New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 7 - part 1 of 2 - Harry's Recovery

New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 7 - part 1 of 2 - Harry's Recovery

This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 7 part 1
Hermione began to shake Harry as she tried to wake him from his exhaustion.
‘What? No it can’t be Ron,’ said Hermione hysterically as she shook Harry’s arm vigorously.
‘It was Ron,’ replied Harry as with a groan he sat up on the beach and felt sand-grains fall from his hair.
‘You must have been mistaken Harry,’ said Hermione shakily, her eyes wide in a manic shock.
‘It was Ron,’ repeated Harry weakly.
‘Hermione,’ said Harry more forcefully, cutting Hermione off mid-sentence, ‘it was Ron.’
‘Harry Potter sir,’ came a feeble voice from behind Harry. Both Harry and Hermione turned around at the sound of Harry’s name; both of them for a moment blinded by the descending Sun. Dobby was stood swaying, hunched over a few metres away from them, a shiny silver blade sticking out of his chest as a deep red liquid began to drench his woolly jumper.

‘Dobby!’ shouted Harry as he ran over and caught the house-elf in his arms, ‘Dobby....p-please be ok, please don’t die! Somebody help!’ screamed Harry through thick tears towards the cottage that stood above them on a small sandy hill. Harry took Dobby’s small hand in his own as he felt his old friend’s breathing become shakier and shallower.
‘ you Harry....Potter,’ Dobby said gently. Suddenly with one final rasping breath, Dobby’s eyes glazed over and Harry felt his hand go limp in his own. Dobby the house-elf was dead.


After spending the rest of the day burying Dobby by hand himself and then holding a moving service, Harry had locked himself away from the others in one of Bill and Fleur’s spare bedrooms. The combination of Dobby’s death, witnessing Hermione being ravished, himself being fucked by Draco and then finding that Ron was the Hooded Man had sent Harry into a depression. Harry winced in pain as he moved into a more comfortable position on the bed. His bum still hurt slightly from where Draco had spanked and fucked him only hours before. Harry still felt a great sense of shame knowing that Draco’s cock had been inside him, and that somewhere, his cum still lay inside his body. Suddenly, a loud knock on his door brought Harry back to reality.

‘Harry....Harry, its Ginny. Please let me in, I need to talk to you.’ Reluctantly, Harry flopped off his bed and unbolted the door to let Ginny in. As soon as he opened the door, Harry felt the breath knocked out of him as Ginny wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug.
‘O Harry,’ Ginny said as she buried her face in Harry’s chest, ‘I’ve missed you so much.’ Harry felt himself relax instantly as he breathed in Ginny’s sweet flowery smell. He placed his hands low on her soft back, feeling her long, flowing red hair in his fingers. Harry knew no words needed to be said as the two of them stood there, locked in a tight loving embrace. Finally after what seemed an age, the two of them broke apart and went and sat on the bed.

‘Harry,’ said Ginny gently as she took his hand in her own and looked him straight in the eye, ‘I’m so sorry for what happened to you and Hermione.’ Harry opened his mouth to speak but then lowered his head unable too. Suddenly, Harry felt Ginny’s warm fingers on his chin as she lifted his head gently back up.
‘You and Hermione were so brave Harry,’ said Ginny, her eyes locked on to Harry’s sparkling green eyes, ‘you saved me from that horrid place, and for that, I shall always love you.’ Harry smiled weakly as he felt Ginny squeeze his hand tightly.
‘They didn’t hurt you did they?’ asked Harry as he sniffed.
‘No, for some reason the Hooded Man made sure nobody did. I think they were planning to use me to lure you there to try and save me,’ replied Ginny. Harry looked on into Ginny’s big brown eyes and knew he couldn’t tell her who the Hooded Man was. Ron, who was like a brother to him.......responsible for hundreds, maybe even thousands of wizards, witches and muggle’s deaths.

‘That’s a relief then,’ sighed Harry in response.
‘Do you know what kept me going while I was locked away?’ said Ginny quietly, ‘it was the thought of you Harry. Every night, I’d think of you and pray that you would come and save me........ that you would defeat You Know Who..... and that we would live happily ever after. I love you Harry Potter.....I always have, and I always will.’ Suddenly, Harry broke down in a fit of tears as he buried his face into Ginny’s shoulder for comfort. Ginny cradled Harry like a baby in her arms as he continued to cry and howl into her shoulder.
‘I......I c-can’t do it Ginny,’ wailed Harry as tears continued to streak down his red cheeks, ‘everybody is e-expecting me to defeat him......but I c-can’t Ginny, I can’t! I’m n-not powerful enough....I’m not s-strong enough.’
‘Harry,’ said Ginny softly as she placed her hands on his cheeks and wiped his tears away, ‘you will. Dumbledore believed in you. Your friends believe in you .......and I believe in you Harry,’ said Ginny as she gave the top of his head a kiss. Slowly, the two of them lowered themselves onto the bed, Harry resting his head on Ginny’s chest as she continued to stroke his hair fondly. After what seemed an age, Harry finally calmed down as he placed a hand on Ginny’s tummy.

