THE BOSS'S SLUT 10: Convention Slut – Kennel Slut

THE BOSS'S SLUT 10: Convention Slut – Kennel Slut


“What’s on the agenda for today, Sir?”

We were relaxing in the hotel café over another cup of coffee. We had managed to arrive just before the end of serving breakfast, which happened to be my favorite meals. It was probably the eggs and fatty meats of the choices I gravitated to. I was in a casual dress with straps over the shoulder. There was nothing obviously erotic about it except for the shortness of the hem to mid-thigh and the fullness of the skirt. The light material allowed it to swing with my walk, especially when wearing heels, which I almost always did. Of course, the lightness of the material allowed for a breeze to sometimes lift the dress. I knew if we went outside I would be told to not interfere with the wind in my dress. That I was not allowed to wear underwear would make that most interesting.

“Do you even know what the convention is about?” I shook my head. It didn’t seem to be important to me to question anyone. Probably some boring industry. Besides, I was there to entertain some men, not feign interest in their industry. But, he was smiling, which had me pause as I raised the cup to my lips. “It’s called, The Semi-Annual Southeastern Regional Kennel Club Convention.” I put the cup down on the saucer without finishing to take a sip.

“Kennel Club, Sir?” I was already thinking of nasty things that could mean, but decided I should rein in the horniness rising up within all over again. I would have thought last night would have quenched some of that.

He was smiling that smile I had come to understand indicated much more was coming. “I thought that might pique your curiosity.” He glanced around our immediate area to see if anyone was close enough to overhear. “Yes. Those last gentlemen last night you engaged so magnificently are kennel owners. Those five men own several kennels in the region. According to our discussion last night, they specialize in purebred dogs that are well-trained.”

I looked at him over my coffee cup with a mixture of nerves and anticipation. “Sir, did you discuss with them my fondness of …”, I glanced around our table, “… of being with dogs?”

He smiled, his eyes piercing mine. He was gaging my reaction. “No.” He turned his eyes out the window we were seated next to then back to me. I waited. “How are you feeling after last night?” He lowered his voice, “Is my slut sated? Sore?”

I blushed as his words came out and his eyes bore into mine. I could feel the rush of warmth spread over my face, neck, and chest. I took a sip of coffee and glanced around, again. “Sir, the jacuzzi worked wonders on my body. My pussy and asshole are a little tender, but okay. As far as being sated after last night … I’m a little scared.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, “Why are you scared, my dear?”

I squirmed in my seat, the heat of blush rising, again. We were in a restaurant discussing how my body felt after my gangbang. “I’m very wet, Sir. I’m afraid because I am wondering if I CAN be sated, anymore. I have no idea how many men there were or how many times I was used by them last night. My body has some soreness, but this discussion has also caused my body to prepare for more. Shouldn’t I be concerned, Sir? What’s happened to me? Did I go from liking sex to needing sex in ever greater forms and quantity?”

He was pensive. That was affirming to me. He had always been supportive and protective as he challenged me and guided me. He wasn’t discounting my feelings but considering them. He reached his hand out, his fingers stroking my hand. His voice was soft, “Perhaps your reaction now isn’t an indication of requiring greater forms and quantity but, instead, a preparatory response of your body to opportunity. Were you feeling this way earlier or when we were eating?” I thought back and shook my head. No, I wasn’t, it was just a morning with him to enjoy some breakfast. He smiled, “See? It isn’t that your body is always craving it now, but when the discussion became focused on the potential, your body responded. Your body didn’t know if the opportunity was in moments or tonight or tomorrow or next week. A trigger sent a signal and your body responded.” I watched him closely. Was he bull-shitting me? Did he have a degree in the sexual response of the female body and psyche? It all sounded so reasonable … and preferable. He seemed to sense my concerns relax and continued, “You know what I think?” I shook my head, my eyes flitting up to him with my head slightly bowed to my cup. Even to me, it felt like I was flirting with him. “I think it is the slut part of you is fully released. She isn’t restrained, bound within you only to see some occasional, partial effect on you. She is wholly a part of who and what you are.”

“But, I don’t want to only be a slut, Sir.”

He chuckled. “You aren’t, my dear! I know you don’t follow football, but consider this … I read a story of a young college coach taking his first assignment as head coach. When he met with his team for the first time, this young coach told his team a secret, football is important and they have to focus their every fiber on it … but only while playing or preparing to play. But, otherwise, it can’t consume their lives. They have to have fun, relax, have relationships, excel at school work and jobs. He told these impressionable young men that their lives have to be balanced. Most coaches would try to influence their players to live and breathe football or whatever sport.” He paused and I was already considering his message. “You know what the effect was?” I shook my head. “In two years that young team with the first-time coach went undefeated, which might not mean anything to you, but they were able to focus the entire year to overcome setbacks because at the time it was the most important thing while at other times it wasn’t. They focused on the part of their lives they were engaged in at the moment.”

