Kristen begins her training

Kristen begins her training

Kristen Begins Her Training


For years, Kristen had known something was missing from her life. Although content, Kristen always felt a huge void, as if she wasn’t the woman she was supposed to be. She had a husband she loved, beautiful children, and a good job; in all appearances, she had the perfect life. However, as Kristen took stock of her life, she knew better than anyone perception was definitely not reality.

Over the years, Kristen searched for something to fill the emptiness. She tried various activities at her local health club, became treasurer of the school PTA, changed hair styles, even tried different things to spice up her love life but every time, the empty chasm remained. As the months and years went by, Kristen resigned herself to the fact she may never find what was missing.

Often, when home alone, Kristen would visit an adult web site, reading erotic stories, often imagining herself as one of the female characters in various stories. Ultimately, she would find herself sprawled out on her bed, her beautiful body void of clothing and her favorite vibrator buried deep inside herself. During her imaginary sexual exploits, Kristen discovered the emptiness often felt as if it had been filled, even if for a short period of time.

One particular story changed her life. As she read it, she was amazed by the author’s ability to pull her into the story. Kristen felt as if she was actually living the words, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, scene by erotically wonderful scene, entranced in his world of erotic make-believe.

Kristen read this story several times and quickly rushed to her bedroom and brought herself to an immediate climax as she relived the story-line in her mind. Her pussy was incredibly wet, more so than normal and her orgasm was one of the most intense she had ever felt. As she lay sprawled in her bed and recovering from her self-inflicted fucking, Kristen continued to feel a powerful connection to this story.

Still gripped by this erotic chronicle, Kristen threw on a pair of shorts and sweatshirt and immediately logged back into the web-site, re-reading the story slowly, line-by-line. As she did, she again found herself extremely aroused; her hands trembling, her heart racing out of control. By the middle of the story, her long, sensual fingers had found their way under her shorts, slowly caressing her swollen clit. Her hips subtly rocked back and forth to the steady rhythm of her fingers.

Kristen was finding it difficult to concentrate on the story. Once again, she was driving her slender fingers deep inside her self as she envisioned herself as the author’s daughter, her Daddy fucking her young pussy, pounding her deeper and deeper. Kristen was no longer reading the story, she was in the story. Kristen closed her eyes and immersed herself in her own variation of fantasy as daddy’s little girl, fucking herself wildly until she exploded in another intense orgasm.

Of the dozens of stories she had read, she had never before contacted the author directly. In this case. she felt compelled to do so. Clicking on the link, she found her fingers quickly putting her thoughts and emotions into text. As she finished, she nervously hit the “send” button and drew a deep breath, uncertain of her action.

Moments later, she logged into her e-mail and, to her amazement, she had received a reply from the author. As she read the reply, Kristen found herself more intrigued by the man who wrote the words that still had her body trembling with arousal. She quickly found him to be warm, caring, intelligent, and she discerned a certain strength and power in him.
Every fiber of common-sense and experience told her to be careful but her heart and her libido were guiding her elsewhere. The two exchanged Instant Messenger screen names and were soon chatting. Within minutes, Kristen felt as if she had known this man forever. The conversation flowed naturally as they discovered how much they had in common. Even before she opened the pictures he e-mailed to her, she felt an unbelievable attraction to this man.

As she continued to converse, Kristen began to sense a feeling she had not felt in years, if ever. In that moment, Kristen knew what had been missing; she needed to serve and this was the man she needed to serve. Within days, Kristen had committed herself to serve her new Master.

Finally, she felt whole, as if she now had a purpose. Serving this Man, doing anything to please Him, was her calling; a calling in itself that made her pussy drip with excitement and anticipation. Serving this Man, she quickly learned, also had an immediate impact on her sex life, sparking a new passion between her and her husband.

With this, Kristen’s training had begun.


Kristen eagerly absorbed her new role, adapting quickly to His guidance, leadership, and mentoring, serving her Master without question. While many women would be offended by being talked to as He did, Kristen was remarkably turned on by the sound of His voice; being called His “cum-slut” or His “little whore.”

Unable to sleep last night, Kristen tossed and turned, eagerly awaiting the sun to rise and give her the first opportunity to prove her loyalty to her new Master. Painstakingly, she watched the clock advance slowly, minute by minute, hour by hour until the clock read 7 A.M.

