Succubus Chapter 2

Succubus Chapter 2

Chapter 2
I see him. My target. My victim. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve been studying him for a week now. I am in the form of a sparrow, flying over his head. He walks into a sandwich shop. I change to my ghost form and follow inside. He is sitting alone, eating a sandwich. I read his thoughts.
Work is so boring today
I’m so horny
Why won’t my wife have sex with me anymore?
The perfect target.
As he walks home, none of his family is there. He jumps on his bed. The perfect chance.
“Joseph.” I whisper
He is startled awake.
“Who said that!?!”
I whisper again, “You are a very horny man, aren’t you, Joseph. Don’t you wish you could get some relief right now, other than jacking off to the same old pics?”
“Is this some joke? Who’s there?”
“I am a succubi. You know what that is. I can take any form you want. Name any celebrity.”
He pauses, snorts and says, “Surprise me.”
I appear as Emma Watson before his eyes. Then I change to Megan Fox. Then I change to his wife.
He pauses in shock, then says, “No celebrities. Someone… younger”
I appear as my original self, with barely developed breasts, puffy nipples, curly blond hair. 14 years old. That’s what he likes.
I say, “You’re horny aren’t you. Wouldn’t you like to fuck me?”
I reach over and I grab the bulge in his pants. “Oh yeah, your hard dick is making me so wet in my tight virgin pussy.” Thanks to my shape shifting, I can stay a virgin as long as I want.
I search into his head and find his fetishes. Immediately, we are in a sex dungeon, me strapped to a wall.
“You can do anything you want to me, master.”
He slowly grins, pulls me off the wall, and puts on a collar with a leash on me.
“You are my bitch now.”
I reply, “Yes master”
I slowly start licking his feet. That seems to turn him on even more. I reach over, and pull his pants down. His dick is 7 inches and throbbing hard. I take it in my tiny hand and I start stroking it. I then bend down and try to take the whole thing in my hot teen mouth. Thanks to my powers, it is not too hard. Then, I take the head of his cock and put it in my tight pussy, teasing him. I grind with the tip of his dick for 5 minutes, then I plunge down and scream in pain as he rips through my hymen. He bites my sensitive, puffy nipples, and they explode in pain too. The pain gets him more excited and he pulls out and shoves his prick in my tight asshole. Without lube, he rips my asshole open and it starts bleeding. I scream even more and he quickly blows his load deep in my ass. Surprisingly, he continues to fuck me. The pain is starting to get bigger until my asshole just becomes numb when his plowing of my tight ass doesn’t seem to end. Finally, he seems to get tired.

We’re not done yet. I quickly touch him and he regenerates, his limp dick becoming hard once again.
I read his mind. He loves inflicting pain. OK. I turn my asshole and pussy virgin again.
Once again, I strap myself to the wall, but this time I say, “Please fist my asshole, master.”
He reaches in and puts his index finger deep in my asshole, roughly moving in and out.
Then, without warning, he forces his entire fist in my ass, causing me to scream with even more pain than before. The pain is unimaginable, and my asshole is bleeding and torn, but he seems to be getting off. “Suck my dick, you little filthy whore.” He says.
I quickly milk his cock with my hot young mouth until he spurts cum everywhere. It gets all over my young body and drenches my hair. I scoop up as much as I can and swallow it, collecting as much semen as I can. I think that’s enough. I quickly teleport us back to Josephs house and he says, “Thank you.”
I smile grimly and say, “My pleasure.”

I return back to Lilith.
She is short, brown hair, petite. She seems to be a mix of Asian and White. She looks like whatever is your idea of the most attractive girl.
She smiles with her blinding white teeth and says, “Do you have it.”
“Of course I do”
I turn to ghost form and allow all the semen to drop out my body into a giant bathtub with many other men’s sperm. Lilith slides herself in and says, “Come in her with me.” I change myself to my physical form I used to fuck Joseph and I slide in too.
She tilts her head until her lips are almost rubbing against my ear and whispers while pinching my little nipples with her hand, “You did well.” As she pinches my puffy nipples, she rubs semen from the bath tub all over them. Slowly, she moves on from my nipples, rubbing semen all over my body. Then she parts her cherry red lips, and slowly licks my nipples, sucking the sperm off, making my nipples even harder than before. As my nipples stand to attention, she fondles them between her teeth, nibbling on them, making me groan with pleasure.
Then, suddenly my preferences of girl changes to younger girls as I remember my experience with Emily, and suddenly, she changes, still half White, half Asian, but younger, around my age when I died.
I dipped my head in the bathtub of semen and I locate her clit. I start licking it until I feel her back arch and hear her orgasm. When I came up, I was completely drenched head to toe in semen. Lilith bended over and licks my chest, my face and my stomach to get all the semen off. Then, she turned me over, and licks my asshole. She put in 2 fingers from each hand in my ass, and stretched it out while she licked the hot cum dripping from my tight ass. Then, suddenly, without me even knowing, she turns into a preteen girl with puffy nipples smaller than mine. She says, “You can drink some too you know. If one of my succubi drink cum, I will still get more power.”
That is the sweetest news. As fast as I can, I pounce on her, the bathtub expands to a swimming pool of semen, and I start licking her puffy little cute nipples passionately, lapping up the sweet semen I was longing for.
Then, just as she did to me before, I picked her up and drank the sticky semen out of her tight preteen asshole. We continue to lick every inch of each other’s body for sweet semen for what seems like eternal bliss, until I realize it’s time for me to move on to my next victim.

