The Motorcycle Diaries: Daddy's Harley

The Motorcycle Diaries: Daddy's Harley

The Motorcycle Diaries: Daddy’s Harley

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I felt my phone buzz just once in my back pocket. It was probably my dumbass ex-boyfriend so I waited until I finished making my drink orders. It was a pretty slow Tuesday afternoon but Applebee’s had a strict rule against texting on duty. I snuck back into the walk-in cooler where the cameras couldn’t see.

I smiled as I read the text from my dad, aka Daddy-oh! on my phone.

Hey Syd

You busy Sat? Lenore bailed on me for the charity run. Can you ride with me?

I checked my schedule on my phone and found it to be clear. But… I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.

Dad’s motorcycle club wasn’t some rough group like Hell’s Angels or Sons of Anarchy. Naw, the Smooth Operators just rode for fun on weekends. They didn’t have dues or meetings or membership requirements, you just showed up if you wanted to ride. Once every three months or so, they held a family ride with a picnic and games at the Great Park near downtown. I used to always go on those rides with Dad, had for years. But I got a little tired of that as I went through my late teens. And now at twenty-one, it had lost most of its appeal. I texted him back.

Is this one of the family rides?

I picked up some strawberry Daiquiri mix when his reply came back.

No hun it’s the TFT

Holy shit! I smiled again. The Tips For Terry rides collected donations for their friend Terry Martin who had since died from cancer. They now donated the money to the local hospital for cancer research, or to any member who needed help with medical bills.

Sounds fun dad i’m in, gotta jet I’m tending now

My eyes bulged out of my head on his last text, though.

One thing kiddo it’s a no bra ride okay?

I felt my face flush a little bit. The raunchy rumors and hearsay about the adult rides always intrigued me, and now I was going to attend one.

Lol no worries daddy-oh what time?


I checked out my look one final time as I heard Dad’s Harley pull into the parking lot below her. The sound, that Harley Davidson sound, blap-blap-blapping along at low idle, sent a little shiver through my body. I had my first orgasm on the back of his bike, a long time ago. How embarrassing is that, to have your first cum while holding on to your daddy? Afterward, I could barely get off the bike and Daddy kept asking me what was wrong. I didn’t know what to tell him but he suddenly got a knowing smile and gave me a big hug. Good times, right?

I sent him a quick text.

Just one sec!

I ran a brush through my fine, medium-length blonde hair. Then, I changed my mind for the last time and took off my Metallica t-shirt. I traded it for just a plain white tank top. Of course, it was rather short and tight and showed off my form really well. My nipples were relaxed, you could just barely make out that they were there.

Hurry up baby!

I couldn’t keep Dad waiting any longer. I put on a red flannel shirt, tied the shirttails at my belly button, slipped into my little cowboy boots, and bounded down the stairs.

I saw Daddy’s eyes widen as I bounced down the steps to the asphalt. I know he used to look at me sometimes, but I understood. Mom left shortly after I was born and he never seemed to be able to have a steady girlfriend after that. I was a handful, and probably a deterrent to his dating life, to some extent I’m sure. I used to tease him sometimes, a little, he would just shake his head and make faces at me.

He stayed on the bike as I hugged him.

“Daddy! Love the new headband!”

The skull and crossbones centered right on his forehead, the headband kept his somewhat long hair at bay.

“Thanks, baby, you look awesome! But, remember what I said? It’s—“

“I know! Here, look.” I pulled the flannel apart, showing him my tank top underneath. Of course, with all the bouncing and knowing he would be looking, my nipples had gone from sleepy to wide awake and were now plainly visible in the white shirt, confirming my no-bra compliance.

“Well alright, baby doll! Put on your helmet and let’s go!”

“Da-a-ad!” I whined. “Come on!” I hated helmets, girls don’t look good in helmet hair.

“Put it on. It’s okay if I get brain damage, but not you. Somebody needs to be the brains of this outfit!”

My hands went around Daddy’s waist, I think he still wore 34s, and I clasped my fingers together. We blasted out of the parking lot, down the tree-lined street through the cool morning air. I felt glad for my flannel, the day would warm up soon enough but I needed it now. I held Daddy tightly as we wove through the streets, the strong vibrations giving me that familiar tingle. This was another reason I hated this full-face helmet, I couldn’t smell Daddy. As a kid, I had an open face helmet and I would lay my cheek on his back, breathing in that old leather smell and catching lots of whiffs of him and his Stetson cologne. With this helmet, I could only catch an infrequent scent of his leathers, but nothing else. Still, this familiar feeling of closeness was something we haven’t shared in a long time. I cherished it, and swore to myself that I would go on more rides with him.

We pulled into Frank’s coffee shop and rallied with the other troops.

