Amanda's Story_(0)

Amanda's Story_(0)

Amanda was in her room surfing when her iPhone rang, “Hello.” Amanda answered. It was her best friend inviting her out to a rave party on Halloween.

“Where,” Amanda asked? It was not like Amanda had planned anything for Halloween evening, it falling on a Monday this year and she was much past the age of Trick or Treating. ‘What the hell,’ Amanda thought and she agreed to go to the party with Sarah.

The party was a rave that moved around so you never knew when or where it was going to show up, Amanda had heard about this party but never imagined being invited, it just wasn’t her thing. She tapped the glass on her phone and Siri’s sassy voice asked “What may I help you with?”

“Remind me of a Party today at 6PM.” Amanda spoke carefully as to not confuse the technological assistant. Sure it was overkill. Amanda could clearly remember a party later this evening and it was not like her appointment book was full or anything, but Siri did pique Amanda interest.

“Here is your reminder for October 31, 2011 at 6PM.” Siri showed.

Amanda looked toward her closet, “What to wear to a Halloween Rave?” she said to no one in particular.

Sir must have still been active as she responded, “I’m sorry Goddess would you like me to look that up for you?” Amanda giggled.

Clothes went flying from Amanda’s closet, “Nope… Nope… Yuck why do I still own that… Er…. Nope… Maybe…” Half of her closet must have found its way from the hanger to in front of or modeled on Amanda before she finally found the black and white checked thigh length dress and dark hose.

‘Classy for a rave?’ she thought.

Amanda continued to do the things she needed to get ready for the night and by the time Sarah arrived she was ready to go to her first Halloween rave. That was until Sarah walked in wearing a tattered dress, black fishnet stockings, with a pair of black knee length patent leather boots, black fuzzy angle wings and a glittering red pair of horns. Sarah took one look at Amanda, “You’re not wearing that to a Halloween party?” she asked.

“Is it that time already?” Amanda covered. Sarah quickly grabbed her hand leading her back to her room for the redo. Digging through a bag that she brought and some of Amanda’s stuff they were able to pull off a black cat suit complete with black fuzzy ears. Black eyeliner and thick fishing line completed the look, ‘where did they find fishing line’ Amanda thought to herself. Another pair of knee high black suede boot completed the soft kitty look ‘Hey how did Sarah know to bring suede boots?’ Amanda started to think Sarah planned this out to include her costume.

Sarah smiled, “Now you look absolutely delicious.”

As they arrived at an old warehouse downtown Amanda could see the line of people waiting outside to get into the party all in various costumes. There were mummies, Cleopatras, slutty witches, super heroes, Romans, Spartans, Zulus, a few dead presidents, and a line of go go girls pulled out of the 50s. Sarah parked her car and they made their way to the end of the line where they waited and waited.

“You sure about this?” Amanda asked after thirty minutes of not moving in the line.

“This is supposed to be the best party in town.” Sarah confirmed.

It might be if the girls could get inside. They could hear the loud bass of the music in which the crowd talking over made for a very loud. Amanda was really not too sure about this and was even less sure about getting inside. But, Sarah seemed to have her heart set on this party so Amanda would give it a little bit more before complaining that the line was not moving. In fact it was only getting longer as more ghosts, ghouls, and gobbilins showed up.

Soon a large man dressed as a barbarian complete with arms the size of a man’s legs and a large double bladed axe was picking people out of line and sending them to the front. “You… You… and You…” he went down the line. A shorter guy dressed as a wise guy complete with violin case pointed to Sarah and Amanda.

“You two with anyone?” the barbarian asked.

“Just each other.” Sarah replied. Amanda nodded in agreement.

“Fine the slut and the pussy as well.” and the barbarian turned before either girls could protest. Sarah did mutter about being a fallen angle and not a slut but decided getting into the party was worth it. Besides what did he know, he was just a big dumb barbarian who probably set the high bar for muscle bound idiots.

Soon the red velvet ropes parted at the front of the line and Sarah and Amanda were in the party. When the doors opened their senses were assaulted with the booming of bass and pounding of music. The room was dark and crowded with flashing lights, a disco ball or two, and fog filled the room. The smell of alcohol was thick as drinks were everywhere. The girls had to elbow and push their way into the warehouse more than once running into spider webs and creepy crawlies that felt way more real than they should.

Sarah tried saying something to Amanda which was lost it the loud music, “WHAT!” Amanda screamed back.

“You want something to drink?” Sarah hollered.

Amanda was fairly thirsty having taken a long time to get into the party. Sarah grabbed Amanda’s hand and pulled her toward a pine casket that had a man dressed as the rear half of a horse serving drinks.