‘I’m sorry about what just happened Ginny. It should be me looking after you,’ said Harry shamefully.
‘You have nothing to be sorry about Harry,’ replied Ginny sensitively, ‘even the best people are allowed to have weak moments.’ Harry gave Ginny’s toned tummy an affectionate squeeze in reply. Eventually as the night wore on, the two of them fell asleep together, Harry using Ginny’s chest as a pillow while her hand rested softly in his hair.

A cry of a cockerel outside awoke the both of them from their pleasant sleep.
‘Morning beautiful,’ said Harry as he wiped the sleep from his eyes then gave Ginny a lingering kiss on the lips.
‘Hmm morning,’ groaned Ginny in a sleepy reply, ‘how’re you feeling today?’
‘Much better now I’m with you,’ said Harry as he placed his head on her chest once more. The two of them lay in silence for a while as sunlight began to pour in through the window.
‘Come on Harry,’ said Ginny suddenly as she lifted Harry’s head off her chest, ‘let’s get ourselves cleaned up. Let’s go and have a shower.’ Harry let Ginny take hold of his hand as she led him into the en suite bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind them as they entered.

Much like the rest of Bill and Fleur’s cottage, the bathroom was a beautiful room. The room itself was very spacious and circular in shape. The walls were painted a light blue colour and pictures of exotic sea creatures and mermaids adorned the walls. A great, circular glass window dominated one side of the wall, allowing long streaks of sunlight to enter the room. In the corner of the room, lay a vast bath that looked like an upturned magical giant turtle’s shell that was surrounded by bright gems of red, green and gold. In the other corner of the room stood a narrow, circular glass tube which Harry took to be the shower. Harry felt the soft carpet between his toes as he went and sat on the edge of the great turtle shell. Harry watched as Ginny turned to face him with a loving look on her face.

Slowly, she reached down to the bottom of her red top and pulled it over her head, revealing her pearly white tummy and her strapless blue bra to Harry. Her fingertips then went to the gold button which kept her denim shorts on. With a small pop, they became undone as the sound of Ginny unzipping them broke the silence. With a few wiggles of her hips, her denim shorts gradually fell down her long, pale, athletic legs until she kicked them aside with her foot. Ginny then wrapped the edges of her blue panties around her thumbs as she pulled and lowered either side of them, causing them to rook up teasingly. She turned her back to Harry and bent over as she lowered her panties, so that Harry got a great view of her bum and pussy. Harry breathed in slightly as he saw her pale, curvy bum and her beautiful pink pussy for the first time in nearly a year.

After allowing Harry a good look at her ass and pussy, she quickly stood up and walked over to Harry, letting her hips swing with each step. She reached out her hands to Harry and pulled him into a standing position. Looking deeply into Harry’s beautiful green eyes, she reached a hand behind her back and expertly unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground. Ginny watched Harry give her a loving smile as he looked down at her perfectly round C sized breasts with rosy red areolas and nipples. Harry took Ginny in his arms and began to hug her tightly as he felt her hands lift up his t-shirt over his head. Harry broke away from the hug as he felt Ginny place her hand softly on his chest. Ginny let her fingers travel down the centre of Harry’s body, causing him to shiver in pleasure until they reached his belt.
Taking her time, Ginny began to unclasp Harry’s belt as once it was undone, she took her hands around to the top of his bum to pull down his boxers and trousers. Suddenly, Ginny felt Harry give a nervous jolt as her hands touched his bum, causing her to look up at him.

‘I’m sorry Harry,’ said Ginny as she took her hands away from Harry’s bum.
‘No,’ said Harry gently as he grabbed Ginny’s hands and placed them on his ass once more, ‘it’s ok.’ Ginny smiled at Harry as she gave him a passionate kiss on his soft, full lips. As they kissed, Ginny lowered Harry’s trousers and boxers, so that they both now stood naked together.
‘Come on,’ said Ginny with a final kiss as she grabbed his hand, ‘let’s shower.’ Harry let Ginny lead the way to the huge, circular glass tube as she opened the gold handled door. Harry gave Ginny’s peachy bum a firm squeeze as they both entered the tube.