“Y’all remember Sydney?” my dad called out. I recognized several people from years ago and I just kept getting “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown” and shit like that. I mean, I’m a human, right? We grow, get over it. But, they were trying to be nice. I just felt kind of funny with everyone checking me out and stuff. The sun rose higher in the sky and since the ride was now officially about to start, I stripped off my flannel and tied it around my waist.

Several hoots and hollers accompanied my unexpected but apparently too-shirt striptease. I blushed and shook my head. Like I said, I knew most of these people for many years and they had always been nothing but polite and friendly. But now that I was on the “adult” ride, they treated me like they would any other female rider, with a lot of sass and very little class. I kinda liked the attention. I checked out the other women, as usual. My outfit seemed pretty tame compared to most. Many had almost see-through shirts, some halters, and some just wore leather corsets.

After about 45 minutes we glided into our first stop, O’Malley’s in Riverside. We Smooth Operators found more of our friends already there under the old oaks lining the outdoor patio area. The beers began to flow and the classic rock band began their first set.

It had been at least five years, if not more, since I had been on a ride, and yet, I felt at home. The cold beer and the warm atmosphere of old friends reminded me of all the previous rides I enjoyed while growing up. Except, of course, now I could drink the cold beer!

Our group spread out over several long picnic tables with me sitting right next to Daddy. People always called him “Deef” which, he explained, was short for “de Facto Leader.” Like I said, this club was very loosely organized, but everyone recognized him as the leader since he set up the runs and handled the donation money.

I liked this crowd. These were my kind of peeps. They weren’t like those lawyers and dentists who ride once every six months or something and call themselves bikers. These guys were like construction guys, factory workers, blue-collar I guess you’d say. I dated a few college boys, and I’m done with them. They looked down on these guys, guys like my dad, as second class citizens. Those dentist assholes would be surprised that many of these guys were more successful than they were. It’s good to own a business, even if it is just a fencing company or a shop that cuts metal.

Daddy slipped me a couple of twenties and I went to the bar to get a couple of pitchers of beer. When I returned I found my seat on the bench occupied by the reigning wet t-shirt champ herself, Sandra Morales. She was always champ due to her enormous tits. And she knew how to work them, too. Today she had on a sleeveless t-shirt, the kind where the side seams were ripped intentionally down from under her arms to the hem so everyone could see inside her shirt. I mean, damn, there was a lot to see! And under other circumstances, I would even like looking at her, but she took my seat! Bitch!

I leaned over between them to seat the pitchers on the table. And, yeah, I kinda made sure to slosh them a bit so they splashed a little in her hair.

“Sorry!” I called out apologetically. Her mouth smiled but I could see that her eyes were pissed. Well, maybe she shoulda moved.

“Oh, am I in your seat, dear?” she laughed. “Maybe, while you’re up, you could get me a seven and seven? And get yourself a Shirley Temple, honey.”

She laughed as all the people nearby gave a low “wooo” as they recognized the jab for what it was: she was trying to put me in my place as one of the kids, not a grown-up.

It was too early for a fight, I figured. Plus, she would kick my ass anyway. So I just told her I was fine, thank you, and was just going to drink beer with my dad.

I stepped on the bench with one cowboy boot, and I intended to sit on Daddy’s lap, but I kinda slipped. Daddy caught me and somehow I ended up sitting on his lap… but I was now straddling him in a suggestive position, kinda crotch-to-crotch, face-to-face.

People laughed and catcalled at us as my face went red again. Daddy looked at me like I was just a goof, so I shrugged and put my arms around him. However, since I was sitting on his lap and therefore taller than him… my boobs kinda went in his face when I hugged him. He grabbed me around my waist so I couldn’t escape and he shook his head back and forth, his nose in my bare cleavage. It was all very innocent, just for fun. Okay, no it wasn’t. Christ, my pussy began pulsing.

And that’s when I found out what these rides were really called. TFT started out as Tips for Terry, but several years ago that changed into the current Tips for Tits.

The table started chanting “Tips Tips Tips!” Or maybe it was “Tits,” I couldn’t really tell. It was probably tits. Daddy set me back on his lap a bit and reached for his wallet. He pulled out a twenty and threw it on the table as a tremendous roar erupted from the crowd.

Daddy, being a great salesman at his window company, knew an opportunity when he saw one. He slipped his hands underneath my armpits and lifted me up and over… and slid me across onto Sandra’s lap. I was now straddling her.

She grabbed me hard and hugged me tight, rocking her body side to side so our tits mashed all together. I was so shocked but, damn, she felt so soft and squishy and nice. She pushed me back and grabbed me by my cheeks.

“Oh! You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that!” Then she kissed me! On the lips!

I froze, unsure what to do. I was pissed at her a minute ago… but her lips were so soft and she pulled me in again… her wet tongue pushed inside my mouth and I… I gave in. My arms fell around her neck and we made out for I don’t know how long.

