Leap of faith

Leap of faith

Spending your formative years in San Francisco, you develop differently, especially when it comes to sex.I never had girlfriends per say, and I didn't even where jockey shorts, but I did masturbate quite frequently. Which is to say,I had other interests.

So, when I was fifteen,I wondered into the Castro district, although I couldn't drink,I thought I would take a look around.

People were really friendly....A curious pretty boy teenager...heh...go figure. There was a particular bar, with a sidewalk cafe where I was asked to join some really cute guys and they would get me drinks. I jumped at the chance to drink and act like an adult.

They were very nice and kept telling me how beautiful my green eyes were. I stayed somewhat reserved..... After all, I was just curious and was hesitant about making my first move. Drinks began to flow and conversation got a little more risque.

When the couple seated at the next table, started making out,Barry, one of my hosts, asked if it bothered me. When I told him "No". He asked me if I liked it....I hesitated. He smiled and said. "It's Ok... he liked it too."

It was starting to get dark and we were all getting pretty drunk,Chad,Tim and Barry invited me back to their place. Which was good because I didn't dare go home in my condition.

As we walked,Chad and Tim, were ahead and Barry and I talked. I was wearing Dockers and they hugged my body pretty well, and Barry kept watching my butt wiggling as I walked. "Anybody ever tell you what a nice body you have?" He chortled out loud. "No..... but I've been told I had a wiggle to my walk...Is that the same.?" I retorted.

By the time we got to their place, Barry had his arm around my waist and I was pretty flirtatious. Tim and Chad were making out and Barry started making drinks.

I sat on one of the couches and watched my host in his 501s and tank top. He was muscular and I was getting more than just curious. Barry finished the drinks and passed them out, saving mine for last, mumbling something about it being special.

We sat there drinking and me, trying to show off, drank mine quickly. "Woa.... slow down there sweetie." Barry cautioned me.

I think, that subconsciously I wanted to be drunkenly seduced and thereby being forced to take that first step.

Barry knew I was drunk and I wanted to fuck and began kissing me. I was liking it and put my hand on his thigh and groped his bulge. Barry unbuttoned my shirt and opened my pants,then he slid his hand in, stroking my small penis.

Being somewhat embarrassed by my miniscule weiner I asked, very politely. "Please.... Let me touch your penis.... please?"

"If you want to touch it you have to open my pants."

I hesitantly started unbuttoning and I could feel my heart pound. OMG... he was wearing leopard print bikini briefs,I gasped for air. "Oh..... You like that... do you?" I nodded my head enthusiastically. "This is not a penis.... This is a cock...got that?" Then he grabbed my hair aggressively. "Say COCK..... Say I love cock." I turned my head and said. "This is your cock.....I love your cock."

With that he kissed me and guided my face to his underwear clad cock. I kissed, fondled and nuzzled before licking just the head, sticking out of his delicious underwear. I looked over long enough to see Chad, looking at us and Tim really sucking his cock. " Oh.... You wanna suck cock....Go ahead, suck my cock." Barry ordered me while holding my head down.

Pulling his juicy member out and putting it in my mouth,I tried to repeat the same thing Tim was doing. I liked the way it tasted and felt in my mouth, but I needed more practice Barry said. Barry got up,as did Chad and Tim and they came over and stood before me.

Tim opened his pants, but Chad and my Barry had already taken theirs off and stood in underwear before me. Tugging at their boners, that"stood"in front of me I was elated, I thought....so much penis... so little time.Tim wore tightie whities, Barry had leopard print and Chad wore a jock strap. I started fondling each cock in the line, rubbing my face against their bulges. "You're gonna suck all of our cocks, so open your mouth." Barry chortled.

Tim was first, he had a nice cock and showed me how not to use my teeth. Then, Barry grabbed my hair and pushed his fatter cock down my throat, nearly chocking me. After he fucked my mouth for a while. It was Chad's turn. His cock was a little bigger and tasted different. He liked to slap my face with his cock and dominate.

I had to admit all this submission, the alcohol and whatever else they slipped me had taken over my libido, and now it was in control.

I continued to suck each of them until Tim moaned that he was coming and ejaculated on my face. I squealed like a little girl,with excitement. Chad was next,it felt like a gallon of semen shot all over. He was sure to shake his cock off,by slapping my face one more time. I could feel the jizz dripping from my face to my chest,as I finished off my lovely Barry.

Stroking and sucking,I finally made Barry explode, and I looked longingly into his eyes as I swallowed every last drop.

I sat, perched on the couch, shirt open, pants open and my face and chest drenched in semen. Still in a drunken,drug and sex induced stuper, I got up and walked to the bathroom,pitifully holding my pants up with one hand and my shirt closed with the other.

So with out a doubt, I hopped in the shower and washed the semen and my guilt away. As I stood there in the shower,dazed and confused,I felt like an "way to go moment" had just happened. This was something out of a porn movie, and I was living it. Then I heard a voice say. "Since you're spending the night,I got you something to wear." Being so insecure about my dinky penis. I quickly replied. "Oh.... Thank you."

