Dannii - Chapter 2: Dannii has friends

Dannii - Chapter 2: Dannii has friends

I ran into Dannii again. I didn't realize at first - there were way too many slim, long-haired blond girls frolicking about in front of me. Some of them glanced at me over the edge of their sunglasses, winking as they passed. I was sitting in a wooden chair, held together by a linen cloth, occasionally reading a few lines in the book I brought down, but more often than not staring at the boulevard and the beach at the other side of it.

Dannii stopped when she saw me. She took off her shades and had a good gaze at me, before the look on her face changed in recognition. It was only when her eyes were exposed that I realized it was her, waving at me as if I was a long-lost friend, whereas the truth was a lot more shallow.

I decided to recognize her too. I stood up, walked towards the fence that separated the hotel's pool area from the boulevard and hugged her. She explained my existence to her friends in unadulterated Russian. Did she tell them what had happened? Did she sugarcoat it, or was she reciting every dirty detail? I had no clue.

Dannii said something to her friends, then waved and crossed the boulevard. Instead of walking along the road, however, she and the two other girls stepped onto the beach, put down their bags and started to unpack. They decided to set up camp right in front of me, barely twenty feet away. As they had settled down, Dannii crossed the street once more and stood by the fence.

"Want come?" she asked.
"I'm good," I replied. "Do you want cum?"

She had no idea what I said. But seriously, when a cute girl asks you to sit with her and her bikini-wearing friends, there's no saying no. I grabbed my shirt from the chair's arm rest and my phone and wallet from the small table and followed Dannii. She introduced me to her friends (whose names I don't even remotely remember, and therefore I shall call them Anastasia and Viktoria, or Ana and Vicky) and pointed at the sand. Sit.

I quickly learned how free-spirited they were (I'll stay away from the term "slutty" for now). I had barely sat down, and already I was surrounded by three pairs of bare Russian boobs. Dannii's were the most average, though they were on the large-ish side of the spectrum; Ana barely had any, which actually looked rather hot; and Vicky's were nothing short of massive.

"Your turn," Vicky said. Her English seemed to be a lot better than Dannii's.

Why the hell not, right? I breathed in to give my chest just that little bit extra, then pulled my shirt over my head. Six eyes were gazing at my upper body, and mine were feasting on theirs. Dannii ran her fingers over my chest, giggling something in Russian. Vicky tried to translate but failed miserably, before she started to chat to Dannii in their weird language. Ana, who had said nothing but her name, kept staring. Not just staring, but the awkward kind kids do when they see something intriguing, not caring about what the subject of their staring thinks of them.

"What's with her?" I asked the other two.
"I think she wants to make out," Vicky replied. She seemed just as weirded out by that as I was.
"She does?" I asked. "What's keeping her?"

Dannii called Ana's name to snap her out of it, and then said something in Russian (which I obviously didn't understand) and nodded (which I obviously did). Ana came into movement, crawling up to me. She pulled herself onto my lap and looked at Dannii, who nodded again. Then she kissed me.

I don't want to over-romantify things, but this was one of those kisses you never forget. It was unimaginably slow and dry-lipped, but it wasn't just her mouth that was kissing: it was her entire body. Her hips ground over my thighs, her hands grabbed my cheeks and turned my head in the direction she wanted it to turn, her tiny boobs searched for my chest, but could never touch. I also felt a hand on my knee, which couldn't have been Ana's (for she had only two), and therefore must have been Vicky's.

As Ana let go of me, only a few seconds after the kiss had started, Vicky got up.

"My turn!"

I made use of this changing of the guards to sit up and not be in the submissive position I was in with Ana. Vicky's kiss was a lot sloppier and involved a lot more touching, not just between the two of us, but with Dannii and Ana as well. I felt hands on my back, my head, my butt, and eventually - it must have been Vicky's - on my dick. Making out with Ana had already given me a solid semi, but having three half-naked chicks touching me all over made me fully hard. Vicky smiled widely as she noticed, and then sat back, licking her lips.

