Office dream part 5

Office dream part 5

It was a midsummer day at the office and everybody was complaining about the temperature although it was still early in the morning. The heat drenched my body with sweat. Dropping into my chair at the office, I turned on the fan and waited for some relief. I was trying to concentrate on my project but after a short time the heat got my thoughts wandering. I decided to take a little time off to surf. I clicked through my favorite sites. Soon I played a video of two girls and a guy. The guy sure looked happy, he was fucking one of the girls and had the other licking the others pussy and his own cock as he rammed into her. When it stopped I changed to another. This time it was two guys fucking one girl. The girl had her lips wrapped around a thick cock that was ramming into her. Which lips? Both. Her mouth was being fucked hard, the guy had a hand in her hair forcing her down on him while the other guy held her hips and thrust into her. My cock twitched in my pants.
I looked over to my co-worker and my brain stopped working as all the blood escaped to lower regions. Her skirt was up at her hips and her legs hung loosely apart. She lifted one leg to spread her legs further and revealed a black cotton thong. I could see her lips pressed up against it. There was a darkening of colour in the middle of the fabric. She was wet. My cock stirred again. She sighed and began to fan herself with her blouse unbuttoning it lower. She smiled slightly. Grabbing a handkerchief from her bag she rubbed it between her breasts cleaning up the sweat that had beaded there. She leaned back in her chair and started to tweak her nipples, making them even harder. Those nipples, they always seemed to be ready to go. Always poking through whatever top she wore. Damn that was a turn on. They just demanded attention. I felt my cock working its way up my leg now, just thinking about her and those hard nipples.
My fingers traced the stiffness in my pants as she very slowly ran her finger down to her thigh, her hand lingering close to her damp thong. I was mesmerized by what I watched. My hand, undetectable under my desk, was rubbing at my now fast growing bulge. Slowly her fingers began to trace her pussy lips over the wet spot in her thong. My breath became shaky as I gripped my shaft through my pants. She was practically fingering herself. I nearly came in my pants when she pulled her thong to the side and began to run a finger up and down her slit dipping one finger into her wet folds.
I needed to get off so bad. It was torture, sitting there in the office watching her masturbate practically in everybodys view, thinking about the things we had done just here. The times I had tasted her breasts, sucked and bit on those delicious nipples, touched her, made her cum. My cock was trying to burst out of my pants. I bit my lip, feeling as if I was going to explode.
I locked my computer and groaned „I have to go to the men's room“
I had just reached the facility and closed the door behind me when I ripped my pants open, tugging it and my shorts down to my knees. My cock slapped against my belly. I looked down and saw the head dripping with precum, swollen and throbbing. My fingers wrapped around it, and slipped through the lube I had provided. Without wasting a second I began to stroke it very fast and hard near the tip, knowing this would get me off fast. Just then the outer door opened again and I heard my co-worker say „Am I to late?“
I opened the door slightly with my cock in my hand and showed her my cock jerking in my fingers. She said grinning, "You look tense, I think you need something to relax." All sense left me as her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock. The thrill of being touched by her in our unisex rest-room, where at any moment someone could come in and see us, send a shiver down my spine, arousing me even more. She began to stroke me slowly, her hand moving along my cock, squeezing gently. "Oh yes," I whispered. I urged her to grip it harder and stroke it more forcefully. The pressure around my cock got tighter, wringing a moan from my gut. She stroked it harder and faster, I closed my eyes for a second from the unbearable pleasure. “Ooohh yes.” I sighed, and she further increased the speed in which her fingers moved around my cock. “That’s it. A little harder.” I instructed, and she complied. She increased the pressure of her hand, squeezing hard around me. I wanted to speed things up further and began to rub near the top again while she continued to stroke the lower part of my shaft. My balls were waiting, begging for release. I matched her stroke for stroke. She stroked me so hard that it was on the verge of hurting and that combined with my own hand on my tip brought me to a quick and intense orgasm. I just managed to come into my hand, escaping the need to clean the wand and floor. She handed me some paper tissues and I cleaned myself.
I watched her exit and waited for at least a minute before going back to our office. Our colleagues had continued to work, obviously not noticing our combined absence.
