Doctor's Visit

Doctor's Visit

It was his first appointment with Dr. Rana. His frustration levels had been increasing as work, wife, and children demands on his time became overlapping and overwhelming. Finally, after a blow up over a weekend, the wife had had enough. He was to seek counseling to help relieve the tension that was building up. He sat in the waiting room reading a magazine in a bitter mood about having to be in counseling. Dr. Rana came into the waiting room and introduced herself while inviting him back to her office. Things are looking up! he thought when he gazed upon her. His mood almost immediately improved as he followed her down a hallway, getting turned on by the way her hips and butt swayed as she walked. She was a tiny woman, standing only 5 feet tall. She had close cropped black hair that fell mid neck and framed her oval face. Her eyes were smokey and dark. She had an hour glass figure, smaller sized breasts and an ample ass. Her caramel skin looked smooth and soft. She was delicious. She wore bright pink sleeveless blouse with a demure neckline, but a mid thigh dark gray skirt that looked like it might ride up when she sat down.

Dr. Rana had an attractive male client eyeing her as she walked down the hall to her office. She could feel his eyes boring into her assets and she purposefully exaggerated her gait so that her hips swung more prominently. Why am I feeling so flirty? She asked herself as she smiled internally that a handsome man was ogling her ass. Feeling more like a horny teenager than a psychotherapist, she quickly did personal inventory: it was two weeks out since her last period, she felt flushed, she had a tingling in her clit as she walked, she felt a dampness in the crotch of her panties, and her nipples were sensitive and hard. Shit, she thought, either I'm ovulating or I'm going to be in the next day or two. As she opened her office door and let her new client pass her, she felt a bit weak in the knees. He was muscular, unshaven face of a day or so, and gruff looking. He had blue/gray eyes that were steely and firm, plus he smelled like a lumberjack god, earthy and sweetly musky.

Her office was cozy, furnished with a leather armchair, a small desk under the window, an upholstered sofa, and a coffee table. Art hung from two walls, and windows viewing the street corner below and the apartment building across the street were the hangings for the other two walls. She asked him to sit, and he took a place on the couch. He had been developing a hard on so he leaned back a bit to give himself room, hoping that he would be able to sit up comfortably in a few minutes. Dr. Rana sat down in the leather armchair and crossed her legs. As she did, he caught a glimpse up her skirt and saw her hot pink panties. He wasn't very subtle and got caught in the act, when he looked up from her legs she was looking directly into his eyes. Now his mind was working overtime on what was up her skirt and his hard-on began to grow more causing a tent in his shorts. He sat up to hide it, but ended up fidgeting to get comfortable with the mass trying to escape. Dr. Rana adjusted her skirt by pulling it down a bit farther, and re-positioned herself. It felt hotter in the room suddenly and he began to sweat a bit.

As he took his seat on the couch, she glimpsed a obvious lump in the front of his shorts. She felt herself leak a little of her love juice from her canal. What is wrong with me? Her pussy responded, I want, no I NEED that man's cock buried all the way to the hilt inside me. Rana agreed. Her client had reclined a bit on the couch to either display his erection, or to make room for it in his shorts. As Rana sat down in her chair, she ogled it briefly, then because her clit and pussy lips seemed to be itching for attention, she uncrossed and recrossed her legs, making sure to give a decent show, but also making sure that there was some friction for herself so that maybe her arousal would subside. As she watched her client examine her panties when they were briefly in view, she knew that there wasn't anyway that she was getting through this day without at least 3 orgasms. Likely from her fingers, or from her new toy in the bottom drawer of her desk. Her client sat up and tried to hide his erection after their eyes met when she flashed him; it was clear that he was in turmoil, but just as horny as she was.

“Let's get started”, she began. “Do you have a preference for what you are called?” She got out a legal pad and a pen to take notes, and cleared her throat.

“Matt is fine,” he said, giving her yet another once over with his eyes. He took note of her bare legs and how flawless her skin was. He noticed that her nipples seemed to be trying to escape from her blouse, which meant she wasn't wearing a bra. His dick was throbbing at the thought. Rana began asking him the standard set of questions about why he was here, family history, and what he hoped to accomplish while working with her. He was barely able to focus on what she was asking him, lost as he was in her lips as they moved, ogling her breasts and legs as she crossed and uncrossed her legs again, this time without showing any panties. He was beginning to bead sweat on his forehead and tried with all his might to not focus on how beautiful Dr. Rana was and focus on the task at hand. His mind, however was busily eating her pussy, sucking on her breasts, and being balls deep in her velvet vice.

