A Girl named Areola Part 06

A Girl named Areola Part 06

A Girl called Areola and her sister called Beaver

by Vanessa Evans

As usual, it’s best if you read the earlier parts before this one.

Part 06

Sleepover at Jade’s

We had no idea what we’d do whilst we were there, or what we’d be expected to wear so we threw a variety of clothes and other things into a small suitcase and put it in the car. Then we spent an hour in the bathroom making ourselves look our best and relieving a bit of excitement in each of us.

We put on a skirt and tank top, the skirts being miniskirts, not micro-minis, and the tops not see-through although they didn’t hide the bulges from our pointy nipples; then set off.

It’s only 10 minutes to Jade’s house and as we drove down the drive the front door opened and a naked Jade came running out to greet us. After hugs we got the suitcase out and walked in with Jade.

“You wont need much this weekend.” Jade said, “I’m hoping that we’ll all spend the weekend like I am right now.”

“Good, that’s fine with us.” We both replied.

Jade led us up to her big bedroom with a bed big enough for 6 to sleep on, and after we put the case down Beaver asked if we should take our clothes off there and then.”

“Of course, then we’ll go and find daddy and I’ll introduce you.”

Well we didn’t need to be told to get naked twice, and 3 naked girls were soon walking back downstairs.

We found Mr. Palmer in his study working at his desk. We followed Jade in and we all stood in front of the desk waiting. I smiled as I thought back to our school days when we had to go to see the headmaster about our short skirts and he kept us waiting while he pretended to work.

“Yes Jade, oh, your guests have arrived. I would have thought that you would have put some clothes on for them, not the other way around.”

He stood up and put his arm out to shake our hands,

“Palmer, John Palmer, and you are?”

“Areola Parkin sir.” I said as I leaned forward to shake his hand. Then Beaver leaned forward and stuck her hand out.

“Beaver Parkin sir, and we’re pleased to meet you.”

“Well it’s nice to meet some of Jade’s friends at last, are those really your names?”

“Yes sir.” I replied.

“Okay, fair enough. You didn’t need to take your clothes off just because my daughter is going through a phase of wanting to be naked all the time.”

“It’s not a phase daddy, this is me now.”

“Mr. Palmer sir” I said, “we were brought up to believe that it is a girl’s duty to take her clothes off for men and that men expect them to do just that because men like seeing girls naked. Don’t you sir? We could get dressed if you don’t.”

I waited a few seconds for a reply but I got none so I continued,

“And we were also brought up knowing that men like to spank girl’s bottoms when they are naughty and Jade tells us that you spank her and leave her exposed so that you, your son and his friends can absorb the sight of her beautiful young body. Well sir, we are happy to comply with your rules whilst we are here and if we break any of them we are happy for you to service us or submit to whatever punishment you deem appropriate.”

There was another short pause the Mr. Palmer replied,

“That was quite some little speech young lady, I do hope that you meant everything that you said.”

“Yes sir, I did, and I know that I speak for my sister as well when I say that if one of us needs to be punished then we expect all of us to be punished.”

“Very admirable young lady, let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that. What does your father do for a living?”

“He’s a plumber sir.”

“Is he any good?”

“I’m bound to say that he is sir but he has been running his own business for nearly 30 years and the business is gong well.”

“That answers my question, can you give Jade one of his business cards when you can, I may just have some work for him.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Now run along and do whatever it is that girls your age do.”

“Thank you sir.” Beaver and I said in stereo.

“Thank you daddy.”

“Jade, remember that you have a spanking due this evening.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Sir,” I said, “if Jade is due a spanking and we are here when it is administered, shouldn’t we get a spanking as well?”

“Good point Areola. The 3 of you in here right after dinner, and Jade, make sure that Gregory is here as well.”

“Yes daddy.”

We walked out, and outside to the pool where Jade said,

“You guys didn’t need to do that, or even say that you did, did you really mean what you said?”

“Yes and no, it was a load of crap but it’s got him thinking about spanking and fucking all 3 of us. Preferably by him, but also Gregory and his friends. It boils down to us using our bodies to get what we want. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve just given him an open invite to make us do all of those things without him feeling guilty.

“You crafty little bitch, why didn’t I think of that?”

“I guess that we’ve got a little bit more experience at teasing men than you have, but you’re learning fast Jade. If you weren’t we wouldn’t be standing here like this. So what did you do to deserve the spanking tonight?”

