It wasn't right, which made it so HOT

It wasn't right, which made it so HOT

This is a true story.

Many who have read some of my other stories (some fiction, some true) can relate this "incident" back to where this had it's start, when I first separated then divorced from my wife .
I have been divorced from my ex for a couple years and I go to her place to visit our child. A teenage daughter of her female friend (this is the friend she wanted me to have a threesome with back in the day) couldn't get along with her mother so she is staying with my ex and she watches our child while the ex works, plays, whatever.
Now I first new the girl when she was about, she is now 16, her name is Trixie . She always had a bit of a crush on me which never went away. She knew her mother and I had gotten together on a few occasions after I left my ex (which again was a couple years ago), she wanted me to be her new daddy. It wasn't in my plans to be a father again or get married or even settle down with a woman so she got pissed when I didn't see her mom anymore but she got over it and we are all friends.

I came over for my regular visit which entailed my ex packing her stuff and leaving for the weekend, I would hang there and stay with our child and leave after the weekend.
Trixie was was always around the house since she didn't have her license yet and even if she did she doesn't have a car but she's a home body anyway.
I got off work early on Friday and got to the ex's house late afternoon. Trixie was out visiting friends near the neighborhood when I got to the house but she showed up early in the evening. The evening consisted of the usual playing around between the three of us, we ate dinner and then later my kid knocked out on the couch.
Trixie was doing the usual wondering from one room to the other, texting on her phone or sitting down with me watching TV. I always teased her and sometimes she would get mad and throw something at me and storm out or she would play and take a swing at me which entailed me chasing her then holding her down, etc.
We always made slight sexual comments back and forth (in my mind I wanted her but with our age differences it was fantasy) and we would mutually tease but I always pushed the envelope. This kind of stuff had been going on for a few months and I even teased her mother about that fact that her daughter really liked me and I was working my charm on her. Her comment was "so when are you gonna make your move", we both laughed about it jokingly as her and I still did get together on rare occasions and spend some "quality time".

It was getting kind of late and since it was winter Trixie would cuddle on the couch then get cold and get a blanket then sit next to me. We were watching a movie, exchanging some inuendo's, etc, then she would quiet down and watch the movie. I rubbed my arms because I got a chill then she offered me some of her blanket. I never minded sharing a blanket with her I mean at 16 with mid-length dark brown hair, a sweet round face, blue eyes, maybe 130 lbs ( just a little chunk) at her height which was about 5' 1" she was a nice young petite package.
So there we are under the blanket then after awhile she turned a little and nestled up closer propping her head just under my arm with her body laid out beside me. I ran my hand up and down her arm rubbing her, after a few minutes she smirked and said "dirty old man".
I responded "you aren't complaining".
She said "well, I'm just cold".
I replied "you're pretty hot as far as I'm concerned".
That brought a huge smile and a giggle out of her. As I rubbed her arm up and down I gently let my hand drifted to her back and rubbed in circles. She squirmed and wiggled a little then let out a low "mmmmmmmmmmm".
When she moved her arm from her side and stretched it out in front of her I moved my hand to her side and rubbed up and down. I slowly advanced down every other stroke and when my hand went over the curve of her young plump hip I let out out a long "mmmmmmmm" in my mind only. The feel of her young body sent a chill through mine.
My cock started to harden as I worked her young curves, my hand going over her hip and down her leg then letting my fingers wrap over the back of her leg giving them the slightest tug. I wanted my hand on her butt so bad. She had a nice ass which jiggle a little when she walked. I wanted to squeeze those soft buns so damn bad. I knew if I still didn't get any resistance after a little more rubbing then I may go for it, albeit subtly.
She was certainly receptive but I didn't want to move to fast and screw up, these "teasing's" have been going on for months so I didn't want to jeopardize "anything".
When Trixie finally let out an audible "MMMMMM that feels good", I knew things would be good to go.
I responded "ohhhhh it sure does".
That brought out a giggle from her and she said, "you are naughty aren't you".
I said, "NO this makes YOU naughty and ME a dirty old man".

