From Grocery Store to f

From Grocery Store to f

I watched the amazing seductress from behind thinking about all the filthy things I would do to her given the chance, which was exactly how I wanted it. I followed her from a distance and continued shopping, or at this time mostly pretending to. I was so lost in the body of the teen girl in front of me that shopping for what I came for was just not going to happen due to my overactive imagination. It didnt help that my cock was rock hard, especially in thetight jeans I was wearing. I was really hoping she was barely 18. She was one of those girls that just looked like she wanted to be a dirty little  slut. One of those girls that looked like she was put on this earth to fuck like a pornstar and make fantasies happen. She was wearing a ripped denim skirt that was designer but was still way to short for grocery shopping. She had an expensive designer bag, small pink top with thin straps bucause her perfect tiny titties couldn't hold it up. It was very obvious she came from a wealthy family that spoiled her and gave her everything she wanted. Her beauty was stunning, 5' 1” not an ounce over 100 lbs, big sexy bright blue eyes that popped from the excess makeup she wore to appear a bit slutty. Tiny perky titties, concealed in a black lace push up bra, that made her tits look like a small C not the little B's she actually had. and the most amazing thick bubbly butt I have ever seen. Her long, highlighted, dirty blonde, curly hair that was mostly pulled away from her beautiful 18 year old face. At one point during my shopping she seductively bent over a little (not far enough to see that sexy region of the body where her strong shapely legs met her perfect ass but sexy nonetheless) and ran her fingers through her hair and then tied it up loosely. She was the most amazing thing I had ever laid eyes on. She appeared exactly my type (classy spoiled rich girl with a hint of slutty most of the time, and I was imagining her being a filthy young super whore in private) more so than I had ever seen before. She looked like a rich, spoiled, innocent cock craving slut.

It was now very obvious I was following her, with a very visible hard on, watching her and trying not yo be creepy but I didnt care for a few reasons. One, because I was clearly thinking with the eager brain in my cock, two because we were getting into the checkout line, and three I wasn't gonna see this angel much longer (I thought...). I decided to attempt small talk with her. I have never had trouble talking to females. Even when I was young I was always smooth and confident with women, almost cocky at times, but not with this girl. I was suddenly tongue tied and very nervous. I was trying to speak and nothing came out. I thought to myself ”get it together robb, your dream girl is right here in front of you... Dont fuck this up!!” So instead of just simply smiling at her and giving her one of the billions of genuine compliments I could of given her, or just simply saying ”hi im robb whats your name gorgeous?”, I went with this line ”hello um, I am sorry I have been following you like a creep. Ummmm but I uh was just uh wanting to tell you I want to bury my tongue in all your uh little fuck holes...” I then continued to look like a babbling pervert saying ”oh my god, im so sorry about that! I guess you should slap me... This is awkward, look umm I just wanted to give you a compliment and possibly get a phone number but... Nevermind... I uhh im very sorry.” I knew she was going to slap the hell out of me and I deserved it. Its tough to get anywhere with women, young or old, talking to them like a nervous, intimidated, horny adolescent boy talking to a girl for the first time.  She looked at me giggling, and said ”im , I just turned 18, and my panties are soaking wet right now because you creepily followed me around for so long. I started to think you didnt have the balls to say anything. If you would of said something earlier, I would of let you bend me over the fresh produce and rail me in the middle of the store!”

That was the first time I had ever been speechless in my entire life. I just looked her up and down and up and down and she stared at my cock bulging in my crotch and licked her young light pink lips. ”I just moved out of my parents house would you like to come to my new apartment and have a drink with me mr...” I quickly said ”oh im sorry, im Robb.” We didnt say another word, we didnt checkout, we didn't buy anything. She grabbed my hand and we just walked out of the store together. Our full shopping carts just left behind for someone else to deal with. The cashier yelled to us but we heard nothing. In the parking lot she told me to follow her to her place, she then quickly got in front of me, and bent over showing off her black and pink lace panty covered ass and pussy. ”Better stay close babe im a crazy driver”, she yelled right before she slammed the door shut on her little black Mercedes...

