Kneel or No Kneel Pt. 01

Kneel or No Kneel Pt. 01

(A girl goes on a gameshow to win a million dollars, but ends up in bondage and becomes an owned slave who is trained, conditioned and transformed)

"It's Monday night and that can only mean one's time for Kneel or No Kneel!" the announcer's voice boomed across the soundstage as thunderous applause from the audience erupted. Spot lights instantly came to life, shining hot lights upon the stage where I stood in silence. "Now here's your favorite host, the one...the only...Horny Bondel!"

"Thank you, thank you, it's great to be here for another episode of Kneel or No Kneel", Horny said as he confidently strode to the center of the stage where I awaited him. "Tonight we have the lovely Kristin Kailey competing. It's great to have you with us Kristin".

"Thank you Horny, it's great to be here", I replied as I nervously shifted my weight on my high heels. Not helping matters was the fact that my blouse and short latex skirt were at least two sizes too small.

"Now Kristin, you've seen our show enough to know that you address me as Mr. Bondel or Sir and we all know that inferior female cunts only speak when spoken to, am I right or am I right?" He said while raising his arms to an overly excited audience. I felt my skin burn red with humiliation as he continued. "As you can see little Kristin here is a twenty year old mutt; half slant eyed Oriental and half Caucasian which makes her even more inferior than your average pure bred cunt." As I heard him speak I realized that coming here may have been a mistake as I glared through my pale blue eyes. I knew it was going to be a big risk, but I needed the money. The lights were so incredibly hot too, it's a good thing I drank all that water they gave me, even if it did taste a little funny.

"So we all know how our game is played. In front of us are ten cases." He gestured to the side where ten women held up shiny metal briefcases, each case connected to the girl via a chain locked to her collar. The girls weren't naked but they may as well have been. In addition to the collars that were secured around their slender necks with heavy padlocks, each girl wore a transparent latex leotard that emphasized every curve of their gorgeous bodies and showed off their pierced nipples and hairless pussies. Fishnet stockings and black sky-high platform stripper heels completed the look for each girl who came in a variety of races, body sizes and hair colors. "One of these cases contains a million dollars and one of these cases contains a contract that will give full rights for the show and its producers to sell you to the highest bidder. Everything else has a variety of items that will make Kristin's life a little more challenging for the rest of the evening. So let's play Kneel or No Kneel!"

My heart was beating like crazy and I could barely focus on anything. The bright lights made it impossible to see the audience but as they roared and cheered they were impossible to ignore. Horny stood close to me and lifted my chin with his fingers until my eyes met his. "So little Kristin, which case is going to change your life?"

"Well Mr. Bondel Sir, I was born on Valentine's day which is in February so I was thinking that..." I began to say before quickly being cut off.

"No one wants to hear a cunt's life story", he interrupted. "Just pick a number, this is a half hour show and coming up next is How I Met Your Flogger".

My head began to feel fuzzy and I swallowed hard in embarrassment. "I'd like the number two please Sir."

"Two it is!" He shouted to an enthusiastic audience as the spotlight highlighted the tall blonde girl holding case 2. She stepped forward, her large breasts jiggling with each step until she made her way to the center of the stage. "This is one of my favorite girls, her name is Tits", he said as he gave her round ass a firm smack. Tits jiggled and shook her breasts in response with a giggle that befitted the most well trained of bimbos. "I happen to know for a fact that Tits here has been conditioned to shake her udders every time someone says her name, isn't that right Tits?"

"That's right Master", Tits responded as she gave her large breasts a jiggle. Horny took out a key and unlocked the case from Tits' collar before smacking her shapely rear a final time and sending her off stage.

"This is your case now little Kristin, so now it's time for you to choose your first five cases. Go ahead".

I was practically blind from the lights and I could barely see the numbers on the cases. The breasts of the case girls jiggled hypnotically and their tight latex was the only thing I could focus on. "I'd like 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 Sir". The music came blared for a moment and the spotlights shined on the five case girls I ***********ed.

