My sis is irresistible! Chapter 2!

My sis is irresistible! Chapter 2!

After Carly left, I laid there trying to figure out what just happend and where it was going to go. Carly was and still is an ultimate wet dream come true and I still couldn"t believe I just fucked her in and out of the shower. Her pussy was amazingly tight and she could controll it to squeeze and milk my cock. Her tits were milky and soft all at the same time as being firm. Her nipples tasted amazing and when played with just right, they would grow to be oversized erasers. And her ability to deepthroat was amazing, and the fact that she learned it from my sister, who I just found out is bisexual. Can you say oh my god, and then she dropped the major bomb, she wants to see me and Stephanie get it on! Holy Shit!

Anyway, I knew there was going to be hell to pay when I got downstairs, there is no way that anyone missed the fact that Carly and I were both missing for almost an hour and a half. So I pulled on some boxers and a pair of shorts, picked a nice casual button up and made my way downstairs. Just as I reached the top of the stairs though, Carly was there and walked with me. When we reached the kitchen the mocking started.

"Look who decided to finally join us..." Michelle stated coyly.

"Where have you two been?" Mellissa inquired.

"Just where the hell have you been?" Stephanie directed that one at me.

"Well you girls didn"t expect me to leave his delicious cock all alone. After his little display today I was horny as all hell and so I got me a taste of it and a ride on it." I was just as shocked by her statement as everyone else in the room.

My sister shot a look that could have killed if it were possible. I know I just fucked one of her best friends but honsetly I didn"t know she was her lover untill after, but I knew she would never believe me. But that wasn"t something to worry about right now, right now I was more concerned about the semi-party we were going to be throwing later. I needed to find out who all Stephanie was inviting so that I could make sure to optimize the guys that I invited. Honestly I didn"t think I would be spending much time with the group, if all things went well, I would be spending the majority of my time with Carly hidden in my room.

"Stephanie, who all are you going to invite tonight?" Hoping for the best.

"Well, besides people that are here I don"t know let me think." She pulled out her cell phone and started flipping through it. "I think I will invite Melany, Tori, and Beth."

"Okay, I will invite a few guys over. Any requests ladies?" As I looked around a few of the girls laughed. "I guess I will invite Tom, Steven, Hank and Roger. Does that work for you Steph?" She hates it when I call her Steph, but it was a slip of the tongue. She always thinks that I am talking down to her because she is younger. "Sorry it was an accident. Does that work for you? What time do you wanna start? Should we grill up some food?"

"It"s okay, we could have everyone come over by eight and yes we should grill up some food." She looked a little dejected and hurt. But I would worry about that later. "I will make a quick run to the store to get some grillables and we can get everything set up." She took off with Michelle to get changed because they were the only two still in swim suits.

Carly came up to me and took my hand. "Hey you."

"Hey yourself." I replied with a smile. "What"s up?"

"I think Stephanie is mad at me. She won"t talk to me." Now Carly was the one that was sounding upset. I know that for starters we haven"t been dating or even flirting very long for that matter, but I have liked her for a while and I couldn"t help but try and make her feel better.

"She isn"t mad at you. She is mad at me. I think it hurt her feelings that you and I fucked around, especially since you are a lover of hers."

"But we don"t do anything but fool around when neither of us can get dates. And she has told me tons of times that she doesn"t want to date a girl."

"Well I don"t know what to tell you then. I am sure you will find a way to make her feel better. And it shouldn"t be too hard to do it since she will be drinking tonight."

Carly knew I had a point. "I guess you are right. It will work itself out. Hey you wanna go for a walk?"


I took her out back and we headed toward the back gate, behind our property there is an entrance to the trails that weave through the woods behind our house. As we took off with no real direction in mind we didn"t say much for a while. We walked along and saw the streams and stopped at a few of the flowers untill we came to a waterfall that I never knew was there. Which in one way was really cool, but it also meant that I had no idea where we were. But I would worry about that later because right now all I cared about was the fact that I had an amazing girl with me.

"God its so beautiful here." Carly was staring up at the waterfall in amazement. It wasn"t tall but it was tall enough for a person or two to stand under and have some fun cooling off in the water.