‘Nice,’ said Harry suddenly in amazement as he looked around in awe. The narrow tube had suddenly expanded to the size of a large living room. A small, wooden seating ledge ran around the edge of the glass tube’s walls and a hundred different shower heads hung high above them.
‘It’s a doctorus charm,’ said Ginny in reply to Harry’s astonished face, ‘it makes things bigger on the inside.’ Ginny casually walked over to a side panel that was covered with red buttons and began to press a few of them. Suddenly, warm pink and blue bubbles rained down upon them as Ginny walked over to Harry and wrapped her arms delicately around his lower back. Harry loved the feel of the water and bubbles on his skin as he and Ginny began to kiss once more. The water did not fall heavily on them, but rather, landed softly on their skin like a humid mist. Harry opened his mouth more as he let his tongue enter into Ginny’s small, warm mouth. Their tongues came together and began to slowly rub and lick each other as their lips remained glued together in a loving kiss.

‘I’ve missed you so much Harry,’ moaned Ginny as she began to kiss and bite Harry’s neck lustfully.
‘I’ve missed you too Gin,’ replied Harry as he looked down at Ginny who was slowly lowering her kisses down Harry’s body. Ginny’s body by now was covered in a light dew, which made her beautifully pale skin glisten. Harry looked at Ginny’s breasts and lowered his knees slightly to give them a brief squeeze, loving the feel of her slightly wet, supple mounds. Ginny began kissing Harry’s stomach ravenously as she dropped to her knees. Harry took her long, flaming red hair in his hands as he felt her dainty fingers wrap around his soft cock.
‘Ahhhh,’ moaned Harry gently as he closed his eyes and let his head fall back so that his face got covered in a warm mist. Ginny began working on Harry’s cock with two hands; one pulling gently on his shaft while the other cupped his ball-sack and began to massage it. Ginny pulled back on Harry’s cock so that his bulbous head broke free from his tight foreskin. Ginny lovingly took Harry’s hardening cock into her mouth and began to gratefully suck on it. Harry looked down to see Ginny’s hair begin bob up and down along his now hard 7 inch cock.

‘Ahhh you know how I like it Gin,’ groaned Harry as Ginny continued to suck on his cock. Ginny looked up at Harry and gave a cheeky wink as she placed her hands on Harry’s bum. Ginny squeezed and dug her fingertips into Harry’s fleshy bum as Harry began to lightly groan in pleasure. Ginny began to engulf more and more of Harry’s cock as she slowly sucked along Harry’s shaft, her lips pressed firmly against his dick. Ginny wrapped a hand around the base of Harry’s cock as she clamped her tongue and lips tightly against Harry’s dick. Ginny let her warm tongue slowly circle Harry’s head and shaft inside her mouth, coating it in her saliva. With a pop, Ginny suddenly removed Harry’s cock from her mouth. Harry smiled as he saw her lift up his cock so she could nibble on his ball sack.

Ginny began to lick and lap at Harry’s balls, slowly covering it in her pleasurably saliva. Ginny then took Harry’s ball sack lightly in her teeth as she began to playfully pull on it, stretching Harry’s balls and making them slightly bigger. Once Ginny had had her fun with Harry’s balls, she began to suck on Harry’s cock once more, this time sucking his cock at a faster rate.

‘Mmmpf........mmmmpf,’ Harry heard Ginny groan as he felt her rub and suck his cock. Harry let out a gasp of pleasure as he suddenly, he felt her take his entire cock into her warm mouth. Ginny felt her nose tickle slightly, as her nose bumped into the light matting of pubic hair that Harry kept in check above his cock. Ginny fought against the urge to breathe as her tongue worked furiously all around Harry’s cock in her mouth, trying to give Harry as much pleasure as possible. Suddenly, Ginny broke free from Harry’s cock with a great intake of breath, as she rubbed in the saliva that hung on his cock like icicles. Harry smiled as he helped Ginny to her feet and began to kiss her passionately once more. In one swift motion, Harry picked Ginny up in a fireman’s lift, causing her to giggle as he walked over to the wooden ledge that surrounded the edge of the tube. Harry gave Ginny’s ass a playful spank as he placed her down on the bench and knelt before her. Harry gave each of her tits a long suckling, coating her nipples in his spit before he lowered his face to her pussy.

