Creamed Milk Maid

Creamed Milk Maid

Creamed Milk Maid
Kelsey Diaz had always had boys after her, even in elementary school. There was just something about her that seemed to draw them in. She didn’t really understand it when she’d been a kid, but it had become at least somewhat more obvious when she’d hit high school. Kelsey was a pretty mix of latino and Native American, roughly one-quarter Native American so far as she knew. But what it meant for her physically was that she was what boys called a “total hottie”. She secretly suspected that sometimes they just wanted to get with her to get close to her infamous porn-star mom though. It bugged her sometimes, but when it came to her mom’s chosen career, they shared a strict don’t-ask, don’t-tell policy. She wouldn’t bring “co-workers” home, and wouldn’t take Kelsey to her shoots, and in turn Kelsey wouldn’t disrespect her for being little more than a filmed prostitute. But now that she was in college, Kelsey had a choice to make; she could follow in her mom’s footsteps….she had inherited her mother’s perfect C-cups, flawless tight ass, washboard abs, and her father’s golden skin and stick-straight black hair…..or she could live a somewhat normal life. So what did Kelsey do instead? Well the answer was obvious: Since she wasn’t a fan of her mother’s career choice, but she still needed the money and didn’t mind showing off, she’d model. It was at a shoot that she met her first college boyfriend, James.

James was a stud. Or at least, that’s what he was told. He didn’t really care much about that sort of thing though. Sure, he came from good blood….mostly European, and predominantly Irish (with the temper to match!), but what he really cared about was his job. He was a photographer, and specifically worked in the modeling field. This was how he’d met Kelsey Diaz, his current girlfriend….and she was a knockout. He never really felt like he deserved her, even though people always told him they were perfect together. Never mind the fact that he probably could’ve been a male model himself if he’d wanted to be, and never mind the fact that his parents were independently wealthy and paid for pretty much anything he wanted or needed. None of that mattered to him, even though it seemed to amuse Kelsey no end. She always liked to tell him, “James baby, you could have the world but you don’t want any of it. All you want is your camera and a pretty face to point it at.” She loved teasing him, and James didn’t mind; after all, he always “paid her back” in bed. They were mind-blowing in bed.

The first time they’d had sex, she’d been doing a lingerie photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret’s newest thing (whatever it was called), and they’d been dating for two months prior to that. The sexual tension between them had been almost as thick as the air itself, and when she called him into her dressing room – without bothering to point out that she was waiting for him totally naked – what choice had he really had? She’d wasted no time in getting his pants down, and obviously at that point he hadn’t complained. Her warm, small mouth had felt incredible moving on his shaft. He came in a matter of minutes of her sucking, and had cummed so hard that he’d nearly blacked out. But it was only the beginning.

After she’d sucked him off, James had been more or less agreeable – that is to say, he hadn’t resisted or complained – when she’d gotten down on her hands and knees and offered her ass to him. What she hadn’t expected though was when he’d ignored her ass and buried his big cock deep into her tight slit. There was no feeling in the world that hurt more, or that felt better, than a big dick in her tight, small pussy. The fact that she was soaking wet this time made it all the better, even though she could barely fit him inside her. He was sooo big. She’d never measured him – this was the first time they’d had sex – but feeling himself inside of her she had to guess that he was at least 7 inches long and easily half that thick. She’d never taken a cock this big, and knew she never wanted another cock besides his inside her again. He started thrusting, and her eyes went cross and she let out a primal grunt of mixed protest and delight. Holy God this feels so fucking good….She thought to herself.

Kelsey’s hands dug into the carpet and she whimpered “God baby fuck me….please fuck me!” As she ground on his dick desperately. She couldn’t control herself, and when he grabbed her breasts and started squeezing and tugging them like handles as they swung beneath her body, it drove her wild. She yowled with pleasure, glad that her dressing room was in a fairly private part of the building. “OH God yes!!!” Tears of pleasure came to her eyes and she grunted in surprise as she came – REALLY HARD – and felt herself squirt around his dick as her body protested the wonderful violation. This only prompted James to groan pleasurably in response and start fucking her even harder, practically jackhammering that shaft in and out of her protesting pussy. GOD, she could practically feel the muscles and bones making that wonderful tool of his so rock-hard inside her. She licked her lips, gasping as another miniature-orgasm shook her body, eliciting another whimper from her lips.