We eventually parted, and only then did I notice the people clapping and laughing, and also throwing money on the table. My pussy ached, and I wondered if I had wet through my thin shorts.

“Welcome to Tips for Tits, love.” Daddy smiled at me.


We were tooling down the road… okay that’s what they call it, that isn’t how I talk… anyway we were Rockin Down the Highway to our next and last stop, Hell’s Kitchen on the Ortega Highway. I was pretty buzzed from our last stop at Cook’s Corner as everyone kept handing me beers. They also kept hugging me for tips. I made $115 for myself, which meant, like, a lot for charity. The deal was, anyone could hug one of us girls for $20. The hug shouldn’t go on for too long and could be stopped by the girl. Then, for $30 and explicit permission, you could grab the girls' tits for thirty seconds. Big Agnes kept track on her clipboard because the girls got to keep five bucks for a hug or ten bucks for the titty-grab. The rest went into the charity box. I was just doing the hugs, which was more fun than I thought it would be! This was a raunchy bunch, and I was fitting in well.

I hugged Daddy’s back tightly, the constant throbbing of the big engine between our legs was doing a number on me. Before, I could handle it. But now, the beers had worn away my inhibitions and I just reveled in this state of near-orgasm. I wasn’t quite on the edge, but it was nearby. My nipples were in a constant state of panic as the rough edges of his leather patches rubbed them on every turn. I kept hoping for more turns. The big neon sign for Hell’s Kitchen approached, and Daddy downshifted us into the parking lot. My pussy was kind of a swamp so I headed to the ladies' room.

I checked out the patio after I cleaned up Swamp Thing. The late afternoon sun poked through the dense scrub oaks giving the place a funky, peaceful kind of vibe. Lights were strung up and everyone felt totally relaxed by this point. They piped in some classic rock but it was at a mellow level. The titty rubbing and grabbing had pretty much stopped by this point, and people were having coffees and sodas with their hamburger and chicken dinners.

Daddy and I sat off in a corner with his best friends Rick and Vanessa. Like I said, I was buzzed and so I was only half involved in their conversation, and I didn’t know who they were talking about most of the time anyway. It got dark and people began heading back home.

But… not us? No, Rick came to the table with four shots of Jack, four beers, and a Red Bull. We downed the Jack immediately. Normally liquor goes to your stomach, but this shot seemed to go right to my head. I gasped a little, then leaned back against the wooden railing, stretching my arms above my head.

I heard a few clicks and some awed little “holy shits” from Daddy and Rick. Daddy was taking pictures of me. My shirt crawled up during my stretch exposing about a foot of my bare tummy. My nipples were in a constant state of arousal, so they were extremely visible. I guess I looked pretty good? The guys were liking it.

Rick took a big swig of his beer and set it down a bit too hard. “Alright, Paul,” he spoke to my dad. “We’ve all been very… respectful of Sydney, here. But, come on man! I mean look at her!”

“Rick, you don’t need my permission. She’s a grown-up, you can ask her.” Daddy looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. “My bet is, she will say yes.”

“Yes to what?” I asked innocently. I really had no idea what they were talking about.

Rick fished out his wallet and pulled out two twenty-dollar bills. He laid them on the table in front of me. “It’s TFT, Sydney. I want a full minute, full feel. Whaddya say?”

I looked at Daddy, he just gave me a little nod while he smiled at me as if to say, go ahead.

“Come on, Rick. Isn’t it supposed to be sixty? I may be easy but I ain’t cheap.” They all laughed and chided Rick for being shady, and then the waitress brought our dinners. Fuck.

I drank my Red Bull and ate my chicken strips quietly, but I couldn’t resist teasing Rick through the meal. I dipped a long strip into the ranch dressing so that it covered the tip. Then I looked him in the eye as I slowly licked the white sauce from the food. As he and the other two gawked, I went down on the strip a couple of times before retreating to the top to take a normal bite.

“I’m getting more shots,” Rick announced as he left the table.

Vanessa asked me if she could just Venmo me a hundred bucks because she wanted a feel, also.

“Well,” I protested. “I thought it was for charity and all—“

“We’re off the clock now,” Daddy said.

We all did another shot after the paper plates were thrown out, then another after that just to be sure. The patio wrapped around the building and only two or three other tables could even see us. Most of our group was heading out or had already gone as it got darker.

The liquor warmed my insides and I could barely contain my anticipation, not so much for Rick but for Vanessa. She had this dark and dangerous look about her like she wanted to own my soul or something.

Rick came over onto our side and sat down on the bench beside me. “Ready?” I nodded.