“And that’s what I need to do? Don’t constrain the slut intentionally, but embrace myself as Executive Accounts Director or friend or athlete when I am working out or quiet when I want to just read or listen to music?” He was nodding and smiling. “Thank you, Sir.”

“So, any interest in talking to those men at the convention hall?”

* * * * *

We found the men at the convention. It turned out that they all owned kennels in and around the region. But, only two of them were from the immediate area. As Mr. Woodburn explained to me, they specialized in purebred dogs that are well-trained. We singled out the two men from the city and offered to buy them a beer, which they were grateful for.

They couldn’t get over what I had been through the night before and I was here talking to them as though we were just friends or acquaintances. There was no indication of awkwardness, except visibly on their side. That was amusing to all of us. During the private discussion, Mr. Woodburn divulged our interest in dogs as being a little different than maybe most. Upon explanation, they were taken aback, but we were pretty sure after sharing our intimacies last night that sharing a little kinkier interest wouldn’t seriously put them off.

They assured us their dogs were well trained, but for the average purchaser. They had never considered dogs for a kink market like women interested in canine sex. They shared a look between themselves, though, and wondered what it would take to see if there was interest. They felt the effort, however, would produce a market too limited to make it worthwhile pursuing. We had their interest, though, and were shocked when Mr. Woodburn offered to give them an idea of what we were talking about.

* * * * *

We were pulling up to the kennel they had given directions to. As we entered the property, the two men came out of a building off some distance from a house closer to the main road. Mr. Woodburn drove to the men and stopped in the parking lot near the door. I was wearing a simple, light-weight, spaghetti-strap dress that hung loosely and stopped at mid-thigh. Otherwise, I was wearing heels. Of course, that was all.

They showed us into the kennel building. I was surprised, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been for a serious-minded business for pure-bred dogs. It was very clean and the smell of dog wasn’t overpowering. When questioned, they had six intact males old enough for breeding. Many of their customers like the dogs neutered, but some might use them for breeding so they wait until an owner makes the decision. They asked if I was sure about this. I assured them we had two dogs who mounted me. I had never had six before but until last night I had never had so many men in one evening that nobody knew how many there actually were, either.

I undid the zipper at my back and slipped the dress off my shoulders, handing it to Mr. Woodburn. I then looked around the area and asked for an old mattress or thick mat I could use to cushion my hands and knees. The men looked at each other, shook their heads but weren’t about to delay this too long for fear I might have a change of heart.

They pulled a rolled up heavy rubber mat and spread it between the kennel doors where a breeze might form. I smiled at them, then turned to Mr. Woodburn, “All six dogs, Sir?” He nods his head with a devilish smile. He knows I can stop it at any time but will be reluctant to do so once started. He knows that by setting the expectation high I am more likely to strive for that. I turn to the men as I drop onto the mat to my knees. “Bring out one dog for now. Once he has mounted me, bring out another and lead him to my head. Then, keep the dogs rotating.”

One of them is shaking his head in wonder, “Sounds an awful lot like another gangbang to me.” I smile. I am projecting confidence I don’t entirely feel. Yes, I have been with Sammy and Paddy multiple times but were dogs familiar with fucking with women. Dogs, even well-trained dogs, unfamiliar with this might be an entirely different experience.

The first dog, a German Shepherd, is brought it. It is a large, muscular dog and I feel intimidated immediately by the animal. I take control, however, by slapping the mat and, “Down.” He obeys and lays on the mat in front of me. I begin stroking him, muzzling him, and using a soft, comforting voice. There is no question that the dogs are well-trained. Even as I slide my hand down his belly and graze his sheath, there is a flinch and his head moved from my face to my hand, but he is calm. They are well cared for and feeling safe here.

My touching along his sheath produces the “lipstick” appearance of the tip of his cock poking out of the sheath. I take charge now and push him more onto his back, which allows me to relax more as he allows my handling of him in this way. I drop my head to his crotch and use my tongue on the tip of his cock, taking up the drops of pre-cum forming there. It registers that it tastes like Sammy and Paddy, not a surprise but an observation. With more of his cock coming out from the cover of the sheath, I part my lips and take the tip between them, sucking at more pre-cum and continuing to use my tongue. I hear a mix of sounds now. Some are from the dog, a low rumbling from deep inside his chest. Others are murmurs and comments and gasps from the men watching it.