“I have no idea, he just told me that I was going to be spanked.”

“Oh well, it sounds like we’ll get as much, if not more, pleasure out of it than he will. Can we go into the pool then?”

“You 2 go on, I’ve just got to phone Gregory to make sure that he’s here for dinner and that a bunch of his mates come round straight after.”

Beaver and I jumped in and swam and messed about, more so when Jade joined us. After a while we got out and lay out on the plush lawn on towels near the pool. One time when I turned to talk to Beaver I was sure that I saw Jade’s father in an upstairs window looking down on us. He ducked out of sight but I was sure that it was him.

That gave me an idea and I rolled onto my side facing Beaver and started playing with her big nipples.

“I wish that we’d brought our vibrators.” Beaver said.

“Wouldn’t have been fair, 2 vibrators and 3 pussies. Maybe another time if Jade gets one.”

“Get 1 what?” Jade asked.

“Remote controlled vibrator.”

“You 2 have got one have you? Oh yes, you told me. When we go inside can you show me which one you’ve got then I can get the same one. You did say that it’s waterproof didn’t you?”

“Who are you wanting to drive crazy Jade, Gregory and his mates or your father?”

“Both, and me, it sounds like they’re a lot of fun.”

“You know about our dare game don’t you Jade?”


“Well we could loop you in for the vibrator parts of it if you like. It could be a lot more fun if our vibes are controlled from miles away.”

“That sounds interesting, wait until I get one then we’ll work it all out.”

By that time Beaver was getting very turned-on. I had a quick look up at the same window and thought that I saw Jade’s father again so I suggested that we have a triangle of pussy eating.

Jade seemed more eager than the very horny Beaver and we were soon enjoying each other’s pussies. After the first 3 orgasms we changed positions so that each of us had eaten the other 2 girls, and made them both cum.

Satisfied, we just lay there soaking up the sun for about an hour when we heard a man whistling.

“Who’s that Jade?” Beaver asked.

“Not sure, the only man that I know that whistles is the pool man.”

“You have a pool man?”

“I don’t, daddy does. Yes it is him.”

We saw this young man walking from the side of the house to the pool.

“Has he seen you naked before Jade?” Beaver asked.

“No, only in a bikini.”

“Then he’s in for a nice surprise.” I smiled as I replied.

He obviously liked what he saw because he stared at us for the 45 or so minutes that it took him to do his job.

Shorty after he left Jade told us that we were going up to her room because she wanted to find the vibrator on the internet. On the way up she showed us into a room and we saw that it had been kitted out as a gym.

“Does your father have his own personal trainer then, and do you?” I asked.

“Daddy does at the office but not here.”

“Shame. I was going to ask if we could borrow him, we need to get some exercise.”

“Gregory can do that, he spends a lot of his time at a gym and he reckons that he knows it all. I’ll ask him when he bets back. I might just join you.”


“He’s seen me naked me with my legs spread wide so yes, why not?”

We went to Jade’s room and sat either side of Jade as we searched for the same box that our vibrators came in. It helped that we remembered the logo on brown box that they came in.

That ordered, Beaver had the idea of showing Jade all the photographs and videos that were taken on our camping trip. It would be the first time that we’d seen most of them as well.

Jade copied them all from our phones to her PC then displayed them on the huge TV screen that was on the wall opposite her bed. She set the PC to run a slide show then we got on the bed to watch. Three naked girl propped on cushions and pillows with our legs out in front of us, slightly spread.

Jade was amazed, especially the ones when we were hunted down in the woods, and I have to say that both Beaver and I were impressed and couldn’t believe that it was us that we were watching.

Of course, there was the other effect that it was having on us and 3 pairs of legs spread wider and 3 hands got to work on 3 pussies. It was a long, slow masturbation but it was a very fruitful one as all our orgasms were VERY nice.

When it was all finished Jade told us that we needed to get ready for dinner.

“What shall we wear?” I asked, “we didn’t bring any formal clothes.”

“Yes you did, it’s called skin.”

Beaver and I both laughed and smiled.

As we were showering, all 3 at once, I asked Jade who was cooking dinner and she told us that a woman comes in every day.

“Wow.” I thought, “alright for some.”