"Case 4 held by our own lovely Wetcunt". Wetcunt was a petite blonde girl whose body was almost the same size as mine but her breasts were significantly larger. She stepped forward and from moisture that was attempting to escape her leotard, it was obvious that she was aptly named. "As our viewers know, Wetcunt has been modified to produce a significantly greater amount of pussy juice and saliva than a normal cunt, isn't that right?"

"Yes Sir, that's absolutely right", Wetcunt responded as a stream of saliva escaped her soft pouty lips the minute they were parted. "It's my duty to always be wet and ready to serve".

"That's right Wetcunt, just as it's the duty of all cunts to serve. Wetcunt, open your case and let's see that million dollars for our adorable Kristin!" Wetcunt unlatched the case and opened it to reveal a thick spiked posture collar. "Too bad Kristin, looks like you'll be wearing this collar for the rest of the program. Who's a good bitch?" He said with a grin.

The assistant cunt who was dressed in a latex corset and thigh high platform boots picked up the collar from the case and approached me. She gently lifted up my silky long black hair and I could feel the stiff leather material of the collar against my skin as it clicked into place. "Next is case 5, held by Nipples". A gorgeous Asian girl with long black hair that rivaled my own, Nipples stepped forward and as she did it became obvious how she earned her name. Her nipples had been stretched to an obscene length of five inches and were locked together under her latex leotard. On command, Nipples opened her case to reveal a set of weights with bells on them.

"How appropriate is it that Nipples has such pretty decorations for your nipples!" The assistant retrieved the jewelry from Nipples and silently began to open my blouse, pulling it from my shoulders, down my arms and exposing my firm breasts. My nipples had already begun to swell and harden, both from being exposed and from the arousal of being surrounded by sheer sex. It was hard to focus on anything else. My nipples weren't pierced but that didn't matter, the weight and bell combination had vicious looking saw-toothed clamps and as the assistant attached them to my tender flesh, I first felt a sting followed by an aching throb and in that moment I let the softest of winces escape my lips.

It was bad enough that the weights were tugging my nipples downward but with each slight movement I made, I now jingled. Add to that was the fact that my breasts were now exposed on national television and I was in filled with humiliation. Still, I knew this might happen and for a million dollars a few minutes of shame were well worth it. "Now little Kristin, what do we say when someone gives you a gift?" Horny asked in a rhetorical manner.

"Thank you Sir", I squeaked out. I didn't really want to thank him, these things hurt like hell but it was a game and I was playing it to win.

"Next we have Fuck Pet with case number 6. What a cute pair of bitches you two would make Kristin. I can just imagine the two of you on your leashes at my feet, licking my shoes together with your beautiful little asses raised and every inch of you on display. Please open up that case Fuck Pet", Horny commanded.

The cute brown skinned Latina girl's extra long modified tongue slid over her ringed lips as if she were a dog panting and long streams of saliva began to drip off the tip. No doubt she was well on her way to becoming someone's animal. With the same glazed and mindless look in her eyes that the other girls had, she robotically opened the case to reveal a shiny leather arm binder. "Aww, looks like our cute Kristin will be going without her arms for the remainder of the show. A good cunt doesn't need her arms anyway does she folks?" The crowd erupted in cheers and whistles at this notion as the assistant pulled my arms behind my back, painfully strapping them together before locking the cruel black arm binder in place. As she tightened the straps it forced my posture to be straight, thrusting my perky little tits out and causing my bells to jingle.

"You look like you're in pain there Kristin", he asked with pretend concern. "We haven't hit the slave contract so there's still a possibility that's in your case and not the million dollars. If you kneel now and submit yourself, you only have to suffer the equipment you have on now for the rest of the evening, but you'll be free to return to your life tomorrow. What do you say? Kneel or no kneel?"

The crowd went wild screaming "No kneel, No kneel!"

"I'm doing fine Sir", I answered trying not to think about my quickly numbing arms or my aching nipples. "So no kneel Sir, I want that million dollars!"

