Lesbian Photoshoot

Lesbian Photoshoot

I arrived at the hotel with my friends. We were all on class trip to Washington D.C. for three days. Our school does this every two years with the seventh and eigth graders. Every yearnthe entire middle school goes to camp together, so I already know what its like to spend a few days together with these girls. I should probably give you some backgrounds.
There were four of us in this room. There was me, Sayre, Mylene, Alana. We all goAlana to the same private school. Sayre is the farthest through puberty of all of us. She has c-cup breasts and a big ass. She is 5 foot 6, so she is the second tallest out of us. Sayre has long, smooth brown hair that goes down to around her shoulder blades. Mylene is similar to Alana in physical characteristics. They are both around 5 foot 3, and they both have a cup boobs. They are best friends. The only noticeable physical difference is that Mylene is asian, and Alana is white. Mylene has long black hair that goes way past shoulder length. Alana has blonde hair that is the same length as Mylene's.
Now there is me. I've been going to this school since second grade. I am the tallest of this group. I am 5 foot 8. I am not extremely far through puberty. I have b cup breasts, and a decent ass if I do say so myself. I have long brown hair with a few curls in it, and i have just the slightest bit of hair in my pubic area and around my pussy. I have a huge crush on this kid named Noah. We've been flirting with each other over text. I've known him forever, and I think he has a crush on me too. My name is Kathryn.
Anyways, we arrived at the hotel after the long flight and the drive over here. We finally made it. I was so excited to spend the time here with my friends. We got our card for our room and our teacher said to get settled in and get some rest, because it was about 10 oclock.
We opened the door to our room and found a great surprise. There were only two beds. All four of us were assigned to this room. We couldn't change rooms though because the cute guy at the front desk said the entire hotel was booked. We decided it was alright because the beds were big enough for two people. We began to undress to get to sleep. Sayre went into the bathroom, so we decided to form a plan.
"I dare you to get a picture of Sayre's ass." said Mylene to me with a wink.
"Fine, but we'll have to set up a plan. Mylene you sit on the other side of the door and try to jump out and scare her.That will get her looking that way, and i'll come up behind her, pants her, and take a picture." I was good at coming up with devious plans.
Sayre walked out of the bathroom, and Mylene jumped at her. Sayre screamed and turned towards Mylene. This was my chance. I noticed that Sayre was wearing a towel, so i grabbed onto that. I yanked it down as hard as I could. I took the towel with my left and and started snapping pictures on my digital camera with my right hand. I got about 20 good pictures. The first few were just butt, but the other ones have some good looks at Sayre's tits and her pubes. Sayres nipples were pink and pointy, and she shaved her pussy into a V.
"Oh my god!" Sayre yelled, "What the hell?!" She darted to the other side of the room and leaned behind the bed. "Could you please hand me some clothes?"
Alana replied "You have to come get them,". After this I readied the camera.
"Come on!" Sayre shouted as she stood up and sprinted to her clothes, all of the while i took a videoof her still naked body. She quickly ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Mylene, Alana and I began to examine the photos. I had gotten quite a few good photos. We got some of her pussy. I admired the shaved look of her pubic hair. she had just enough hair that she didn't come off as desperate, but not enough to be messy.
"She actually has really nice tits." Said Mylene.
"Yeah. I wish mine were that big." Alana replied. We all agreed because none of us had particularly large boobs.
"Let's watch the video!" I suggested. We put on the video. It was short but sweet. Her boobs jumped up and down as she ran, and her butt cheeks jiggles nicely too. "She has been in there for a long time, lets check on her." I said.
We walked over to the bathroom door and knocked, to which there was no reply. Alana became the spokesman for the group as she always does. "Sayre? Are you okay in there?" The wasn't a reply. "We're all very sorry. We'll be willing to make it up to you." At this point there wasn't very much that I wouldn't do to cheer her up. I am never happy when other people aren't happy. It only puts me down more when I know I caused it.
Sayre responded "What will you do?"
"We'll order you some cake" Alana said cautiously.
"No. I don't want any cake. I have an idea but you have to agree to it before I tell it to you." This seemed a little bit sketchy, but I just didn't want Sayre to be mad at us anymore. The group looked at each other and nodded. "What do you want?"
"I want to have a photoshoot." Sayre replied.
"What? What do you mean?" I asked. I was a bit confused.
"You all took photos of me, I want to take photos of you."
"I guess we did say we'd do it. Okay, come out and we'll do it" Mylene said. She was right.
Sayre came out of the bathroom. She was wearing the clothes that she grabbed when she sprinted past us. All she could grab was a shirt and a pair of skimpy black panties. I think that she knew that we could see her nipples through the white t-shirt she was wearing. She closed the curtains and moved the chair that was in front of it. She sat down on the bed and grabbed the camera. After messing with the settings she called to us, "Mylene! You're up first!"