Rana was equally unfocused, she was asking questions, but on her legal pad she was doodling a veiny and hard cock that was ejaculating profusely instead of taking notes. Every time she looked up from her doodle, she looked him in the eyes and imagined him ravishing her on her desk, or on the couch, or standing up at her office door. The room began to take on a whole different atmosphere, as the pheromones of both of them filled the space. She could feel her pussy leaking her love juices and before long she got a whiff of her personal musk in the air. God, I hope he doesn't smell that! She wailed in her own head. She was aroused when it came time to ask the infidelity questions that are standard for incoming patients. She stood up before asking and carefully placed her doodle pad face down on her desk as she slowly paced around the room.

“Matt, I have to ask, do you think your spouse is faithful to the marriage?”

“Without a doubt,” was his quick response. Each of them relishing the introduction of a current partner to lighten the tension in the room.

“What about you? Have you been faithful to the marriage?”

“Yes, Dr.” He had been dabbing the beading sweat on his forehead with his handkerchief.

“Is it hot in here to you? You seem to be sweating.”

“It is crazy warm in here, Doc,” he offered.

“Please, call me Rana. Let me turn on the A/C and make a quick phone call. OK?” She walked over to her desk, picked up the phone and made a quick call. Matt only heard a snippet of it, but was more interested with how Rana was moving. She twirled a finger in her hair while she made the phone call, and slightly bent over the desk. When she was done, she went to the thermostat and turned on the A/C.

“Do you mind if I sit on the couch with you? The chair is very uncomfortable when it's this warm in here.”

“I don't mind at all. Please do sit,” Matt tried to sound normal, and not too excited to have the lovely doctor sitting two feet from him.

“I know this line of questioning is . . . hard, but I need to continue so that I can get the full picture of where you and your spouse are at in the marriage.”

“That's OK Doc. . .errrr. Rana. Please continue. “ Rana sat on the sofa right next to him. She could not believe the way she was behaving around this man. This is highly unprofessional! Get control of yourself, girl! Don't touch him! Sit farther away from him! Unfortunately, Rana was no longer in control of herself. She adjusted her self on the couch so that she tucked one leg under her and was mostly facing him. Her hand came to rest on his mid thigh. Her other foot was planted firmly on the floor so that she had an open legged sitting position which made her skirt ride up past her mid to upper thigh. Matt could clearly see her panties, and the wet spot that was now sticking to her labia and causing the most delicious camel toe. That's when he smelled her musky arousal, and hit his own tipping point. She cleared her throat and said, “Let's begin again. Is there anyone that you would consider going outside of the marriage with for sexual pleasure?” Looking longingly into his eyes she licked her lips and began fantasizing again about his rigid cock spreading her open and how wonderful it would feel to experience that cock twitch and jerk as it spewed it's payload deep within her. Oh no. I did not just fantasize about another man ejaculating inside me, did I?

“Rana I gotta tell you, and I'm sorry if I'm so forward, but right now, I want to fuck you so bad my cock is aching. I know we can't do that, but I am so horny right now, that I'd spend the rest of the afternoon bottoming out in that wet pussy of yours, trying to make you cum and trying to cum with you.” His words were horrifically unromantic, but they did cut through all the tension and get straight at what both of their bodies were craving. Her body responded even though her mind was ill at ease with the prospect of it all.

“Oh, my,” she said huskily as she felt her pussy leak more juice into her already saturated panties. “We can't do that, Matt.” she said as her hand that rested on his thigh began to move up and down his leg. He readjusted his position so that he was facing her more directly, too.

“I know. But maybe we could make out for a bit. Just until the heat dies down in here.” He reached out and touched her exposed leg, which caused her to take in a sharp short breath. The electricity of the moment was getting heavier.

“Doctor patient relationships are unethical, Matt. We cannot make out.” Her hand was moving into his crotch when she said this and it wasn't retreating back down his leg.

