Trophy Wife Crescent - Chapter One

Trophy Wife Crescent - Chapter One

It was a crisp evening in the hills around the city. With the yellow coloured street lamps pockmarking the hillside like fireflies and the rasp of sports cars winding through the narrow streets, it sounded and looked very much alive. People on their balconies and terraces overlooking town, some eating, drinking and having fun whilst others doing something a little more private. Claire Moore was one of these more private individuals. She was the stereotypical Hollywood Housewife: long flowing blonde hair that rested over her shoulders and shimmered in the late night moon; a pair of fake breasts that were a GG cup and were always made sure to look like the most prominent feature of her figure; a thin and well toned hourglass of a frame; a round pert behind that would wobble with each step; and of course long, never ending legs that trailed to a perfect pair of small feet.
Claire moaned, tilting her head backwards, almost howling at the moon as she felt Juan’s perfectly thick, vein covered cock slam into her wet vagina. Her fingers tightly curled over the metal handrail of her balcony as he rocked her back and forth with each hard thrust. He lightly grunted into her ear as he stood behind her, holding her hips and fucking Claire’s tight housewife pussy.
Juan had Claire pinned against her balconies side, filling out her pussy with his long, sweaty cock. With each thrust her breasts shook from side to side and her ass would wobble. He ran his tongue along the back of her neck, chuckling a little before cutting himself off with another pleasure-filled grunt. Claire closed her eyes as she felt Juan’s cock swell in her vagina and throb against her sweet, damp pussy walls. She held in another lustful moan as she sensed him grow in pace.
He’s getting closer, she thought, her head a blur of passion and deep desire. She used the handrail for leverage as she pumped her pussy back onto his cock. The dull thud of their bodies colliding echoed around the balcony as she moaned and groaned under her breath. Juan slapped her round ass cheeks, leaving small red fingerprints as he groaned seeing her ass wobble at his spank. He knew he wouldn't last too long and started giving Claire single, deep thrusts as he sighed with each ramming of her cunt. After five or six, Juan let out a low, primal grunt, sliding his glistening cock from Claire’s pussy and spraying all over her ass with his thick, hot cum. She could feel it slip down her round cheeks, even trickle over her thighs as it ran off her body; some dripping to the decking below her feet.
Claire smiled over her shoulder as she felt his warm seed coat her behind, “Mmmmm, such a naughty gardener!” She giggled as Juan caught his breath, his face red and his cock still twitching.
“You said you needed help,señora. I very happy to help,” he panted as he stepped back a little. He looked down at his cock seeing it twitch and shine in what little light there was. The smell of warm cum filled both their nostrils as Claire planted her lips on his. He slid his hands around her waist, tentatively avoiding the still warm cum and pulled her closer, using his tongue as they kissed passionately. As he caught his breath, Juan felt Claire s tits heave against his trimmed chest hair. He couldn't help but fondle them for one last time before she stood back, feeling for her soft flesh topped with hardened nipples.
“You have to go now Juan,” spoke Claire with a note of sadness, “Mark will be back from that conference any minute now!”
“Si, si!” nodded Juan with a detected look as he bent over and picked up his shorts and a discolour t-shirt.
Claire padded over to the large floor-to-ceiling glass door and slid it open. She emerged into her many million dollar home, walking through the impressive open plan kitchen and past her r-shaped black leather sofa to the front door - still stark naked. Juan soon appeared, clothed behind her, kissing her a final time on the lips before leaving, waving politely.
As Juan sped off in his battered pickup, Claire perched herself on the arm of the couch. She looked back over her shoulder at the trails of glossy cum and laughed to herself with a smug look crossing her face. She picked her cell phone off the glass coffee table and unlocked it. The first thing she did was add Juan’s number to speed dial, knowing he would happily and very quickly return any time she needed a good fuck. This went for most of the numbers on speed dial on Claire’s phone. Juan was sixth with Nick the window cleaner on 1; her personally trainer Alexander on 2; her old boss Jeff on 3; her current boss Connor on 4; and finally Bill from across the Crescent on 5.
All of these men knew the deep warmth of Claire’s vagina. Whether it was out by the cool blue pool, on the hood of one of Mark’s sports cars in the garage or in the large bedroom with her four poster bed, they had all fucked her somewhere. She smirked at that knowledge and then moved towards the bathroom for a cleansing shower.