Alana walked in front of the curtain. "Okay so you tell me what I should do."
"Bite your lip." Sayre directed. Alana understood what Sayre wanted now, so she gave the camera a sexy look and bit her lip. Sayre took a shot. Sayre went through tons of directions. "Pull up your shirt a little bit." "Show me your panties." I could only watch as Sayre directed Alana to strip off her clothes. Alana wore a little red bra that showed off her budding breasts. She had on a matching set of panties. The panties accentuated Alana's ass. While I dont always notice it she does have a nice butt.
"Take the bra off." Sayre instructed. Alana looked at each of us before she looked at Sayre again. "Okay." Alana accepted. She unhooked the clasp of her bra and let it drop to the floor. Her nipples were standing straight up. She was very clearly aroused. "Turn around." Sayre said this time. Alana did as she said. Sayre told her to drop the panties. Alana did, revealing her pale ass cheeks. When Alana turned around, we noticed her unshaved pussy. She had little curly blonde hairs all over her. She didn't shave, but she still lookesd good. After spreading her pussy, and some different poses, Alana was done.
Next up was Mylene. She went through the same process as Alana. She revealed her small white bra and panties. She has almost the exact same shape as Alana. She too, has a nice ass. Mylene shaved her pussy entirely. She had no hairs on her crotch, so everything was revealed. We could see her pussy lips and her clit start to swell. We could tell that Mylene was feeling fresh. She had some poses that made me feel a little bit excited, but before I knew it, it was my turn.
I walked in front of the curtain and met eyes with Sayre. She looked at me and told me, to push my hair up. I did so and felt a little bit awkward but I accepted it. I didI some poses and let my hair out of my ponytail. My hair looks better down but its more functional to have it up. I felt exposed before I even took any clothes off, but at the same time, I felt a little bit sexy. I was apprehensive, but I felt more comfortable in my own body than usual. Seeing the other girls naked made me feel less scared.
"Take the shirt off." Sayre directed me. I took it off revealing my undershirt. I went through the process. I then took my little white unsdershirt off. This revealed my b-cup breasts in my white lace bra. Next came off my jeans. I undid my belt and unIpped my pants. I flashed my black lace panties before showing them off. I leaned over, spread my legs, flipped my hair and overall looked sexy. Next came the hardest part. "Take off the bra." I turned around and unhooked it. I held it on my frontside for a nice pose. I turned to the camera and dropped it off. My nipples weren't too stifd, but i did feel nice. I did as I was told. I slowly took off my panties, revealing my trimmed pussy, and showed my pale butt. I spread my cheeks and put on a show.
I looked at my pictures and I looked sexy. Sayre used her computer and we put the pictures on our phones. I was feeling sexy. I looked trough my bag and found thre dildo that I brought from my mom's dresser. I was pink, and it was about 7 inches long. I coverewd it up with a towel and tried to walk into the bathroom to relieve myself. Mylene caught me and called me out. "Woah, Kathryn! Need a little pleasure?" Everyone looked at me and then ast each other. Sayre came out and said it, "We should probably help her." They persuaded me in. I was feeling too excited to refuse. The pushed me down on the bed. Sayre took off her panties and her shirt and joined us being naked. I lookesd at her and noticed that she shaved her pussy again in the bathroom so it was more refined. She bent down and began licking my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the feeling overtake me. I could feel her wet tongue against my lips, circling my vagina. She moved back and forth between my pussy and my asshole. I could feel her every move. I next felt Mylene and Alana licking my tits. I could felk the warmth of their tongues on me. The feelings started to take me as I reached orgasm. I let out a little yell and started to turn red. I started to move in a rythm. My whole body turned red as I climaxed. I started to scream as I would dream, "Noah! Yes, Noah! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh my god! Oh my god!" I slowed myself down, and the girls stopped. They just looked at each other and giggled. I shook it off and began to lick Sayre.
I started to circle her pussy.I spanked her a few times and her ass began to get red. She moaned as i soanked her. She loved it. I got an idea and grabbed the dildo. I shoved it up into her and moved it around. she began to moan at this. I leaned over her and grabbed the dildo with my thighs. I fucked her with the fake purple penis between my legs as i licked her tits. She turned really red as she orgasmed. I felt good giving someone pleasure. I looked over and noticed Alana and Mylene 69ing.
That night I opened my phone and saw that the girls texted Noah from my phone. I opened it up and found out they sent him a picture of me, naked, with my butt to the camera.

He replied "Wow."

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