"Yea, come with me." I led her over to the edge of the water and turned and kissed her as I slowly pulled her shirt up over her head. I kissed my way down to her chest. I reached around and undid the clasp encasing her beautiful tits. As the bra fell to the ground she slowly started kissing my neck and undoing the buttons on my shirt one by one. Afterwich she slowly let if fall off my shoulders. We helped eachother out of our shorts and took off our shoes. She playfully leaned down and kissed the head of my cock.

"Hey, you need to calm down and wait a little bit." I smiled at her and she returned with one of her own.

"Well fine pondside blowjob for you." She giggled as I picked her up. "Now who needs to slow down?"

"Oh, this won"t be sexual..." She got a little bit of a concerned look on her face. She wrapped her legs around me and I ran out into the water and fell into the deeper part. It was freezing cold. Carly came up screaming out of surprise. "Quite...or you might lead someone to our spot."

We swam out to the waterfall. Even though it was only ten or so feet high, it was still beautiful. I went under the water and she followed me. I pulled her close as the water cascaded down the rocks and onto our bodies. I pulled her in and we kissed feverishly and then she dipped below the water and I had no idea where she went. I looked around and searched for her. When I finally found her she had swam over to the edge of the pond and climbed out onto the rocks. She was sitting upon a large flat rock in the sun. I swam over and climbed out and joined her. We started kissing again and got lost in the moment. It wasn"t untill my cell phone started ringing on the other side of the pond that we realized that we were going to be running late if we didn"t get dressed. Luckily the sun had all but dried us off as we were laying there. As we made our way back towards the house we talked things over.

"So." I wasn"t sure how I was going to bring it up, but I wanted to know where she wanted this whole thing between us to go.

"So what?" She obviously wasn"t going to bring it up first so I just sucked it up and asked.

"What do you see happening between us?" All I could do is pray for the best now.

"I don"t know honestly. I am not one to normally fuck a guy just as benifits on the side, I have your sister for that remember. And besides, attatchment always ensues and then people get their feelings hurt." She had a very valid point.

"Well I don"t know about you, but I have always kinda had a thing for you and I am extremely happy with what happened today, even if it won"t last." It was almost as if a viel was lifted off her face. Any apprehension that was there because of the conversation had vanished.

"Well I am very happy that it did too because I have wanted you for a while but figured you wouldn"t want anything to do with me because of the fact that I was your sisters friend and younger than you. Most guys your age are after the college girls or one of those damn couger wanna be moms in the area."

"Well I guess I am different. Now we can finish this conversation later, but what did you mean earlier about you think you have a way that you can get Stephanie and I together?"

"Well I think the idea is extremely hot. You two are the only ones that have ever made me cum as hard as I you did today or she did any of the times that we have fooled around. And honestly I think she would be into the idea, at least after what she did today when you made your cock visible to everyone. I personally know that each and everyone of those girls that were standing around the pool would have jumped your bones and fucked your brains out if I hadn"t gotten there first."


"Yea, there has always been a mystery about you since we have all been hanging out with Stephanie. You have always been the target, but everyone was worried about what would happen with Stephanie."

"Why weren"t you today?"

"I don"t know. I think I was just cock hungry and you gave me something to feast my eyes on and it just drove me crazy and I knew I had to have it."

"I guess that is a good enough answer. Now back to how the whole thing with my sister will work? Not that I am not happy with you, but lets just say you planted a seed of curiousity that is blooming."

"Well I was thinking about it. And I figured out a way that first of all I would be able to make it up to her and make her feel better about the whole situation earlier. I figure that I would wait untill she is drunk later tonight, because her inhibitions will be lowered, and then I would take her up to her room and try and have some fun with her. I know that because she will be drunk she will be all mine to have some fun with. Now leave to me the whole getting her to want to fool around with you and just know that I will be able to do it. As long as I get to watch and have some fun." She got all serious and intent with the last little bit but that was fine with me.

"What do you need me to do?"

"Well when I come up to you later tonight and give you a kiss, that will be your sign that you have five minutes to make your way up to your sisters room and hid in the closet. After that I will bring her up and we will go from there."

"That sounds good." We just made it to the property line and walked into the gate. Everyone was already there wanting to help set up for the party. I guess it was nice of them to show up early, and it was only about an hour early. So I fired up the grill and everyone started to have some fun. People were eating and drinking and having fun. As it turned out, because Carly and I got it on earlier that day, it gave every other girl at the party the confidence to try and make a move on me that night. And as to not dissapoint, I promised each that I would try and find time to hang out with them that night. And if I played my cards right, they would believe that I drank way too much and passed out early.