Thirty minuted later, 3 totally naked girls walked down to the dining room to see Mr. Palmer and Gregory waiting for us. Jade introduced us to Gregory who couldn’t take his eyes off us. The middle-aged woman came in with the food and she didn’t react at all to the 3 naked girls. I guessed that she’d seen Jade naked before.

The meal was very pleasant and the talk gave no hint of what was to follow.

Us girls finished our meal and we went to wait outside Mr. Palmer’s study. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl waiting outside the headmaster’s office.

We were there for ages before Mr. Palmer arrived and said,

“Change of plans girls, 5 of Gregory’s friends have arrived, apparently they are on their way to some club meeting. As it’s still warm outside I will administer the punishment out there. You go on out and I will join you in a minute.”

Jade led us outside and we saw 6 young men. There was a short silence when they saw us then we started getting some nice compliments.

When Mr. Palmer came out he justified the punishment to everyone and I wasn’t really surprised to hear him include us 3 ‘fornicating’ on the back lawn. I smiled and thought,

“So it was him watching us, silly man, we wouldn’t have complained if he’d come and stood right next to us, or even more.”

Anyway, it came to the actual punishment and we were told to stand behind the big garden bench, spread our legs, lean forward and put our hands on the back of the bench.

Unsurprisingly, the 6 young men had anticipated this and were stood where they would get the best possible view of the 3 butts with pussies slightly open.

By that time my pussy was tingling and soaking wet, and I guessed that Beaver’s and Jade’s were as well.

I wasn’t listening to Mr. Palmer but I heard a loud crack and Jade said,

“Ouch, one, thank you daddy.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw a leather belt in Mr. Palmer’s hand.

“This should be interesting, my first belt.” I thought.

I heard the cracks, the ‘ouch’s’ and Jade counting the swats right up to 10. I also noticed the change in the tone of Jade’s voice, it had changed from fear, to indifference, to almost lust, to pleasure, but she didn’t cum.

I went through all the feelings that Jade did, but I didn’t cum either. Neither did Beaver.

I was disappointed because I had really wanted to cum in front of Mr. Palmer and those young men and I guessed that the other 2 did as well.

I was just coming to the conclusion that it was all over when Mr. Palmer told Jade to get on the garden table on her back and lift her legs, and for Beaver and me to stay where we were. As Jade got on the table I caught a glimpse of her butt with the red lines across it.

Jade was then told to hold her legs wide open and pulled back towards her head. She couldn’t have been more exposed. From where we were I could easily see Jade’s face and the lust and anticipation on her face was a picture.

Mr. Palmer then went on about something which I wasn’t listening to, then I heard the crack as the belt landed on Jade’s butt.

Jade managed to say,

“Three, thank you daddy,” before her orgasm hit her.

The swats kept coming but Jade wasn’t able to count them and her orgasm continued until the swats stopped.

When Mr. Palmer had finished beating his daughter he asked his son and one of his friends to lift her off the table and put her down on the lawn. All the time Jade was holding her legs open wide in a death grip.

It was a similar story for both Beaver and me. We too were told to get on the table and assume the same position then the swats came until we orgasmed and kept going until Mr, Palmer was satisfied.

Then we too were lifted onto the grass and we too held our legs open wide. I know that I didn’t need to hold my legs open but I did because Jade did, and I wanted the young men to get a long look at my throbbing pussy.

Mr. Palmer went inside leaving the young men to continue stared at us and talking about what they’d like to do to our bodies. I suspected that they kept their hands to themselves because Mr. Palmer was still around and I hoped that they would gate-crash Jade’s CMNF party.

Eventually the young men left and we got to our feet and inspected our butts. No blood or permanent damage was found and we went into the pool to cool our butts.

“Is that how your father always spanks you Jade?” Beaver asked.

“No, it’s usually in his study and with his hand.”

“So why do you think this time was different?”

“Probably because you two are here, more girl flesh for him to lust after and he doesn’t have to feel guilty about lusting after you two.”

“I guess that that makes some sense. What about Gregory?”

“He’s definitely getting braver, I mean 5 friends! Not that I’m complaining.”

“Me neither.” Both Beaver and I said.

After a while we started to cool down and Jade suggested that we go up to her room and look at the videos and photos again. On the way we passed the gym room.

“Can we have a go the machines in the gym Jade, we need to get some exercise.” Beaver said.

“Sure,” Jade said, but can we wait until tomorrow so that our butts have had a chance to recover a bit?”

We continued to her room.

