Hot Springs Getaway

Hot Springs Getaway


My wife, Lucy sells high end office equipment for a large national corporation. This is her fourth successful year in field sales. Lucy has been name the “SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR” the last three years.

My name is Jim age 42 and my wife’s name is Lucy age 40. We have been married for 15 years. We are as much in love now as we were the day we married. Lucy is a stunningly beautiful woman and she knows it. She loves sex and she loves teasing and pleasing me. She is so uninhibited that she has never denied me any of my sexual desires or kinky requests.

Lucy is a straw colored blonde about 5’4” and probably weighs 110 pounds. She loves to wear low cut blouses and dresses that display her marvelous C-cup breasts. She knows how to show case her body for maximum results. She has always been a bold outgoing person. She is very impulsive and loves to shock people. Her outgoing gregarious personality is what makes her an outstanding field sales person.

Lucy sells high end office machines for Hillenbrand Business Equipment; a large national corporation. Her sales job is a commission only position. When she makes a sale it usually produces a very large commission for her. When her sales are zero, her commission is also zero.

Lucy has been so successful in her sales career; she has been selected to train all the new female sales reps in her District. The promotion to sales trainer comes with a generous base salary and a nice portion of the trainee’s commission. The male sales reps in her office are very jealous of her successful sales. She has never divulged her secrets of success to anyone but me and a select few female trainees.

When she makes a big sale it usually produces a very large commission for her. The district manager has never come right out and made any accusations, but I imagine he believes she uses her feminine guile to close the big sales. In other words, I feel he suspects she fucks all of her big clients just to earn the big commissions. She has never confirmed, nor denied that, but the rumors still persist.

Just recently Lucy was assigned to train a new female sales rep. The young woman is about 10 years younger than Lucy and seems to be very bright and alert. Lucy has a lot of optimistic things to say about the young woman. Her name is Diane and she looks a lot like Lucy. They both have the same general build; except maybe Diane is 2” shorter and 5 to 10 pounds lighter than Lucy. Diane has long blond shoulder length hair and blue eyes the same as Lucy. I have met Diane and find her very amenable. The two are very similar in temperament and it appears that they hit it off right away.

Most week days Lucy and Diane spend the morning making sales calls, then the afternoons back at our house studying product features and benefits. They have over two dozen high end office machines to sell and each sales rep is expected to know every feature and benefit of each machine. The training often goes late into the evening. I usually order takeout for them so they don’t have to go out for a dinner break. Diane usually goes home around 9 o’clock just to repeat the same routine the next day. Training a new sales rep takes about 12 to 20 weeks.

Lucy and Diane both act pretty much like their male counter parts when they are out in the field making calls. They notice and comment on the opposite sex. They play games like trying to guess if a man is wearing boxers or briefs. The game soon became frustrating because there is no way to prove who guessed right. Lucy came up with a more stimulating game.

“Why don’t we try to guess if they have a big dick (BD) or a little dick (LD),” Lucy suggests.

“Okay….but how will we know if they have a BD or LD,” Diane whispers to Lucy? “I am certainly not going to up to them and ask to see it!”

“You don’t have to ask. There are lots of ways to find that out,” Lucy replies with a devious wink.

“Name a few,” Diane questions.

“Alright…see that man two tables away?”

Lucy points with head at the man to their right. Diane shakes her head yes.

“Help me get his attention and I will take it from there,” Lucy snickers.

Diane laughs out loud and slaps Lucy on the arm. They both look at the man and giggle to themselves. He appears to be aware of them but does not look up from his lunch. Diane guesses he has a BD and challenges Lucy to find out.

Lucy loudly blurts, “No way…girl! That’s one bet you will surely lose.”

The man finally notices their boisterousness and smiles at them. They smile back. Now that they have his attention Lucy can put her plan into action. She sweeps one of Diane’s errant curls behind her left ear and lets her hand drift down slowly across Diane’s left breast, coming to rest on Diane’s left thigh. This unexpected move catches Diane by surprise. She gasps and blushes while looking over at the man. The man stares back and tries to stealthily reposition his hardening cock. Lucy winks at him while blowing him a kiss. He gets flustered and quickly rises to leave. The tent in his pants clearly indicates he has a little dick. Lucy high-fives Diane while the embarrassed man retreats from the dining room.

“Wow…that was fun,” Diane giggles.