Chapter 2
James’ head was spinning. God she was so tight. God this felt sooo good! What the fuck time was it? Did it even matter? Oh God, she was clenching again. He bit his lip hard to keep from groaning in protest as she clenched her legs together and screamed in climax for a second time, again soaking his shaft in sticky hot cum, so much so that it dripped off his balls as they slapped against her pressed-together thighs. Oh fuck it. He DID groan, and he groaned loudly, then growled and squeezed her breasts hard, prompting a yelp of protest from her before she gasped “Harder damn you…” What could he really do? He smiled and squeezed even harder, and she moaned loudly; he twisted her breasts in his tight grip and she moaned again and bucked against his cock. He smirked and leaned down, kissing and biting at her neck and shoulders. She writhed underneath him, practically melting beneath the pleasure. Her breath came in fast, desperate pants, and he knew she was getting close. Then she gasped weakly, “Stop, please….wait…not yet…” He was confused; what was she talking about, not yet? But she clenched, trying to push him out, and he pulled out on his own, confused and slightly upset. Had he hurt her?

Kelsey’s body all but screamed in protest when that big dick popped out of her stretched pussy, and she looked over her shoulder with a smirk and muttered, “Just gotta catch my breath babe…why don’t you sit down?” She nodded towards the half-bench on the other side of the dressing room. James looked at it with a slightly confused expression, but did as she suggested. Even sitting down, his dick looked huge to her…and it wasn’t the first dick she’d fucked. In high school, she’d been the school slut, fucking her way through the entire football and wrestling teams before graduation….frequently sleeping with more than one of them at the same time! But God….none of them had been like this. That dick of James’ was a miracle of sexual relief. She couldn’t believe how good it felt…and she was only just getting warmed up even though she’d already climaxed hard twice. She had at least one, if not two more in her…and she’d be damned if she didn’t get thoroughly satisfied! But from the look on James’ face as she stood on shaky legs, being thoroughly satisfied was going to be the least of her worries.

James watched as Kelsey stood uneasily and gingerly walked over to him before kissing him softly. He was momentarily lost in her lips; God she was amazing. Not only was she beautiful, but sweet when he was feeling down, patient when he was being an ass, and by far the best fuck he’d ever had. He hadn’t been with many girls before, but none of them felt as good as her, and none of them could last as long as she had. Her tongue snaked between his lips and he instinctively bit it gently; she giggled and gently pushed her pussy against his dick, but didn’t put him inside herself yet. She just rubbed his dick slowly, and her marveled at how hot and wet her pussy was against his shaft. He kissed down her neck for no real reason, and she gasped quietly, squeezing his shoulders and pushing harder against his dick. He kept kissing and occasionally nibbled down her neck until he found her breasts. He gently bit one and started to suck lightly on the nipple, but she gasped weakly, “Wait…” He waited obediently, and was distracted from her breasts by the sensation of her sopping wet hole stretching over and onto his hard cock. She hesitated slightly, then dropped down on him like a ton of bricks. Instinct took over, his hands quickly found her ass, and he grabbed it and dug in, and started thrusting with mindless abandon as she yelped in pleasure and surprise.

Ashley’s eyes went cross as he drilled his cock hard into her body again, and she grabbed him on instinct and clung on for dear life. She felt the blood rush down her arms and felt the familiar burning tingle in her fingertips and toes and nipples before a wave of pleasure washed through her body and her stomach tightened. She fought against the orgasm desperately, but it was futile as he started drilling her pussy even harder. She threw her head back and moaned long and loud as she bucked once, twice on his cock and came hard. Her arms spasmed, and then her legs, and soon her stomach was trembling too as the orgasm tore through her body with a force she’d yet to experience. She whimpered incoherently, feeling her head spin as sensations beyond her understanding tore through her body like wildfire for several minutes before they finally stopped, leaving her panting, practically heaving for air, and leaving her skin tingling like her entire body had gone to sleep. But still there was something inside her, like an itch she just couldn’t scratch, but she was close, so close….So she grabbed James’ head, forced it to her breasts, and braced herself for something she’d only imagined before.

