( 5 ) Joy and I get fucked by a horse

( 5 ) Joy and I get fucked by a horse

Last wednesday night we had fun with Steve and his dog, both going home empty of cum as did the rest of the guys we invited along, so when we got a phone call asking us to attend his place again this Saturday night we said yes of course. He told us to invite our guys along as well.

We got to Steve's around 6pm, his drive way already full of cars, so stripping of we made our way in, soon things got going, and Joy and I were kept busy sucking and being fucked in ever hole possible, it didn't take long before we both wanted the dogs to have a turn and fuck us.

Joy was first, kneeling on the bench, one of the dogs began to fuck her ass, she loves the feeling a huge cock gives her anally, and tends to let them fill her ass, more so than her pussy now.

I followed soon after, with cum to lube my ass the dogs cock went right in, his knot growing as he trust into me hard and fast, my anal orgasm taking control as I lost myself in sexual bliss. Joy's moans of estersy stirring me on more too. I felt my dog push harder, trying to knot with his bitch, I held him out for as long as I could, waiting for the pressure to build in his balls, before he cum. Joy was knotted and her dog was blasting her bowels with hot sticky cum, some dripping out slowly under her.

It was now I let my dog knot with me, his balls full, as his knot grew to full size, a tennis balls filled my ass, as he squirted his load deep into me. My orgasm always take off when a dog cum's in me, the heat and feeling of so much cum is great, then he turned, back to back more orgasms hit me.

After the knot had softened, and dropped out a fist went straight in, I saw Joy also being fisted, both of us making noises as only a sexual slut can when a arm is stuck up your ass, my mouth took a few cocks, as more guys took turns fucking and fisting me.

Steve was talking to a new guy, both looking around, then headed of out back, a short while later they came back in asking who wanted a big surprise and I beat Joy by repling "Yes Please".

I was led out side, hands covered my eyes, arms helped me lay face down on a bench of some kind, my ass up high, they used straps to hold me in the frame.

Then some one pushed the amyl under my nose and told me to take a huge sniff, I did and just in time, a noise behind me soon had my heart racing and my mind worried, A horse snorted, oh my god what am I going to do, my hands held down tight, the horses legs came up past my head, his cock banging up and down on my back.

I asked for more amyl, and sniffed away like crazy, as some one helped him find my hole, lucky for me the fisting had opened my ass nicely, as the biggest cock ever went in, how many inchs I don't know but it felt big, and thick very thick.

My first horse orgasm hit hard, as he thrust into my cummy hole, it felt like 3 guys were fisting me, as the horse picked up speed, then more and more went in, now my ass was ready, using my toys had helped a lot as I was told he was about 3/4 of the way in me now, each thrust gave me a new high.

The straps holding, were undone, seeing as I couldn't move any way, so I grabbed the amyl and took some huge sniff's and pushed back, now my mind was right into this horses cock fucking me, a sharp pain raced though my anus as what felt like a base ball bat was rammed deeper than ever, more amyl and the pain left me, another orgasm changed the feeling to total bliss.

The new guy was now face fucking me, his cock nearly as big as his horse, found its way to the back of my throut, at the same time he told me I had all the horses cock up my ass and to suck him dry.

I took great pride in working both cocks, my ass full of horse cock, and going well, my mind lost to this beast as he worked hard to finnish, his big balls slapping hard against my butt told me indeed he was fully home and it felt great, I was glad they never asked me before making me take this monster, as it was bigger than my biggest dildo and with him in control too.

I screamed although no one heard me, my mouth full of cock, then as my mind began to go wild with pain and plessure, the horse cum, my ass filled like never before, cum raced into my bowels as I gagged on more cum in my mouth, it felt like both cocks trying to out squirt one another, then the horse's cock sprung free, more cum shot over my back and head, hitting his owner too as he held his cock firmly in my mouth for me to drain his balls. For what seemed like ages my ass spasmed with delight as more orgasm shot though me.

They moved the horse back, it was then I saw what had fucked me so well, a huge black horse, his cock soft but still hanging between his legs moved away.