“Why are you dressed as half a horse?” Amanda hollered over the music.

“Because my front half ran off with some filly leaving me with nothing but ass.” the bartender joked dryly with a crooked grin.

Drinks where basically being made at full tilt by the half horse who placed them on the casket which people then took dropping $5 into a slot into the casket. Amanda grabbed something red while Sarah ended up with something orange. Amanda sipped her something which was spicy, thick and powerful feeling. The red liquid burned its way down her throat. Sarah was busy stuffing $10 into the coffin while Amanda’s head exclaimed, ‘Wow’ over the potency of the drink.

“I may have made it a double, er triple. Shit I don’t know anymore.” the horse’s ass exclaimed over the loud music.

They drank, danced with each other then drank some more before Amanda ended up dancing with a Roman while Sarah was dancing with a mummy. The effects of the strange drinks was really having an effect on Amanda as she could feel her head foggy and buzzed after just a few. It wasn’t a bad feeling but had to be the most potent buzz she felt. They danced with each other again than a few more people when Amanda, looking for Sarah, ran into a tall dark haired man.

Amanda had to admit that some of the costumes looked fairly good but this 6’ man was dressed in a black three piece suit that looked like it was tailored just for him. His white bow tie was perfectly centered and arranged, a red silk hankie in his pocket and a large black silk cape with a red silk interior just swept above the ground. Even his shoes looked high-end, immaculately shined to a high gleam. His face and hands looked as if they had never seen the light of day and his eyes were the brightest blue almost glowing in the low light of the rave.

The man took her hand and Amanda felt a cold chill crawl up her spine as his unnaturally red lips gently placed a cool kiss on the back of her hand.

“If I may milady.” the tall man said, “I am your host for the evening, Kent.”

Amanda was taken aback with the coolness of his touch but was allured by the smooth debonair way he moved with authority, as he took her hand and planted the lightest kiss on her. Heartbeats passed before the gentleman finally asked, “Do you have a name or shall I call you kitty?”

Amanda smiled coyly before answering, “Amanda.” His blue eyes seemed like they were burning right into her as she could hardly resist being caught up gazing back. There was something about those bright blue eyes that Amanda found irresistible. The rest of him was good looked as well but it was those eyes that Amanda just could not stop gazing into.

Something was defiantly eerie as despite the crashing noise of the music and the hundred or so people jammed into the place all trying to yell over the music and each others it seemed that Kent was speaking in a normal volume and she was also responding without having to yell.

As if from thin air Kent pulled two thick red drinks, “Bloody Mary.” He offered. Amanda must have missed a waiter walk by or something.

“Sure.” Amanda replied now knowing what the spicy liquid with a harsh kick was that she drank earlier.

They both took sips of their drink as Amanda felt his full hand clasp her tiny waist leading her toward the dance floor. Whereas the last few times Amanda made her way to the floor it was with a bunch of bumping into people and ‘excuse me.’ Kent seemed to just naturally lead her without one person bumping into them. As soon as they arrived in the middle of the floor the heavy beat and loud music slowed down and softened into something much more romantic. The lights dimmed leaving only the black lights to cast their eerie glow and Kent’s white shirt and teeth.

As Kent stepped into Amanda for a dance scooping up both drinks and gently placing them on a plate that carried by the other half of the horse. Smiling Amanda asked, “So if you are supposed to be a vampire where are your teeth?”

Kent smiled at her smart observation, “Vampires teeth only come out right before they bite you.”

“If you say so.” Amanda didn’t really buy it.

Kent never removed his one hand from Amanda’s delicate waist as he turned into her for the slow dance; she could feel his warm breath gently exhaling across her neck as her black hair wisped lightly around. As they danced Kent approached into her closely; close enough that ever so gently his jacket would rub across the thin sheer material covering her full breasts.

‘He can’t be doing this on purpose.’ Amanda thought as the movements were so gentle, so innocent it was like a summer’s breeze was passing by and not a man grinding into her.

They danced across the floor like a pair of swans swimming and Kent’s moves sent a brush of his sleeve against her breast. His cape fluttered up between her legs gently caressing her mons, another innocent turn pressed both of her breasts against his arm. Kent swung her around until the music crescendo when he dipped her backward his leg firmly pressed into her vulva as he leaned forward at an impossible angle to place a sweet kiss on the side of her neck. Goosebumps shoot through Amanda’s body despite the tell tale warmth building in her belly.