At this point, it seemed rather obvious that I was going to be engaged in some steamy group action (which was the truth). Might as well take the lead then, I thought to myself.

"If any of you girls need to use the bed... I mean bathroom," I said, "my hotel is right up there. I'm sure I could sneak you in."

Dannii jumped up.

"Bathroom! Me!"

"I may need something else," Vicky grinned. I got up, helped the girls onto their feet and grabbed one of their bags. Two of them quickly put on a shirt (most hotels don't allow topless girls in the lobby), but Ana didn't even bother. They followed me off the beach, across the boulevard, through the pool area, and into the lobby. The girl behind the desk didn't even look up. The elevator doors were already open, and the four of us got inside. Before the doors had closed, Ana was already holding her bikini bottoms in her hand. She was fully naked, looking at herself in the wall mirror. Something told me Ana was the girl I was going to fuck first.

We arrived at the sixth floor. I had prayed for an empty hallway, but when the doors opened, a couple and two teenage girls were waiting for the elevator. Ana got out and pushed herself between the couple, who were staring at the naked girl. Their daughters giggled and whispered words that teens use a lot (like omg and wtf and things of that sort). I tried to apologize as I walked past, but I had no idea how to even remotely make things better.

Ana got into the room first and immediately found her way to the bed, on which she laid down to spread her legs, and started playing with herself. Dannii did actually go to the bathroom, and Vicky stepped onto the balcony, but not before taking off her top once again. She gazed at the people by the pool and lit up a cigarette. Leaning over the edge, she --

Wait a minute. Did I say Ana started playing with herself? I think I did. There was a naked Russian girl touching herself on my hotel bed, and I was looking at Vicky? I don't think so. I sat down next to Ana and put my hand on hers, guiding it between her legs. Dannii returned, fully naked as well, and joined the party on the bed. She started to kiss me all over, as her hands made their way to the edge of my shorts and freed me from the tight space, that had grown even tighter when she touched me. She didn't take the time to properly rid me of my swimming trunks, for her mouth was hungry and her lips were wet. The warmth of her tongue made me grow to full proportions - and if that wasn't sufficient, Vicky was now re-entering the room, sitting down on top of Ana, and kissing me on the lips. She tapped Dannii on the shoulder, telling her to make way.

Vicky, much like during the kiss on the beach, was a lot less patient, and a lot less delicate, too. As she rubbed my dick against the inside of her cheeks, Dannii turned around and lowered herself onto me. All I had to do was to move my tongue in order to make her moan and blurt out what sounded like Russian dirty talk. As Dannii was rubbing herself over my face, the pressure on my dick stopped for a brief moment. I couldn't see what was going on, but I could unmistakingly feel another body on top of me. Judging by the weight, it must have been Ana (told you I was going to fuck her first!). She was unimaginably tight, and even though this position wouldn't allow her to close her legs, it felt like she was squeezing them together as much as she could.

Dannii rolled off of me. I could finally see Ana's body jumping up and down, her face engaged in a kiss with Vicky's. Dannii bent over and brought her head towards the battlefield. I could feel the tip of her tongue against my dick as Ana's body rose into the air, and I'm fairly sure Ana could feel the same tip on her love button as she came back down. My left hand searched for Dannii's pussy, which was almost dripping from her own body juices and a little bit of my saliva, and my right hand grabbed one of Vicky's gigantic boobs and squeezed it.

Ana got off of me and, after cleaning my dick with her tongue, made way for her friends. I took the opportunity to haul myself upright. I got off the bed (six gorgeous eyes gazing at me, desperate to play a part in my next move) and stood near the edge. I grabbed Vicky and turned her around, placing her in front of me on hands and knees. I pulled down her bikini bottoms just enough to make room, and then shoved my dick inside. She moaned and grabbed Ana, spreading her legs and diving in. Dannii made sure I was fucking Vicky hard enough, pushing my hips forward with every thrust. Vicky wasn't nearly as tight as Ana, or even as Dannii as far as I could remember, but the view on her butt, Ana's squirming body and Dannii's boobs made me fear for my stamina on more than one occasion. I held out well, though, thankfully.

