Village Slave part 2

Village Slave part 2

Well we decided to go to the village for the weekend. I mailed John (the mechanic) to tell him.

We went down early on the Saturday morning and arrived early afternoon. John greeted us at his garage and said he had mentioned it around the village and everybody was eagerly looking forward to it.

We had something to eat and drink, then John asked me if I wanted play it and be treated like before as a slut slave. I said "what do you think, of course I do". With that John said well we might as well make a start slave and to strip off all my clothes and just leave on my high heel shoes.

I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor, then removed my bra and thong. I stood there naked, hands on my hips and said what shall I do now masters. John said he was glad to see my cunt and asshole was freshly shaved, I told him Chas had shaved me that morning so it would as smooth as silk.

My clothes were thrown in a heap in the corner of the garage and I was told by John that I would not be needing them again until tomorrow, this time Chas was also going to be a participant in the fun and games, so I was told to get down on my hands and knees and to crawl to John, get his cock out and suck it, I said "yes master". John laughed and said "come on you fucking slut, get a move on and get my cock between those lovely red lips of yours". I crawled over and John and he grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth, then using my hair began pulling my head back and forth onto his cock, making me take his full length in, his balls slapping on against my chin. After it was chas's turn, then when they had decided enough cock sucking had been had, they both gave my cunt a good shagging, then John fucked my ass good.

After they had finished, they took me on the village tour; I was revelling in being paraded around naked, fresh cum running down my legs from my cunt and ass. All the men greeted me, touching me up, feeling my wet soggy cunt and pinching my nipples hard. Most had me give them a blowjob there and then on the spot. I swallowed all the cum and savouring it, some took me in the street, fucking me wherever and in front of whoever was around. I was now well and truly the village slut slave again.

The women all said they were going to enjoy humiliating me again, they had the stocks ready, but this time I was the attraction at the village fair. John said no time like the present, so they all took me to the green where I was fastened into the stocks. This time there were tents and stalls all around.

I was left there on show until the fair started. What a sight I must of looked, bent over, my tits dangling down, some women had wrote on my back down to my ass " Village whore, fuck my ass and cunt when required" and a sign had been placed by her saying this slut is the village slave and can be used when and however you want, please all of you abuse my body, there were many takers.

Lots of people lined up to fuck both all my holes, my hanging tits were for ever being squeezed and pulled and my nipples pinched and bit making me cry out, everybody was not missing the chance to use me. All the young men especially liked to abuse me, being a 40 year old married slut made them even dirtier towards me, and they all took their turn to fuck my ass and have me suck them clean afterwards. One guy even pissed up my ass as his cock was buried up it. This caused a lot of laughted from the large watching crowd.

The day was finished off with a barn dance and I was to be the entertainment. All evening I was passed around, made to crawl either on my hands and knees, or grovel on my stomach in the dirt to the next person then aske them to fuck me, degrade me. I was fucked repeatedly, one after the other they fed their cocks into my willing holes, "YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER PLEASEEEE, OHHH YES, I'MMM CUMMMMINGGGGG", I cried out as they all pummelled into me. Quite often I was whipped with either belts or sticks, or slapped around with their hands while I was crawling, or as I lay across the mens laps the women went to work on my ass with a table tennis bat as another man was fucking my mouth. The bat made loud slaps as it made contact with my naked flesh, making me suck harder on the cock being rammed to the hilt in my mouth, the cheeks of my ass must of been glowing bright red with all the punisment. Everybody was enjoy my humiliation and laughing, calling me a slag or a whore. I just kept telling them to slap my ass harder then fuck it.

They were making me to tell everybody to fuck me, to shout out that I was a sluttish whore, and that I loved being one, and that I wanted to be fucked a lot more, be punished and abused in public, that as a slave I lived only to be treated as a slag, fucked and abused, whipped and molested by her masters. I was told to stay crawling on my stomach in the dirt to my masters, and as a cum loving, cum drinking slut slave like me belonged on the floor naked at their feet.

Several of the women now decided to have some fun themselves, so they put on their own show fucking me with all sorts of objects and making me kneel between their legs and lick and suck their cunts until they came over my face. Others were spanking my ass while I had my face buried in these cunts. A couple of them had their men take them outside and fuck them then came back in and had me suck all the cum out of their pussy's, draining every drop, lick their cunt and assholes clean. I was whipped with leather belts over all my body, making me scream with every lash that came in contact with my bare skin. "Punish me Mistress, whip my slut body for being such a whore," I said as they done so, whipping my tits and well used cunt good untill I pissed myself.