Kent pulled her back up into him as her full breast pressed hard into his chest before reaching behind him and retrieving the two drinks that were set on the moving plate earlier. Amanda could feel her heart thumping; this Kent who she just met didn’t just dance with her, but made love to her with his movements. Amanda was embarrassed to think that her nipples where erect and fully visible through the sheer material of her cat-suit and was glad for the dimly lit room.

They both took a deep sip of their Bloody Mary before Amanda looked around for Sarah.

“Looking for someone?” Kent asked.

“My girlfriend, who I arrived with.” Amanda replied a little bashful after she used the word girlfriend.

Kent looked around the room until pointing out a ‘fallen angle’ dancing with a devil, “There.” It figured if there was one horny little devil in the joint Sarah found him and was dancing with him if just to add creditably to her fallen angle outfit.

Amanda went to turn and leave but her hand was still caught by Kent who spun her right back around with precision. Amanda’s hazel eyes looked right into Kent bright blues and she felt hypnotized by his gaze. When he moved in toward her she just parted her full lips. His kiss sent electrical shocks through her body as Kent gently caressed her lips with his own. He gave a slight tug on her bottom lip as they parted and she could not help but allow a soft moan to escape.

With a second kiss his tongue entered her mouth it was not the forceful take charge dance but an almost exploratory, gentle caress then a light fencing action before he broke the kiss. Amanda hung in the air after his lips departed feeling like she was floating on a cloud. Amanda heard of a good kisser before but this guy seemed to be in her mind, kissing her exactly how she wanted him to. When she felt Kent kiss her neck she turned her head allowing him full access. Soft butterfly kisses were intermingled with light strokes of his tongue following her neck to her collar bone. The warmth in Amanda’s belly was quickly being fanned into a fire of desire.

Kent continued to kiss Amanda’s wonderful alabaster skin working his way from her neck until he placed another round of butterfly kisses across the tops of her ample breasts. Amanda’s lips parted again with another soft moan of excitement her nipples still tell tale erected under her sleek cat-suit. Amanda seemed to be in a world of her own until she opened her beautiful hazel eyes and looked around. No longer was she in the main warehouse dance area but they had gently glided into a room off to the side or the back of the building. The music continued a softer but strange dark melody. There was still a bass line but it was much softer and sounded like a heartbeat.

Kent continued to gently and softly kiss Amanda’s breasts though the material his hands caressing her back. Each time his mouth moved closer to her erect nipples she would let out another soft moan of pleasure. He felt her hand rake through his thick black hair before she gently guided him toward the tip of her breasts. When Kent finally allowed his tongue to glide across her nipple Amanda let out a loud purr and nearly fell into him. Kent’s mouth latched onto her breast and he allowed his tongue to trace the outside parameter around her nipple. Amanda continued to moan and Kent removed his left hand from her back and placed it cupping her right breast as his mouth gently suckled on her left.

Kent could feel the blood gorging into his cock as this young woman with her full sized breasts and slim form drew out lust burning up from his loins. With the fire in his heart Kent knew that he wanted to make slow love to Amanda taking her in his arms and caressing her entire body. He would allow this exotic young woman guide him along her body going only where she directed with careful and gentle caress.

Kent continued to stroke and suck on Amanda’s breasts through the sheer material. A nearly continuous melody of moans and purrs emitted from Amanda’s lips. The music now all but drowned out but the bass line still present with its thump-thump, thump-thump. Kent grasped Amanda’s hand and walked her to the middle of the room where a large black four post bed with a large white comforter and down pillows rested. He grasped Amanda by her hips and softly laid her on the bed. Kent could feel her fiery hot blood racing through her body, Amanda’s own heart increasing its rhythm.

He grasped first her left leg holding it up by her knee high boot. Finding the zipper her slowly retarded it down and tenderly removed the boot from her foot. As soon as her foot was exposed Kent dropped the boot with a soft thud and gently kissed the arch of Amanda’s foot. Then he worked his way along the inside of her kissing her ankle. He continued his way up her soft calf until lightly dragging his tongue under her knee. Amanda giggled slightly when his tongue came in contact with the soft skin under her knee. Her head and face were held in a way that told Kent, ‘Don’t you dare stop.’

Amanda’s hazel eyes were gazing down at him with expectation when he lifted her right foot and hooked the zipper in his teeth before unzipping and pulling off her second boot. He repeated the process on her right foot this time continuing up her thigh which she unconsciously spread before him. Once Kent met the border between the cat-suit and the black bathing bottoms she used to keep her modesty he moved back up kissing her belly and making his way back to her beautiful breasts.