Harry gently eased apart her long legs as he looked upon her pussy. A thin, red strip of hair hung above her entrance as he eased aside Ginny’s small pussy lips, revealing her gorgeous pink entrance. Instantly, Harry brought his mouth down on it and began sucking lustfully all around her pussy.
‘Ooo Harry,’ moaned Ginny as she wrapped her athletic legs around Harry’s head. Harry began to lap around the inside of her pussy lips as he felt Ginny place her hands in his hair. Harry began to circle his fingers around Ginny’s clit as he continued to kiss and lick her pussy lips. Harry could hear Ginny begin to moan in appreciation as Harry slipped a finger deep into Ginny’s pussy.
‘Ahhhhhh,’ moaned Ginny loudly as Harry began to rub his finger along the inside of Ginny’s warm pussy walls. As he did this, Harry let his tongue begin to suck on her clit, as he let his warm saliva coat her clit. Harry felt Ginny tighten her legs around his head as she began to grind her hips into Harry’s face, who in turn began to lick more quickly around Ginny’s clit.

‘Ahhhhh........mmmm Harry,’ groaned Ginny seductively as he felt a gush of her warm pussy juices coat his finger in her pussy. Harry quickly removed his finger and licked it clean, savouring the sweet taste of her juices on her tongue. Harry continued to suck on Ginny’s pink clit as he slipped two fingers into her pussy. For a few more minutes, Harry carried on this fashion until Ginny brought Harry to his feet.
‘I want you in me now Harry,’ begged Ginny as she gave Harry another lust filled kiss. Harry smiled as he turned Ginny around and sandwiched her in between the glass door and himself. Harry felt Ginny stick out her bum slightly as he grabbed his cock and bent his knees, ready to thrust upwards. Harry instantly found Ginny’s tight entrance as he thrust upwards, deep into Ginny’s pussy.

‘Ahhhhhh,’ they both moaned, as Ginny felt Harry’s hot breathe on her neck. Harry reached around and cupped her perky tits in his hands as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her tight pussy. Harry rubbed Ginny’s nipples between his forefinger and thumb, making them erect before he began to lustfully grab large handfuls of her supple breasts. Ginny arched her back towards Harry, causing her breasts to stretch as Harry continued to play with them. Soon enough, Harry had picked up a steady rhythm as the sounds of their groaning and of Harry’s hips smacking into her curvy bum broke the silence. Harry could feel Ginny’s wet pussy clench tightly around his cock as he continued to pump his dick deeply inside her.
‘Ahhh yeah, your pussy feels so good Gin,’ moaned Harry as he placed his hands on her hips. Harry’s cock was gliding in and out of Ginny’s pussy with ease as he felt her warm juices coat his young cock. Harry’s breathing started to come out in hurried pants as he picked up the pace, so that he was riding Ginny hard and deep.

‘Ooo yeah Harry, harder.....harder,’ moaned Ginny as she felt Harry’s cock fill up her pussy. Harry groaned as he began to thrust harder and harder, feeling his balls begin to slap into Ginny’s pussy. Ginny smiled as she felt herself go through a second orgasm, her juices coating Harry’s cock even more. Suddenly, Harry pulled out of her and sat on the wooden bench as Ginny went and straddled his hips.

‘Let me take over Harry,’ purred Ginny as she gave him a lingering kiss. Ginny placed Harry’s dick in her pussy once more as she wrapped her arms round Harry’s neck for support. Harry placed his hands on Ginny’s curvy, pale bum, as she began to thrust slowly, but hard into Harry’s cock. Ginny giggled and let out a moan as she watched Harry groan in pleasure at her deep thrusting. Her lips were barely a millimetre away from his as she watched Harry’s eyes widen in gratification. As Ginny thrusted deeply, she brought her hand to the side-panel, accidently pressing off more buttons. Suddenly, hot, foamy water began to gush all over them, soaking their bodies as they both laughed. The sound of running water filled Harry’s ear-drums as he head Ginny giggle and suddenly begin to quicken her pace. Suddenly, Harry felt Ginny’s body drop away from him as she lay horizontally across his dick. Harry could see her ab muscles tense with the effort of staying in this position as Harry began to grunt and groan in appreciation.

‘Ahhh yeah Gin,’ moaned Harry lustfully as Ginny began to thrash her body about, sending foam and water all over the place. Harry struggled to keep his hands on her hips as he watched Ginny’s perky tits begin to flail around. In a fit of passion, Harry grabbed Ginny around her slender middle and splashed onto the wet floor as he landed on top of her.