We spent the rest of the evening laying on our stomachs watching videos and looking at photographs, interspersed with a few pussy rubbing session (not always our own), and we fell asleep with the slide show still running.

The next morning the 3 of us all showered and shaved at the same time in the huge shower and checked each other’s butts to see if there was any evidence of the previous night’s spanking. There was but it was nothing to worry about and we reckoned that it would have gone by the end of the day.

After that we went down for some breakfast. That woman doing the cooking was there again but Mr. Palmer wasn’t. Apparently he had gone playing golf.

Gregory couldn’t take his eyes of our tits above the table, I watched his eyes going to all 3 pairs equally, noting that he didn’t appear to have a preference for his sister’s bigger ‘B’ cup breasts.

We found it difficult to talk to him and I thought that he was shy, particularly in front of 3 naked girls. Anyway, Jade told him that we were going to use the gym room and then Beaver surprised, and pleased us,

“Gregory,” she said, “you know that girls need to keep their bodies really flexible, particularly their legs, well we were wondering if you and 2 of your mates could help us with that.”

“Err how could we do that?”

“By helping us to stretch our muscles and joints and push them to the max.”

“I’m not sure how we could do that.”

“Don’t worry about that, we can show you as we go, it’s just that we need someone strong to really push our joints as much as they will go.”

“I guess that I could see if anyone is free this morning.”

“Thanks Gregory, it would be a great help.”

As Beaver was talking to Gregory I was a little confused for a couple of seconds then I realised what Beaver was up to. I smiled and looked over to Jade, she was still looking confused, I guess that she couldn’t possibly imagine what her brother could do to help her.

Anyway, the subject changed to Mr. Palmer’s golf and guessing when he would be back. When we’d finished we went back to Jade’s room to clean our teeth and Jade quizzed Beaver as to what she was on about.

“We need to keep our legs and backs flexible so that we can do the splits and wrap our legs round men’s waists don’t we? Of course we do, well what better way to to keep flexible than for a man to push our legs open wide whilst we’ve got nothing on?”

“Okay,” Jade said, “say no more, I guess that it would be nice to have Gregory’s face right in front of my spread pussy.”

“Yes,” I added, “if he gets 2 of his mates to come over we can get them to rotate round us. If he gets 3 of his mates round we can get the spare guy to video it all.”

“I think that we’ve got a plan there girls,” Jade said, “shall we go to the gym and wet up, I mean warm up?”

We did, and it was quite good fun. It was the first time that Beaver and I had used gym equipment like that and we had to get Jade to show us how it all worked, well not quite all, we knew how to ride a bike and the controls on that one were quite easy.

Talking of the exercise bike, it was quite different from when we used to ride our bikes to school. I guess that the big difference was that when we biked to school we were sitting on our skirts and the saddle was big and at an easy to use height.

We were naked on this exercise bike and the saddle was narrow and made of leather. Three wet pussies soon left the saddle slippery and we found that our pussies were sliding all over, which was a very nice feeling.

All 3 of us had just about had a go on all the machines when Gregory and 2 of his mates walked in. Jade was on the machine that she has to push her legs out wide when they came in and their eyes went straight to her pussy.

She strained to keep them apart for a few seconds then let the machine force her legs to close.

“Thanks for coming guys.” Beaver said then explained again what she had said to Gregory.

The guys shorts told us that they were all too eager to help us.

“Shall we go outside onto the lawn, there’s more space out there.” Jade suggested.

Three naked girls were followed by 3 young men, all watching Beaver’s butt because she was the last of the girls in the line.

Beaver took charge as she seemed to know what to do, and she had us girls line up a couple of metres apart and feet shoulder width apart. She then told Jade and I to rotate our hips 10 times then thrust our hips forward 10 times.

Next she obviously wanted to get the guys involved because she asked then to come and stand beside us while we put our hands over our heads then lean back and hopefully end up in a bridge.

Well none of us did it first time and the guys caught us and lifted us back to our feet. It took to the fourth time before Jade managed it and the sixth time for Beaver and me to manage it.

On the tenth time Beaver told us to stay like that then asked the guys to go and stand between our legs then lift our hips up until we were just dangling there. Well that was interesting as the guys lifted they automatically pulled our hips to them leaving our wet pussies leaving a wet mark on their shorts where they pressed against their boners.

All 3 girls giggled a little when we saw what had happened.

