Cross dressing fun turned sour!

Cross dressing fun turned sour!

I do admit to my love of wearing panties and stockings, or tights (pantihose) under my suits for work, gives me a real turn on. As a gay guy, looking at other men and wondering what they are like under their clothes, well hung, cut etc keeps me really horny.

A few nights ago, one of my pals whom I have some great fun with, said he had tickets for a great Hypnotist would I like to go? Of course, I agreed and off we went.

Shit, the show was awful. He picked on me as one of the last clients, should I say. He dragged me on stage (no pun intended) and tried to put me under. I knew he didn't succeed, or so I thought,

Tom, my mate, waited until I returned to my seat. “Load of crap” I told him.

“Ah” said Tom “You did not see what we, the audience saw then Phil”

“What do you mean Tom?” I asked him.

“Well, the guy asked you what your favourite hobby was, you said making fun of crap hypnotists. He then asked if you believed in what he did and that he had hypnotised you to reveal your inner most secrets as you were so unbelievably rude to him. You told him, in front of 1,200 people, that you were a bottom gay man, who wore lingerie under his day clothes and like to get fucked wearing panties or tights. You like to walk around with a jewelled butt plug up your ass and had to wear a condom under your panties or tights as you frequently shot a load looking at guys you fancied. As that was not enough, you then added you thought he was a load of crap, to which the guy said you would remember everything that had happened to you when you woke up in the morning, he snapped his fingers and you shuddered, woke up and walked back to me”

“Oh fucking hell Tom, you cannot expect me to believe that bullshit, lets have a fuck and then we can get to bed”

I am lucky actually, I am a well hung cut man, 8” cock and hefty balls, I was wearing tights under my trousers, which Tom asked me to leave on. He threw me face down on the bed a pulled down the waistband of my tights, just enough to pull out the butt plug I love to wear, and rammed his rather large cock right inside my hole. “Tom, go easy” I said “I know fucking me in tights gets you so horny, but I am already cumming and getting in a mess”

A few minutes of banging away and Tom yelled he was cumming and I felt a jet of hot cum fill my insides> I lay there savouring the feeling of that lovely cum and then stood up, I could feel it oozing down the inside of my legs and also through the nylon covering my cock, it slipped like jelly down my cock and balls, Tom knelt down and licked my tights front clean. Oh heaven.

We showered and went to bed Tom wears shorts, I usually wear panties of some sort, tonight I chose black lace ones, honestly guys, you really want to try wearing women's panties they are a surprisingly large pouch at the front to hold your tackle and a full back or thong styles back, not sagging or bagging and loads of stretch,

I had some horrific dreams, the sort that scare the shit out of you and then when you wake up simply disappear. I woke up about 7am bursting for a piss, Tom was snoring his head off as usual, I shot in the bathroom grabbed my cock out of my panties and let go.

Holy fuck, I was pissing all over the toilet seat, my legs, the floor I grabbed my cock, NO COCK OR BALLS THERE. I sat on the toilet and finished pissing and stood up. I yelled for Tom who ran into the bathroom and looked aghast at the urine covered floor, toilet and me.

“Phil, what the hell are you playing at? Your panties are dripping piss and its everywhere”

“I don't know” I cried and pulled down my panties.

“Fucking hell” screamed Tom “Where the fuck are your balls and cock and what the fuck IS THAT?” he yelled pointing at my crotch.

I looked down and nearly passed out, my lovely cut cock and large balls had simply vanished and there in their place, was what looked remarkably like a PUSSY...... a vagina on me?

I suddenly shivered and suddenly remembered what the Hypnotist said the previous evening.

“Tom its that bastard Hypnotist” I shouted “He has cursed me” I remembered we had his card and phoned him, although it was only 0830. “Hello” said a strangely elated voice. “Remembered now how rude you were last night?, You apparently love wearing lingerie so I thought it would be nice for you to feel how looking the whole package would suit you.... I am terminating the cal, and no matter how you try to contact me, you will have no further success, enjoy your new sex organ”

The phone went dead, and I tried to recall, it was unable to connect.

I sat on the toilet lid, Tom kneeled on the floor holding my hands. I dried myself off, and went into the shower. I got out and dried myself and Tom walked me back into the bedroom. We sat on the bed, My hand unconsciously went down to my dick-less and ball less crotch and touched my gash. It felt soft and warm and slightly moist, Nice lips on around the edge, and fleshy flaps on the inside.

To my disgust I was getting turned on. “Tom?” Will you check out my pussy, does it look ok to you?, would you fancy playing with it as a gay man? Would you like to try an fuck me please?”

Tom looked surprised,”Love to if you wear some crotchless panties” I found a pair which looked great as my large cock and balls hung down from the slash in them. Now they fitted me perfectly.

Tom pulled me up and moved to the wardrobe, he held me closely and started to kiss me, gently squeezing my nips, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter in my crotch, I felt a little trickle like jelly sliding from my gash, them I felt Toms cock pushing in me. “God, this is amazing” cried Tom, we can kiss and I can fuck you from the front, I love feeling your panties sliding up and down my cock, and shit, I am going to cum”

CUM?”. He fired copious amounts of thick hot cum into my pussy, and after a few minutes, he pulled out , it was still dripping from his monster cock head, so I licked it clean. I suddenly realised that Tom had his head between my legs, he was licking my pussy clean, I I looked down feeling his tongue sliding inside me.

We decided to go shopping, I wore some thick tights under my jogging bottoms and on the way home in the car, Tom looked at me said “Are you cumming in your pants, ? You have a large wet patch on your jeans. I sure did, it was wet and sticky, whoops cum!

Arrived home to find dribbles of cum and a white jelly stuff sliding out of my gash. “It's your cum and my lube, leaking out. I need to buy some tampons, so we turned around called in the petrol station and bought two packets. Got home opened the packages and pulled one tampon out,, rammed it inside my pussy, pulled on some black nylon hold ups, and pulled up my tracksuit bottoms and started on the lunch.

Tom walked in the kitchen “How are you feeling Phil?” “Ok thanks” I answered, “Seems like I am a real pussy boy now, can you cope with me like this”

Before I could move, Tom had spun me against the wall, pulled down my tracksuit bottoms, pulled on the tampon string which fell on the floor, and his cock was inside me so quickly I could not believe it., He was tonguing me and then kissing me roughly, I could tell he was loving it, his breathing was short and he pounded away at my vagina. I am SO ENJOYING THIS, He shot another huge load inside me. Pulled away away and let me lick his cock clean, he repeated his performance by licking my pussy clean again. He moved away, gae me a new tampon which I pushed up and pulled up my tracksuit bottoms.

“There Phil” he smiled “Does that answer your question?”

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