Rummaging through her closet, Kristen selected a low-cut short-sleeved shirt and a tight, mid-thigh level skirt. Standing in front of the mirror, she carefully eyed her reflection. Even though she was thousands of miles away from Him, she wanted to look her best. The tight material of her shirt accentuated her full 38D breasts and the skin-tight skirt outlined the sensual contours of her hips and thighs. Kristen completed her outfit with a pair of 3” black high heels. Even though she only stood 5’3” tall, she cast a striking image.

After re-checking her hair, make-up, and shiny lip gloss, Kristen ensured she had the list of instructions from her Master tucked safely into her small handbag and excitedly set off for task one. As she drove to her destination, Kristen felt her heart beating rapidly and a tickling sensation between her thighs as the excitement coursed through her body.

Arriving at her destination, Kristen found a parking slot next to the rear entrance of the mall. As she walked inside, she felt her legs grow weak. As excited as she was, she was also extremely frightened. In her 36 years, she had never done anything like this. In fact, she had only had five sexual partners since first becoming sexually active at 21 years old. Other than the occasional pornographic movie or dirty talk in the bedroom with her husband, she had led a conservative sexual existence. Embarking on today’s journey was a momentous leap into a world of submission, obedience, service, and a connection with her darkest fantasies.

As she searched from store to store, her nipples hardened beneath her braless shirt, standing erect like beacons for the lustful glances and smiles from the men she walked past.

As soon as she entered the store, she was greeted by a handsome twenty-something man. Standing in front of her petite frame, he towered over her with his six foot, two hundred pound athletic frame.

“How can I help you today ma’am?” he asked.

“Well, I have a problem. I have a party to go to tonight and I need a pair just like these, only with a 4 inch heel,” she said, pointing to her shoes.

“No problem. If you’ll follow me, we’ll see what we have that might interest you” he replied.

“Thanks” Kristen answered, following him towards the rear of the store.

“By the way, I’m Tony” the salesman said as he turned and offered his hand up for a handshake.

“I’m Kristen. Nice to meet you!” she answered.

“Kristen, that’s my mom’s name” Tony said.

Kristen didn’t respond, choosing to simply follow him.

“If you’ll have a seat here, I’ll bring you several sizes to choose from” he said as he directed Kristen to a plush chair. “What size are you?”

“Five” Kristen replied.

“Size five coming up!” Tony said in his best fake fast food drive-thru window voice.

Kristen sat down in the comfortable chair and awaited Tony’s return. She was certain Tony was able to sense her nervousness as her heart thumped against her chest.

“Here we go” Tony said as he placed three boxes of shoes on the floor next to her feet and knelt down. Kristen’s pussy was throbbing.

As Tony leaned forward to remove her shoe, Kristen gently opened her legs and revealed her uncovered pussy. The skirt she had chosen was chosen specifically for this task since it rode up her thighs when she was seated.

“Let’s see how this fits” he said as he raised his eyes. Kristen watched his deep blue eyes as they traversed her body, stopping when he saw her bare cunt not inches from his face. Tony stuttered as he did his best to pretend he hadn’t noticed her gorgeous pussy.

As he made eye contact with her, she noticed him blush as he stuttered, “These, um, these should look, um, look good on, um, look good on you Ms. um, I mean Kristen.”

Kristen had never been so aroused as she was in that moment. It wasn’t that she was attracted to
Tony at all; she wasn’t. It was the fact that innocent Kristen was showing her Master’s pussy to a
complete stranger; a man she’d met only moment’s ago was an arm’s reach away from her most secret

Kristen opened her legs wider and felt a slight rush of cold air as it flowed up her short skirt and made contact with her damp pussy. A jolt of deviant electricity shot through her body and intensified her arousal.

Tony was unable to hide his curiosity, glancing at her exposed pussy then quickly glancing away. She saw his hand tremble as he applied the shoes to her feet. Once he secured the first pair, Kristen stood up, her legs opened slightly as she stood directly above Tony.

“These feel good!” she said as she sat back down. As she did, Kristen pulled her skirt a bit higher and spread her legs open a bit farther. This time, Tony did not hide his glances. He must have regained his composure and decided to enjoy the free show.

As Kristen looked at him, she saw a look of hunger come over his young face.

Kristen drew a deep breath as she readied herself to obey her next instruction. “Do you think I have a nice cunt Tony?” she asked nervously.

“Um, er, uh, excuse me ma’am” Tony replied.

“My cunt. You like it? Go ahead Tony, look at it!” she said reassuringly.