Next Beaver told us to do the splits, and as we went down she asked the guys to put a hand on the grass under our pussies and to tell us when we got right down. That was a bit unnecessary as we’d have felt the grass tickling our pussies when we got right down, but no one complained and I felt one of Gregory’s finger go inside me as I reached the ground.

“Ten times girls, but can the guys swap girls each time please, that way no one can be accused of cheating.”

No one was even considering cheating but it was a way to get a different finger in us each time, not that I could see the guys fingering Jade or Beaver.

The next stretching exercise involved us girls laying on the grass with our legs spread wide. The guys were told to get down on their knees in front of us and use their hands to push our legs even further apart and to try to get them at 90 degrees to our bodies. It would have been easier for the guys to lay down and use their legs to push ours apart but I’m sure that Beaver knew what she was doing because the guys ended up with their heads right in front of our pussies.

“Ten times, and guys, remember to swap over.” Beaver loudly said after I’d heard her moan, presumably after the guy between her legs had done to her what the guy between my legs had done to me, namely lick my pussy.

The guys started swapping over and each push and each pussy eating session got longer and longer. By the time the exercise had been repeated 10 times, all 3 of us girls had cum at least once.

Beaver wasn’t finished there and the next exercise had us girls still on our backs but the guys had to take one of our ankles at a time and get our toes to touch the grass behind our heads. Then do it with the other leg, then both.

Imagine the view that the guys were getting.

Then we had to do it another10 times before the guys changed girls and did it all again.

After that Beaver gave us a short rest before moving onto more stretching exercises. She had us doing what I later found out is called the ‘Frog Stretch’ with our butts to the guys.

Then another one that I found out is called the ‘Extended Puppy Pose’, again with our backs to the guys.

Our final stretch whilst on our backs was the ‘Reclining Bound Angle Pose’, Another one that I didn’t know the name of until later on when we looked them up on the internet and saw that Beaver had got it right and that girls really did put themselves in that position, although, not usually in front of men whilst naked – I guess.

Beaver later told us that she’d once seen a fitness program on the TV and she remembered those exercises because they all have the knees spread wide displaying your open pussy.

When we got to our feet I thought that that was the end of it, but Beaver then got us to do the splits again, but this time standing up. The guys had to catch us a few times when we lost our balance.

By the time Beaver told us that she didn’t know any more exercises, those guys must have seen every square millimetre of our pubic regions, and the first centimetre of the inside of our vaginas.

The guys were thanked for their help then told that we’d finished with them. We went into the pool and talked while our muscles relaxed.

When I asked Jade what she thought about Gregory now knowing her whole pussy area in minute detail she just laughed and said that she was going to ask him if she could inspect him like that.

We all laughed when Beaver said that she couldn’t imaging Gregory with his feet behind his head.

We’d just got out of the pool and were laying on the sunbeds when we heard the noise of a vehicle and a large van appeared, reversing down the side of the house.

“What the ….. Oh fuck, sorry girls,” Jade said, “I forgot that daddy told me that he is having a barbecue here tonight for some of his business colleagues. If it’s like last time this place is going to be over-run quite soon by people getting things set up. The last time it was a mad house as dozens of people got everything set up in about 3 hours.”

“What did you do last time Jade?” I asked.

“Stayed out of the way in my room.”

“Do you want to do that this time?”

“Not really, I’ve got 2 friends here who I’m guessing want to flaunt their cute little bodies in front of everyone that comes so I’ll indulge them in their fetish so I guess that I’ll just have to grit my teeth and try not to get too embarrassed.”

“Ha ha,” Beaver said, “I’m sure that you will be doing just as much, if not more, flaunting than we will. Look, you’ve already spread your legs wider.”

“You might be right. Shall we wait and see if some cute men turn up then ask them if we can help them, or should we go inside, I don’t want to upset your father Jade.” I said.

“Are you sure about that Areola? Maybe you want another spanking?” Jade replied.

“Staying here sounds like a good plan to me.” Beaver replied as all 3 of us spread our legs as much as the sunbeds would allow.

We lay there watching different vans arrive and people unloading everything for a large barbecue, including a marque. Not one of those huge circus type things, more the size that you see on campsites.

Most of the people looked over to us then got on with their jobs. One man started carrying a few tables and chairs over near to us and kept look at us. We liked that.