"Very good Kristin, no one likes a quitter. Holes open up your case number 8". The pale redhead with freckles covering her smooth skin popped open the case and inside was a picture of a tongue. "It looks like our Kristin is getting a little pleasure to counter her pain. Who says we here at Kneel or No Kneel don't have a heart?" Holes took small steps toward me, walking carefully on her platforms. She knelt before me and gingerly raised my latex skirt to my hips, exposing my hairless little vagina. She gently pushed my legs apart, brushed strands of her long red hair from her face and began to flicker her expert tongue on my already swollen clit. It was so sensitive; I was so sensitive that it didn't take long before I was struggling to keep my balance in the deep fog of my arousal and right on the edge of cumming. Just a little more, a little more please, please. Suddenly I heard Horny's voice say "Stop Holes!" Holes immediately stopped and slid her soft tongue back in her mouth. "What's the rule on orgasms everybody?" He said while holding his hand up to his ear.

"Cunts never cum without permission" the audience replied loudly.

"That's right, even a brainless cunt like you Kristin knows not to cum without her Master's permission. You weren't going to cum were you?"

"No Sir", I lied and he knew it. But that was part of the game. Holes slowly stood back up on her towering heels and wrapped her arm around my waist as Horny gestured to the remaining cases.

Horny turned to Holes and asked "so our fiery little cunt, how does she taste?"

Holes licked her lips and stared straight into the camera with the most seductive look she could muster. "She's absolutely delicious Master", she replied before being beckoned off the stage.

"It's time for me to give you another chance to back out. Are you sure you want to risk that slave contract or do you want to kneel now and submit yourself for only one evening, the choice is yours".

Once again the crowd began to chant "No kneel, no kneel, no kneel".

I took a deep breath, the straps from my arm binder cutting into my sore shoulders and as I did, the bells attached to the weights that were dragging my nipples down obscenely gave a jingle. There I stood in front of millions of viewers with my wet pussy on display and my poor breasts and arms tortured. But I had come this far, I wasn't about to give it up and I could almost smell that million dollars. "No kneel Sir", I said with renewed confidence.

"No kneel it is!" He exclaimed to deafening applause from the audience. "Let's get the next case open. I believe you wanted case 9". He pointed at the tall brunette with tanned skin and long slender legs who had case 9 chained to her collar. "Not many people know this, but Ponycunt here was originally trained as a pony girl and no wonder, she has the perfect body for it, don't you Ponycunt?"

"Yes Master, I love to serve my Master in any way I can", she replied with a smile that made the bell attached to her nose ring jingle.

"Open up that case!" Horny commanded. Ponycunt flipped the latches and as she opened the lid I gazed in horror. The case contained stacks of money neatly bundled in rows. The crowd let out a collective groan and I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I was heartbroken. "I'm so sorry little Kristin, you didn't win the million dollars. Let's see what was in your case". Horny flipped the latches and opened the lid. As he did, I felt faint and dizzy and everything went black.

When I came to, the audience was gone and I was laying on my side on the stage, still in my restraints. As I glanced up toward the case I could see its contents; the slave contract. My life was over; I was now to be a slave. An owned thing to be modified, conditioned, trained, played with and bought and sold just like any other thing. I had gambled and lost. How could I have been so stupid and yet, despite my predicament, my future, I was still aroused. My clit ached and my pussy was pulsing with desire. My nipples ached and yet, seeing them stretched out, decorated made my insides flutter.

"Sorry you lost beautiful Kristin, but that's show business", Horny said was he helped me to my feet and held my waist as I tried to balance on my stripper heels. "So, in accordance with the agreement you signed before the show, you'll be well used and broken in tonight, and tomorrow your new life will begin as we sell you off. I would enjoy your last moments of being called Kristin. I'm sure that such a rare little half breed beauty as you will be renamed to something more appropriate in no time".

With that I felt his warm hand between my legs, his finger dipping in my wetness, my arousal betraying me and I knew that this was my life now. A doll to be touched and used and there was nothing I could do about it, for there was no one to blame for my future but me.

Up Next…Kneel or No Kneel Pt. 02

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