Chapter 3
James’ happily took her breast into his mouth and bit down hard enough to make her groan, before he started sucking greedily. His favorite feature of hers was her eyes, but her breasts were damn near second on that list. They were perfect C-38’s that begged to be sucked and fondled even when she was fully clothed. She always dressed modestly, but only because she could wear baggy sweatshirts and
sweatpants and still look hotter than 80% of the girls out there. The fact that clothes just seemed to cling to her curves no matter how baggy they were didn’t really help matters any. But her breasts, right now, were a welcome distraction. His stomach was getting sore, and his six-pack was DEFINITELY feeling the strain of thrusting so hard for so long, so he was more than happy to slow down and just grind in her as he sucked her breasts. But wait…something was happening. She was acting differently. She was squeezing his shoulders quickly, repeatedly, and trembling. Her back arched occasionally and her hips started bouncing harder on his cock entirely on their own. Her low moans became quick, fast, almost pleading whimpers. What was happening…? He drew a long suck on her breast, and she went tense, her whimpers pitching high for a second, then relaxed and he was surprised by a hot gush of something thick, warm, and very sweet into his mouth. She was….lactating??? Holy FUCK that was hot!

Kelsey went tense, straining, trying her damnedest to force her body to obey her – for once, it did, and with a high-pitched whine of pure, undiluted, entirely feminine pleasure, she relaxed as warm milk gushed from her breast into the very-surprised mouth of her boyfriend. She stroked his head affectionately, still bouncing her hips on his cock even as she held his head to her breast. His lips popped off her shaking breasts every so often, leaving messy drips of milk down her body but she didn’t mind. It felt indescribably good! She’d only lactated once before, and it had hurt like hell at first, but when she’d gotten used to the feeling, she realized it felt even better than sex did for her. Now that she had both? She was so very close!

James didn’t know how much longer he could contain himself. His unnaturally hot girlfriend, not only was unnaturally hot to begin with, but was an amazing fuck, AND was lactating?? And her milk was amazing! He couldn’t get enough of it, but it stopped coming in anything more than a slow trickle after only a few minutes. She pulled him up and kissed him, breathing – panting really – into his mouth as they frenched. She started clenching his shoulders again and this time, he was ready too. Breathe…..Breathe….his head spun as blood rushed down his body into his dick….

Kelsey was so close, so very close. Her entire body was on-fire and wave after wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure crashed across her sex-numbed senses as she rode her boyfriends’ throbbing, swollen cock. God, his cock-meat felt amazing inside her. She barely finished that thought when he bucked, Oh fuck here it comes -! She thought, before her mind shattered as she felt his hot seed explode into her body in a torrent.

It felt like his dick had become a fucking fire-hose! His shaft burned from the force of his orgasm, and his balls were icy-hot . They actually HURT he was cumming so hard! But he had to get it out! He grabbed her ass and held her down, not that he needed too – she was grinding on his cock, clenching it and mumbling and whimpering incoherently as she spasmed and shook on top of him. He couldn’t tell who was cumming harder, but right in that moment he didn’t care. He had to cum…he had to get it out!

The torrent of hot man-seed into her burning, thirsty womb seemed to last forever, but probably only lasted two, maybe three minutes in reality. But right at that moment, time didn’t make much difference to Kelsey. Her mind was blissfully soaked in sex-pheromones, and a warm, pleasant, exhausted tingle was slowly spreading through her body in the wake of the most intense sexual experience she’d ever had. Her pussy was actually LIMP, the muscles were so exhausted. She just sat on her boyfriend’s cock, trusting him to keep her upright as they held each other. She wanted to say something, thank him or kiss him or something, but she couldn’t find the strength to even move, or do anything more than smile the most satisfied smile she’d ever smiled in her life. Then she shut her eyes and passed out, drifting off on the sea of absolute sexual gratification.

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