Then they started leaving. Everything looked set for a barbecue, the food was either covered or, presumably, in the big refrigerator that was lifted out of a van and plugged into a socket that I hadn’t seen before.

We’d just started relaxing again when Mr. Palmer appeared in front of us.

“Hello daddy, a lot of people have been busy. Sorry, I forgot about the barbecue, I wouldn’t have invited Areola and Beaver if I had remembered.”

“That’s okay sweetheart, 2 more hungry mouths won’t make any difference. Have you 3 been out here all afternoon?”

“Yes daddy.”

“And you didn’t have the decency to go and put any clothes on?”

“No daddy. Did we do wrong?”

“It’s one thing being naked around family and friends but all those people were strangers, common workers, what were you thinking? And tonight, are you planning on staying like that?”

“I don’t think that we were thinking daddy. Are you going to punish us?”

“Get up, all of you, bend over and let me see your backsides.”

We did, and I noticed that all 3 of us spread our feet so that he would be able to see our pussies as well.

“I see that nearly all the red marks have gone, maybe I should have spanked you harder, maybe I should have used a belt or a cane, I wonder if we have a cane anywhere. What do you think girls? Tell you what, it would be more poetic if you 3 were to find the implement I will use.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Fortunately for me, most of the people coming this evening are very liberal thinking so I think that it will be a very public punishment. Let’s see if that humiliation of such a public spectacle will snap you out of this exhibitionist phase. And you 2, I’m surprised that you let my daughter talk you into this blatant exhibitionism. I should have asked yesterday but from what you said I assumed that you father would be okay for me to punish you.”

“I’m sure that he would sir.” Beaver said, “He gets very upset when we do something wrong.”

“Good, I’ll tell everyone to expect a public spanking at 9pm.”

With that Mr. Palmer left, leaving us 3 both terrified and excited. We lay back on the sunbeds and after a while Jade said,

“Where are we going to get a cane or a belt from?”

“Haven’t you got a leather belt?” Beaver asked.


“Well we didn’t bring any belts, what about a cane, will there be any in the garden?”

“Not that I’ve seen, I’ve never seen the gardener with any.”

“I guess that we’d better have a look around.”

We got up and walked around the garden, then the front garden, Jade worried that someone passing by might see us. Three despondent girls returned to the sunbeds.

“Can we borrow one from your father?” Beaver asked.

“I daren’t ask.”

After a short pause I said,

“Then we’ll just have to borrow a belt from one of the guests tonight.” I said.

“So you want 3 naked girls to go up to each man that arrives and ask him if he’s wearing a belt and if he says that he is, ask him if it’s made of leather?” That’s crazy. Jade said. “And what are we going to say if he asks us why we want to borrow it?”

“Tell him the truth, if we made up some story and daddy found out he’d beat us to death.”

“Well unless anyone has a better idea that’s just what we’ll just have to do.” Beaver said.

We decided to put it to the back of our minds and go for a swim.

When it got to about 6 o’clock we noticed that a couple of men had arrived and were getting the barbecue lit.

“I think that that’s our cue to go and get ready.” Beaver said.

“We’ve got 3 hours,” Jade said, “even I never take that long to get ready, and that’s when I wear clothes.”

“Yeah, but we’ll have to greet all the guests when they arrive to check if they’re wearing a belt.”

“That will be quite a sight for them, they’ll think that they’re arriving for an orgy.”

“Maybe they will,” I said, “maybe your father has organised an orgy and this barbecue is just a front?”

“No chance, you don’t know my father.”

“Did you ever think that he’d spank you like he did last night, and worse, no better, did you ever imaging that he would spank you in front of all these people later today?”

“Well no but ….. “

“Just joking; I think.” I replied.

“Okay girls, let’s go up to my room and make ourselves look even more beautiful. I’ve got some extra razor blades if you didn’t bring any.”

We did just that. We were like 3 girls getting ready for a first dinner date with 3 hunks that we really fancied, and were hoping that they would take us back to their place afterwards; except that we didn’t have to choose what to wear.

The thing was, we were all getting excited about what was going to happen to us and just before we decided that we were ready we had to help each other relieve the tension that had built up in each of us. Then we had to get cleaned-up again.

When we finally went downstairs and out the back, there was already a couple of couples out there talking to Mr. Palmer. Taking a deep breath we walked up to them.

“Hi,” we all said.