One is directly behind me, “You should see how wet she is. Her pussy is drooling. She’s not just a man-slut as we enjoyed last night; she really is a dog-slut, too.”

I smiled, a quick glance up to Mr. Woodburn. I am a slut. I am his slut. Neither one of us knows just how much of one I am, though. Not yet, anyway. Last night might only have been a hint.

With several inches of dog-cock showing from the sheath, I turn around and present my ass to the dog. He sniffs and scrambles to his feet. His nose is pressed into my ass and pussy, his tongue coming out and lapping at my leaking lips. Despite the shiver, his licking gives me, I push his snout away and slap my ass to encourage him to mount. He seems confused or uncertain for a moment, perhaps recognizing the situation but the bitch in front of him. Finally, though, I feel his paws and body on my back. The feel of dog fur pressed into my skin sends a familiar thrill through my body. His hips are immediately thrusting at my ass and my hand is slipping between my legs to assist him. His hips seem to flinch away from my hand, but I persist in using it as a guide to my hole and after several more thrusts, his cock sinks deeply into me.

I gasp out and uttered a low, almost growl of a moan. I arched my back into the dog, pressing my bare skin into the furry belly of the dog. The tilt created new impact and penetration of the dog’s cock in my pussy. I gasped as the cock pulling back grazed my g-spot. The dog starting fucking hard and fast. I hadn’t even noticed another dog being brought to me until the animal was on the ground in front of me.

My lust-glazed eyes sought out the cock of this new dog and finding it, I pulled the dog by his hind legs, my mouth dropping to engulf the tip of cock showing from the sheath. My mouth had mostly fur of the sheath inside, but that didn’t last long as the dog reacted to my lips and sucking. I lost contact with the cock in my mouth as the cock in my pussy presented its knot against my opening, banging against it, pressing to stretch it for entry. I gasped and groaned as we both pressed firmly against each other for entry of the knot. I felt the cock pulse in my pussy as the knot finally stretched me and popped into my dripping pussy. I was desperate to be seeded by this dog, the combination of the previous night, now this audience and strange dogs.

I felt the first spurt of dog-cum shooting into my pussy, filling me with his seed, and I came with him. My arms and legs shook, my pussy clamped and spasmed around the cock and knot trapped inside my pussy. My body’s response seemed to drive the dog further into its climax and his spurting continued.

My arms were stiff to hold me above the floor, my breasts shaking from my orgasm and the short, sharp thrusts of the dog releasing the last of his seed. The dog turned, testing the tie at the same time. I sucked in huge gulps of air to steady my recovery, only then refocusing on the dog lying in front of me. The cock was still erect and exposed from the sheath. The scent in the air apparently having a stimulating effect on him, as well. I continued to suck on the cock, keeping it hard and long. When the dog behind me pulled out of my pussy, I pulled away from the cock with my mouth. It didn’t need any more command or instruction, he was on his feet and coming around to my ass. He mounted me and jammed his probing cock against my ass. With a bit of guiding palm to slide against, this one was deep inside me, too.

The third dog was brought out and it was put into the same position in front of me. It was the fourth dog being brought out that changed the entire attitude of the fucking. By this point, the scent of sex must have been strong and while I was already mounted by the third dog, the fourth came out but didn’t respond to the command to go down. My mouth was hanging open in the midst of my third canine-fucking, already have had two marvelous orgasms in a row. The fourth dog took the initiative that surprised all of us, but most definitely me. He mounted my back from the front, my face now against his crotch, his legs wrapping around my upper back, somehow the two dogs overlapping on my back. All I was aware of for sure, was the cock in my pussy pounding me hard and fast and a new cock poking at my face. In what was mostly an act of self-defense, I opened my mouth and the cock flew into it.

I wasn’t even aware of what kind of breed it was, but the cock seemed to be about six inches, much shorter than Mr. Woodburn, certainly. I relaxed a little as that realization sank in. I was able to take Mr. Woodburn fully into my mouth so I knew I could take this dog. I tried to stabilize myself as I found myself being pummeled aggressively at both ends, the thrust of one cock driving me into the other. I focused on relaxing my mouth and throat to take the cock fucking at me with the same energy and frenzy.

The next panic moment, though, was feeling a pulsing in the cock in my mouth at about the same time as the cock in pussy managed to press the knot inside. I gasped at the intrusion of the knot, which opened my mouth further to suddenly realize the bumping against my mouth and lips was the knot of the other dog. He was pressing as determinedly as if entering my pussy. I stretched my mouth and the knot pushed in, but not without some scraping against my teeth, bringing a soft growl from the dog. I tested my breathing to verify that I could breathe through my nose without obstruction.