“Er, well, um, yeah, it’s real nice” Tony answered.

“Wanna touch it Tony?” she asked in her best seductive voice.

“I, uh, I can’t ma’am” he replied as he pointed to the mirrored glass bubble on the ceiling. “Cameras. I’ll get fired ma’am.”

“Touch it please Tony. Touch my pussy!” Kristen begged.

Tony raised his hand and moved it towards her thighs. As his hand neared her, he pulled it away. “I really…shit, I can’t!” he said.

“Tony, please, I’m begging you. Just reach up my skirt and touch my cunt…she’s purring for you” Kristen again pleaded.

Slowly, Tony inched his hand towards her pussy. Kristen squirmed with excitement as he neared her. In another instant, her body quivered when she felt his finger gently probe between her pouting pussy lips. As Kristen reveled in this erotic, naughty tryst, she wondered of other patrons could see her allowing this man to caress her bare pussy in plain view. Her voyeuristic behavior made Kristen feel wonderfully nasty. She knew this would please her Master.

As Kristen allowed herself to enjoy the brief clit-massage, she could tell he wanted to keep his finger in there longer but he quickly pulled his hand away.

“Anything else ma’am?” he asked.

“Nope” she replied.

“Well, let me put your shoe back on and we’ll ring this up.” He said.

“Tony, if I asked you, would you eat my pussy?” she whispered.

“Fuck yeah I would, are you crazy” he quickly replied as he finished putting her black heel back on her foot.

“Good. Thanks!” she said as she leaned forward and kissed Tony on the cheek. “You’re a sweetie” she added as she stood up and left the store without making a purchase.

Task number one was complete.

As Kristen navigated her way to Victoria’s Secret, she felt the cool dampness between her legs as she walked. Although she had been a bit apprehensive before her first task, the next one had her terrified.

Pausing as she reached the entrance, Kristen actually considered turning around and abandoning her mission. However, she knew doing so would disappoint her Master and would cost her dearly. Summoning courage, Kristen walked through the entrance and pretended to be a casual shopper.

After five or ten minutes of browsing, Kristen selected a red satin night-gown and approached an attractive sales clerk.

“Would you like to try that on?” the petite blonde clerk asked in a cute southern drawl.

“Yes, thanks!” she answered. Kristen then added, hoping the small talk would calm her nerves, “Where are you from? That’s the most precious accent.”

“Why thank you!” the clerk giggled. “I grew up in Beaumont, Texas and moved here to go to school.”

As Kristen stepped into the dressing room, she replied, “It’s cute. I like it!”

“I’m Jordan. Let me know if you need anything, okay?”

“I will…thanks” Kristen replied.

As the door closed, Kristen quickly engaged the lock and hung the nightie on a hook. “God, how can I do this? She thought to herself. Kristen knew she must find the courage and strength to go through with her task. As she contemplated a strategy, she realized she now drew her strength from her Master.

Kristen closed her eyes and imagined holding her Masters cock in her hand, slowly stroking His thick shaft as she wrapped her lips around His beautiful head. Kristen allowed her visions to transition from scene to scene; her Master banging her cunt with His strong fingers, her Master bending her over and fucking her aggressively. As she directed the potpourri montage of sex in her mind, Kristen felt her pussy growing increasingly moist.

Reaching in her purse, Kristen removed the small 4” pink vibrator she had packed specifically for this assignment.
Kristen placed her back against the rear wall of the changing room and moved her feet about two feet out from the wall. Once she was sure she had a secure foothold, Kristen rolled her skirt up and exposed her cleanly shaved pussy.

“Here goes” she thought to herself as she turned the knob on the bottom and felt the vibrator spring to life. Kristen felt a swell of anticipation stream through her body as her hand crept its’ way towards her tight little hole. She felt her nipples stiffen, tickling her with excitement as they pressed against the inner material of her shirt.

As the rounded tip of the pulsating toy brushed her overly sensitive clitoris, Kristen whimpered out loud, “Oh G-o-o-o-d.”

Any fear she had felt a few minutes ago was now non-existent. Kristen was now lost in desire and completely immersed in her task. Slowly, she slid the vibrator up and down between her beautiful lips, her own wetness providing the necessary lubrication.

Her hand guided the tip of the vibrator to her tight hole as she slowly pushed her pink toy inside herself. Once inside, Kristen turned the knob to the highest speed, feeling and hearing the rapid undulations of the vibrator humming within her womanhood.