Claire sat at one need of the couch, her phone in one hand, a glass of wine in the other and a silk robe covering her pink night dress concealing her body. Her figure smelled of rich tropical fruits and no longer the stench of sex as she began to text Lois, her next door neighbour.
‘You won’t believe what me and Juan did!’ started Claire
‘Let me guess…. Fucked him?!’ replied Lois moments later, as she too sat peacefully watching TV.
‘Yep! He felt amazing in me. Nice and thick, real hard!’
‘Lucky bitch! I got limp-dick here trying to tease me to bed’ replied Lois as she looked over her phone at her husband.
‘Lol. Have fun with that! I have mine coming back too! -.-’ answered Claire with a long, hopeful gulp of wine.
It was then she heard the rev of an engine slide into the driveway. She stood and walked to the kitchen, pouring a glass of wine for Mark and returning to her seat. It took him a few moments before he opened the door and walked in, a crooked smile on his face as he spoke in an exasperated voice, “Hi baby!”
Claire smiled back as Mark trod over to her. She reached up and hugged him, kissing him momentarily, “I left you out some wine; thought it would help you relax.”
He nodded slowly, his eyes looking haggard as he slowly marched to the kitchen, leaving down his small suitcase by the sofa. He yawned loudly before taking a long sip of wine. He came back to his wonderful wife, slouching into the soft leather of the couch.
“Oh god, I need this!” Mark said looked tired as he stared at Claire’s soft face.
“What's the matter?” she asked a little concerned.
“That meeting was so boring. Talk about two hour-long speeches!” he huffed rolling his eyes, “Next year I'm sending one of my managers to that rubbish!”
Claire caressed his thigh with her foot, “Oh honey…. I'm just so glad to have you back.”
Inside herself she smirked at her lie. She put on this caring wife face every time Mark would return, knowing he would be far too tired for anything in the bed room. Aside from the occasional hand or blowjob, Mark hadn't been having intimate sex with her in months but he hadn't really been phased by it. Claire knew he loved his work far too much to really notice their lack of sex and anyway, she was getting plenty of attention from plenty of other men.
“Oh thank you baby! I have missed you too. Why couldn't you get my call last night?” asked Mark making his eyes look doughy and innocent.
“Last night…,” Claire played it cool as she remembered what lies she hadn't used yet, “I was out with a few of the girls from the Crescent. We went to that new place in town; La Polla.”
He nodded a little, accepting the lie for truth.
Claire smiled as her husband looked away, taking more wine. How could she have forgotten last night. Two of Mark’s managers from his office had turned up looking for some notes on some she couldn't remember. With her rather slutty methods and a nice, see-through night dress, Claire had enticed the two men into spit-roasting her on the very couch she and her husband now sat on.
She giggled a little under her breath as she could only remember their cocks and not their names. She also knew she needed to find out the one that had been fucking her pussy. He had made her orgasm three times, which was a bit of a feat for her lovers.
Mark then broke her thoughts, “I'm off to bed baby. I got a debriefing at the office really early tomorrow.”
“Okay honey, I’ll be up in a second.” she spoke in a low voice, looking at her glass.
Mark walked to the stairs beside the couch and marched up to bed, rubbing his eyes. Claire picked up his glass and softly padded to the kitchen, washing both glasses in the sink. She peered out the small rectangular slit of a window above the sink to the lights of the other houses across the Crescent. There were five houses on the Crescent and within each a trophy wife. Each woman had men running after them (for some that even included their husbands). They would swap stories and cocks like no other group of ladies in the city and were always happy to please.
Claire continued to scrub the wine glass as she looked out and across the Crescent to Beth’s house. She was a much full figured lady with a round ass and huge breasts that weren't made of plastic. Claire could see the silhouette of Beth’s apple shaped figure in the bedroom curtains of her home. She also could she a much trimmer male figure ramming her from behind as they obviously did it doggystyle on her bed. Claire knew it wasn't Beth’s husband. Glen, like Mark was also away on business.
It must be her son’s friend, John…. or was it Jack, thought Claire as she smirked. She looked closer as she saw Beth rear up, still being fucked harder and harder by her younger lover. Claire could just imagine the feeling of that hard, powerful cock taking her from behind. The thought of a college freshmen giving it to her made Claire close her eyes and breath deeply. She felt her vagina stirring but stop herself and reopened her eyes. After several more seconds the pair fell down onto the bed, their forms still panting as they rested there. Then darkness fell on the room and Claire placed the glasses back in the cupboard as Beth and her lover relaxed.
Claire walked back up the stairs, down a long hallway with excellent views of the city and into the bedroom. Mark already lay on the four poster bed, eyes closed and half way to sleep. She removed her robe, placing it on the back of the door and lay down beside her husband. Claire placed her hand on his thigh rubbing it gently before flicking off her bedside lamp and closing her eyes letting the darkness of sleep take her.

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