“I know, but maybe we could fondle each other, while we make out.” Now he rose up from the couch and took her hands and stood her up with him. He looked into her eyes, wrapped his arms around her, holding her close, his mouth only millimeters from her mouth and whispered, “We won't make out or fondle each other then. This will be strictly professional.” Then they attacked each others mouths. The kissing and groping was intense. His hands went to her ass, then one of them came around to her breasts and pinched her nipples through her blouse right before the blouse was removed and her bra-less breasts exposed for his consumption. They sparred with their tongues and were moaning into each others mouths as they parried and thrust. Rana's hands found his erection and traced its outline outside his shorts.

“Again, this would be highly inappropriate for me to get involved with you in this way,” she gasped as she took a break for air. “We shouldn't be doing this,” she whispered huskily while stroking Matt through his shorts. She planted another few kisses on his mouth before he responded.

“Definitely not. You shouldn't open my shorts up and take my cock out, either,” he replied, to which she looked him in the eyes and unbuttoned his shorts and fished into them to pull out his throbbing cock. She stroked it a few times then went to her knees and licked the pre-cum off the glans of his cock.

“Oh, shit, that feels amazing, “ he said as she pressed her lips to the tip of his cock and pushed her mouth down over the head and down his shaft while gently using her tongue on the underside of it.

“Fuuuuck, Rana. We need to stop here. We shouldn't go any farther than this.” he groaned as she slowly rubbed his balls with one hand while backing her mouth off of his cock to the tip of and then returning to the base, all the while licking and moaning around it.

She pulled all the way off of Matt and looked up into his eyes with a devilish grin and while stroking him she said, “ You are absolutely right. You absolutely cannot push up my skirt and pull off my panties. This is where it stops,” then she laid back on the couch and spread her thighs just enough to invite him to do just that. He pushed his pants and underwear off while quickly kicking out of his shoes. He knelt down in front of her and reached up under her skirt and hooked his fingers around her panties and pulled. She lifted her ass and her panties clung to her moist labia before slipping down and over her thighs leaving a string of wetness between her and her panties. She began to shiver slightly with anticipation of what he might do next. He took in the sight of her well manicured bush, her puffy lips, and the copious amount of fluid that was leaking from within her. Her pussy lips were dark brown in color and spread wide in her aroused state, revealing the hot pink inner folds of her pussy. He watched as her opening, leaked another dollop of fluid. He finished removing her underwear and grabbed her thighs then spread them and without any hesitation, dove tongue first onto her. He licked from her opening to her clit and back down causing her to gasp and scream.

“Oh my God!” His tongue probed her, dipping into her sex, becoming rigid and penetrating her like a small penis, and then would flatten out and cover her entire labia as he licked slowly up and over her hood and clit and then back down. He used the underside of his tongue also to swirl around her clit. She found that she was orgasming faster than she could ever remember. Her legs began to convulse, her vision blurred, and the wonderful tension of a violent orgasm overwhelmed her. She let out a guttural groan as her pelvic floor muscles began contracting and her orgasm peaked. Matt was enamored with how fast she exploded from his ministrations. She gripped his head and pulled him into her pussy and closed her legs around him when she peaked. He gently continued lapping at her labia until she released him.

Panting she said, “There's a condom in my top desk drawer. Get it.”

“You have condoms here?” He smirked and stood up. His erection stood proudly out in front of him, leaking its own copious amounts of pre-cum.

“My husband sometimes shows up for a nooner,” she said without thinking.

He put two and two together quickly and chuckled to himself. Kneeling down in front of her, he placed his shaft over her pussy, and began rubbing his glans up and down, parting her lips with it and stimulating her clit. “I'm going to leave that condom in the drawer. If we roll it on me, we will surely end up fucking. As long as it stays in the drawer, we won't have sex.” They looked each other in the eyes while he continued to stroke his cock up and down her pussy.

“Yes. Don't get it. We cannot go any farther than this. What ever you do, don't slide your cock deep inside me. . . like this,” she reached down between them and pressed on his cock head when it was on the down stroke and passing over her opening. His head popped inside her causing both of them to curse and gasp. His natural reaction was to thrust and when he did, he went all the way to the bottom of her pussy. When the tip of his dick bumped into her cervix his balls clenched up, his dick began tingling all over, and he was extremely close to blowing a huge load in her. He began growing inside her, fattening up and elongating. She could feel it.

