My Daughter's Friend Natalia Part # 7 & # 8

My Daughter's Friend Natalia Part # 7 & # 8

I head out to the kitchen to get the food for the barbeque, when my daughter comes in wearing her two peice light pink swim suit. It looks so nice on her the way the two patches of triangles hugs her sweet budding breast, and the small triangle down below just hinding that sweet puffy semi bald virgin pussy, that hugs around to a wonderful firm ass. Rachelle asks if I need any help? I tell her she can grab the plates and glasses. She is moving around me to get to the plates and glasses I told her about, when I noticed she keeps purpously running into me. She backs into me with her firm ass, right against my cock and then would jump back and say; " sorry! " (acting like she didn't know I was there). Man I was loving it!

We head out to the patio, where we placed the goodies and plates on the table. I head over to put the briques in the grille and to start the fire,( I like the old style barbeque grille, not the gas one, they are just not as much fun.) when my daughter comes up to watch me from behind. She wraps her arms around my stomach and leans over to the left asking if she can watch. I say; "of course",and she leans in more, feeling her perky tits rubbing on my back and her front up against my ass on one side, while she watches. I get the fire started and turn around, smiling, I look at her and give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her to go check on Natalia. ( I needed her to do that because I could feel my buldge rising in my swim trunks!) Rachell looks back at me and down and then smiles and says; " Ok daddy, I am sure she has changed into her suit by now." She heads off as I watch that sweet little ass swaying in that light pink suit of hers. NICE!

I make up the hambugers, hot dogs, and put the baked potatoes in aluminum foil and put them on the grille. The girls come running out of the house put their blankets on the lounge chairs by the pool. This is the first time I seen Natalia in her swim suit. She is wearing a pearl white suit that is held on with pieces of string to hold the small triangles on the top and two little pieces of string to hold the bottom. ( Thank goodness I am up by the grille, where the girls can't see my hard-on!) They get in to the water and are playing awhile and yell up at me to join them. I tell them that I would after we ate, that I needed to stay with the food so it doesn't burn. They yell back "ok!" and keep playing awhile. They get out a little later and go to the lounge chairs and lay down. I watch as they release their tops and lay on their backs, tanning themselves.

I look at their young bare teen bodies,their legs slightly spread and their ass just barely covered by their suit. All I could think about was me, getting behind them,spreading their legs apart, and sticking my seven inch dick deep inside their little juicy virgin holes. (Man! Was I horny!) The girls are laying there awhile and turn over, they pull their tops off and lay there taking in the sun. I can't beleive what I am seeing! I can see the girls in the daylight with their nice tits sticking straight out Rachelle with her A-cups sticking straight out and Natalia with her just budding nipples pointed out. ( I was in heaven!) I realized that I couldn't tell the girls it was time to eat with this raging hard-on. So I decided to put the food on the large serving plate and head indoors. When I got to the door I yelled down to the girls that the food was ready and that I would be right back.

I head into the bathroom, close the door behind me,yank my shorts down, and start stroking myself, thinking about those two luscious young virgins with their bare tits sticking straight out, waiting for me to suck on them, to twirl those beautiful little nipples around in my mouth, to feel their backs arch and to hear them moan from the sensation I would be giving their tits from the attack of my wiggling tongue. That was all I needed and I could feel my balls draw up and release a large load right into my hand and all over the top of my dick. ( I really needed that!) I cleaned my self up and head for the patio area, where the girls had already made their food and was sitting at the picnic table. I went over got myself a cheeseburger and a baked potatoe and sat down with them. I was on one side and they were on the other. We were talking and having fun when I noticed Natalia teasing my daughter with a hot dog eating it very slowly and smiling at her, making my daughter blush.

I saw her look over at me to see if I noticed, but I pretended not to. I could tell that Rachelle kicked Natalia under the picnic table and gave her that look like; Behave! Natalia just giggled and kept talking about all of us getting in the pool when we were done. I said;" that would be fine" That's when I saw both girls look at each other and smile with their eyebrows moving up and down,as if a plan was about to be hatched.

Part # 8
We had just finished eating and the girls ask; " If I was getting in the pool with them?" I tell the girls to go ahead and get in, I was going to clean the table off first. The girls head off to the pool and I get to watch two sweet young little asses in a bikini bottom sway torwards the pool. (nice!) I finish cleaning the table off and head over to the pool. The girls are playing and splashing each other, when I walk up and sit at the edge of the pool, with my legs in the water. The girls see me and come over torwards me saying; " Come on!, get in the pool." They start splashing me and my daughter moves torwards me, while Natalia heads over to the pool ladder and gets out to sneak up behind me. Rachelle comes up and grabs my hands trying to pull me in saying;" Come on daddy, get in." I keep pulling back against her and laughing, when Natalia comes up behind me wraps her arms around my neck and starts pushing on me from behind. I pretend that they are winning and I fall into the water. Rachelle starts splashing me, and Natalia jumps in right behind me splashing and laughing too. I retaliate with my own splashing back at them.