At that same moment a very attractive young woman, in her early 20’s, enters the dining room wearing a very tight light blue polo shirt. The shirt hugs her breasts to the point you can see her nipples protruding. Lucy points to her and says, “Want to bet she is braless?”

“Oh…she is definitely braless,” Diane notes.

“Wouldn’t you just love to pinch those beautiful young nipples?” Lucy comments.

She looks to Diane for a reply. Diane stares at Lucy with a baffled look and asks, “Are you into women?”

“No…I wouldn’t say I am into to women, but I do love looking at beautifully shaped boobs. I especially enjoy it when they are what men refer to as running with their headlights on bright. You know…when their nipples are sticking out like that young woman.” Lucy realizes she is babbling and blushes.

They both quietly watch the young women cross the dining room to meet with a friend. Her boobs bounce and jiggle with each step. Diane blushes as she feels herself getting wet. Lucy unconsciously licks her lips and sighs to herself.

“Have you ever sucked a woman’s tits?” Diane hesitantly asks.

“Diane….are you trying to insinuate that I might be gay?”

“No…not at all,” Diane promptly answers. “Would you think I was a freak or gay if I told you that I sometimes look at other women’s breast and wonder what it would be like to rub them on my face and suck the nipple into my mouth?”

Lucy gazes at Diane for a moment and thinks back to her college days in the dorm with her roommate. They had spent many a cold winter’s evening snuggled naked in bed with each other. Nipples weren’t the only thing among the many body parts that they had sucked and licked. Lucy shakes herself from the reminiscing and suggests they get back to work.

“Why don’t we table this discussion for another time?” Lucy suggests. “We need to get back out and make a few more sales calls before the day gets away from us.”

Diane has a boyfriend, who is closer to my age, his name is Jack and he works for the government in some capacity. We have never been able to pin him down on many details regarding his work. All I really know is that he is gone most week days and home on the weekends. He was recently introduced to Lucy and me on a weekend when he was in town. I liked the guy right away. We started inviting him and Diane to go out carousing with us on the weekends. They have both turned out to be a lot of fun to hang out with, so we immediately became close friends.

We had a three days weekend coming up, Memorial Day, so we decided to spend it relaxing at a Hot Springs, Arkansas resort. We booked two adjoining rooms at the Arlington Resort; a well known celebrity hangout. Yoko Ono, Al Capone and Franklin Roosevelt had all relaxed within the stately Arlington Resort and Spa, which opened in 1875. The Resort has been remodeled many times since then, but still retains the same luxurious amenities; warm spring waters, spa services and gourmet cuisine.

We arrived at the resort at 3 PM Friday afternoon and checked into our rooms. Both rooms have kitchenettes with a mini fridge, mini stove and a small dining area. We decide to shower and change before going out for dinner and a night on the town. When Lucy and I are ready to go, I knock on the connecting door and we are greeted by Diane. She is a real knockout in her party clothes. She is wearing a tight fitting white v-neck sweater, a black skirt that looks like it is painted on her cute round ass, and some black low heel shoes. Lucy is dressed similarly, but her sweater is light blue, her skirt navy blue and matching navy blue low heels. They probably coordinated their out fits beforehand.

We find a nice sports bar on the main drag that appears to be a favorite among the locals and the tourist. We had to wait about thirty minutes before being seated, but the meal is delicious and is complimented by the wine we selected. We finish off a bottle of wine with our meal then move next door to the night club that features a live band and a large dance floor. We are seated at a table just off the dance floor in a dimly lit corner. I order another bottle of wine and we begin enjoying our evening of fun and dance.

It turns out that Jack is quite the ladies’ man. He pays a generous amount of attention to Diane, but still has time to flirt with Lucy. He dances equally with both of them throughout the evening. I am not that keen about dancing so I welcome his offers to dance with Lucy. The only time I was uneasy about him dancing with her is during the slow dances. A couple of time I notice him nuzzle Lucy’s neck and one time I am almost certain he bit her ear lobe. Judging by her reaction, I think she is enjoying the attention. I believe Diane had too many glasses of wine to really notice his flirtations.

We returned to our rooms around midnight. I am ready to hit the sack, but Lucy and Diane are not ready to call it a night. Both of them had consumed way too much wine. Jack suggests we all shower and put on our comfortable pajamas, then come to his and Diane’s room for a few game of cards. The girls are all for it so I reluctantly agreed. Lucy and I shower together because she is so tipsy from all the wine I had to hold her up to keep her from falling in the shower. After the shower we put on our pajamas. I wear a white T-shirt, boxer shorts and cotton pajama bottoms. Lucy sleeps in a button up cotton pajama top and cotton pajama bottoms. She wears silk panties but no bra. I am ready to drag her into bed and fuck her brains out, but she had promise Jack and Diane we would play cards.