He lifted my leg up and twisted me so I was facing him on the bench. His hands reached for my bare skin on the sides of my abs. His warm touch sent a shiver through me. His rough hands felt so, so strong and manly on my skin. He slid them up my sides slowly. I was both glad and a little sad that he stayed in the outside of my shirt.

When his hands felt the sides of my breasts, I gasped and then smiled at him to let him know I was still okay. He squeezed gently, and my eyes rolled back into my head as he brushed my nipples. His strong fingers and thumbs rolled my nipples through my shirt, causing an electrical storm between my tits and pussy. My breasts felt so warm and swollen, I think I moaned, I don’t exactly know...

“Time’s up, Rick.” Vanessa lightly pulled Rick away. I opened my eyes and found I was leaning against Daddy’s shoulder. I missed Rick's hands on me.

“Stand up, sweetheart.” Vanessa backed me up against the wall next to our table. She unzipped her leather corset, exposing her medium-sized breasts to me. Without hesitation, she grabbed the hem of my tank top and pulled it up and over my breasts. Her hands came up to massage the sides of our breasts as she mashed them together.

“Do you like this, baby?” she whispered. “You like my body? Huh, baby?” I could only nod. She… completely overwhelmed me. If she wasn’t pressing me against the wall I would have slipped to the ground. Next thing I knew, her fingers were tickling my crotch through my jeans. I moaned, trying to keep it quiet but fortunately, the patio was almost empty. Her scent overwhelmed me. She smelled of leather and sweat, and hints of some flowery perfume from many hours ago. Her lips touched my neck and her fingers clenched on my shorts.

“Okay, okay. I’m next.” I was stunned to hear Daddy say that. I was so excited, ecstatic even. I bit my lip thinking of how I was holding him all day, smelling him, the bike's vibrations, the memories of flirting with him… I was so turned on by him all day… oh my god I craved his touch—

“Hon, sit down, okay? I’ve gotta pay a little attention to Nessa here.”



I pulled my shirt down hurriedly, waves of shame and embarrassment washed over me. I… didn’t know which way to turn. Flustered, I finally found our bench and sat, squirming a little. I felt so stupid. Daddy wasn’t going to touch me, he would think it’s stupid and wrong. What was I even thinking?

I looked up, expecting to see him and Vanessa in a deep sexy clench of some kind. But, no. They were kind of fast slow-dancing to a song in the loudspeakers. Oh, of course, it was Born To Be Wild, the anthem of all bikers. Rick took my hand and we danced also, his hands around me in a kind of dirty dance. I wasn’t feeling so bad about Vanessa anymore, Daddy wasn’t choosing her over me, he was just dancing. Well, that’s what I hoped.

The song ended amidst some laughing and joking, and then Stand By Your Man came on.

Rick informed us, “This is their closing song. They’re trying to close up and get us out.” He took Vanessa’s hand and led her back to the table to collect their things.

I looked at Daddy, and he was just staring at me.

“What?” I asked, quietly. My face flushed and I looked down. I knew that look on his face.

He stepped up closer and pulled a hundred dollar bill out of his best pocket.

“It’s still Tips for Tits, and here’s my tip to you.”

He tucked the hundred into the back pocket of my shorts. Which, of course, meant that his hand was on my ass.

“That is, if you’re okay with this?” His face was so kind, but his eyes filled with lust.

I whispered very quietly to him. “Yes, Daddy. Please… touch me.”

He put his hands on my bare midriff, then turned me around so I faced away from him. His rough hands slid up slowly… under my shirt… and then he touched the underside of my breasts.

I leaned back against him, closing my eyes and laying my head against his chest and shoulder. His hands slid up higher to where he cupped me fully.

Jesus Christ. Daddy is holding my tits!

My mind spun, especially when he tweaked my nipples. I was glad I was a D-cup, it made me feel good to fill his large hands with my tits. Both his thumbs and forefingers held one of my nipples and rolled, pinched, and squeezed them in unison.

My breasts felt warm inside as his grip grew firmer, his hands squeezed harder. I felt his hard cock through his jeans as it rested between my cheeks. The song Stand By Your Man took on a whole new meaning as we swayed to the slow song, his cock grinding me hard.

My hands came up to meet his, and I pressed his hands harder into my squishy chest. When I felt his warm lips on my neck I almost swooned. If he didn’t have such a good grip on me I would have collapsed. Electricity surged from my nipples directly to my pussy, I was getting close to cumming if I would’ve just touched my pussy. Daddy’s right hand crossed over my tummy and he pumped his cock hard against my bottom, little moans escaping his clenched teeth. I think he was cumming?

The song ended and the bright lights came on, indicating it was time to go. We reluctantly parted, but my right hand still lingered on his left. Our fingers then interlocked as we headed out the door. Rick and Vanessa just smiled at us and wished us a good night and a safe ride.