Kristen began to breathe harder as she slowly fucked herself in the dressing room. Her pussy was now soaking wet and the squishing noise emitted from her self-imposed fucking was a nasty bonus that only added to her erotic escapade.

As she expertly worked the toy alternately between her tight hole and swollen clit, Kristen began to moan softly, quietly at first, “uhn, uhn, uhn” between breaths. As her excitement increased, Kristen quickened her pace. Her hand now plunged the vibrator as deep as she could. Uncontrollably, she squealed, “Oh God!”

Her eyes were closed tightly as she imagined her Master buried deep inside her, his thick cock stretching her tiny cunt to its limits.

Suddenly, her assignation was interrupted, “Ma’am, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine” Kristen replied, trying her best to mask her shortness of breath. All the while, her hand never stopped plunging her toy into her cunt.

Undaunted, Kristen resumed her assault. She closed her eyes again and pictured her Master’s cock in front of her face. She imagined opening her mouth and guiding his shaft into her slutty mouth, feeling the tip of his massive cock striking the back of her throat. Kristen imagined her Master fucking her mouth as she willingly gagged on his length.

Her pussy shuddered with excitement at every thought of her master. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” she moaned over and over as she felt her orgasm building. Tightly, Kristen contracted the muscles that controlled her pussy, intensifying her pleasure.

Within seconds, she exploded. Electric pleasure shot through her body, terminating inside the ring of her twat and her tiny clitoris. “FUCK…OH GOD, OH GOD, YE-E-E-E-E-E-E-S!” she screamed as she came.

Once the wave of orgasm had subsided, Kristen took a moment to regain her composure, adjusted her skirt and placed the tiny vibrator upright on the bench inside the changing room. As she opened the door and stepped out, Kristen glanced at her toy one last time. She noticed it glisten with her own juices as it sat awaiting discovery by another patron or one of the store clerks.

“Are, um, are you sure you’re okay?” Jordan asked.

“Honey” Kristen replied. “I’m fine! That was fun!” she concluded as she turned and quickly exited the lingerie store.

Kristen smiled, proud of herself and content knowing how pleased her Master would be. Task two was done.

Kristen made a bee-line for the center rotunda of the mall. There, task three awaited. She actually looked forward to this task as it provided her an opportunity to prove her obedience, commitment, and loyalty to her Master.

Reaching her next destination, Kristen stepped into the small photo booth and closed the curtain behind herself.

Once inside, Kristen inserted a crisp five dollar bill in the payment slot and quickly stripped naked.

Once she was nude, Kristen positioned herself in various provocative poses and pressed the “Take Photo Now” button.

Within minutes, she held four strips of photos in her hand, 16 pictures in all. As she had been instructed, she placed half of the pictures in her purse and left the other half on the seat inside the photo booth.

Quickly redressing, Kristen exited the confines of the photo booth and walked confidently back to her car.

She beamed with excitement as she analyzed her accomplishments; three down, one to go. She smiled as she thought how pleased her Master will be this evening.

As Kristen inserted the key in the ignition, the gravity of the next task hit her. While she knew it took courage for her to complete the first three tasks, she was still uncertain if she could complete the final task of the day. She knew somehow she would have to beckon the courage soon. Her final task was only moments away.

Nervous, Kristen pulled onto the highway and pointed her car north. As she neared the exit, her hands gripped the wheel tightly. “I can’t do this” she thought to herself.

“You have to. Your Master demanded it” she heard a voice inside reply.

Fuck, get ahold of yourself girl!” She told herself.

As she volleyed arguments back and forth in her mind, she was barely aware she had reached her final destination.

As she turned into the parking lot, Kristen actually felt her becoming nauseous. “I can do this!” she told herself. “I must please my Master!”

Kristen drew in a deep breath as she placed her car in park.

Before she had pushed the power-lock button on the keyless entry device, a middle-aged salesman was already upon her.

“Hello! How can I help you?” he asked.

“Is Bill Whitt here today? I spoke to him the other day!” Kristen replied.

Bill Whitt was the senior sales manager for Baird BMW. Kristen had met him yesterday as she prepared for her task. However, Bill was unaware her interest in a new BMW was a ruse; a way for her to find a man suitable for her final task.

As soon as she met Bill, she knew he would suffice for her task.

“Let me have him paged. We’ll wait inside if you like” the salesman said.

“That’ll be great. Thanks!” she replied.