We knock on the connecting door and are admitted by Jack. He is dressed similar to me and Diane wears the same as Lucy except her top isn’t a button up. She wears a tight cotton T-shirt that more than emphasized her nice pert little tits. The first thing I notice is that her nipples are hard. I remember thinking I am not going to make it through the night without staring at her tits, and I was sure that sooner or later Lucy would catch me staring at them.

Jack had pulled the small dining table to the center of the room and positioned four chairs around it. Jack dictates the seating so that I sit across from Lucy and Diane is across from Jack. That means that Diane is to my left and Lucy is to Jack’s right. At first I didn’t think anything about the seating arrangement, but as the night progressed I change my mind. Jack keeps a lively conversation going throughout the evening and I note that he will reach over and squeeze Lucy thigh when making a point. It didn’t seem to bother her, but it was beginning to annoy me. Jack keeps the wine flowing and I suspect he may be planning to get us all drunk enough to get Lucy to ride his baloney pony after I pass out. Lucy and Diane both appear to be well on their way to getting smashed enough to go along with just about any of Jack’s sexually inspired suggestions.

After playing hearts for about 15 minutes everyone seem to lose interest in the game. Jack suggests we play a game of strip poker. It didn’t really appeal to me other than thinking about what Diane would look like without her shirt. Both the girls get excited about it and urge us to play a game. It turns out that poker is too hard to explain to the girls, Jack suggests we play high card/low card strip. I had never heard of this game so I challenge Jack to explains the rules.

“What the hell is high card/low card strip?” I ask.

Jack gleefully explains, “Everybody is dealt one card face down. We all turn our cards up at the same time. The high card is the winner and gets to tell the low card what article of clothing to take off.”

We all agree to try a few hands. Jack is dealing and everyone appears to be enjoying the game, but I am suspicious that Jack might be dealing from the bottom. I believe that he has stacked the deck because after playing a dozen hands, the girls are both sitting there totally naked and Jack and I still have on our boxer shorts. I find it more than odd that Diane and Lucy are consistently losing practically every hand. I didn’t complain because, I am mesmerized as I feast my eyes on Diane’s perky tits with light pink areoles the size of a quarter. Jack is salivating over Lucy’s breast that have areoles the size of a half dollar and are a shade darker than Diane’s.

Diane speaks up and asks, “What happens to a person who is totally naked and they lose the next hand?”

Jack tells her that the high card wins the right to dare the naked person with the low card to do anything that is asked of them. Lucy wants to know what he means by anything.

“It means if I am the winner and I dare you to kiss me, then you have to do it or drop out of the game,” Jack explains elatedly.

Lucy ponders his explanation for a minute, and then looks to Diane for her thoughts. Diane and Lucy both promptly agree to the rules of the game.

Jack starts to deal another hand when I interrupt and suggest we make some more changes in the rules. I suggest we pass the deal to one of the girls and let the winner dare anyone at the table, not limit the dare to just the low card. The winner gets to choose who they want to dare and what they want to dare them to do. Jack doesn’t care for my rule change, but the girls are real excited about it. So my rule change is put into effect and the deal is passed to Lucy.

Diane is the first winner and dares me to take off my boxer shorts. I lift my butt and slip them off quickly without exposing my cock to everyone. The girls complain saying I was suppose to stand and display my cock to everyone. Jack, not particularly wanting to see my cock tells them that next time we play that rule can be implemented. I am the next winner and I dare Lucy to suck Diane’s nipples for two minutes on each tit. During our past sex play Lucy has often shared her fantasy about wanting to suck other women’s tits. She knows it is a really big turn on for me, so I know she will gladly follow my dare. She likes it when I get kinky.

I announce I will be the time judge and monitor the clock. Both girls turn red, but Diane seems really anxious to put her nipples into Lucy’s mouth. Diane eagerly pushes her breast toward Lucy’s mouth as she leans in to take Diane’s breast into her mouth. Lucy starts by tracing Diane’s areoles with her tongue before sucking the whole nipple into her mouth. She massages the nipple with her tongue then lightly bites down on it with her teeth. Diane gasps then pulled Lucy’s face into her breast. Jack tells Diane she must keep her hands in her lap or grip the side of the chair. He explains that by placing her hands on Lucy’s face, she is obstructing everyone’s view of Lucy’s expert titty sucking. I am inclined to agree.