I jumped into my truck and again I was following her. It was like three miles until we pulled into her upscale apartment complex. We both parked and got out. I was across the street in the visitor parking getting out of my truck when I saw her walking toward me.She came strutting right up to me holding something in her right hand. In one quick motion she grabbed the bulge in my pants and shoved something into my mouth. I quickly realized it was her panties she had been wearing earlier that were soaked with her pussy juice in my mouth. She said very innocently, ”took those off at the light so I could let you taste what you did to me. You can keep them to remember me. I rubbed them into both my holes for you! I hope the smell of my tasty holes will always remind you!” I looked down at where the panties had been and noticed that her inner thighs were glistening with wetness. It took a second to realize that it was her cunt leaking down her thighs. She wiped the inner part of her legwith her hand and then brought it to my mouth and then she kissed me.  I have never had a more sexually charged wet sloppy kiss. ”mmmmm god I love the taste of my cunt. Please make me cum on you so I can lick it off your hard cock baby. Please fuck me like I always wanted to be fucked... Please baby, let me be your nasty little whore!!”

”Lets get inside you kinky little slut” I managed to say as I squeezed her firm but large ass cheeks. She turned around walked the ten steps to her front door, unlocked it quickly, and we walked in. She told me ”get that big fucking cock out of those pants, and my room is the 2nd door. Give me a couple minutes to change.” I unbuttoned my pants, pulled the zipper down and dropped them right at the front door where I was. Pulled at my dick a few times to relieve the pain and walked down the hall to her bedroom. I could hear a lot of moaning as I swung open the door and was again shocked by this girl. On the very large flat screen there was hardcore porn playing loudly and I knew this was going to be an unforgettable evening. I watched two teen girls on their knees jerking and sucking two very large cocks each and talking very dirty while sitting on the foot of her king size bed.

When she walked in the room she was wearing what could only be described as slutty fuck me lingerie. She had let her hair down and it rested covering her little titties making her look a bit younger and almost virginal. She stood posing in the open doorway for me to   stare at her a bit longer in nothing but a tiny little pink g string that said slut in black letters on the front. This was the last time she would be able to put on the innocent act with me. She acted this way with tease the high school boys that were She was rubbing her long hard nipples and asked very innocently if I liked what I saw.

I stood up and kissed her very deep, teasing her with my talented tongue. I grabbed the back of her head with a handful of hair and said ”you are a dirty little whore arent you bitch?” She dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out from my briefs. She moaned and told me ”use me like the little slut I am and you can own me robb”. I told her how beautiful she looked and then slapped her cheeks with my member. ”open up”, I said forcing my nearly 8” to the back of her throat. I grabbed her hair and began face fucking her small little mouth. I could feel her teeth everytime she tried to get it down her throat, so I pulled it out of her mouth and wiped it on her face, slapping her tiny tits with it.

I pulled her up off her knees and kissed her. The girls in the porn porn became very loud, I glanced at the screen and saw both girls bent over getting eaten out. I pushed thr sexy lil bitch onto her bed. She was on her back so I flipped her over onto her hands and knees with her gorgeous butt in the air, her tight tasty holes begging to be eaten. I turned her to face the TV so she could watch. I pulled her juicy ass cheeks apart and licked her from her swollen clit, pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her tiny tasty pussy, and then all around the outside of her pretty little asshole. Her butthole was so tiny and tight but I could tell it had been stretched open before.

One of my favorite things sexually is to lick pussy til my tongue gets raw but I really love to bury my tongue into a tight tiny asshole. She had the prettiest mouth, pussy, and tasty butthole I had ever seen.

Her tiny cunt has the perfect sized outer lips that were mostly pink but also had the perfect amount of darker shade to them that matched her golden skin. Just the perfect little teen cunt. Her clit stuck out from her small hood and was about the size of a pea. When I stretched her open a little bit I could see the light pink inside her cunt glistening with her juice that dripped from hard clit. I have never seen a pussy that dripped more or tasted better!

I couldn't get enough of this teen fuck dolls tasty holes. I sat her on my face my nose in her soggy slighty open butthole and tongue up her snatch. Her middle finger replaced my nose as she jammed it in past her second knuckle, ”eat that wet cunt, lick my pussy, lick my pussy, im gonna MMM MMM CUM, IM CUMMING!!!” Her hot girl cum shot out of her snatch with intensity, completely soaking my face and the pillow above my head. I love a squirter but was not expecting it that quick or with the intensity it had... My cock needed attention now that I had given her what she would tell me later was to that time in her life the most intense orgasm she had ever had...