As she turned to me, greeting me with a broad grin, something in me snapped. I was suddenly tired of playing cat and mouse. She had deliberately teased me with the blow jobs and letting me watch her masturbate, turning me on from day one, and I'd kept fantasizing, allowing it to consume my thoughts for the past several weeks. We chatted online and discussed our sexual preferences and wishes and often these chats turned out to be another method of stimulation, chatting to turn each other on to cum. She exchanged hot porn photos and videos with me, getting me hard and in need of release more often than ever before. She even played in front of me with her dildo, fucking herself with the toy while I could only feel her lips and tongue on me, yearning for the feeling of her pussy around my cock. Yet she never allowed it to go further than that. Our makeout sessions had never taken me as far as I wanted to go with her. Today, I wanted all of her, and that's what I intended to get. I was ready to give this woman the fucking of her life. It was time for her to deliver. As I sat there, looking into her eyes, I knew exactly what I had to do. But I still had to get some additional equipment to drive my point home. Having my pressure released and my resolve reached I could now concentrate on my project and the time to midday passed fast.
During the lunch break I drove to an adult store nearby. I had never been to one before. There was one employee at the counter half asleep, and no one else in the store. I walked down the isle of porn videos and found the toy isle. There were strapons and dildos hanging from the racks. There were vibrators in multiple forms and sizes. There was even a thing that looked like a tube but it had lips on the end, for masturbating I assumed. I stood there looking at the assortment and I eventually purchased what I thought I would need at the store.
I came up to her in the office when I returned and told her I needed to see her in our office after work. Having prepared everything I turned to my work again, and had a very productive afternoon.
I noticed that all other colleagues had already called it a day. I got up, locked the door and walked around the desks until I stood behind her. I just stood there, playing out in my mind what I would do with her, waiting for her to notice me. After two long minutes of waiting she finished her task on the computer and turned around.
She stared at the bulge forming in my pants. My arousal was quite evident. She reached out until she felt my cock and started massaging it through my pants. „Like a blow job?" she breathed. I shook my head „I want you. I need to feel your pussy massaging my cock.” She looked at me and said „I couldn’t go all the way.” I told her to look at my computer screen, to have a look at something that would change her mind.
Last time when we were making out I had installed a webcam showing the area around my desk. The idea back then was to have some really personal video to look at to get myself off. But this morning, when I reached my resolve to get more of her then she wanted to give, the little video became a much more powerful tool. The video, currently running on my computer screen showed her getting fingered by me and riding out her orgasm on my fingers while I sucked on her breasts. The next scene showed her giving me a blowjob and obviously enjoying herself very much.
I went behind her and told her if she kept denying me, I would send the video to her husband and all our colleagues. Her eyes widened with fear and I used her silence to say „I took an erection enhancer just before we started our little meeting here, so I am going to have plenty for you, little cocktease, from now on you are my office toy to use as I please, or you will loose your job and your husband." I turned her around and pushed her back at my desk. I grabbed her ankles and removed her shoes and socks, then reached to her waist and unbuttoned her waistband and unzipped her skirt. As I pulled her zipper down, I pressed against her pubic mound, massaging her sex through the cloth. She squirmed at the touch. I pulled off her skirt, and was pleased to see her black thong again. My cock swelled at the sight.
She groaned when I grabbed hold of her breasts, squeezing her flesh through her clothes.
My hands meet at the centre of her chest, and I unbuttoned the top button on her blouse. I now moved downward on her chest, unbuttoning as I go. When the last button was free, I pulled the sides of the blouse from her, sliding it to the floor. Faster than I could think, I had undone her bra and pushed it down to join her blouse. Her bare breasts were now resting directly in front of my eyes and I went down on them alternating between both of them sucking hard and biting the nipples. She groaned „No, not so hard, it hurts, you are biting my nipples to hard“. I ignored her and continued my ministrations for a minute or two and was rewarded with the sight of two swollen, hard and wet nipples pointing in my direction. She gasped as she felt my hands on her hips again, and this time they were moving down, carrying her thong downward as they went. The waistband of her thong stretched past the cheeks of her ass, and seconds later she was completely nude while I was still fully dressed.
I pushed her down on my desk with her legs spread wide apart. I told her that her job was just to lay there and do what I asked. She had a little frown on her face but didn’t say a word. She looked really scared but she did as I said. I then looked her over and man did she look hot. I spread her legs out a little more, I began to rub her smooth little clit with my hand. She tried to squirm away, but I was far too strong, I easily held her in place. I continued to work on her pussy and clit until, even against her wish her pussy betrayed her and began to get really wet. I let my fingers pass right by her clit, the opening moist from her excitement. I sank my middle two fingers as deep as they would go and brought my thumb to rest on the tip of her clit. I drove my fingers in fast, deep and roughly and then rapidly repeated the procedure. After a short time I added my index finger. I continued and she produced more and more fluids with each passing moment. She writhed again as my slick thumb brushed her clit. Her eyes clenched tightly shut as she continued to writhe and moan deep in her throat. It was then it struck me. My power over her had changed. This was a different power, a sexual power.
