a low voice. She said we need to talk about some personal things. She asked me a series of questions which included: How long have you been masturbating? How often? Where did you get those porn magazines? What turns you on when you jerk off? Are you having sex with a girlfriend? As nervous as I am, I answer her questions as calmly as she asked them. About a year. Five-six time a week. A friend at school got them for me. Big tits really get me hard, so I like looking at pictures of huge boobs. No mom, no girl friend yet. Busted big time and waiting for the hammer to drop.

Then she starts in on the bra. What ever made you start jacking off and squirting your load in my bras?
I hesitate with the answer. I decide right there and then I can’t let her know about overhearing the Wednesday conversations. They turn me on a hell of a lot more than the bra. As I fumble around for a response I finally said I noticed you were wearing a light blouse and I could see that sexy bra and your dark nipples very clearly. And I got hotter than hell just thinking about them. As I mention before I love large boobs. Then one day by accident I found that bra in the hamper and just couldn’t resist. I know its wrong for a boy to be thinking about his mother, but I must admit I got harder then hell just think about those large breasts of yours filling out the skimpy bra. She hesitate and asks me have you ever jacked off in my silk panties? I said no mom, never. Just the magazines and your bra.

Then she says, look son I understand your need to masturbate. But you cannot continue to be lusting after your own mother. This is not normal. I don’t want you using any of my underwear or other clothing any more. You must stop this immediately. You can keep your porn magazines, but keep them hidden. And don’t be leaving a mess around the house with that bad habit of yours.

So I dodge the bullet. The rest of the weekend I wonder if I will be the topic of discussion next Wednesday?

Let me know when your ready for part 3?

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