One man encouraged his sixteen year old son, who must of been the only person to be a virgin in the village to practice on the whore and shag me, which he did,he also asked if he could fuck the sluts ass. "Of course son, get on your hands and knees slag and hold your ass cheeks apart", the father said. "That's it son, right up to the hilt, the cunt can take it, play with the slags tits as well, pinch her nipples hard, whores like her like that, that's it" he went on. The young man did, using my tits as leverage to pull himself deeper into my asshole, and causing me to cry out from the pain on my distorted tits. After he had cum up my ass he then put his cock in my mouth to clean it off. This was all done to the encouragement of all around. This encoured others to let their young sons practice fucking this slag.

I lost count of the times one or other of my holes was fucked that night, or how much cum I must have swallowed. Later on in the evening I was once again tied up, but this time I was tied spread-eagled on the floor of the barn. My arms and ankles tied apart to pegs in the floor so by the end I was spread out star shaped. This now looked as if it was now going to be the start of the golden showers, as I saw all the men get their all cocks out. John and Chas were the first, empting their bladders over my now very used naked body. The piss splashed down on me soaking my tits and belly. Others now joined in and John shouted at me "open your mouth whore, so you can taste our piss", she I did so, obaying all his commands, and the men rained their piss down on to my tits, on my face, in my hair, into my open wanting mouth, and between my open legs over my shaven gapping cunt. Even some women squatted on my face and pissed, grinding their cunts on to my face as they did so. I was left like this for what was left of the dance.

The people there when they felt like it would come over to piss or wank over me, or shove their cocks in me, or just whip or slap my abused naked body. A lot of the young men that were there thought it was fun to wank over me, they're cum adding to the piss that was on tits and face.

When at the end of the night, I was let loose, I put on my own show rubbing and massaging the mixture of cum and piss into my tits and cunt, my body writhing and slithering around in the mess on the barn floor as I moaned aloud as I wanked myself with a bottle to a climax.

When the dance was over, the few men that were left as well as John and myself, turned me over as I was still lay on the floor, face down in the muddy mess made by the cum, piss, and dirt, and ass fucked me again, pushing my tits and face into the mud, my head was pulled up by the hair causing me to groan as they ground my cunt and tits into the mud as the cocks were pounded into my ass over and over.

When they had all finished with me, I was a mess, not only was I covered in the muddy mixture of cum and piss, but I also had bite marks, scratches, and marks from the whipping all over my body. My tits and pubic area were covered with love bites and my ass and thighs red and marked from the beatings. My cunt and ass was gaping from all the cocks and objects that had been inserted into them, and also from the guy with the mammoth cock that was mentioned in the first story who said he was only able to have a shag when I was around, so he had made up for it by shagging me several times, even trying my ass, but he was to big for that, but I had managed to suck him off, taking about a third of his cock in, which went to the back of my throat, until he had filled my mouth to overflowing with his cum. Everybody loved watching him fuck me, cheering his every lunge, and my every scream as he stretched my cunt wide to it's limit. I told everybody that I did love having his huge cock ream me out though.

I could hardly walk back to the garage that night, but managed to by walking and crawling, sleeping that night on the garage floor at my masters feet like the slut slave I was.

The next day I showered, cleaning my body of the mess that had dried on it, but the marks, bites and writing would be there for a while. John had done his bit and serviced the car for free again, a good deal he said. Chas said "a bloody good deal for you lot". He replied "come on you love watching your wife fucked legless in public by gangs of people". He had to admit he did, and I added that I did as well. I asked John how all this was possible in public in a village. He said as we could see the village was very remote, and the peoples religion was very pagan, you know dancing naked on midsummer's eve and solstice etc, and very open minded to sex so we fitted in quite well. He said we ought to go up on Halloweens night, I would really have some fun them. I said perhaps we would.

We said our goodbyes to most of the village, several of the men persuading me for one last fuck or blowjob (I didn't really need much persuading) then made our way back home, where as soon as we got home we wrote this account as it was still fresh in our memories. I was tired and sore, but satisfied, and Chas was happy to have such a cum loving slut who likes to be gangbanged etc for a wife.


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