As I added the fourth finger to those already in her body and thrashed up and down. Her clit had swollen to the point that contact could not have been avoided by anything working its way between her legs. I whispered to her „See that my little office toy? Your pussy knows what you are, knows what you like even if you won’t admit it." I then guided her left hand down to her pussy and told her to start rubbing. I sat back down on my chair to enjoy the view and watched as she started rubbing herself and poking her middle finger deep up into her pussy. I told her to slowly pull the finger out of her pussy and take it to her lips. Then suck it in just like it was a cock. I watched and she did as I asked. My cock got twitched watching that. I told her to start masturbating again and not to stop. I sat there watching her rubbing herself for several minutes. I slipped out of my shoes and undid my pants and shorts, pushing them to the floor and started to stroke myself slowly. I relished both, the feeling of being totally in control and the friction of my hand slowly massaging my cock. She moaned “Do you like it? Does it turn you on to watch me playing with myself?“ “Fuck yes.” I whispered. “But not as much as I like to participate.”
I then told her to turn over. I watched as she turned over, her breasts and stomach now resting on my desk. I positioned her legs pretty wide open. At first she didn’t relax but I told her again, I mean it, don’t push me to send that email. At that point she gave up and let her body loose. I had her start fingering herself again. Her fingers began to rub and stroke her aroused clit. She was busy with her pussy and it was just perfect for me to stand between her legs.
I grabbed her by her hips and moved between her legs and I lined my rock hard cock up with her wet slit and pushed the head of my swollen cock against her hole. I could feel my head pushing against her pussy, rubbing her juices around. Soft words came out of her again „Oh please no, don’t“. I felt her hand leave her pussy and move up to my cock to block it. I pushed her hand back to her clit and said, you better cum before me or the mail will go. The next thing she felt was my cock pushing to find the entrance to her pussy. „We shouldn't be doing this. I don’t want it. Please don’t. No, please don’t, I'll do anything else you want, just please aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!" she pleaded in vain. My head then found the entrance and with one hard push I shoved my cock into her, it only went in part way even as wet as she was. I could hear another „Oh please no“come very silently from her lips. I pretended I didn’t hear that since she didn’t say it very loudly. Her pussy felt so good. I pulled out and rammed into her again as hard as I could and she took me a little deeper in. I pulled back out until only the head of my cock was in her. I rammed forward again and buried my cock all the way into her. Now I started sliding in and out very slowly. She was sobbing, begging me to stop, but I just held her down there, slowly fucking her willing pussy, but unwilling mind. "You like that don’t you, little toy, huh? Come on now, no feeling sorry for yourself. Work it, work that pussy" I said in her ear. I began to increase my pace in her, taking longer strokes, and faster and harder. I leaned forward and told her I wanted to hear how good it was, how great it felt, how much she wanted me to keep fucking her. I said „I don’t want you to stop telling me this until you cum. Start right now“. She knew I meant business. Then she started: "Oh please, don’t stop, fuck me hard. Oh, I love it, I want it, I need it." Until before long I was pounding at her pussy like mad. I could hear her soft cries and sobs between her talking as I watched her frame shake with the violence of the fucking I was giving her. Her big breasts jerked with every thrust, and combined with the rhythmic slapping of my stomach against her ass I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I felt her rubbing harder and faster on her pussy. The feeling of her contracting pussy around my cock was amazing. Her sobbing and begging had ceased and she was now actually fucking back against me. It felt tremendous. I soon realized I didn’t have to move anymore. Her body fucked forward and back against my body. She kept this up for a couple of minutes, her body continued slamming into me. Her talking went to funny sounding groans then she yelled out pretty loud, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh, I'm cumming." And did she cum. It felt like her whole pussy vibrated on my cock. "This is my pussy, you got that? Mine" I told her, "I will take it whenever I want you little toy, so you better get to liking it". With that I shot my load and came hard and deep in her pussy. I let the feeling fade away then slowly pulled out of her.
She hadn’t moved since I pulled out and I had her turn over on her back and lay down again. "Please, what are you going to do with me now?" She pleaded. "I told you, you are my toy, and I'll take you whenever and however I want, and you need to learn it“.