It was stupid, but I left my helmet in the side saddle. My head pressed against Daddy’s back and I breathed in the full flavor of him. He accelerated hard out of the restaurant, and each firing of the cylinder vibrated straight to my clit. On a long straight, I lowered my hands from his stomach down to his pants. I fumbled and finally got his zipper open and found my reward; his cum.

I knew he came when he touched my tits, I just knew it! I rubbed my fingers into the mess of cum on his cock and pubic area. I brought one hand back to my mouth and I licked the tips of my fingers, tasting and savoring his salty cum. Putting my hand back in his crotch, I ground my clit into his back, my jeans’ zipper hitting my clit just right and, with the rumbling of the big engine… my mind went nearly blank… I felt his hands on my tits again… his lips on my neck… his cum in my mouth… I gripped daddy extra hard as I came so fucking hard. I know he felt my spasms, his left hand reached back and held my thigh as I continued to cum.

I slumped against him, spent, for the time being. The rest of the ride passed by in a haze until we were at our home again. Daddy held my hand as we headed toward the door. My mind whirled in anticipation of what was to cum, I knew there was no way we were not going to continue this. Daddy lifted my chin to him as the door closed behind us, kissed me softly for a moment, then whispered one single word.


I began to complain, then I thought of us showering together and my face beamed at him. He shook his head.

“Go,” and he patted me on the butt, sending me down the hall to my bathroom. “Come out to the patio when you’re done.”

The hot water felt great. You do get kinda grimy from riding and sweating all day. But I would have been fine to bury my face in his hot crotch… I thought of that just as I was washing my breasts… oh god his hands were on these breasts… the shower spray rained hard on them as I lathered and caressed them. I figured I should stop, I want to save some for Daddy.

After a quick tidy-up with my razor, I finished and dried. All through the shower my pussy felt slick. Now, looking at my naked self in the mirror, I felt the torrent beginning again. I slipped into a loose T-shirt and some Spanks (tiny little pants that barely cover anything) before I headed out to the patio.

“Sit down, hon.” Daddy held out his hand, indicating the chair next to his.


I was going to sit on his lap, but I guess not. He handed me one of his special drinking glasses.

“It’s that Jack Daniels special Sinatra Edition.”

“Isn’t this like, a hundred bucks or something?”

He laughed. “About one fifty or so.”

We toasted and clinked our glasses.


“Daddy, this is beyond smooth!”

“Isn’t it? Mmmm”

I sipped again, the liquid warming me from the inside. We don’t sell anything like this at Applebee’s! But, I had a bigger thing on my mind than the drink menu.

“Daddy, why are we out here. Why aren’t we… you know…”

Daddy pulled out a joint from his shirt pocket. When dad chills, the man chills.

“I wanted to give you some time to think about today, think about everything that happened.”

He lit the joint and took a nice hit off of it. He exhaled and passed it over to me. I took a hit as he spoke some more.

“I don’t want you to make a decision that you will regret. If we go there, we can’t ever go back. It will have been done. Knowhatimean? Hey, quit Bogartin’.”

I forgot I was still holding the joint. I passed it over to him.

“Daddy. I want this. For me, and like, for you. You've always been there for me and I know I was a major cock-blocker for you.”

“Now wait, Syd—“

“No Daddy. It’s true. I didn’t mean to, but just like… my existence made it hard for you to date and stuff. And Lenore, she’s a skank and you so deserve somebody good, someone, who will be good to you. Like me.”

“So, you’re okay with everything today, then?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m glad that we came out here to the patio. The whiskey and pot are really helping my thinking.”

He coughed and laughed. “Yeah, pot just makes me horny. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…. Hey! Blowback time!”

He took in a deep hit, then climbed over to me in my chair. I exhaled and rose to meet him with my mouth open. He moved forward, his lips touching mine, and exhaled the smoke into my lungs as I inhaled. The intimacy shocked me. We had done this before but at a more reasonable distance. But with his lips lightly on mine as he breathed into my mouth, I fell back into my chair. I was so high, but I had the presence of mind to grab him and bring him with me.

We giggled a bit, because pot does that, until I bit his lower lip and sucked it into my mouth.

He backed off me and just said, “Let’s go inside. Get the glasses, would ya?” He picked up the bottle and his weed paraphernalia. I stood up and took my shirt off, which he didn’t immediately see.

We set the bottle and glasses down on the counter in the kitchen before he noticed me. He reached for me as I closed the gap and we kissed.

Oh. My. God.

He had given me a peck when we got home, but now we were really kissing. My knees went weak as he crushed my body to his. I tasted a little whiskey and a little smoke on his lips, but mine must have tasted the same. His hand came up my back and held my neck as our mouths moved together. His lips felt so good on me, and his other hand crept up my side until he found my breast again.