I tried to stand, my legs wobbled as I held them together, my ass now a wreck, with horse cum flooding out, Joy was nearby, two guys fucking her as she watched me, so with help I moved by herside, and opened my ass, pushing the horse cum free to splash over her face and boobs.

When I thought it had stopped running out, I turned, how sexy my wife looked, covered in horse cum, I went down kissing her and eating cum from her big tits, as the guys refilled her holes with human cum, then not giving her a chance, aimed and let fly, me piss streaming over her boby as both guys held her in place, then like me, they also pissed over my sexy wife, as more lined up to help.

We both got cleaned up some, then let the guys and dogs use us once more, each filling us with thier cum, by now Joy was ready, and a quick word to Steve and the horse's owner, we marched her out, laying her down, the nerves kicked in, but she held firm, amyl helped, as the horse took position over her, it was now I saw his huge cock, what a beauty, long with a large flarred head, no wonder it had filled me so well, as inch by inch Joy took him in.

I fed her more amyl each time he pushed in deeper her ass gapped open, his huge member using her body now as he had used mine, her orgasm told us she was also enjoying his cock, I looked on, seeing my lovely wife used by this monster cock, wondering how long he would fuck her for, before filling her ass with horse cum,he was fully in her now, some 20 inches of flesh went deep up her ass with each push.

Joy was still moaning as I saw his balls begin to jerk, then as his nostrils flared he flooded her ass with his horse cum, gallons of hot sticky fluid would be finding its way into her belly, as her orgasm sent her into a wild trashing moton on the bench. I waited wanting his cum to shoot over her body when he pulled out, but this time he held firm, his cock jerking more and more as his cum kept filling her hole.

Where was all his cum going, Joy seemed to be hanging on, her eyes wide, her head going around as more cum filled her, it had to come out soon.

Then just as I thought she would explode, his cock sprung free, gallons of cum shot back wards from the built up pressure inside her, as his cock also shot more cum over her body, while he was still cuming, he moved back, his cock now shot cum over me and another guy watching her close.

I just had to eat her ass, with my mouth locked onto her gapping brown hole I sucked cum from deep inside her body, every suck and my mouth filled with cum, as more come out I spat it over her bum, to much for me to eat, then with one more mouth full I took it to her and shared it in a kiss, her mouth open as cum ran between us, we had both now felt the plessure of a horse's cock fucking our butt's and would be seeking the feelings again.

The night was going well, more guys had turned up, and seeing our fun, had balls full of seeds that needed spilling, so Joy and I both took them all on, not one guy missed out, watching Joy take on 4 guys at once looked good, as they tried in vain to get 3 cocks in her ass, not because they wouldnt fit, but more getting the angles right, at one time she did get them all in, and worked them as hard as possible, before they fell in a big cummy heap.

I had brought our toys along again, and repeated my trick from last time, 2 guys held my arms another my legs and lowered me fully onto the 18 inches long 3 inch thick dildo, after the horse, it went in just about first time, but with more amyl and another good lift and drop my ass devored it all, sitting firmly on the ground, guys face fucked me as I worked away riding it hard.

After having quite a few orgams on my toy, I told Joy to try it, the guys fucking her finnished by filling her pussy and ass with cum as we lifted her up, most went in first time too, her ass relaxed after the fucking she had taken tonight, so like me, more amyl and a few test drops and it went in, she yelped a bit but took it fully as we lifted her up and down to more anal orgasm on it.

By the early morning we had just about emptied every ball in the house, even the dogs now lay sleeping, as a few guys took turns to finnish us off, Joy had shown them our fun with the strap on, with us both fucking the other fully using all our toys.

Then to wash some of their cum from our bodies we took the remaning guys outside for one last piss session, by now they all knew, either pissing over us or filling our holes with streams of hot pee, Joy also took several in her mouth and sollowed their cocks as piss filled her throut.

Steve led us into the shower, before he too pissed into Joy's wet ass and helped us clean off. We drove home, Joy played with my cock, sucking it as I drove, then we fucked a bit more once home, talking about the feelings and the sight of seeing one another being fucked by a horse sure got us horny, we wanted more.

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