I was tied at both ends. But, even that wasn’t weird enough. I felt cum jetting into both orifices at about the same time and forced me to focus my swallowing around the cock to relieve the filling of my mouth with hot dog-cum. The sensation of my pussy being full was temporarily lost. My orgasm that took over all other sensations and thought was a mind-blowing experience. When the dogs’ release of cum into my body holes slowed to little squirts, they both awkwardly turned, both knots holding me tightly to them, my face now pressed into the asshole of the dog in my mouth.

The men offered to spray the dogs to stimulate release, but I weakly held up a hand to stop them. Any sound from my mouth was nothing more than a garbled mumbling. It turned into the most effective gag I had ever experienced. This was at the same time the most bizarre and the most erotic experience to date. To be knotted in the mouth would have seemed brutal, obscene, even impossible. Yet, here I was …

Given this was my third knot in my pussy, the ties were less and less long as my pussy was stretched and the amount of cum deposited provided lubrication to the extreme. The knot in my pussy came out before the knot in my mouth, another dog already brought to my ass since my mouth was very busy. The new dog licked and licked and licked some more at my drooling pussy. I had dog-cum mixed with my own orgasmic juices not only dripping from my gaping pussy but running down the insides of my thighs.

The tongue stimulation on my already hyper-aroused pussy and clit set shivers and increasing arousal through my body as another orgasm quickly rose. My mind was overloaded with the disgusting appearance I must present with a knot lodged in my mouth, the dog frequently testing the tie, but stopping quickly with impatience and irritation when my teeth scraped and pressed against the hard, fleshy, ball. I learned something more about being tied to a dog, though. Once the dog unloaded into my pussy, I thought that was it. With the knot in my mouth, I had been forced to gulp the spurts of dog-cum and now I was finding my mouth filling up with the frequent leakage of more cum from the cock. The beast just kept giving and giving, it’s just that my pussy becomes so flooded I hadn’t noticed.

After the fifth dog brought me to an orgasm with its tongue, he mounted me. The activity must have been stimulating to him, too. Without my subtle assistance, his cock jammed into my ass until it started to become painful. I was about to attempt trying to balance myself with one hand between the two dogs when the cock found my hole. I gasped out in a scream of surprise at the depth of the penetration, but I was sure the knot in my mouth muffled the scream to a moan. When the knot in my mouth finally shrunk enough to pull out, though still scraping against my teeth, my mouth hung open with cum and saliva pour out of it. It had to have looked very similar to my pussy. But, my mind couldn’t register too much on that obscene appearance as the knot behind me bumped against my pussy and requiring my attention to it. As the knots were coming out of my pussy easier, this one also went in easier.

My eyes were less focused as I became more inwardly focused on the experiences of my body and the electric-like impulses flashing along nerves ending at my nipples, clit, and pussy. But, I did register another dog (the last one?) brought to my face. I kept my mouth closed, breathing heavily through my nose, the nostrils flaring as I took in air. Only when the dog was on its side, did I lower my head with an open mouth to take up the exposed cock. These last dogs had come to me with well-exposed cocks. The scent of mating must be heavy in the air to their acute sense of smell.

My body was a limp rag. The activity of last night suddenly washed over me with a fatigue I hadn’t experienced since days of intense, repetitive athletic training days. My mind was torn between the continued pounding at my pussy, the cock in my mouth, and rolling orgasms through my body, something small bringing shivers to my limbs and sometimes so intense they brought gasping, crying, body shaking explosions.

When the last dog was done, his knot pulled out of my body, I was wasted. By the time the knot came out, my body was limply lying on the ground, only my ass was still in the air on my knees. With the feeling of a strange emptiness in my pussy that seemed to run with fluids, I tipped to the side and curled into a fetal surrender of my body having been used. My body quaked and shivered, not from any feeling of cold, but simply unable to stop the experience of arousal and stimulation even after the actual touch and penetration had ended.

Mr. Woodburn’s concerned voice pierced a darkness that attempted to envelop me like a shroud. “Tina … my God … Tina … are you okay? Tina?”

My eyes focused on the voice. I know that voice. A smile formed … yes, I know that voice … The shivering still occasionally rippled through my body, but I became content and at ease. That voice was security.

I rolled onto my back, my arms and legs splayed. I raised a hand to the arm extended to me as he stroked the loose hair from my face. I smiled up at him, “How did I do, Sir?”

He visibly relaxed and laughed in relief. “Hello, slut.” He winked at the men on the other side of me, “Should we bring another dog out for you, slut?”

I glanced over at them, then back to him, giving him a wink and holding the smile, “Maybe next time, Sir. Maybe next time …”


This story continues in Chapter 11: Bitches in Heat


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