I pushed the tip of my cock against her asshole, and she inhaled again. She started shaking her head and said „No, no, no“. She looked as if she was about to scream. I told her again if she kept it up, I would loose it and the video would go through the mail. This settled her down a lot though I could still see her crying. I pressed the head of my cock inward, and her virgin anus betrayed her and widened around it. She moaned at the violation of her tight back passage. I pushed my cock hard. "Ow, ow, stop!" she cried, but I wasn't about to do that. I didn't care that it hurt her. She begged me to stop, but I continued to push. A moment later I felt her O-ring give way, and my cock broke through the defences. This was, without a doubt, the tightest ass I'd ever fucked. It was nearly painful for me to continue, but I managed, very slowly shoving my cock deep into her, until my balls were against her. She screamed and cried, stretching her upper body, trying to get away from the pain. When I could give it a go, I slid back and forth, loosening her ass. I grabbed her around the waist, and started sliding my fingers up and down her clit. She tried in vain to get away. My grasp on her hips became tighter as her ass became looser, and soon I was pumping at a good pace. My balls slapped against her with each successive slam. The feeling got even better as I pounded her twice as rough as I did before. She started gasping in air, her asshole was no longer tight, but a gaping hole, and I could fuck her as easily as I wanted. I stopped pumping and tensed up. As she squirmed below my fingers, which were still massaging her clit, I ejaculated and shots and streams of cum went up her torn ass. I groaned one more time as I emptied the last drop of cum in her ass. At the end of my orgasm, I slid my cock out of her bright red ass to reveal just how big of a chasm I had made. My cock was getting smaller and flaccid now.
She tried to get up and turn away but I kept her down, laying her out on her back again.
I stepped up until my cock was on her lips and then in her mouth. “I’m not done with you. Suck it toy!” I said, “Suck it good. I know you like it. Lick it.” She slipped the cock into her mouth and, using her tongue, began to massage it. “Ohhhh, fuck” I sighed as she took me deep into the warmth of her mouth. “That’s it, suck my cock”. Her mouth was flooded with saliva as she began to slowly bob her head, making soft, slurping sounds as she sucked me. I soon felt myself growing hard in her mouth. This erection enhancer was really worth the money I spend on it. My hand was on her head in her brown hair forcing her down so I was completely in her mouth. Sliding my hands over her grabbing her breasts and squeezing, feeding on the sensual feel of them I increased the pace and intensity of my strokes into her mouth. She began to suck harder on my cock as I rocked, picking up the pace. She got a good mouth-fucking. She deserved it, no, I deserved to receive it. Fucking her mouth I felt my cock harden even more than before and I pulled it out of her mouth. "Let me fuck your breasts, toy!" I groaned and moved over them, not giving her time to respond. With my right hand I reached down and rubbed her pussy. She had let out some more juices. I took my hand and rubbed it all across her huge breasts, especially the space between them. I put my hand in her pussy one more time and started to rub myself with it. It felt so good. Grabbing a hold of her huge breasts I pinched and twisted them fast and hard, and then I was sliding my cock between them. My hands gripped her breasts and squished them over my cock. I moved back and forth as she struggled against her own rising pleasure. I started to thrust back and forth, lost in fucking. She twisted and groaned as the waves of pain and pleasure racked her upper body. I squeezed harder as my pace increased. With each forward thrust I dug my fingers deeper.
When I felt that I was going to come soon I moved back to her mouth and thrust my cock deep into her throat. Holding her head in my hands, I rolled her mouth around my aching cock, groaning as my balls contracted. I began having little regard for the tenderness of her mouth, and began thrusting my ass in circles, and shoving me into her mouth! I plunged hard right in the centre of her mouth. All she could do was to take it. Each thrust was outrageously delicious! I came in her hot mouth. She raised her head a little; her pursed lips gliding along the shaft as my cock send a thick pulse of cum into her mouth. When she felt that I was emptied of cum, and my cock was flaccid again, she swallowed what was in her mouth and slowly backed her head away, sliding my cock out.
I told her to stay put and walked over to my desk, opening the bag with the toys I had bought during my lunch break at midday. First I pulled out the black 9.5 inch waterproof black multi-speed vibrator, 1.5 inch in diameter and firm for maximum penetration. Second came a 10 inch clear jelly dildo with balls, 2 inch in diameter. It was extremely flexible and had bulging veins all up and down the shaft and the tip was a huge, helmet shaped affair that swelled a little thicker than the shiny shaft. To finish the set I took the jelly cock rings out and strapped one on my cock and one around my balls. The cock rings worked real fast and I could feel their pressure practically pumping up my cock. I walked over to her showing her the toys and relishing in her new, apparent wave of fear. I said "I already told you, you are my toy now and you need to learn it. I’m going to teach you so you won’t ever forget“.
I pressed the vibrator against her juicy pussy and turned it on. I wanted to shove the whole 9.5 inch vibe inside her right then, but I resisted. I touched the tip to her nub. She trembled, and then began to moan. I continued to gently stroke her clit and her pussy lips with the tip. Then I began to tease the vibrator toward her throbbing hole. I spread her lips wide and made slow circles around her pussy. I would ease the tip toward her hole, and then pull away. She knew what was going to happen, eventually, but I wanted her hot for it before I moved on.