Sparks flew. I moaned into his mouth… the drinking all day, the pot… and now his hand on me… if he didn’t fuck me soon I was going to go out of my mind.

Seeming to understand my need, or we just happened to be in synch, he bent down and scooped my legs up from behind the knees and carried me to his bedroom.

He kicked the door open and set me on the bed. He undressed quickly as I took my little shorts off. I laid my head on the pillows and spread my legs wide, I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to know me.

He brought his hard cock and laid on top of me as we kissed more, harder,, and hungrier this time. Then his mouth was everywhere, sucking my neck, licking my collarbone, kissing my shoulders, until he finally landed at my breasts.

“Your tits, baby. They are just, they’re incredible. Everyone today wanted you. The women too!”

I giggled a little until he flattened his tongue and made big circles around the outside of my nipple. Teasing me, he kept circling and circling but kept missing my nipple. I was about to grab his head when he finally landed on one and sucked it completely into his mouth.

“Yes, Daddy. Suck my tit, Daddy. Suck me!”

I wrapped my legs around his torso and tried to hump his chest with my pussy. His mouth worked over both of my tits, driving me into a frenzy of lust and desire. He kept looking me in the eye as he molested me like he wanted to make sure I was still there. Oh, Daddy, I am sooooooo here.

He pushed himself away from me and I unlocked my legs for him, hoping for either his cock or his mouth. But instead, he grabbed my legs and twisted them, forcing me to roll over onto my front.

“Rise up on your knees, babygirl.”

I did and was immediately rewarded with a long lick from behind, starting at just below my clit and on up to my asshole. His tongue lingered there, teasing and licking, before working its way back down to my juicier parts. I slipped my hand down to finger my little bud while his tongue worked magic on me. Daddy really loved eating pussy, I could tell. He took his time, licking me everywhere, even licking my fingers and clit as I rubbed myself.

When he pushed in two fingers I lost it, cumming harder than I ever had in my life. I screamed into his pillows and almost felt like I peed as wave after glorious wave took me and shook me. I rolled off to one side as I lost the ability to control my muscles, I was just a quivering mass of orgasmic flesh. Daddy’s tongue continued to probe my cunt as if searching for treasure, I wanted to tell him he already found it… but then, he found it again.

This time I think I blacked out for a few moments, Daddy was whispering my name with a concerned look on his face.

“Daddy, I have never, ever, cum like that before. Oh fuck… do you even know what you did to me?”

We laughed as he pulled me back into my knees.

“I’m not finished with you, little Sydney. You want daddy to fuck you, right?”

“Yes, Daddy. Ple-e-e-a-s-e!” I whined and stuck my ass up higher for him.

“Yes baby, yesss… oh, there I am, at your pussy. You feel me, huh? You feel Daddy’s cock ready to… uhmmmmm… push into you… like that, baby… just like that… so deep in your tight cunt…”


Daddy slapped my ass, hard! I yelped at the sudden shock, and then I moaned as I felt it intensifying his fucking.

“Do it again, Daddy! Spank me!”

He slapped both my ass cheeks so many times I lost track. I just moaned and squealed as Daddy fucked his little girl.

He dropped a big glob of spit right onto my asshole, and his big thumb rubbed it all over my back door. He spit on my ass again and shoved his thumb inside my butt. I took a sharp intake of air and was about to scream when he gave me a command.

“Bark like a dog for me.”

Without hesitating, I howled into the night.


Daddy slammed deeper and deeper into my body, his thighs slapping mine hard and his balls bouncing on my clit. With one arm wrapped around my waist to steady me, he yanked my hair with his other hand.

My asshole hurt from his thumb-raping, my scalp hurt from him pulling my hair, and all I wanted was more. And more. I wanted everything. I barked again for him. I know it sounds silly, but try it. It’s wild.

“ARF! ARF! ARF! Daddy! Hit me again!”

He pulled my hair again, jerking my neck, then pulled his thumb out of my ass so he could slap my jiggling tit. Hitting my tit stung a little, I guess. But it was totally overshadowed by the sparks sent to my clit.He kept doing that; shoving his thumb back into my ass and then pulling it out to slap my tit. I was so on the edge, I knew if I just touched my clit I would go over again.

“Baby, you ready? Huh? Little cunt? You ready for Daddy’s sperm?”

“Unh, unh, yes Daddy! Cum inside me… cum inside your little girl’s pussy, cum in me—“

He thrust his thumb in my mouth, the thumb that was in my ass a few moments ago. At the same time, Daddy howled like a wolf, and his cock convulsed inside me. My squeezing and his cock flexing was enough to give my clit yet another phenomenal orgasm. He flooded my womb with shot after shot of hot Daddy semen.