Kent carefully pulled the cat-suit around Amanda’s shoulders and lowered it exposing her smooth alabaster skin to the cool air. Amanda’s full breasts were soon freed from the tight confines and Kent continued to lower the apparel to her waist. He was content to stop there but Amanda seemed to have other plans as she hooked her thumbs into her cat-suit and lowered the rest of the ensemble baring her fully shaved moans and glistening labia to him. She stepped out of her suit and into his arms pressing her bare breasts against his three piece suit.

They kissed deeply before Amanda untied Kent’s cape allowing it to fall to the floor. Kent then leaned into her kissing her neck again which she willing bared. He carefully kissed, licked and blew cool air along her neck which sent another round of Goosebumps racing along her body. Amanda leaned back and pulled them both onto the bed with Kent hovering over her. He continued his butterfly kisses down her collarbone until this time arriving onto her fully bare breast. Her light pink areola was the barest of contrast to her alabaster skin. Kent carefully blew then suckled one pulling her erect nipple into his mouth before sliding his wet tongue across her deep valley and onto her other breast in which he repeated. Kent could have spent all night just caressing and licking Amanda’s hefty breasts.

Kent slowly kissed his way along her flat tummy dipping slightly in and around her navel before finally reaching her moans. He took in a deep whiff of her enthralling musk, the scent causing the storming lust in his loins to strike forth throughout his body. Kent started with the very top of Amanda’s slit dragging his tongue painstakingly slow down her. He would almost be near her pearl when Kent would back off gliding his wet tongue north again. Amanda moaned in disapproval of his teasing. Kent made a second and third pass before Amanda’s hands pushed his mouth onto her clit. Kent carefully and gently stroked her bud of pleasure listening intently to the rasps of her breath, her purrs and moans to determine the exact pressure and speed that she found most pleasurable.

When Amanda’s moaning picked up tempo so did Kent’s tongue and he could feel her kneading her own breasts. The musk scent went from a light smell to a full on presence that confirmed to Kent that Amanda was thoroughly enjoying every movement his tongue made against her body. Without warning Amanda’s body stiffed then shook under Kent’s presence. Her light purring and moaning increased in volume until a crescendo of her body and voice erupted in blazing glory.

Kent allowed Amanda’s breath to slow, but just slightly before dipping his mouth from her clit to her wet vulva. Kent carefully licked and sucked one of her labia then the other gently blowing into her hot hole as his face passed across her. Amanda responded with another load moan and Kent carefully drove his hot wet tongue between her labia and into her tunnel. Amanda rocked back hard into the bed as Kent’s tongue entered her. Like he had done with her clit her carefully tried different techniques, light sucking, nibbling on her labia and full tongue penetration until her found the secret combination that Amanda seemed to like the most. Kent then applied that knowledge to his evil deeds and brought Amanda to another screaming orgasm.

When Amanda collapsed heavily panting from the powerful orgasm she just experienced Kent’s faced moved to her left thigh, near her vulva and kissed and licked it gently. With careful applique he nibbled gently and sucked her thigh. Kent continued this until her breathing and heat returned to a normal level. When Amanda picked her head up to see what he was doing his face was already near hers and he kissed her deeply again.

Amanda was surprised when Kent then stood up pulling her up and into his arms. She unbuttoned his jacket and went to open his shirt when Kent’s hands pressed hers tightly against his chest then kissed her full lips again. Without her boots on Amanda had to slightly perch on her tip toes to cover the six inch difference in height. “Not tonight,” Kent whispered into Amanda’s ear.

“You don’t want to make love to me?” Amanda queried confused.

“If I enter you tonight it would only be the lust between us.” Kent explained. He pushed her slightly from him then bent down to place two kisses one on each of her firm breasts. When he stood back up he gently took her hand and guided it toward his loins. Amanda was surprised when she grasped his cock through the trousers. Her hand followed the think shaft slowly covering its full length with a gasp. Amanda’s eyes were wide with astonishment at the size and the heat pouring off of it.

Kent whispered into her ear again, her hand never leaving his thick cock, “If you want to continue this then I will meet you at this parking lot on November 10 at 10PM.”

Amanda nodded as she tip toed into him again planting another full kiss in which he tugged on her bottom lip a final time. Without word he helped Amanda back into her cat-suit and boots which he zipped back up with the same slow deliberate precision in which he had taken them off. Kent even had a brush for her to fix her hair before departing. She was surprised to see him standing behind her when she finished her hair. His movements were so quick and silent she never even heard him approach. She turned and kissed him one last time before departing back into the booming music of the dance floor. When Amanda turned around Kent had disappeared.

Sarah seeing her pushed her way through the crowd, “Where have you been?”

Amanda thought, ‘What shall I tell my best friend and what about November 10 at 10? Would that be something for her to have Siri reminded, or not?’

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