She moved her head from my side and laid it on my leg. My cock was already strained but with her head in such proximity it only made me more uncomfortable and I needed to make an adjustment. I lifted my butt up slightly and pulled my other pant leg trying to make room for my throbbing member while I worked this situation to some kind of end.
When I lifted up she picked her head up, "you want me to move".
I responded quickly with a "NO, I was just getting comfortable".
She laid her head back down as I ran my hand once again over her hip and this time when my fingers drifted over the back of her leg I let them rum over her ass cheek on my upstroke.
She was wearing her usual thin cotton pajama pants she wore during the evenings. After several up and down strokes with my hand running over her butt I moved to her back again and with every down stroke I worked my fingers under her waist band, I inched my way in with every stroke until my hand was fully immersed in her pants. I felt the glory of her plump young ass cheek as I rubbed and squeezed.
In my mind I thought this was to good to be true. I was mentally going over all the downsides, potentials, whats if's, and pitfalls as I worked but my desire was overpowering any "good senses" I had or should have had.
She was laying still and breathing evenly while I worked. After squeezing several handfuls of her soft bun I withdrew my hand to work her side again. She picked her head up, turned over facing towards me, then laid back down.
I felt a bit more comfortable now even though things were moving along just fine before this was a sign that she to was very comfortable. I began the same routine figuring the other side of her body needed the same treatment but when I went back to work over her said then to her back she twisted just a little. I got the notion she was me to continue down her side and not her back but when I went to work doing that after a less than a minute she twisted a little more and rolled more to her back which exposed her frontal area a little more.
It's not like I didn't want the "ultimate prize" but I wanted to go at a pace so as not to make sudden moves and potentially scare a young girl.
Her thin shirt had ridden up her stomach so I had plenty of skin to feel as I rubbed her tummy. She rocked her hips forward just slightly giving me the definite sign that she wanted me to progress.
I moved my hand down her stomach and let my fingers descend under her waistband until I reach the top of her fur. I hadn't been this excited since I was 16 or so.
I rubbed little circles just above her pubic region and when she rocked her hips again and parted her legs slightly I then let my middle finger slip down to the top of her slot. I rubbed her clit with my finger and she pushed her hips forward and and let out a long breath through her nose.
She rolled onto her back at this point which gave me much better access to her young pussy.

I looked down and her eyes were closed tight and she breathed heavily while I worked her moist young slit. She parted her legs even wider now as I worked my fingers farther down and deeper into her cunt.
It had been sooooo long since I had my hand on such a young pussy. I knew she had been around a little, two boys I knew of that she and her mom told me about, but her pussy felt so firm to the touch. I thought to myself that if this was as far as it got then I did more at this point and age with such a young girl that I thought I would NEVER relive that I would be alright if I pounded one out later just thinking about her.
In fact I had thought about her many times while beating off but my curiosity was satisfied as it all felt exactly like I remembered a young girl does feel like.
I wanted to fuck her so bad and I didn't want to push my luck but I just had to know if it was possible and if she would be willing to go that far with me.
If she was then was I ?. That was the questioned I always asked myself when I thought about it.
She was certainly at the age of consent so no legal trouble in that regard which only left the moral question which I pretty much threw morals out the window after I left my wife (which I told in a prior story of mine) but the situation could obviously get sticky. She is the daughter of a woman I have had sex with plus she is my ex wife's friend and the girl lives with my ex.
Young girls talk, hell females in general talk but again sensibilities were running short at this point because the moment and situation just made it even hotter.
How many times do you get to fuck the mother and her daughter ?. It's tantamount to having a sex and/or a three way with twins, and how damn hot would that be.
I was mentally calculating the risks involved but I knew it was pointless. I had been in a situation several months prior when it came to a point of having sex with a good friend of mine. Her and I had known each other for many many many years but that is yet another story.

I was rubbing the full length of her slot and my fingers were getting drenched so I knew the time was right.
I asked her softly, "you want to go to in the back" ?, meaning the bedroom.
She didn't respond but her breathing picked up a little more and I could hear her heart beating out of her chest.
"Come on, let's go", I said a little louder. I wasn't asking at that point.
I began to pull my hand out of her pants and she nodded her head yes just then her body shuddered.
I had her at that point, any more rubbing and she may have gotten enough relief, and better judgment, then things may have cooled.
We were both pretty much at the point of no return and I didn't intend to ask if she was OK with it beyond this point.
If we got on the bed and began to progress then she wanted to stop then that would have been it but if she didn't say anything then neither would I.
I stood up and walked to the bedroom and she was right behind me, she stopped and turned to look where my child was on the couch just as I turned to look back as well.
When she turned to me our eyes met and I said, "it'll be alright". I meant the kid sleeping on the couch and what was about to happen (or not happen) as I turned and practically prayed she would continue to follow me.

As I walked to the other side of the bed she got right under the covers as I stood and pulled my shirt off then sat and slid my pants off then got under the covers and slid over to her. I slid my hand under her shirt and went for her titties.
She had very nice tits for a 16 year old, inherited from her mother that's for sure. She had a very nice soft handful, I squeezed and massaged her tits while I leaned my head over near her neck so I could plant a kiss on it, which made her shiver a little.
I intended to give her the full treatment, something she likely never had. I was a young boy once to and remember wanting to do no more than put it in, shoot off, rest then do it again and again and again.
After I kissed her neck I moved down and sucked those sweet soft titties letting a hand drift down to work on getting her pants off.
After I started pushing them down she finally began to strip them off herself and that's when I went for it. I been wanting to taste that pussy for so long. Every time I would come for a visit and watch this young girl roam around the house I undressed her with my eyes, wondered what she felt like, tasted like and most of all what it would be like to be inside such a young girl again.
I left those titties and moved around until I was knelt down in front of her snatch. It was really dark and all I could make out was an outline of her legs splayed open.
I was going to enjoy every bit of this, and I was going to make sure she did as well.
I laid down in front of her open legs and wrapped my hands around them to open her up some more and brushed the flat of my tongue from the bottom to the top of her cunt, she drew in a huge breath and let it out in a slow stuttered fashion.
She tasted good and the memory of how her cunt felt sent me back to my youth.She has had sex but not enough to wear in her pussy that good. Her cunt lips were so firm and her young hole was tight. After stroking her cunt up and down I began to tease her lips with the tip of my tongue, I flicked them ever so gently. She raised her butt off the bed a few times and when she settled down she picked up her legs then rested her feet on my shoulders and grabbed two handfuls of my hair while I ate her young pussy.

