A Night with Lizzie's Barbies_(1)

A Night with Lizzie's Barbies_(1)

The weirdest thing happened tonight.

I am a 20 year old, tall and between lean and muscular. I have a daughter. I got my girlfriend pregnant back in high school and my daughter was born when I was 17 and my girlfriend was 16. We broke up after the pregnancy. She wanted an abortion and I wanted the baby, so I got my way. She is 3 years old and she loves her Barbie dolls.

When we were out one day we went shopping around some garage sales, so one street we went down was in the bayou and in the middle of nowhere. We followed the signs and we found this ran down house hut right on the water. So we got out of the truck and my daughter yelled out, “They have Barbie!!” Then there was this older black woman with long dreaded hair ran up to me with four boxes of dolls trying to force them onto us asking for .50 cents a box. They looked a little odd and had weird feeling about them and my daughter said, “Ok,” and with the some of the money gave her, gave the woman $4, my daughter is very smart.

When we got home, Lizzie went right to her bedroom up the stairs and I had to carry boxes of dolls up the stairs. As I was walking to room from kitchen to her room up the stairs, I noticed few of things about the Barbie’s. One, the hair on all of the dolls looked silky and real and instead of shiny kind of coarse hair. Second, there was amazing amount of detail in the makeup design. And third, saw bits of a mound in breast area were the nipple would be. I set the box down on the stairway and just took a peek and there was an amazing amount of detail with the pussy and tits and the plastic even felt little like skin. I thought I wouldn’t mind, if anything I need to teacher her about the female body I would with the dolls. When I got up to her room, I saw her already getting the doll house that I built for her 3rd birthday.


Later that night, I woke abnormally horny and I haven’t felt this way for a long time. I tried going back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I looked at the clock and it was 10:30 and I thought you know what I will grab one of the new dolls. So, when I was going through the dolls and I noticed on with good size mounds not like the normal small perky Barbie tits. She was a blonde with down to her back and wavy. She was gorgeous I grabbed her and to it to my room and undressed her I noticed if this Barbie was at human scale she would probably have a natural 36H breast size. Unsheathed my throbbing warm 7 inch thick cock and started to rub on the doll where the boobs and the pussy are. I turned on a porn video that I had and opened up a Playboy. Since the doll didn’t feel like plastic and more like skin it I felt cum shoot right out me within seconds and I kept shooting cum. It was the most cum I released ever. I saw the doll covered in cum and I just I needed wash it before giving it to Lizzie, so I set the doll on my nightstand and laid back and fell asleep.


At midnight, a very humid and warm breeze comes through my opened window and there was rattling throughout my room and the house. Then, there was this bright bluish light radiating out of the doll. Starting out of her eyes, then out of her mouth that shot open and every other hole her body. Her body spasm as if she was alive. Then the doll was set back down on the nightstand. Doll looked like a real person except for her being so small.

I woke, I felt stroking at my rock hard cock and I felt like I already had some pre-cum oozing down my cock. I looked at what was stroking my cock and it was the Barbie and that sent me over the edge and I cummed all over her. I just felt this urge to just force my half-staffed dick right into her mouth. I knew the doll had a small mouth, but I did anyway and forced all the way to the back of her throat. I hear a muffled moan and gag as I did this. She started bobbing up and down, like she knew what she was doing. Then I felt to small arms messaging balls and it felt amazing then it sent me to the edge and I then I cummed again. I looked down and few more Barbie’s standing at my feet. I took the Barbie that I took from Lizzie’s room earlier and started playing with her cunt.

Started with her clitoris and then her inner thighs and moving right into the pussy. Her pussy was extremly tight then I felt her hymen was still intact. So, went in and out without popping her cherry, just yet. Then as she was standing, she started sway back and forth and then moving her upper body back and forth. Her limbs started to spasm, and then there was this thrust forward of pelvis and this great arch in her back and a scream. There was this great warm love juice flowing down my finger.

As I was doing this the Barbie at my feet started rubbing against my feet and started humping and grinding my feet. She was like a horny animal that can’t control her actions. As I was sliding my finger in and out of the doll’s pussy, I took my other hand started jerking off to my sight. Then I took my finger and have her lick her juice off my finger. As sucked my finger cum straight up in the air. The doll just fell to her knees and fell flat on her stomach in exhaustion. The doll that was stroking balls walked to girl that was humping feet started making out. The mouths were meeting as parted lips their tongues and saliva was going in circles of each tongue.

This turning out to be an awesome night.

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