His hot cum gave me such a warm, even joyous feeling, I imagined he was impregnating me. Where did that come from? God that’s a bad thought! I don’t want to be… mmmmm Daddy’s getting me… pregnant… I reached between my legs to keep my orgasm peaking for almost another thirty seconds.

Eventually, our breathing slowed. I stretched my legs out from their crouched position as Daddy softened inside me. When he pulled out he rolled me onto my back. His eyes locked onto mine as he lowered his mouth to my pussy. He lapped me good with his tongue and rose up to show me. White cum glistened on his tongue, his own cum that had dripped from me. He made a big point of swallowing it.

“Yes, your father likes cum.”

He went back down on me again. I thought I was too exhausted for anything else, but his passionate tongue convinced me otherwise.

“Go Daddy… get your cum… suck it out of my pussy, Daddy.”

I locked my legs around his head and fucked his face. I grabbed his hair and ground my pussy into his mouth as hard as I could. Goddamn, this made me horny as fuck, just using him to off. I barked more for him. I need to look that up. Is that really a thing?

“ARF ARF ARF Aaaauuuuuuuuughhhhhhhih shit I’m cumming Daddy yes yes yes yesssssss… oh my god Daddy.”

He crawled up and kissed me. Somehow he had managed to save some did his sperm and he pushed it into my mouth. His salty taste contrasted with sweetness, making a delicious cum cocktail. Our tongues swirled in the mix before I swallowed.

“Daddy,” I whispered. “I loved that, sharing your cum with me like that.”

“It’s called a snowball, snowballing. It’s fun, huh?” His sexy grin just… it somehow made everything alright. It showed me he loved me, and he liked playing with me, and everything would be fine tomorrow.

I snuggled up to him, resting my head on his chest. My fingers twirled his chest hair as he cradled me in his arms. My exhaustion caught up with me quickly. Daddy was talking about the next motorcycle ride when I drifted off to sleep.


I woke up the next morning around five with a pretty good headache. I snuck out of Daddy’s bed to get some water and pain pills. When I came back, Daddy was awake and took care of me, getting me a washcloth, and making me comfortable. I made a rookie mistake not drinking any water last night. I knew better, but all the wild sex overwhelmed me. I slipped back into blessed sleep quickly.

The clock showed nine when I woke up again. The water and aspirin did their job and I felt pretty human. Daddy was gone somewhere but he had thrown his old robe onto the bed for me. I wandered out of the bedroom and found him watching the pre-game shows.

Right… Sunday morning. I have to be at work in five hours.

He looked up from the TV and smiled at me. He looked genuinely happy to see me, I couldn’t see any traces of shame or embarrassment on his face. My mind was whirling with questions, thoughts, feelings, with a healthy dose of shame and fear.

But he just held his arms open and I crashed onto his lap. We kissed, deeply and passionately… his mouth tasted so good and I remembered I didn’t brush yet. But he didn’t seem to care. His left hand caressed my face as we kissed more. My worries and anxieties melted away, and all I could feel was this overwhelming sense of love and acceptance. Well, okay, I felt something else, too. Daddy’s cock was poking at my thigh.

I slid down his chest and pulled his sleeping shorts off to reveal his nice hard cock. He still smelled of our sex last night. I held his cock lovingly in my hand and rubbed my face up and down him.

“I love your big cock, Daddy.”

“Well, that’s a relief. He loves you too!”

I smiled as I nuzzled my face in his balls. I licked under them, that hard area that forms the base of his cock. I licked upwards while pressing his main vein all the way. A lovely little drop of pre-cum rewarded me and I gladly swallowed him down. Last night Daddy took control and was so focused on me that I never really got my hands on him. But not today.

My mouth engulfed his fleshy mushroom head, my lips sealing around him tight. And then I went down on him. I mean all the way down, in just one slow motion I took him in deep so my nose touched his stomach. I relaxed my throat and accepted his cock, filling me so completely full. I repeated the whole thing, letting him most of the way out and taking him all the way down again. I didn’t gag, but I did produce a lot of saliva which made lots of squishy noises.

His hands fell to my head, not controlling me or directing me, they just felt good holding me. I rose up off him for a moment, drool pouring from my mouth back onto him. I took off my robe so I could rub my bare breasts against his now wet cock. I looked into Daddy’s loving eyes as my mouth took him back home. When I sped up noticeably, his head fell back onto the couch. I fucked Daddy’s cock with my mouth, I made it like a pussy for him.

Within a minute I could feel his body tensing, his cock pulsing, and his legs pumping. As he filled my throat I felt the first jet erupt in me. I pulled off a little, though. I wanted to keep most of it in my mouth. My hand jerked him as my tongue pressed against his special spot. He flooded my mouth with his hot, thick semen.