She began to buck and pivot her hips wanting me to lick her entire cunt from top to bottom and grind it in my face, she liked the feeling of my bushy goatee tickling her as we moved up and down.
I had her at a fever pitch and any thoughts she may have had about stopping before we got to intercourse were all gone.
She slowed her movements a little and started to tug me up onto her, she was ready for me to put it in. It hit me, I was really going to fuck this young girl. I had thought and fantasized about it for so long but figured it wold be just that and IF it ever came down to it I would disarm the situation before it got out of hand.
It got out of hand on the couch and now I had to be inside of her. I really needed her to be extremely worked up because I've had trouble getting my cock into much much older woman, her mother had a hard time the first few times we had sex.
It was dark and she hadn't seen me nor has she touched it but her mother, and my ex, talked freely so I knew she likely heard things. I was afraid that if she did see or feel the size it might scare her and she would want to stop.
I moved up onto her and hovered, "you ready", I asked.
She replied in a heavy breath, "uh huh".
I said, "it might hurt a little".
She said, "no matter what I say, don't stop".

I positioned myself and put some spit in my hand and rubbed it over my swollen head. She was very wet and slippery but we were going to need all we could get. I guided my hard throbbing cock to her freshly eaten young pussy and placed it had her entrance and pushed.
She drew a quick painful breath as I slipped in, the flair of my head just made it inside. I let out a slow "uhhhhhhhh". The firmness of her hole felt so good gripping my cock.
I asked, "you OK ? ".
She quickly replied, "uh huh, uh, huh, go ahead". I could tell she said it through gritted teeth.
I pushed in some more and she drew another breath and held it as my cock strecthed her hole open. I actually made it to mid-length before she let her breath out.
I started to move in and out of her in the fucking motion. She needed the stimulation and some more juices flowing to get my entire length and girth inside of her.
As much as I wanted to bury cock into her hot little love tunnel I had amazing reserve at this point and with a little more fucking motion she signaled she was ready for more.
Her juices were flowing and she raised her legs up and back a little more and I sank more of my hardened shaft inside of her.
She breathed heavily, "uh huh, do it, do it".
So I did and went at it with reckless abandon, she was primed and thoroughly ready to be fucked now. After about two huge thrusts I had myself fully inside of her, her inner folds were soft but gripping and she was oh so wet.
She moved her arms up beside her head in a submissive position and as I began to fuck her faster and harder I moved my hands up and clasped her wrists pinning her down as I began to pound her.
I typically had plenty of self control and since I wasn't a young man anymore I could hold out for a very long time but this situation was so hot I felt the pressure already and squeezed my cock muscles as the cum was already rising up my shaft.
It was no good though, the pressure was to great, the situation too hot and her cunt so wet, warm and tight.
I had to let out a warning, "Trixie, I can't hold it".
She didn't say anything other than making the same grunts, groans and panting.
I knew she was on birth control but it's something about me that I can't explain, I have to know it's alright for me to cum inside, regardless.
I was pumping hard and gripping tight, "TRIXIE !", I said in a louder voice.
She said in a grunting voice, "It's OK.........don't stop !".

Once I heard "OK" I shoved in as deep as I could which cause her to go, "UHHHHHHHHH and I let go a long groaning "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as what felt like a constant flow of hot cum flooded her pussy.
With my head back in sweet relief and eyes closed I felt the energy drain from me as I held deep in her while convulsing my cock muscles to expel every minuet drop of spunk within her body.
I felt weak and I shook with a tingling feeling all over. I literally felt I was completely drained as I held myself off of her while I remained within her. I summoned any reserves I had to hold myself up off of her while I stayed buried deep inside.
I reluctantly pulled out of her then gently laid down beside her and caught a few quick breaths which evened out as I caught up. She laid her legs out straight and was breathing out through pursed lips. Just like her mother she rolled to her side with her back to me and I instinctively rolled on my side and began rubbing her side and back while I planted a few "thank you" kisses on the back of her shoulder.
She murmured a low "mmmmmmm" as I slipped my arm over her and pulled her close, we laid there just like that for awhile.

I'm not sure how long we laid there before she said, "you ready to go again ?".
That is the resiliency of youth, quick recovery, but it has been a long time since I been able to recover that fast.
I chuckled and said, "sweetheart, it takes me a bit longer these days plus I typically last longer than I did".
She put her hand on mine and squeezed and said, "it was great".

I still had another night I would be around before the weekend was over and had to leave. Yeah we had sex again the next night but there is nothing like the first time with someone.

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