I continued to rub the vibe on her clit. She tensed in surprise and her hips bucked in shock and undeniable, unwanted pleasure. Her pelvis arched upwards and then shook as she was flung into an orgasm that left her quivering on the desk. My cock was twitching for action again.
I reached behind me and grabbed the transparent dildo. I rubbed an ample amount of her juices on the dildo. I guided the broad head of the jelly dildo to the edge of her swollen pussy and hesitated only a moment before I thrust it in deep. "Very sexy watching it disappear inside of you. Watching your pussy tighten around it and draw it inside. You like that my little office toy?" I asked. I started to pump her as hard and fast as I could. After a minute I pressed the still very wet vibrator against the once more tiny hole of her ass and pushed, forcing it inside slowly. She instantly tried unsuccessfully to retreat from the dildo and painful vibrator. With the vibrator now fully inside of her anus I turned it on and pumped her fast and hard with both.
"Now tell me this is that what you wanted. Two cocks fucking you at one time." She groaned and gasped "Oh yes! Double fuck me! Rape my pussy and my ass!" With that, I started thrusting into her pussy and her ass faster and faster. I was rubbing my cock against her thigh, trying not to cum before I had the chance to fuck her like that toy was doing.
"Turn that vibrator up! Play it over that clit!" I ordered, pulling the vibrator out of her anus and pressing it against her clit. She moaned and quickly turned the vibrator up on high. My mind was in a cloud of pure ecstasy now, seeing her squirm on my desk. I took the big dildo out of her pussy and started to fuck her anus with it. Cum was sipping out of her pussy. I left the dildo buried deep in her anus and moved myself to press the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I spread her legs as I stroked the widening expanse of her pussy with my erect cock, knowing that her body was again surrendering to me even what she would not. I stuck my cock in where the toy just had been. She moaned as I went in her inch by inch until I was balls deep. Her pussy was a lot tighter than before. „Remember that dildo in your ass? That's what's making your pussy so tight“, I said, feeling the dildo slide in and out of her a little with each of my thrusts. I could feel the dildo rubbing against my cock through the thin layer of tissue between them, it felt incredible hot. I started fucking her slow, then picked up my pace and fucked her harder and faster. I grabbed her hips with both hands and pumped vigorously for several seconds. Not caring about how she felt anymore I banged in and out of her wonderfully tight pussy rubbing against the moving dildo. She gripped to the sides of the desk crying but I couldn’t care less. I held on to her hips even tighter and began to roughly thrust into her. Sweat started to form on my forehead as my cock drilled her on my office desk, her breasts moving up and down to the speed of my thrusts. I pounded her so hard her whole body shook including the desk she was laying on. All I could hear was skin slapping, my groans, her whimpers and the soft purring of the vibrator. I slammed into her time and time again feeling my skin grow hot and sweaty. She continued to rub the vibrator around her clit, pressing down hard on it. Finally, she involuntarily orgasmed, I felt her legs go limp as she shuddered through the forced orgasm. It was so erotic, seeing and feeling her squirm from the massive orgasm, it crashed through her body, gripping it tightly and keeping her there at it’s throbbing peak of ecstasy. Her body shuddered violently as the waves of her climax washed over her again and again, unwilling to release her yet from its grip. Her obviously painfully intense orgasm shook her like a leaf and her contractions got to me, massaging my cock until I could stand it no longer, even with the cock rings I could last only so long. Grabbing her hips I pulled her to me causing her to drop the vibrator. I threw my head back and gasped as I came again into her hot pussy.
I pulled off the cock rings still tightly wrapped around my balls and cock and then I pulled the dildo slowly out of her ass. I turned back to her "Okay, now you are going to suck my cock clean." When she didn't answer I leaned forward until our faces nearly touched. "Or I put the dildo back in your pussy and fuck your ass at the same time." "Okay, okay I'll do it." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I'll do anything you want." "Good girl". She licked me clean, leaving a shiny flaccid cock. I was now completely exhausted and had satisfied all my penned up needs!
I bowed down to her and asked "Is my little toy ready to service me obediently now? She nodded her head. "You liked that didn’t you?" She shuddered and said through clenched teeth "Yes, I cant believe it, the way you just took me, raped me, used me, made me so hot I couldn’t help it, though I hate you for that you asshole". I grinned "Hate me all you want, but remember you're mine now, my little office toy. You can get yourself and the other toys cleaned up now, I’m done with you", I said, „Until next time“.

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