Me and My best friend_(1)

Me and My best friend_(1)

Me and my best friend, Darren, had known each other forever. We were always open with each other about everything, and when I say everything...
Even when we were little, we used to compare the sizes of our dicks. He started puberty before me. At about 12, he started getting some pubic hair. I fell behind a little at this point, but a few months later I had some too. We weren’t quite at the point of being particularly horny yet though.
This followed at about 14. We always had sleepovers too. They were great fun. My first sexual experience was at one of these, on a Saturday night.
We had been out playing football, and returned at about seven o’clock. My Mum and Dad were just heading out, and told us not to be up too late, but I knew if they came in at two o’clock and found us still up we wouldn’t get in trouble. We went up to my room and collapsed into our respective beds. We lay there and talked, discussing the oh-so-important matters of girls, school and plans for tomorrow. The conversation eventually turned to our organs, as I knew it eventually would. Not that I minded.
We decided to compare sizes, as we hadn’t done for a while. Slightly nervous, I asked him to go first. He did so, and I was shocked. His cock was easily 6 inches, and it wasn’t even hard. I felt my own growing hard. “Come on, do it”, he laughed, “I did”. Slightly scared now, I slowly pulled out my nearly completely erect penis.
He stared at it. “You’re.... You’re hard!”, he laughed. “Oh my god, dude”. I looked down at my cock. It was about 4 and a half inches long, and would be about 5 when fully erect. “Maybe it would be better to compare them when they’re hard”, I said. I had been attracted to Darren a little bit for quite a while. He was leanly muscular, with a six-pack emerging from his stomach. He looked at me. “Sounds good to me, but I don’t know if I can get hard”, then he grinned, “Help me?”. I fell to it immediately, getting down on my knees. I took his cock in my hand, and rolled back his foreskin, exposing the head of his penis. I took this in my mouth, rolling it around and licking it. Then he got hard. His cock reared up, easily eight or nine inches. I started jerking him off, and he let out a little gasp. Faster, and faster, I slid my hand up his massive pole. Then I took it in my mouth again. Bobbing my head up and down, I tried to take as much as I could. I sucked hard, and whipped my tongue round his dick. I used to my hand to wank off what I couldn’t fit in my mouth, and pleasured myself with my free hand, my cock now fully erect with the excitement I was feeling. Only a couple of minutes later, Darren gasped again and I could tell he was about to cum. I pushed my head down, trying to deepthroat him. Suddenly, one, two, three jets of hot cum hit the back of my throat, and I swallowed them all, the tang stinging slightly. I leant back to breathe, and realised he still had a semi, so I continued jerking him off. I kept going slowly, until he had a full erection again, then I sucked at one of his balls, tweaking the pubes with my teeth. He convulsed slightly, and cummed again, this time a smaller dribble.
“That was... awesome”, he said, looking at me. Then his gaze flicked down to my, still hard, cock. “How big’s yours?”. I looked embarrassed, “Only about 5”. He grinned again, “Does the same job though”, and he got down on his knees, taking my whole length in his mouth. I gasped loudly at the heat engulfing my rock-hard erection. It felt so good, I wanted more, and I put my hands on the back of his head, and alternately pushed him down and pulled him up, skull-fucking him. I didn’t even last as long as he had, and cummed within two minutes. I was still hard, so I kept him going, and cummed again, and again, all into his mouth. By now, he was tired and stopped. My cock had shrivelled down to about two or three inches, its normal length. By now I was past shame and didn’t care. I just wanted more.
Darren was lying on his back, eyes closed. I guess he was relaxing. His still large penis was hanging down between his legs, and I couldn’t resist it. I lay down so that my head was between his legs, and began licking and gently sucking his balls. He propped himself up on his elbows, and cocked an eyebrow, “Again? Carry on then”, he smiled and lay back.
I slowly began jerking him off again. I moved my hand slower this time, squeezing periodically, and started licking him up and down his shaft. Darren started breathing slightly heavier, and I took this as a sign he enjoyed it. I slowly worked up the intensity, taking first his head in my mouth, then his shaft. I moved faster and faster, sucking and licking. I managed to fit most of his length in my mouth, then pushed down a little more, and took the whole thing. At this he cummed, more thick liquid filling my mouth.
He was still hard, and presumably turned on again, as he came up to a kneel, and gestured for me to spin round. I did, and presented my ass to him. He bent forward, licking around my hole, and slipped his tongue in, then out and around, then gently nosed in his cock. It hurt, but turned me on like crazy, and put his hand round me to wank me off at the same time. I cummed almost instantly, and he licked it from his fingers, and pushed a little more of his length into me. As I took more and more of his cock, he started breathing heavier and heavier, then cummed. Stream after stream of hot cum shooting into my ass. I shouted out loud, then collapsed forwards. Utterly exhausted, I smiled as Darren lay down next to me. I idly played with his cock, while we lay there.
“Our sleepovers are gonna be so much better now”

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