Natalia sneaks up behind me and grabs me around my neck with her arms and wraps her legs around my lower sides, trying to push me under the water. I can feel her little button nipples pushing against my back, and her hot body partially wrapped around behind me by a nice set of legs. I just wished they would have left those tops off so I could feel those sweet nipples against my back without the cloth barrier. I go under the water pretending she had won, she lets go of my neck and trys to swim away, when I grab her and pull her back torwards me. I put my arm over her chest, feeling one of her little pointy nipples in my hand and put my other arm under her crotch, grabbing that firm ass with the other hand, and throwing her into the water. My daughter grabs me around my neck from behind, I can feel her sweet firm little A-cup titties pushing on my back and my dick starts to react to all of these sensations I was getting from the girls.

Natalia comes back over and grabs me around my shoulders from the front and pulls her body against mine, wrapping her legs around my waist and pushing down, acting like she was trying to pull me under, while my daughter was pushing me from behind. Natalia pushes down when she realizes that she is hitting something hard against her covered pussy and knows it is my hard dick, she looks up at me and keeps pushing down pretending I didn't know what she was doing. (Here is this little mink trying to get off and acting like it is just play.) I start tickeling her sides and she lets go and goes under the water moving her hands around, touching my dick and going around me. I go back under again getting my daughter to let go, I grab her by the waist, putting my hand under her ass and throwing her. The girls move over to each other and I swim under the water to where they are, grabbing their feet, making them jump, and coming up behind them. This time the girls go under grabbing my feet letting their hands run into my dick as they swim between my legs.

When the girls come up they say;" Come on go under our legs see if you can swim under them." I swim under Natalia and as I go past her, I let my hand slide across her littlle slit and come up when I look over at her, I can tell she liked it. My daughter says; "My turn!" I dove under the water torwards my daughter, she has her legs spread as I swim under, I look up and could see the outline of her sweet pussy in her bathing suit, I let my hand slide across her pussy as I went past her I felt her jerk for a second as I did this. When I came up I realized I had this massive hard-on and had to do something with it. I swim over to the ladder and got out. The girls ask; "Where are you going?" I tell them " I am going to the bathroom, I'll be back." I go to the bathroom, yank my swimtrunks down, and start stroking my dick thinking about the girls hard titties and sweet puffy pussies and how it would feel to have this stuffed way up inside their virgin snatches! I could feel my jewels tighten up, my legs go weak as I sent hot streams of hot goo right into my hand and into the toilet ( MAN! Did I come!)

I clean myself up and head back out. I get out to the pool area and lay in a lounge chair on my stomach. The chair is set up that I can watch the girls with my head turned sideways. The girls get out of the pool come over and lay down too,my daughter asks; " If I would put lotion on her back?" and Natalia asks the same too. So I got up, went over to my daughter, got on my knees and put the lotion in my hand. Just I was about to put it on her, she lifts up and takes her top off, I can see the side of her lucious tittie pushed against the chair and how I wanted to suck that tittie soooo bad. I put the lotion on her back down her sides rubbing just the sides of her lovely titties and start down to her bottom. I stop there when she ask to do her legs too, I grab the lotion start at her ankles move across the outside of her legs. I put more lotion on my hands and move to the inside of her legs, as I get closer to the top, she spreads her legs giving me a sweet view of her puffy pussy covered by her pink suit that has sank into her little slit. I ran my hands up rubbing her legs and lightly touching her pussy. I could hear her whisper a high pitch uh and then it got to be a suttle moan. I couldn't beleive how wet she got I could see the milky juice starting to leak around the labia of her pussy! ( I wanted to taste that pussy sooo bad!)

I didn't want to give myself away so I stopped and headed over to Natalia. She already had her top off and I kneeled to put lotion on her back, I noticed that she had taken her bottom and slid the sides into her ass crack to tan her buns too (She had such a firm tight little ass!) I started putting on the lotion on her back and started down till I got to her swim suit line, I stopped there and started at her ankles moving over and inside her legs. I did the same to her as my daughter, touching her pussy while putting lotion on the inside of her legs and saved her ass for last. I rubbbed her ass as long as I could without being too obvious. Natalia's ass felt so firm and smooth to the touch as I moved my hands from the top to the bottom, I noticed she was breathing harder and moving her pelvis in rythum with my hands and moaning under her breath. ( I had just comed about a half an hour ago and here I am getting hard again!) Finally I was done and had to stop. I laid down on the chair with a semi hard-on! ( These girls knew how to light my fire!)

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