Keeping it in my mouth, I crawled up to him as he smiled and opened his arms, and his mouth. I opened my mouth slowly and let his cum dribble from my mouth to his. Snowballing, he called it last night. I followed the last drops down and kissed him hard. Our tongues swirled in the mix of cum and saliva. My pussy was melting at this erotic moment. It was so intimate, sharing Daddy’s cum like this.

We both swallowed and I kissed down his jaw to his neck where I stayed and nuzzled.

Presently he asked, “What about you, baby?”

“Huh-uh,” I mumbled, shaking my head. “This morning is about you.”

“I don’t deserve you, little Syd.”

That struck a nerve with me. I got up and got in his face.

“Yes you do, Daddy. You like, totally deserve me. You aren’t going to deny all this, us, are you?”

“Fuck no. I didn’t mean—“

“Quiet.” I put my fingers on his lips. “Daddy, I love you. Like, romantically love you. Not like anyone before.”

“Me either, punkins. I feel so much with you.”

“I’m not really caring about how this looks to other people. Will your club mind, you think?”

“There might be some snickers or looks now and then, but I don’t give a fuck. If they don’t like it they can fuckin’ go.”

I kissed him. Long and hard.

“But, Sydney. Am I… won’t I be taking you away from your life? You need to find a guy you can settle down with.”

“I have, asshole. It’s you. I’ve dated and fucked a lot of guys dad. None of them are… like… I don’t know. None of them are you.”

He smiled at me as he stroked my hair. “I’ve always loved you more than you know. A father's love for his daughter is hard to explain. But it goes enormously deep. I would… kill to protect you. You know that, right? But I have to wonder if I’m the best thing for you.”

I looked him in the eye. “You want me to be happy, right?” He nodded. “And you want me to be safe and secure and to be loved like, properly, right?” Again he nodded. “I will get all that from you, Daddy.”

His eyes glistened, mine did too.

“I do have one question, though.”

“Shoot,” he said.

“Daddy… are you… bi?”

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation. “Does that bother you?”

“No… but, I was just wondering something.”

“Ask me anything, Syd. I’ve always tried to be honest with you.”

“Would maybe, I dunno. Okay. Maybe next time you’re with a guy, can, um… well…”

“You want to be there too?” I nodded excitedly. “When’s your next night off?”

“Couple days, Tuesday.”

“Awesome. I’ll invite Rick and Vanessa over.”

My eyes widened. “Vanessa, too?”

Daddy laughed quietly as he twirled my hair in his fingers. “You seemed okay with the ladies yesterday. Is that not something you want to do?”

I thought about that, about how it felt when I kissed Sandra, and when Vanessa felt me up.

“I think it would be okay…”

“You won’t get jealous or weird? Seeing my mouth on Rick's cock?”

“No, Daddy. I won’t. Not as long as you don’t mind when I suck both of your cocks. Daddy, I want both of you guys to fuck me… so bad…” I couldn’t help but finger myself, the thought of two guys had always thrilled me. And now Daddy could give me that fantasy. In two fucking days.

His hand joined me on my pussy. I rubbed my clit as his fingers dug deep inside me, curling forward a bit.

“Babygirl,” he whispered. “We can get a whole gang bang going for you, too. If you ever want that.”

I came hard, leaking juices onto Daddy’s crotch. The thought of a gang bang sent me right over the edge.

I slumped down on him, spent. This man, my lover, has given me more orgasms in twelve hours than I usually get in a week.

“Maybe,” I pondered. “Maybe we could do a ride soon to a wilderness area for a club picnic. And I could be the snack.”

“You’ll be the main course.” He tickled my stomach. “You’ll be the potato salad.” He squeezed that spot on my thigh just above the knee. “You’ll be the ketchup and mustard.” He tickled my underarms. “And we will bring you lots of hot dogs.” He grabbed me everywhere, all at once, it seemed. I fell off the couch in a fit of laughing.

“Come here, little girl. I’m gonna tickle your pussy again.”

Jesus Christ. We fucked most of the morning until I had to go to work. We fucked when I came home. We fucked until he had to go to work Monday morning.

That evening we looked at the calendar so we could align a bike trip with my period. Three weeks worked for both Daddy and me, so he sent out the email blast announcing the “special picnic” ride to a quiet place in the Angeles National Forest. He included a pic of me announcing me as the “special guest.”

I can’t wait. And tomorrow night Vanessa and Rick are coming over to do bi-things with me and Daddy.

Daddy keeps saying it’s going to be a long hot summer. I think he’s right.


Author's note: This is a fictionalization of a real event. The story was told to me late one night by a sexy young lady who wishes to remain anonymous. Her name, location, and names of bars have been changed. But most of this happened. Even the Barking! I hope you enjoyed. Comments and upvotes welcome!

- Mojo

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