I spent the majority of the party at the grill cooking up dogs, burgers and steaks. Meanwhile, Stephanie spent the evening drinking shots. Carly got most everyone at the party to do a shot with Stephanie, and they were obviously having the desired effect on her. She was laughing and joking with everyone and she wasn"t even showing a hint of the anger she held against Carly and I earlier. She was even hanging on some of my friends a little more than normal, but they all knew the reprocussions of fooling around with her and calmly changed the subject and found someone else to dance and grind with to the music.

I was having plenty of fun myself. All the girls that I had previously promised to fool around with were all coming up and seeing if I was ready for our private time, but instead found out that I didn"t want to make it obvious to everyone there seeing as how I am one of the hosts and the other is indisposed. But I told them after a few drinks and a couple hours, I would be more than ready to fuck their brains out, especially if they kept acting the way they were. But luckily for me, and unlucky for them, I had plans already to relieve that pent up energy they were bringing out.

The music continued and the party wound down, a couple people paired up and dissappeared to where ever they felt like when all of a sudden, Carly came up to me and kissed me on the lips and gave me a little wink. It took me a moment to remeber that was my cue and to head upstairs and hide. It wasn"t as easy as I thought though. All the girls saw me make my way to the stairs and thought it was their cue to come with me. So eventually I was able to get them all to leave me alone by pretending to pass out on the stairs. I was glad that worked because I didn"t want to have to puke on one of them, but I would have if needed, knowing what is instore.

As I reached Stephanie"s room, I made my way to the closet and flipped her hamper over so I wouldn"t have to stand. I had no idea how long of a work up and warm up it would take for Carly to get things rolling to the point that I would be invited into the room. I was hard as a rock just thinking about what was to come, luckily, I didn"t have to wait long. I had just adjusted myself inside my shorts when I heard them walking up the stairs.

"Why are we leaving the party? I was so much fun?" It was obvious that Stephanie was drunk, but I have seen her much worse.

"Well, I thought that after you were mad at me earlier, I would make it up to you by making you cum as hard as your brother made me cum earlier." The way she was talking it made it apparent that she was talking me up and doing her best to bring me into conversation.

"I wouldn"t know how hard he made you come...and I wasn"t mad at you. I was hurt." She kinda got a pouty look on her face as they sat down on her bed.

Carly got up briefly to close and lock the door before walking back over to the bed and kissing her on the lips. If my cock was hard before I was steel or diamonds now. I watched as Stephanie layed back and Carly laid on top of her, kissing each other and licking each other. Watching two girls kiss is something that can"t be described as anything less than beautiful and sensual. They make something that is normally sloppy and fun, so soft and seductive.

Carly started messaging Stephanie"s breast and I could clearly see her nipples. God how I wanted to get them in my mouth and flick my tongue over them and bite them. I was lost in thought for a little too long that I missed my sister pulling Carly"s shirt over her head, but got to witness her as she took the first nipple into her mouth, causing Carly to moan and wrap her fingers up in my sisters hair. Carly pulled her into her chest and my sister started biting her nipples and tugging on them.

"Oh god Steph, you are fucking amazing! You haven"t even touched my pussy yet and you have me gushing. I don"t now what it is but your family is amazing in bed. It almost makes me want to fuck your mom now and see what she has learned in her many years." My sister stopped what she was doing and got out from under Carly. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her feet for a minute. Slowly she turned and looked at Carly.

"Was he really that good?" She didn"t sound like I had ever heard before. It was a mixture of sadness and curiosity with a little bit of jealousy thrown in the mix.

"If you promise not to be mad about it, I will tell you"

"I promise I won"t get mad, but don"t think less of me if I get super turned on. You know what happens when I listen to sex stories."

"Well your brother knows what he is doing. If you ever saw that movie What Women Want, he was the model for the charecter. He had to have been able to read my mind because when I was starting to get close, he would do something new that would push me over the edge and make my pussy clamp down and make me black out with orgasmic bliss. I mean, the closest I have ever come to cumming that hard before was when you and I first started fooling around and you fucked my pussy with the strap on for nearly an hour." Carly paused to let it sink in and I noticed that the whole time Carly was talking, Stephanie was slowly feeling her nipples and her breathing was becoming more and more laybored.

"Tell me what he was like, you know..." My sister was avoiding something but Carly knew just where to take it.