“Don't move.” She desperately gasped for breath. “I feel you getting bigger. Are you close?”

“Oh, shit. I'm so close if I move I'll cum,” he had already lost the war, and the battle was almost over, too. He was panting hard trying to stay in control. He wanted to move so badly, to just lose all sense of control and fuck the load he had stored up deep into her. She too was ready to be fertilized by his massive load. Her pussy actually was already working on it without her even trying. Her opening would contract on him, then her pussy walls would grab his shaft, then her cervix and the bottom of her pussy would shift position just enough to rub his glans. After what seemed like an eternity of holding back (but was actually only a few seconds) he withdrew about an inch of his cock. They both gasped again and it set him off on a wild orgasmic ride. His cock surged even wider as it filled with soothing silver baby batter and shot its first thick rope of it along her pussy walls as he pushed himself back into contact again with her cervix. He yelled and groaned as he gave her short strokes of his cock as it filled and pulsed with more cum, each time he hit her cervix with his piss slit he would cry out in ecstasy.

“You're cumming in me aren't you? I can feel you!" she cried out and grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way back in and held him there. She knew he should be wearing a condom, he shouldn't be cumming so deep in her. But she honestly didn't care at the moment, it felt too good.

“Yes!" He groaned as he was utterly lost in the sensations of her pussy milking him, and his cock just kept expelling more cum into her. After the first three massive spasms his balls found more sperm to send to her womb, he drove himself deeper still as his cock spat more cum deep into her. "Fuck, I'm still cumming!" He sighed as his balls cramped and shot more cum through his shaft. Again after what felt like an eternity but was only about 10-15 seconds it was over.

They curled up on the couch together, their combined cum leaking out of her. Sweaty and tired they took a 20 minute nap. When he woke up, she was already awake. “Should we clean up? I mean, it's the middle of the day, surely you have other clients coming, right?” he asked.

“No. I canceled the rest of my day.” She leaned in for a kiss and before too long she was on top of him while he suckled on her perfect small perky breasts, lapped at her perfect small eraser sized nipples, and was grinding her pussy along his stiffening cock again.

Forty minutes later Tammi, Rana's daughter, a twenty year old college student who had a tea time with her mother that afternoon was parking her car in the lot that serviced her mothers office. She was running late, and normally her mother would be on her case about her lateness, but strangely today, there was not a peep from her. She raced inside the building, caught the stairs to the second floor and opened the door to the waiting room. She heard it. Her mother sounded like she was being attacked. There was a man's voice that wasn't her fathers, nor her step-father's coming from her mother's office. He was growling in a weird way. Then she heard her mother say “Take it! Just take it all”. Was she being robbed? There was a moment when it sounded like someone was being choked and Tammi couldn't just listen anymore. Her mother was in trouble. Whether or not she could help was of little concern. Someone had to break this up. She threw open the door.

The door burst open just as he was bottoming out inside of her again and blasting the second load of the day into her luscious depths. A young woman cried out, "'Mother, are you OK?" Rana was in the middle of another orgasm as she held him, one hand on the back of his head, one hand on the small of his back saying over and over again "I feel it, I can feel it, it's so deep". He was lost in the feeling of having his cock slit pressed up against her cervix as his cock filled and then expelled rope after rope semen into her womb. Each time it would fill it would jump as it shot hot sticky cum along her walls, all over her cervix, and into her womb. Each burst elicited a grunt and an expletive or a groan of her name as he shot it. His first jet blasted forth from his piss slit and he groaned, "Rana!" Before he could recover the next one was already leaving his tip, "Oh, fuck!" He growled. And then the next one was in his cock and ready to go, his orgasm peaked as the pleasurable tingling sensation from the tip of his dick all the way to the base and into his testicles caused him to give a low guttural moan of pleasure. From her vantage point Rana's daughter saw the spasming pelvic floor muscles of her mother clench around the base of the shaft of the man who is on top of her, milking him as he gave her shallow strokes. She also watched as his cock flexed and jerked spitting baby batter deep inside of her mother's womb. She was in awe as his cum over flowed her mother's pussy and dribbled out around his cock, slid down her to taint and asshole and then dripped onto the floor. If there was any doubt that they were enjoying this moment both her mother and the man were cursing and groaning as they experienced pure pleasure.

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