Young fun in my new sauna

Young fun in my new sauna

The sauna was at the perfect heat. I could feel the beads of sweat running down over my entire body and I was so relaxed I could have just melted. I really felt like I was in heaven. I had won the national lottery a few months earlier and had just bought my dream house - indoor heated pool, large sauna, majestic view of the ocean - perfect. I was trying out the sauna for the first time and was lost in the moment when I heard voices which snapped my attention back to the real world. Two of my step daughter's friends turned up uninvited to check out the new house and had let themselves in through the pool door.

I had nothing but a towel around me to cover me so checked that it was going to stay around my waist and I ventured out. "Hi girls. Kathy isn't here sorry" I yelled across the pool. They were surprised to see me and apologised for just walking into the house. Hayley, the cocky one of the two said, "Awesome house Mr Naylor! Can we wait here til Kathy gets back?". I said, "Sure. The kitchen is at the top of the stairs. Help yourself to anything in the fridge and watch some tele if you like. Make sure you clean up any mess you make though."

They wandered up the stairs and I went back to sweating in my hot room. After 10 minutes I was once again startled by voices. The same voices. The two girls opened the sauna door wrapped in towels they had found. "Is it okay if we get sweaty with you Mr Naylor?" Hayley asked cheekily. I never got a chance to answer as they just walked in, shut the door and sat on one of the wooden benches. The quieter girl, Ann explained, "Kathy is going to be about an hour 'cos she has to go to dance practice. There's nothing on tele so we hoped you wouldn't mind if we stayed here."

"I have no problem with that girls. I assume you found some spare swimsuits in Kathy's room then?" I asked. Both girls giggled hysterically. I always thought of them as mature for 14 years old but right now they were certainly acting their age. Hayley managed to speak, "Ummm ...actually Mr Naylor we're both naked underneath the towels. We don't know where Kathy's room is yet but we found towels in the cupboard."

I was a little stunned and felt a bit of a twinge in my balls. Both girls were young and fit. Slim little bodies with small, pert tits. I know it seems wrong but I was getting more and more aroused by the knowledge they were only wearing towels. They kept giggling and whispering to each other and I did my best to hide my hardening cock that kept trying to poke through the gap in the front of my towel 'skirt'. Finally I started to relax in the heat again and closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment.

Once again their voices disturbed me but when I opened my eyes I couldn't believe what I saw. Hayley and Ann had removed their towels and were lying down on the benches. Hayley's knees were bent and I could see her whole naked body. Ann had one leg draped down to the lower bench so that her legs were apart. My cock was instantly hard again and I just stared at the gorgeous young bodies in front of me. Ann sat up when she realised I was looking at her and moved beside me. Shelooked down at my stiff cock pushing underneath my towel. Without saying a word she slid her hand down my stomach and released the towel from my waist so that my cock sprang out. Ann gasped and smiled then wrapped her hand around it. I was out of my mind. A drop of precum seeped out of my cock and Ann gently leaned forward and licked it off. She kept her head there and lifted off the bench to slide my cock into her mouth.

Hayley had been watching the whole time and moved over to me. She whispered in my ear that they had dared each other to seduce me while they were upstairs.Ann wasmoving her hot mouth up and down my shaft like a pro. Hayley stood up and placed a foot on either side ofme so that her hairless pussy was right in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out and had a little taste.Yum! She tasted warm and salty yet sweet and musky. Ann's mouth was really moving now and her hand was massaging my balls. Hermouth felt really hot and I could feel myself getting harder and harder. Ann suddenly stopped, lifted her mouth off my cock and then stood up for a moment before turning to face me and then sitting down hardon my cock. Hayley was still standing in fornt of me and Ann's nose pressed against Hayley's tight butt cheeks.Ann startedrocking backwards and forwards pushing Hayley's hips at my face. I felt Hayley reposition herself and I licked her pussy easily while she humped my face. Ann was already having an orgasm and I felt her pussy tighten really hard on my cock. When she stopped shaking she lifted off and Hayley sat down in the samespot inthe same position and with seconds was coming hard.

These young girls kept telling me that noneof the guys their age could last longer than a few seconds and they usually only came from playing with themselves. I was getting off on this BIG TIME! They swapped back and forth and had 6 or 7 orgasmseach before I told them that I was reallyclose to blowing. They eased me down so that I was laying flat on the bench. Ann startedher expert sucking again and Hayley positioned over me into a 69 position and helped Ann licka dn suck my cock. Hayles sweet how pussy was once again pushing down on my face but this time two hot mouths were allovermy cock. I couldn't hold back any longer and pushed my nose and mouth right into Hayleys pussy as I came hard into Hayleys hot mouth while Ann sucked my balls. Hayleys lifted her mouth off so Ann could have access and I continued to spasm and squirt cum. Both girls were moaning and writhing and my orgasm lasted for over a minute.

When I finished we all hugged and stroked each other before realising we would faint if wedidn't getout of the sauna soon. I opend the door and juped head firstinto the pool. The girls followed and the cooler water made me feel refreshed and ready for more ...

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