This little slut was trying so hard to drench my face in cunt juice, the bitch completely had neglected my cock for a brief time... ”Inexperienced little slut, ill teach you how to make all yours dirty kinky fantasies reality! Im gonna make you the cum guzzling dirty porn whore you want to be... Is that what you want?” I ask her as she licks her cum off my face. ”Get over here and let me teach you how to suck cock like a real whore. Open up that mouth bitch real wide. Stick that tongue out!” I had her so hot, she was mine now!! I pulled her cheeks open stretching her mouth as wide as I could. I slammed my cock into her mouth feeling my head hit the back of her throat as she gagged hard. with both hands I held her head and tried to push my cock deeper and when I slapped her tits her throat opened up and I was all the way in, my big balls on her chin.

She nearly puked as I let her come off a bit but she was able to hold it back. I let her catch her breath for a second and while she did, she Stared up at me awith those gorgeous eyes watering And red and told me she was all mine. I slapped my cock all over her face and tongue and she talked dirty to me. ”teach me to be a good whore! Make me your little slave! Im your bitch, im a dumb blonde whore!!! I want to swallow that big fuckin Dick! Please! Put it back in my mouth”. She opened wide and I forced it all in her mouth again and pumped my throbbing rod deep down her throat.

I pulled out and she spit all over it making it slimy and sloppy. I rolled onto my back and she asked if she could fill her pussy finally. I grabbed her by the hair and she lowered herself onto my long thick throbbing member. I didnt let her take her time to ease it in her, I slammed her hips down and split her pussy wide open as she screamed in a mixture of intense pain and pleasure. She had never had a cock like the ones she watched in her porn DVDs and always dreamed about. Now she was finally getting to slide her tiny young cunt up and down on a real cock. This wasnt like the high school boys she had sucked and fucked before... She rode my Dick slowly and began to go faster as her pussy was getting good and stretched.

I spanked her ass hard as she was now riding my cock like a seasoned veteran. ”spank my ass mother fucker, spank it hard, yea you like that? Hows my pussy feel on your big fuckin Dick? You like how your little cum whore rides that cock? Wanna see my ass bounce babe?” She spins around on it while it is still deep in her cunt and settles on it riding it hard and fast. I watch her bounce on my rod as if she was one of the porn sluts she was watching doing the same on the TV.

My cock was ready to unleash the load of a lifetime, I just wasn't sure where I wanted this first load to go. She was about to cum again and this time I wanted to drink her pussy squirt so I grabbed her ass cheeks and began to pound her wet cunt. ”you gonna cum again for me? I wanna you to cover your mans face with all that squirt baby. Cum in my mouth bitch, do it my sexy little bitch. Squirt that cum! SPRAY IT BITCH, NOW! GIMME IT YOU GORGEOUS LITTLE SLUT!!” She loved feeling dirty and nasty. She loved the dirty talk and the filthy names he called her and him yelling at her to squirt pushed her to cum again. She came and my cock was pushed out of her as her tasty spray went everywhere covering nearly my entire body from my waist up.. Tasting her cum again sent my cock into a frenzy and I grabbed her hair as she got on her knees, eyes and mouth open, begging for my cum to cover her face.

I stood over my new cum slut jerking my big cock as she rubbed her clit and watched me wide eyed as my balls tightened, seconds away from giving her what she craved.

”COVER MY PRETTY FACE BABY! Gimme all that cum, blow that big load on me. I WANT EVERY DROP OF THAT TASTY LOAD. BUST IT ON MY FUCKIN FACE, IM YOUR CUM DUMPSTER BABY, IM A NASTY WHORE, TEEN SLUT, CUM BUCKET! Mmmmmmm” she moaned as the first rope shot out with force and splashed just under her right eye and across her nose. The second one shot out hitting her forehead and covering her left eye pasting it shut. Rope 3 and 4 went down her throat coating her tonsils making her gag from its force. I screamed as I shot five more weaker squirts on her beautiful face. She reached up putting my Dick in her mouth sucking me for every drop and then she kissed me her face glossy and cum covered. I made her cum harder than she ever had and she did the same thing to me...

She then wiped her eyes and opened them back up wide. Her makeup a mess, face covered in my hot cum, looking up at me she was so beautiful. I could tell by the way she looked at me that she was mine to do what I wanted with. She had me and I had her after that. We collapsed in her bed, laying on girl cum soaked sheets and drifted off into a deep sleep.

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