When I got out of the shower,I saw that my clothes were gone and what he left me consisted of a pair of high waisted satin panties and a t-shirt... extra small. He must have seen my underwear.... they were more panties then briefs.

I just put them on...maybe I was on drugs but I didn't see anything wrong with it. Besides the pleasures I had been feeling had taken root in my subconscious and I was hooked.

I came out of the bathroom to find the guys had left and Barry and I were alone and in the mood for love. The lights were low and Barry was laying back on the couch in his bikini briefs, looking to sexy as hell. "Hi." I said as I straightened my panties, proud of the way they fit my butt. I have to admit,I walked around to model my panties, without shame or embarrassment. Barry motioned for me to sit next to him, I slowly walked to him, moving my hips and butt as sexy as I could.

"Are you enjoying the new world of sensation I have introduced you to?" Barry said as to instruct me. "You need to be thanking me and praising me." Again I smiled and began wondering why I couldn't say no. " Oh.... Thank you Barry...I love you and your cock.... please make me yours."

I didn't know where that had came from,it was as if someone else had said it. I kept looking down at the bulge in his underwear and I couldn't help myself, I began fondling his half erect penis. I leaned back as well and spread my legs to offer up my goodies. He began to rub my crotch and tease my anus. "So.... You have never taken it in the butt..... have you?" I slowly nodded my head and said. "Oh..... I've fingered myself a time or two." Trying to be as bold in my reply.

I slipped my hand in his underwear and gently began playing with his cock and balls. Barry grabbed a tube of lube next to him and squirt some on his fingers and, pulling my panties aside began to slip a finger in, while looking in my eyes. It was like, he was feeling this strange sensation too..

All these experiences, were overwhelming to say the least. I had to struggle to keep from orgasming and looking like a foolish kid, being in a rather inebriated state I had very little if any inhibitions. We just looked in each others eyes and manipulated our genitals. I had never experienced such hedonism.

His kisses were soft and passionate, gentle and loving. Then I realized, he was whispering. "You like that... don't you?Oh... That feels so good... You can't help yourself."

He was right, I was falling, and I was wondering about the next sensation, nothing else

He kept whispering. "Oh.... That's good baby... let go...submit baby.... give in to the pleasure........"

He was finger fucking me pretty good by this time, in and out...in and out. I had my legs spread as wide as I could get them and was moaning like a banshee. Then Barry slipped his second finger in, and started twisting and wiggling them.

I wasn't even stroking him any longer, but I was about to orgasm without touching my penis and I didn't know how to stop.

Most of all.....I didn't want to stop. I wanted to follow this through till the finish and Barry was my teacher. I mustered up my inner control and pulled his fingers out. I got up and turned on some music,I had to do something to keep me from creaming my panties.

First I swung my hips to the beat and moved my hands across my butt and chest. I had no idea I could move so sexy and effeminately. I reached over and grabbed my left over drink and slammed it. Barry was sitting back with a smile and a handful of cock, cheering me on while I was wiggling and shaking my sweet little butt.

Barry reached under a cushion and pulled out a little surprise, showing me a small dildo, he turned It on. It's buzz was rather loud actually, but it gave me a naughty little smile, just the same.

I slowly walked over and mounted the couch, arching my back as to offer my sexy, pantied butt. I took a deep breath as he lowered my panties, and turned the vibrator on. Moving it around and around It slipped easily into my already oiled hole, and I moaned as he fucked me. Barry slowly moved the dildo in and out and around and around, searching for that sweet spot. I had gone to a place of intense sexual pleasure, almost a trance. When he finally took it out of my butt, just before I came....I almost cried. When I turned to see Barry behind me with an erection,I begged him to butt fuck me.

This was the plan all along, to not just make me addicted to cock, but I was addicted to Barry's cock and his domination.

I watched intensely over my shoulder as he pushed his cock deep in me. After a few moments I began moving. Now I was fucking back as Barry just held his boner in my butt. I had found that sweet spot, where his cock touched my prostate. My breathing got heavier and I was moaning louder.

Barry was ready to cum as well. "I'm gonna fill you with my sweet juice baby..... You like that?" He whispered as his groin slapped against my bottom. "Oh...YYes... Don't stop...kkkeep....gggoing." I begged him. "Cccum...in my....bbbutt..... please."

I had read, there was no experience like it. I was totally under Barry's spell now, and when he squirt his load in me,. I exploded ,and soaked my panties. As we slowed our humping down, Barry retracted his cock and I collapsed on the couch.

I fell fast asleep and Barry... well,I don't exactly know what Barry was doing,I was passed out. When I awoke, it felt like I had a rock up my butt,so he put me in the shower and taught me how to wash my butt and freshen up. It was then I realized I had to go home, after putting my clothes back on,I asked if I could see him next weekend. He told me"NO."

I pleaded with him.... "Please.... I'll do anything you want.". "Anything?" He responded. "Well....OK."

"Hold on a minute...." Then he returned and told me to drop my pants. When I did, he swabbed my cheek and gave me a shot. "Ow... What was that?"I cried out. "Just a vitamin shot. I'll see you next week."

With that he gave me a big wet kiss and I left, looking ahead to next week.

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