After what seems like a really quick two minutes, I reluctantly call time is on Diane’s first tit and Lucy moves to her other tit. Diane’s face is flushed and her breathing is erratic; her breath is coming in short rapid bursts. She looks like she might faint. A minute into sucking the other breast, Diane is moaning and squirming in the chair. Thirty second before it is due to end Diane is sweating and gasping. It started as a low moan and grew into a scream.

“Oh my…God! Oh my God! This feels so fucking good. Please don’t stop yet. Oh, holy shit! I am… am fucking cummmming!”

Diane shudders and slumps over in the chair. Lucy has to grab her to keep her from falling out of the chair. Lucy continues to hug Diane closely as she rides out her incredibly amazing orgasm. Everyone looks on in astonishment as they try to fully comprehend how Lucy is able to trigger Diane’s astonishing orgasm by just sucking her tits. I am beginning to think that Lucy has sucked a lot of tits to cause this kind of a reaction with Diane. We had to take a 10 minute break and drink some more wine while letting Diane fully recover.

Diane wins the next hand and dares Lucy to remove Jack’s boxer shorts and jack him off for five minutes. Without hesitation Lucy slipped on to her knees before Jack and quickly slips his boxers off and tosses them at me. She caresses his 8 inch cock with both hands and slowly begins to move the foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. She seems to fall into a trance as she strokes his large cock, and commences a slow rhythmic pace.

She moves her face very close to his cock and furtively sniffs his cockhead. She closes her eyes as she pulls his cock closer to her face. I at first think she is going to suck it into her mouth, but instead she just rubs the cockhead against her face. I am the time keeper and rush to call time before his cock really does end up in her mouth. Lucy is so immersed in fantasizing about sucking his cock I have to call time twice before Diane finally pokes her in the back and brings her back to reality. Lucy climbs back into her chair and seems to slip into a reverie of some past fantasy. I feel reasonably sure she is secretly fantasizing about Jack’s cock. I have seen that look before; she really wanted to feel his cock in her mouth.

I win again and decide to fulfill one of my lifetime fantasies. I have always wanted to watch another woman eat my wife’s pussy. I look directly into Lucy’s eyes and dare Diane to eat Lucy’s pussy for five minutes. A broad grin spread across Diane’s face and she wastes no time kneeling in front of Lucy’s chair. Lucy appears to be just as excited to offer her pussy to Diane as Diane is to dive into it.

She eagerly spreads Lucy’s thighs as wide as she can to grant the greatest access to Lucy’s hot wet vagina. I notice Diane’s hand tremble a bit as she reach out to touch Lucy’s pussy. She first cups her hand under Lucy’s vagina and let her wetness puddle into the palm of her hand. Diane raised her hand to her mouth and drank Lucy’s juices. She licks her lips and then sits there a moment gazing at Lucy’s pussy and savoring the taste of her fluids.

Since I am the official time keeper, I urge Diane to proceed because she now has less than 5 minutes to complete her task. Diane then leans forward and brings her mouth to Lucy’s crotch and buries her hungry lips in her pussy. She probes her wetness, wiggling her tongue across her clit, causing Lucy to arch herself towards Diane’s mouth begging for more. Lucy is drawing in quick short breathes and her face is flushed red. She starts to tremble and it appears she might pass out. Lucy’s breasts are rapidly heaving up and down as her hard nipples look like they are going to explode.

Diane’s tongue moves slowly up and down Lucy’s pussy lips, teasing her to the point of overload. Then she flattens her tongue and greedily slurps and laps up her juices, licking her pussy like a dog lapping water. Lucy can’t remember when or if she has ever experienced such expert attention to her clit before and it is blowing her mind! Her thighs tremble and shake as she is hit with a mild orgasm.

Slowly Diane inserts one finger, then two fingers into Lucy’s cunt. She is aware that Lucy’s cunt is flooding with her juices from the mild orgasm. She continues her pleasing assault by massaging her pussy walls backward and forward with her fingers; stroking Lucy’s insides and pleasuring her g-spot.

