Men Women Dogs and any thing Else Faget Gay

Men Women Dogs and any thing Else Faget Gay

New Guy In The Neighborhood

The neighbors Jack and Jill came over and introduced themselves and helped carry boxes in the house, that I just bought and am moving in to. Both where Blond and Nordic looking, he is tall broad and handsome she was vary beautiful and shapely every thing about her was perfect. She looked so sweet and innocent you would never think she could do any thing naughty or wrong in any part of her life. What I found out about them before they left was they had no kids, he worked three months on days and three months on nights and was currently on nights. Jill worked as a bank teller and had to work late on Fridays because she just started there and was the new girl.

Monday I came home from work and notice Jacks car in the driveway and Jill's car wasn't home yet. I parked and ran in the house to take a quick shower and change cloths. then in the kitchen to fix a frozen diner I heard Jacks car start and levee, Then as I ate my meal I heard Jill's car pull in. Thirty minutes after that there was a lite knock on my patio door.

Jill stood there wearing a pair of daisy duke shorts and a bikini top and did she look sexy with a shy or should I say sly smile. She came in and said she got so lonely with Jack on the night shift. I said
" Is that the only thing you get"

" No and I bet you can help me with the other"

"Sure can where would you like to start on the couch or on the bed"

"lets go straight to the bed"

On the bed we stripped each other and started exploring each others body, she had the pinkest nipples I have ever seen. She grabbed my cock and said it the biggest cock she has ever seen as she bent down to take it in her mouth. I rubbed her tits at the same time, for a woman that was twenty seven or eight years old she had the firmest tits I have ever felt. Then I ate her out to a orgasm and that tight pink slit opened up to a gushing torrent of pussy juice. For the next two hours we fucked and sucked are selves to exhaustion.

I watched her walk back to her house and go up on the back porch where she un dressed and laid down on a chase lunge. Then their pet dog came out of the pet door and started to lick her pussy. I had to see more so I went over and standing back a little distance to watch the show. then the dog a big cross breed thing mounted Jill and was trying to find the right spot to couple with her. that's when I moved up closer for a better view.

Now I was on the pouch and down low looking right at his cock and her pussy. Finally he hit the sweet spot and was in and went to humping like a jackhammer. Jill was moaning in ecstasy as she had orgasm after orgasm. Then when she was loose enough this big fucking dog rammed his monster knot in Jill's stretched out cunt. Now they where locked solid and no fluid could leek out and the dog was pumping Jill full of his sperm. Then he tried to pull away but couldn't because of the size of his knot and how small Jill's pussy was and he had to stand there ass to pussy as his knot gradually drained its thin fluid in to Jill until it was small enough to slip out.

I was so horny from watching this beast fuck the woman that was in bed with just minutes ago. I could feel my boner pressing ageist my pants wanting out so I pulled my cock out and was stroking it. that was when the beast slipped out and walked off and laid down and licked him self.

Jill just laid there panting and runny fluid dripped out of her cunt. I couldn't take it I had to fuck her one more time and mounted the beasts bitch. My cock as big as it was didn't come close to filling her like it did earlier, No matter I was horny and came in just a few seconds.

After Jill said I didn't think any one would see, but its obvious you don't mind that I fuck the dog.

The house in the country

I joined a commune because I just got divorced and had no money to rent a apartment. Knowing one of the guys that was a part of the commune and where the house was I asked and was and was told I could join. They also informed me that they found it was best to keep the same number of each sex. That was when I was told All new members had to go through some form or initiation.

After all the finical arrangements where made, every one had to help pay all the expenses. There was a woman named Kim that was waiting to join so it all worked out good.

The first Night the initiation was all the women, three of them came to mine and Kim's room and Kim went to a room with the three men. That night we where fucked by the other members and I enjoyed sex with all three women and I was told Kim really enjoyed fucking the three men. The next morning Kim came in to our room with cum running down her thigh's.

The next night The women took me in to a bathroom and gave me a enema and took me back to the bedroom and left. Then the three men came in and that's when I got real scared. I tried to pinch of my ass as tight as I could but in the end I got ass fucked. But Kim enjoyed fucking the women.

I was told that from now on It would be only consensual sex and every one had the right to say no. After all getting fucked in the ass wasn't all that bad, I think I will like it here.

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