Vicky came without warning. She threw herself onto the bed, screaming towards Ana's belly button. Unfortunately, Dannii didn't give me any chance to enjoy the moment, for she pushed Vicky away and laid down in front of me, threw her legs up and grabbed my dick, only to put it right on the verge of her still soaking pussy. She was so slippery, I had to keep at least half of my dick inside her to keep it from sliding out. Ana sat down on Dannii's face and kissed me between her feet, in her own slow, but intense way. Vicky got in on it too, rubbing Dannii's pussy as fast as she could. It was not long after when Dannii exploded; I had to work very hard to not do the same thing when she suffocated my dick with her muscles. The loudest scream came from Ana, however, who's pussy, as it turned out, had been bitten by Dannii in the heat of the moment.

Now it was just Ana and me. She stared at me again, just like she had done on the beach, slowly touching herself as I got rid of my shorts (at last!) and climbed back onto the bed. She turned around and offered her body to me, but when I rubbed my dick through her pussy lips and got ready to go in, she blocked it with her hand.

Vicky seemed to know what was going on. She moisturized my dick with her mouth and spit between Ana's butt cheeks, before guiding me towards the hole that wasn't blocked by black fingernails. It took me a good while and a fair amount of force to get the tip in, but when the initial barrier was broken, my entire dick slid into her ass. She screamed, grabbed Vicky and muffled her noises into her boobs. Dannii saw an opportunity and squeezed her body into the gap between Ana and the bed. She licked Ana and I fucked her, not caring about any pain I may have been inflicting, realizing this was going to get me where I wanted to be.

When I was absolutely certain Ana's ass was stretched out enough, I let my dick slip out of her for a brief moment. Her gaping hole was begging me to fill it up again, and Ana made crystal clear she wasn't done yet by spreading her butt cheeks with her hands. The feeling of her tight ass grabbing my cock as I pushed it back in, the moaning in front of me, the smile on Vicky's face, it was all perfect. Too perfect, as I felt my body readying itself for a big blast.

I was already thinking about where and how I would finish, when Ana pushed her body upwards. I held her against my chest, biting her neck, just in time for her orgasm. She screamed so loud even the people down by the pool must have heard it. After she had rolled away, I saw Dannii's face, shimmering with Ana's juices. Vicky kissed her and grabbed my dick, sucking it as hard as possible. That tipped me over the edge.

During the few short seconds after the point of no return, I lined the three girls up in front of me. The first two waves hit Dannii right in the face, on her cheeks, in her left eye. The ones after were aimed at Ana, who opened her mouth and managed to catch most of it. The final few bursts landed on Vicky's boobs, a few drops escaping towards her leg. Dannii was now trying to get my cum out of her eye, while Ana was playing around with it in her mouth. Vicky saw that, leaned in and kissed Ana on the lips, transferring some of the stuff to her before they both swallowed the evidence.

I fell down on the bed, exhausted, but spent. To bang a drunk Dannii in a dark alley was amazing, but this early afternoon had been far beyond that. As I was trying to catch my breath, Dannii - who could finally see again - licked the last drop of cum off my still half-hard dick and laid down next to me, followed by the other girls. We stayed like that for a while longer (well, the three of us did, since Ana had already started to touch herself again), until the sound of knocking on the door spoiled the moment. In the hallway stood the girl from the desk, looking slightly nervous.

"Sir," she stuttered. "Would you mind closing the balcony doors and try to keep the noise down? Also, I'd like to inform you that bringing guests into the rooms is prohibited.

"We were just leaving," I heard Vicky say behind me. Moments later, three naked Russian girls walked past a stunned hotel employee, towards the elevator. They waved as the doors closed, while I stood there with the girl from the desk.

"Problem solved?"

She walked away without saying another word.

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