“Hey there Kristen!” Bill said as he approached her. “I’m so glad you decided to come back. You ready to take that Z4 M Roadster for a test-drive?”

“Yep” she replied.

“Let me grab the keys” Bill said as he briskly walked to the office. Within moments, Bill returned and handed Kristen the keys.

Feeling the awesome power of the sports cars’ engine was incredible.

“My husband told me I need to take it on a country road somewhere to see how I like the handling.” She said as she pulled out of the parking lot.

“Hmmm…we could old 129 outside town. It has some nice curves and hills” Bill answered.

“Great” she replied.

The drive out of town went quickly and Kristen soon found herself on Highway 129, one of the older routes into town.

Unbeknownst to Bill, she had reached her destination. Kristen slowed the engine as she pulled the car into the now-closed rest area.

Pulling the small roadster into a slightly overgrown parking space, Kristen killed the engine.

“What’s goin’ on” Bill asked inquisitively.

In an instant, Kristen transformed from a conservative married woman into a slutty seductress.

Without thinking, Kristen reached across the car and took Bills’ hand and guided it up her skirt. Bill pulled his hand away with a puzzled look on his face.

Even though this was part of her task, Kristen found Bill an attractive man. She estimated he was 55 years old but looked much younger. He had maintained his physique over the years and the only real sign of his actual age was his white hair. He skin was a beautiful bronze and his body still showed the signs of a man of athletic prowess in his younger years.

Kristen did not speak as she reached over and began rubbing Bill’s cock through his khaki Levi Docker pants. Bill flinched as her hand caressed his groin but he made no effort to stop her.

“Bill, please finger my pussy” she said, breaking the awkward silence. It was evident Bill did not know what to make of Kristen’s sudden advances.

“My wife…I’m, a, I’m married.” he stuttered.

“Me too. Our secret” was all she said. Despite his hesitation and uncertainty, Kristen felt his member growing hard beneath his pants. Sensing his excitement, Kristen unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Once his pants were opened, she slowly slid her hands inside his boxers.

“Oh God” Bill said. Before her hand made contact with his cock, she felt it springing to life.

“You’re not as shy as you thought you were Bill. Let me have that!” she said as she pulled his cock out of his loose boxers.

Without saying another word, Kristen leaned over the small center console and placed Bills’ cock in her mouth. His semi-hard cock immediately stiffened as her mouth encompassed his shaft.

“Wow…oohhhh” Bill moaned as Kristen teased him.

Stopping for a moment, she looked up at him, “You can touch me if you want!”

Kristen was startled as his hand went up her dress and began to massage her breasts. Kristen had intended for him to finger her cunt but it didn’t matter; that was not part of her task. Kristen resumed sucking Bill’s cock. Although he was not as big as her husband nor her Master, Bill had an impressive cock, especially for a man in his fifties.

Kristen licked the length of Bills’ shaft and teased his purple head with her tongue. Bill moaned as she worked her tongue and lips around his manhood. “Mmmm, yes, mmmm” he moaned.

As Kristen took his length into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, she sensed it would not take long for Bill to cum. Bill was thrusting his hips up and down, matching the strokes of her mouth.

His salty pre-cum coated her tongue as she slid her hand under his cock and began massaging his balls. This sent Bill over the top. “AAUUGHHHHH” he moaned deeply as he shot his cum deep into Kristen’s throat. Kristen never wavered. Her mouth remained wrapped around his pulsing member as she eagerly swallowed every drop. As quickly as it began, Kristen sat up and adjusted her clothes.

“I think I’ll pass on the Beamer’ she said.

“Uh, yeah, uh, um, okay” Bill said, stumbling to find the right words.

Kristen didn’t speak on the drive back to the dealership. She would have but it would have been a nearly impossible task since Bill sat in the passenger seat, stunned by what had just happened.

After she dropped Bill off at the dealership, Kristen retrieved her car and drove straight home. While she certainly would have never sucked a strange man’s cock before, she did so willingly, eagerly today. Pleasing her Master was the utmost of importance and, if swallowing the cum of a stranger was the price she had to pay to be her Master’s slut, it was a price she would willingly pay.

“Sir, I would like to report to You that Your slut has done as You directed. I hope You are pleased Sir. I will be awaiting Your call” Kristen typed in an e-mail. As she hit send, a swell of pride overcame her.

My Master will be so proud of me.

Kristen was ready for her next training assignment. Later that evening, she learned she was correct; her Master was pleased with his cum-slut in-training.

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