“Ah, my daughter and her friends, please excuse their lack of clothes, they’re going through this crazy nudity phase. I’ll be making an announcement about that later.”

As he was talking, all 3 of us were looking at the 2 men’s waists trying to work out if the belts that they were wearing would hurt a lot. I swear that I saw their cocks moving in their trousers.

Mr. Palmer and the 2 couples continued talking so we walked away and towards the way the everyone would be arriving. Beaver suggested that we could go to the front and offer to park their cars for them.

“Naked girl bellboys,” Jade said, “Never heard of that before.”

“Better not,” Beaver said, “we might cause a few crashes.”

Instead we hung around at the back corner of the house and when the next couple started walking towards us we all stared at the man’s waist and it was usually just a quick hello, but when we finally saw a man that was definitely wearing a broad, leather belt, we looked at each other then I said,

“Please sir, would it be possible for us to borrow your belt, Mr. Palmer is going to punish us later and we need to find something for him to use on us.”

The couple just stopped dead in their tracks.

“Excuse me young lady, what was that you just said?” The woman said.

Jade replied,

“Hi, I’m Jade and Mr. Palmer is my father. We’ve been naughty and my father is going to punish us later. The thing is, he’s told us to find something for him to use on us. I daren’t ask to borrow one of his belts so we were wondering if we could borrow yours. It looks quite soft and won’t hurt too much. We’ll make sure that you get it back.”

The man looked at his wife then said,

“Sure thing Jade, that should make quite a sight, won’t it honey? I hope that it’s while we are still here, I’d like to see that.”

The man took his belt off and handed it to Jade, kissing the non-buckle end of it before handing it over, as his wife gave us all a filthy look.

It was only after the couple had walked away and as Jade was fastening around her waist, that she said,

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I could have borrowed one from Gregory.”

We all laughed then Beaver said,

“Well at least everyone has now had a good look at our cute bodies and they now know that they are going to see us get spanked. I wonder how many hard cocks there are out there just thinking about that?”

“Lots I hope.” I replied.

We tried to mingle, with mixed success, it was mainly the younger couples that were happy to talk to us, and the older women who brushed us off. After it happened about the fifth time I turned to Beaver and Jade and said,

“I’ll kill myself if I get that miserable when I get older, I just don’t get it, weren’t they ever young and happy?”

“Me too,” they both replied.

The food was good too, better than we’ve ever done on a barbecue at home or camping but I guess that that’s what money gets you.

The natural light was rapidly fading when we heard Mr. Palmer clap his hands and ask for some quiet.

I felt my heart start to pound, my nipples start to hurt and my pussy get wet.

Four or five garden floodlights went on making it as bright as a sunny day then Mr Palmer said,

“Ladies and gentlemen, you have probably seen the 3 naked young women wandering around this evening, well one of them is my daughter. She is going through a phase of wanting to go around without any clothes on and her 2 friend appear to have the same problem. I have already given them one punishment for it but this afternoon they had the audacity to flaunt themselves in front of the workers setting up everything for this evening.

As a consequence, and in the hope that a very public punishment and the humiliation that goes with that, I will be punishing them again tonight in front of all of you. I will also be giving all of you the opportunity to take part in that punishment to try to strengthen the humiliation and I ask all of you to help me with this.

Right girls, please step forward.”

There was a slight pause then the 3 of us stepped forward, Jade taking the belt off and handing it to her father. As we were doing that I saw that a couple of waiters, were moving 3 table into the middle of the lawn.

“Girls, up on the tables, on your knees with your knees as far apart as you can get them then bend forwards until your head touches the table. You may use your hands to grip the edge of the table.”

We did as instructed and I felt some of my juices escape from my pussy. Both Beaver and I had put our cheeks on the tables facing each other and when we saw each other we smiled.

I just imagined the view that all the people behind us were getting and I was pleased that a lot of floodlights had been erected.

Mr. Palmer then rotated round each of us giving 1 swat with the belt then moving on to the next girl. Jade was the first and she counted the swats the same as she had the previous day, so Beaver and I did the same.

For some reason that belt hurt more than the one the previous day and after about the fourth swat on each of our butts I think that all 3 of us were sobbing but I couldn’t hear any of us sobbing after about the eighth and I know that by butt was numb and I was starting to feel good.

After we’d all had 10 swats I was disappointed, I’d wanted to cum but I hadn’t, and I don’t think that Beaver or Jade had cum either.

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