Lexy and Me: Lexy and Her Friend

Lexy and Me: Lexy and Her Friend

I'll step away from the true encounters I've had with my vivacious Lexy to pen a great fantasy of mine, as I'm sure most guys share it. It goes something like this. We'll call Lexy's friend. . . . . . . . .Tiffany. Of course, that's not the name of the girl I modeled her from.
It goes a little something like this. . . . . . . .

We had to bring Tiffany along with us on our date, so it was more of a friend hangout kinda thing. We live in a pretty rural area, and the nearest town with a movie theater is about a 30 minute drive. Lexy was in the backside of my beat up ford, talking to Tiffany. Tiffany shares many of the same features as Lexy. She has honey-blonde hair with blue eyes, pale skin, and a knockout body. More than once has Lexy asked me if I'd like to try some things with Tiffany. Of course, I've always said no.

We were taking Tiffany because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. Lexy is a very caring person, and didn't want leave Tiffany alone that night. So I drove, both gorgeous girls in the back, with Led Zeppelin playing softly through the speakers. The song was "Black Dog".

It was dark outside. Around nine thirty. I stopped the tape to talk to the girls as we drove comfortably along a back road that leads into town. I didn't say anything, seeing the two girls sitting quite close together in the back seat. I couldn't see what they were doing, but they were awfully quiet. I decided to take a slight detour and drove up onto an old logging road to my right. I drove for about a mile and suddenly flipped the dome light on. I instantly became hard at the sight in the back seat.

Lexy was leaning her head down to Tiffany's chest. Tiffany's black dress was pulled down below her full breasts. Lexy had her lips locked around Tiffany's pink nipple! I stopped the car as they both looked up. Tiffany was flushed and excited. Lexy had a fierce horniness in her eyes. Neither looked embarassed. Lexy went back to sucking on Tiffany's nipple and eased her hand up to Tiffany's crotch. Tiffany began to moan loudly as Lexy stroked her in the dark shadows cast by her dress. Suddenly, Lexy opened the door and both darted outside into the warm balmy summer night. Lexy poked her head back in.

"You coming babe?" She asked with a smile. I nodded, shut off the dome light, turned the key to ACC position, turned up the tape and got out. Lexy already had Tiffany up on the hood of my car, her dress hiked up to her waste, revealing black lacy panties. I watched, astonished, as Lexy began to tongue Tiffany's wet pink pussy lips in the bright moonlight. Just then, the tape began to play.

"Hey, hey mama, said the way you move. . . . ." the lead singer sang.

Lexy thrust two fingers up inside Tiffany, who moaned in pleasure.

"Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove. . . . . ." Robert Plant continued on the tape player.

Lexy began to fuck Tiffany to the rhythm of the sex groove created by the song.

"Ah, ah child, the way you shake that thing. . . . . . . ." the singing came again.

Lexy bent her head to toy with Tiffany's sensetive clit, making her gasp and try to catch her breath.

"Gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting." And now the guitar came in, picking up the pace.

Lexy bore down on Tiffany's cunt, tongue-fucking her and rubbing her clit. Tiffany arched her slim back off the hodd and came, moaning loudly.

It was so fucking unreal. The music, the sex, the moonlight. It was like a wet dream. Lexy backed off and grabbed my hand, pulling me over to Tiffany's prone, pliantly wet body. She unzipped my pants and let my cock spring free. Rubbing its hard length, she said,

"Tiffany has wanted you to fuck her for the longest time." She smiled sweetly as Tiffany opened her legs. I had a perfect view of her pusy lips, pink and swollen. In the moonlight she looked like some kind of succubus from the sexiest part of hell. Lexy guided my dick into Tiffany's sweet wet pink pussy with some difficulty. It was so tight. Tiffany moaned as I began to pull it out and shove it in in a steady rhythm that matched the song.

Lexy began to rub Tiffnay's clit as I fucked her tight body, shuddering every time I was buried completely inside her. Tiffany was going wild by the time I started to speed up.

"Oh, fuck me baby, fuck me!!! Oh God. . . .I'm gonna. . . . . . . ohhhhhh!" She began to cum as I started really pounding her, giving it to her so fast that her tits bounced and there was a wet slapping sound that came every time my dick filled her sticky pink hole. It felt incredible to be fucking my girlfriend's best friend. About the time I felt I was about to come Lexy pulled my dick out of Tiffany's cunt and held it, cutting off the orgasm I was about to have. She slowly jacked me off, tightly grasping my dick in her small hand. Looking over her shoulder she called to Tiffany,

"Hey Tiff, you ready?" She asked. Tiffany sat up, her tits still hanging over the top of her dress. She laughed and hopped off the hood, only to kneel in front of me. "Hell yes." she said in a raspy voice.

Lexy kneeled beside her and they both began to rub my dick. It felt great, but I wasn't prepared for them to start licking my shaft. Big, long strokes that left me begging for more. Soon Lexy was sucking my cock off, bobbing her blonde head on it like it was her favorite fucking lolipop. She stopped, and Tiffany began sucking and licking my swollen dick. Tiffany got up and went over to the car, bending over the hood, hiking up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. Tiffany released me from her mouth and I walked over to Lexy's bare ass. I dropped my pants and slid my wet dick into her equally wet pussy.

She moaned in a high pitched voice and begged me to fuck her harder,

"Oh God, baby, you're so. . . . . . .oh, OH GOD!! Harder baby, baby, give it to me. . . . . .har-harder!!"

She was practically screaming it as I gripped her hips and slammed my entire force into the fucking I was giving her. Soon I was cumming, letting my load squirt inside her. I became sensitive, but I ignored it. I continued to fuck her as hard and fast as possible. She began to cum, squealing her pleasure to the world, and it wasn't until a while later that I let her come down to earth and stopped fucking her. The song was long over, but it would forever lay nestled in my memory as my favorite thing to lsten to while I had sex.

We got back in the car and saw the movie, dropped Tiffany off, and I went to take Lexy home. She was talking about one of her other friends, Kaylie. She was having boyfriend trouble. I thought of Kaylie's sweet plump ass and smooth tan legs. I turned to Lexy and smiled,

"We're going out next Friday. Bring her along. We'll be sure to cheer her up."

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