Diane’s mouth latches onto Lucy’s clit again, making very loud slurping and sucking noises as she draws Lucy’s clit back into her mouth. As she sucks on her sensitive button and hums, her lips vibrate against Lucy’s pussy, pushing Lucy further and further closer to the edge.

I call time just as Lucy appears to be moving to another magnificent orgasm. Diane doesn’t stop. She either didn’t hear me or she is ignoring me. I call time again and tell them I am sorry, but the rules say it’s over. Lucy vehemently disagrees with the rule and begs Diane to continue.

“Oh…my God,” Lucy gasps “I’m going to cum, please don’t stop, do it…do it there. Just don’t change what you’re doing. Please fuck me with your fingers. Please fuck me harder, and faster, suck me, suck me, suck me!”

Jack leans in to get a closer view and is amazed at Diane’s skill at eating pussy. I call time a third time. Diane stops and looks at me with pleading eyes. Eyes that beg to continue.

“I’m sorry Diane, but time out means time out,” I argue.

“Fuck her, fuck her faster, chew on her clit, Diane make her cum, eat her!” Jack defiantly encourages, as he watches the two women pursuing raw lust, and trying not to squeeze his cock to the point he makes himself cum.

Diane suddenly clamps her mouth again onto Lucy’s clit and reassumes sucking and massaging her clit. The feelings coursing through Lucy’s body is blowing her away, her pelvis tilts up pushing her clit further into Diane’s mouth as Lucy’s orgasm train starts to rumble into town!

Lucy begins shaking and trembling as her orgasm continues to slowly build. Her body starts to violently shake and quiver. A low guttural groan starts deep in her throat and begins to grow as it develops into a full fledge scream as it exits her mouth.

“Oh my…God! OH my fucking God!” She screams. “I am cummmmmming! I am god damn, fucking cummmmmmming! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Just as her body begins to relax from that orgasm, another begins to grow. Diane continues to lick and suck her clit while one orgasm after another begins to rack Lucy’s body. Lucy finally has all she can take and pushes Diane’s mouth off of her clit. Diane stops attacking her clit but continues finger fucking her with two fingers until Lucy finally slumps forward and takes Diane’s face in her hands and pulls her up into a passionate kiss. Their lips part and they insatiably explore each other’s mouth. My fantasy has now become my nightmare. I am becoming extremely jealous watching my wife pour such passion into the kiss. Their tongues continue to dance and spar until I call time again and finally pry them apart.

After that display of passion, everyone seems to lose interest in the game. We agree to play a couple of more hands; Lucy appears to be languid and disinterested in playing the game anymore. She is probably still basking in the afterglow of her last magnificent orgasm, but she continues to routinely deal without a great deal emotion. That is until Diane wins the next hand and excited announces she has the perfect dare to end the game. Lucy quickly snaps to attention and waits for Diane to announce her final dare.

Diane looks around the room slowly; building up suspense and then boldly says, “I dare Lucy to invite Jack to join her in HER bed for the remainder of the weekend, while Jim and I finish the weekend alone with each other in MY bed.”

Jack dubiously looks at Lucy. I look hesitantly at Diane, and then Jack and I look approvingly at each other. No one says anything. There is total silence in the room except for the heavy breathing coming for us all. After a minute or two, everyone essentially assumes the silence to mean tacit approval. Lucy eagerly reaches out to Jack; taking his hand and promptly leading him through the connecting doorway to HER bedroom. Diane takes my hand and pulls me toward HER bed.

For the remainder of the weekend none of us venture out of the rooms. We have all our meals delivered by room service. A couple times during the afternoon or night, I can hear moaning and giggling coming from Lucy’s room. Sounds of bliss and pleasure seem to echo throughout the night from each room. Diane turns out to be quite the little fuck machine. For a young woman she really seems to know a lot of ways to pleasure a man.

Late Sunday afternoon we checkout of the Resort Hotel and all pile into my car and start our trip home. Jack and Diane are quietly cuddling together in the backseat. There is no exciting chatter like it had been on our way over to Hot Springs. Everyone seems to be quietly mulling over the events of the weekend. Lucy sometimes breaks the silence by humming to herself and occasionally she will caress her nipples when she thinks no one is watching.

It is evident we are compatible couples. It is also clear to us all that we unquestionably enjoy each other’s company. Before dropping Jack and Diane off at their condo, we all agree to spend the next weekend together at mine and Lucy’s house. It was Lucy’s suggestion. Jack and Diane agree and suggest we can then spend the following weekend at their condo.

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