‘Fuck me hard Harry,’ begged Ginny as she held Harry close to her. She held Harry’s head to her breasts as she watched Harry’s bum rise and fall quickly as he began to pound into her.
‘Mmmpf.....yeah,’ Ginny heard Harry groan as he began to animalistically suck and slurp on her bouncing tits. Ginny’s pussy by now was sopping wet and Harry was sliding his entire 7 inch dick easily into her. Harry could feel the amazing constricting sensation of her pussy around his dick as suddenly; he felt a burning sensation flow through his body.
‘Ahhhh Gin!’ cried Harry as he flicked his sopping hair from his eyes and began to pound her pussy in a frenzied passion.
‘Cum inside me Harry,’ moaned Ginny as she placed her hands on Harry’s bum, forcing him deeper into her. Suddenly, with an extra hard squeeze with her pussy walls around Harry’s dick, he felt his cock go into a glorious orgasm.

‘Ahhhhh Ginny,’ groaned Harry as he buried his face in her shoulder and placed his hands in her wet red hair. Harry plunged his dick balls deep into Ginny as he felt a large amount of his youthful cum explode into her tight pussy. Harry continued to groan as he felt her pussy clench even more tightly around his cock, as if milking it of every juice of cum he had. Streak after streak of cum continued to squirt deeply into Ginny until finally, Harry tense body fell limply onto her. Warm, soothing water continued to fall onto the naked teenagers as Harry lay on top of Ginny as their panting subsided.
Eventually, Harry used his fists to lift himself off Ginny’s athletic body so he could look her in the eye.

‘I love you Ginny Weasley,’ said Harry as he looked lovingly into her eyes. Ginny gave a wide smile as she looked back at him and kissed him passionately on the lips.
‘I love you too Harry Potter,’ she replied. After some more kissing, Harry lifted Ginny up and took her out of the now steamy shower. After finding some fluffy white towels, they both began to towel each other down until they were bone dry once more. One they were both re-dressed in fresh clothes, they made their way down to breakfast.

Harry and Ginny entered into the kitchen to find Fleur, Bill and Hermione already sat having breakfast.
‘Morning you two,’ said Bill as he went to the kettle to make some fresh coffee, ‘how are you feeling this morning?’
‘Much better,’ replied Harry with a wink to Ginny who smiled back as they sat round the table. After having a hefty breakfast, Ginny and Fleur went off to give Mr Ollivander and Griphook their breakfasts upstairs.

‘When did Mr Ollivander and Griphook arrive then Bill?’ asked Hermione conversationally as she spooned some sugar into her coffee.
‘We took in Mr Ollivander and Griphook in the other week. Them damn Death Eaters just left them in the middle of the night in the village near to here,’ said Bill in disgust.
‘That’s how the Death Eaters work Bill,’ replied Harry as he shook his head, ‘as soon as you’ve outgrown your use to them they discard you. Bill, can Hermione and I please speak to Griphook later?’
‘Sure Harry, his bedroom is upstairs, first on the right,’ said Bill before departing the room to pick up the morning post.

‘Why do we need to see Griphook Harry,’ asked Hermione once she was sure they were alone.
‘While you were unconscious the other day, the Hooded M......Ron .... , said something about You Know Who giving him a very important artefact to put in his vault at Gringott’s. That’s why he was so worried about us having the sword of Gryffindor; it should have been in his vault.
‘So you think...,’ began Hermione
‘Yes, I think he gave Ron a horcrux to put in his vault. Like Hagrid said, there’s nowhere in the world safer then Gringott’s, except for Hogwarts,’ said Harry excitedly. Hermione grabbed Harry firmly by the arm as her eyes widened in realisation.
‘Is that where he could have hidden the last of his horcrux’s Harry? Gringott’s and Hogwart’s?!’
‘I think so Hermione, and that’s why we need Griphook. We’re going to break into Gringott’s and steal that horcrux Hermione,’ said Harry determinedly. Hermione gasped as Harry looked at her in the eye.
‘You are with me, aren’t you Hermione?’ asked Harry as Hermione lowered her hand from her face.
‘Of course Harry,’ she replied, ‘I’m with you always.’
‘Thank-you,’ said Harry as he patted her affectionately on her shoulder, ‘let’s go and speak to Griphook then,’ said Harry as the two of them left the room.

Hello everybody. Well this series is coming to an end with only 4 more stories to come. However, I currently have 2 ways of ending this series. The other week, I had a bit of a brainwave and had an idea of doing another series after this one, focusing on Harry as an adult, as well as his children at Hogwarts. I already have a sort of idea for a plot which I think will be really good, but I’ll only write it if people want it. So basically, I will end this series with one of 2 endings: 1 that brings the entire series to a close or the other which can leave it going. Please leave a comment on whether you would like another series and of course, whether you liked this story. Thank you.

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