"You mean, tell you about his cock?" She wasn"t asking as much as confirming what my sister was wanting.

Stephanie didn"t say anything, but rather nod her head in agreement.

"Well, simple fact of the matter is, he is huge. When I put my hand around it, I can feel ever little pump of his heart as it pushes blood through his viens. And I could barely get it into my mouth at first. It took all the practice and skills you taught me to get it in there. But once it was in my mouth, it slid easily into my throat. And when it was in my pussy, it seemed to fill every inch of my being." Carly had her eyes closed as she was remembering what everything felt like. So when she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see that my sister had her hands in her pants and was massaging her clit as she pinched her nipples with her other hand. I on the other hand had taken my cock out and was stroking it slowly as I watched the scene unfold.

Carly leaned down and kissed Stephanie as she pulled her hand out of her pants.

"Let me take care of that for you."

Carly proceeded to take Stephanie"s pants off and slowly but surely she kissed her way up one leg from the ankle, all the way down to the other. Skipping her pussy but making sure to get as close as possible. Stephanie was breathing quite hard and was digging her hands into Carly"s hair.

"Carly, don"t make me wait, do it, kiss it, make me cum."

Carly stopped what she was doing and looked up at her with a devilish look in her eyes.

"I will make you cum harder than you ever have, but you have to do something for me..." She trailed off, knowing that it would peak my sister"s interest.

"I will do anything you want, just stop teasing me and give it too me."

Carly got off the bed and went over to the dresser. She opened the top drawer and reached in searching for something. Finally she found what she want and with a smile, she pulled out a strap-on. She slowly put it on as my sister watched and licked her lips in anticipation. Carly slowly made her way over to the bed again and kneeled in front of my sister.

"To get me to make you cum, you have to play along with me. You have to first, wear this blindfold to make it all the more fun." Carly handed her a blindfold and waited while my sister rushed as fast as she could to put it on. "Now you are going to do as I say and be my little sub tonight. And you aren"t going to call me mistress like I have done for you, but you are going to call me Tyler..."

She let her words sink in and I was still realling from how she continues to bring to light in my eyes the lesbian activities of my sister.

"Tyler, give me your cock, I can"t stand it. I want to taste you, I want you inside of me." My sister was so wanton with lust that she didn"t care what Carly was telling her to do.

Carly got between my sisters legs and slowly leaned down and started to suck on her lips, she was purposly avoiding her clit, but teasing everything else.

"Tyler, stop it, don"t tease me, give it to me, I want your cock. Don"t make me beg."

Carly just ignored what she was saying. She slowly started to insert a finger into my sister"s pussy and at the same time she pulled her clit into her mouth and sucked on it and teased it with her tongue. Stephanie arched her back and pulled at her nipples roughly. She was moaning my name and I wasn"t even there. She was driving me wild, I had to be careful that I didn"t make myself cum. Stephanie reached down and pulled her shirt off, rewarding me with a glimpse at her beautiful tits that forever will hold my fantasies. They had to be large C cups. But the nipples are what did it, they were pierced. She had a barbell through them.

It only took a couple minutes before Carly herself was getting to the point that she was too horny to hold out anymore. She reached up and pulled both nipples as hard as she could.

"Oh my fucking god Tyler, I am yours, any time you want a fuck I am yours."

Carly took that as a signal that it was time to fuck. She slowly spit into her hand and rubbed it all over the rubber cock between her legs. And let me tell you, it was quite a sight. She was kneeling between my sisters legs and exposed pussy. She was massaging her spit into a rubber cock and her tits were sitting there for me to see. I was going to cum if I didn"t stop touching myself, so with every ounce of my being I stopped and focused on watching as Carly lined up her penis with my sister"s pussy.

I held my breath and waited. I watched as the blue rubber dildo slowly spread the lips of her pussy and entered her dripping pussy. My sister started arching her back and moaning louder.

"Fuck me, ram it into me, do it!!!" She was getting to the point of madness.

Carly didn"t even hesitate, she grabbed my sisters hips and pulled her towards her as she thrust the entire nine inches into my sister. But once it was in she brought it right back out and started to pummle my sisters pussy to the point that even I could see her pussy juices running down her inner thighs. Both of their tits were bouncing back and forth and they both couldn"t keep ther fingers away from their nipples. God how I wanted to be in there right now. And that was when it happened. Carly looked right at me and nodded her head at me to come out to play with her...

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