My next victim is a wealthy businessman. He has a house in rural Asia. He buys young girls from unfortunate families and turns them into his personal sex slaves. Using Joseph as my slave, I turned him into a thin, middle aged Asian man, and I turn into a 10 year old Asian girl, with long hair down to my waist, thin, very short with these little nipples that always seem erect. I make Joseph sell me to him, and the man roughly grabs me, viciously hits me, and throws me into the back of his van.

When we arrived at what seemed to be the businessman’s house, he grabbed me and roughly threw me into his basement, where I found 23 other girls, with ages from 6 to 16, all in the basement, chained to the wall. Some were being used to pleasure men, others were just sleeping. The businessman, whose name turned out to be William, came down the basement. All the men in there left as he came in. William walked over to me, grabbed my chin, and pulled my head up to look at him. He said, “Do you speak English?”
I nodded. I told him my alibi, “My dad wanted me to get a good education and he spoke fluent English.”
He snorted and said, “A whole lot of good that did you.”
He paused, then spoke again, “Here are the rules. You will always be naked. You will do exactly as I tell you, or you will be beat. Any of my men can use you anyway they want, unless I specify otherwise. Any questions?” I shook my head.
Without a word, he grabbed me and threw me on his dick. Once again, I was a virgin, so I was expecting a sharp pain in my tight pussy. However, he demolished my asshole instead. I screamed out loud as his short but thick cock ravished my tight Asian asshole. He grabbed my nipples, not sensually, but pinched them and just pulled them as hard as they could. Just as quickly as he started, he then finished, spurting his cum deep inside my ass. He pulled out, and said, “Wipe it with your mouth.”
Without any complain, I cleaned the shit and cum of his dick with my mouth, and swallowed everything.
“Are you a virgin in that pussy?”
Without waiting for a response, he puts his index finger deep inside my pussy, feeling my hymen and pulling it back out
“Hmmm. Someone will pay a lot for you, “ he says as he makes me lick off my own sweet teen pussy juice off his finger.
More slaves more me, if they cum inside me.
However, he seemed to change his mind, and he told his second in command, “Hey, take this one, she’s a virgin. My birthday gift.” The man smiled and he came over and shoved his dick in my mouth. He pulled out just as I was about to pass out from lack of air, and quickly plowed my virgin pussy, tearing my hymen. I screamed and he laughed. He started choking me and punching me while plowing my tight Asian pussy. Finally, he finished and cummed deep in my pussy, and made me lick the blood and cum off his dick.
I feigned sleep when all the other girls fell asleep, because I can’t fall asleep. I just needed a little more cum and I could leave.
Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I heard footsteps coming down, and the lights went on. There were seats set up, with about 20 men sitting in them.
“Orgy time!” William shouted.
He looked at me and said, “You, bitch, you’re having an orgy with the other girls so these fine gentlemen over here can jack off.”
I simply nodded, and the other girls immediately started fucking each other.
I made my way over to a Filipino girl around 9. Before I could say anything, she gave a worried look, and quickly pounced on me. One of the men shouted, “Scissoring!” and I looked over and I saw that the men were all jacking off. Suddenly, all the girls started scissoring. Quickly, I understood and scissored with my partner, rubbing pussy lips and clits together. One girl seemed to have been slow in scissoring, and was beat up by William. No wonder these girls looked so worried. Someone shouted “Threesomes!” Quickly, a girl around the age of 14 came over and joined in on us. We all got in a triangle, fisting each other’s assholes with one hand and tight pussies with another. Someone shouted something I couldn’t hear, but all the girls went over to a man, sometimes 2 girls per a man, and started rubbing their young asian bodies all over the men. I quickly joined in, rubbing my cute little nipples all over a 60 year old man’s face while grinding my tight little pussy over the shaft of his dick.

Then, someone came in with whipped cream sprayed it on all the girls. The old men started licking the whipped cream off of us. My old man started nibbling my clit, causing my head to explode with pleasure, and he twisted my nipples. Then, to my disgust he started licking my face with his nasty old tongue. Another girl joined me on the old man, a young girl who looked about 7, and the man tried to shove his fist up her ass. However, her ass was way too tight. This did not stop the man. Even as the little girl was crying, he just pulled on her nipples, laughed, and shoved his fist up her ass even harder. Finally, when she was sobbing out loud, he seemed to have given up, and shoved his dick up her tight ass. Even that was too much for her, and her asshole was bleeding like crazy. He looked at me and said “Lick up that blood.” I did what he said, and licked the blood up from all around her asshole and off his dick.
Finally, the orgy time seemed to have been over, and I got a break.
They gave us a “midnight snack”. They filled up shot glasses with semen from the jacking off, and the girl who drank the least gets beat up. I drank 4 shots of semen, but some unfortunate 11 year old ended up with a black eye and a dick in her face.

The shots of semen were enough to reach my semen quota, and I headed back to Lilith, but not after forcing William, who was now my slave, to free all the girls.

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