Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wife's Confession

Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wife's Confession

Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wife's Confession

by rat_race

* * * * *

“How would you feel if you found out that I really wasn’t a virgin when I met you?”

My wife, who was my live-in girlfriend at the time, was naked in bed with me one afternoon, when she asked me that question. I didn’t realize it at that point, but it was a question that would end up permanently changing our relationship.

About Bea

I met my wife, Bea, during my first year of college in the fall of 1972, and I immediately fell in love with her. Bea came across as being very intelligent and genuinely kind, but also naive and innocent, at the same time. And those qualities only served to make her even more desirable--especially considering the fact that she was already a college sophomore, and she was two years older than me. The ironic thing about this is that, even though we both have always looked much younger than our chronological ages, Bea has always looked like she is younger than I am.

My wife is the most wonderfully-unique person that I know. Age-wise, she’s in her late 60's now, but she still looks like she's in her early 50's. Not only that, but she has never had to wear facial make-up in order to look attractive. Nor has she ever had to resort to having plastic surgery of any kind.

Bea was born in the early 1950's into a lower middle class Hispanic family of Mexican origin, but she doesn’t look or sound Hispanic at all. In fact, she doesn't even speak Spanish, although she almost always understands what other people are saying to her in Spanish. But Bea naturally speaks with a mid-western accent, similar to the type of accent that most female television news reporters strive for.

And Bea's looks perfectly compliment her voice. Thanks to her God-given brunette hair, her large hazel “bedroom eyes,” her European-style “ski jump nose” and her light olive-toned skin, Bea looks 100% Anglo.

Bea told me that, once she had reached puberty, it seemed to her that her crotch became hairy almost overnight.

However, Bea also went on to tell me that, above the waist, she was definitely a late bloomer, and that all the way up through her first few years of high school, her breasts were really nothing more than a pair of super-enlarged, puffed-out, nipples. But then later, sometime during her junior year of high school, Bea's little boobies had begun growing rapidly. And by the time that I finally met Bea, at the beginning of her sophomore year of college, her C-cup size breasts would only be considered small when compared to the truly enormous breasts that her two sisters and her mother all have.

Let's put it this way. If Bea were wearing a low-cut style blouse, I'm absolutely positive that the sight of her ample, bare cleavage would be a real turn-on for most men in America.

However, I am not "most men." I just happen to come from the "more than a mouthful is wasted" school of female breast-appreciation. In other words, whenever I'm surfing porn online, it's always the small-breasted women that end up turning me on. I can't help it. It's just the way that I'm "sexually-wired." And so, as far as I'm concerned, Bea's breasts are way too big for my liking, and they just don't do anything for me in a sexual way. They never have, and they never will.

However, in spite of the way that I have always felt about Bea's breasts, from the time that Bea and I first started making out during our dates together, all the way up until a few months after we had first started having sexual intercourse together, I used to go ahead and feel out Bea's big boobs and suck on her large tan-colored nipples anyway, as part of our foreplay--while I was assuming all along that that was what Bea was wanting me to do.

I eventually discovered (through Bea's own "sexual coaching" that nothing could have been further from the truth.

In an ironic twist of fate, it turned out that Bea never has viewed the stimulation her breasts as being necessary during sex. In fact, this may sound strange to you, but unlike most women out there, Bea rarely touches her own boobs when she's having sex with me (or even when she's masturbating by herself, for that matter). Instead, she prefers to bypass all that breast self-stimulation stuff and go straight for the pussy.

And so the only reason why Bea was gladly letting me feel out and suck on her breasts all those times during our lovemaking, was because she had mistakenly assumed that that was what I was wanting to do. And that's exactly what she told me, right to my face. Needless to say, I was totally shocked--and, at the same time, very relieved--when Bea finally admitted all this to me.

Bea's crotch is definitely hairy, but not to the point of looking freakish. Although Bea keeps her armpits and her legs clean-shaven, she prefers to leave her dark-brown pubic hair “au naturel.” And that's fine with me, because hidden just below Bea's thick pubic hair triangle is her awesome-looking pussy.

I have to admit that I have been totally infatuated with Bea's wonderful, exotic-looking pussy, ever since she first spread her legs apart and let me look at it. And that's because Bea's pussy is one of the sexiest, nastiest-looking pussies that I have ever laid my eyes on! And that's saying a lot, because just like lots of you guys out there, I've seen literally thousands of different women's bare pussies posted at various Internet porn sites.

Bea stands about 5’ 2” tall. But she just happens to have an hourglass figure. So she has large hips (a large pelvis) for a woman of her petite body size. This is something that I never gave much thought to--that is, until the first time that I ever stuck my hand up under Bea's dress and felt out her pantyhose-covered pussy. I was shocked to discover just how large her pussy was.

All I can say is that Bea's wide, fleshy pussy mound is so large that it looks like it should belong between the legs of a much bigger, taller woman. And Bea's vagina is also wider, and much longer, than one would expect to find on a woman of her small stature.

And that's not just my opinion, either. Every one of Bea's gynecologists over the course of many years have all ended up making comments to Bea about the unusually-deep position of her cervix, in relation to her vaginal entrance. Basically, the top part of Bea's uterus is tilted so far forward that, even with my six-and-a-half-inch-long, erect penis buried deep inside her vagina (when we're in a face-to-face intercourse position), I can barely reach her cervix with the tip of my dick.

Early on in our relationship I discovered that I could diddle away at the head of Bea's clitoris, and although it would eventually become erect, my efforts would never make her orgasm strongly. She could only experience mild orgasms through direct clitoral stimulation. And it wasn't anything that I was doing "wrong" either, because Bea herself admitted to me that she can't make herself "cum good" by just rubbing and massaging away at the head of her own clit during masturbation, like most other women do.

Instead, Bea's sexuality is--and has always been--focused on her vagina. And consequently, whenever she masturbates, Bea has to stimulate her own vagina in order to make herself orgasm strongly. And she told to me that she has been sticking her fingers up inside of her own vagina for as far back as she can remember. So it makes perfect sense that Bea absolutely loves the act of sexual intercourse.

However, there is one sex act that Bea seems to love even more than "fucking," and that’s getting her pussy energetically finger-fucked. In fact, that’s the only way I have ever found that I can consistently make Bea orgasm her ass off.

By the way, Bea's pussy gets incredibly wet whenever she's experiencing a strong orgasm. Typically, Bea squirts at first, letting out numerous small spurts of clear watery cum-fluid, that looks just like urine, but without the yellowish tinge to it that urine tends to have. And then she starts gushing, as she literally "ejaculates" a series of thick, gooey, semi-transparent globs of cum-juice from her orgasmically-pulsating pussy.

And as Bea continues to experience one strong orgasm after another, her ejaculated cum-juice can change from its normally semi-transparent, oily-looking state; as it drastically thickens up, and takes on a whitish tint that makes it look much more like sperm than pussy cum-juice.

The first time that I ever witnessed this, I was very surprised, because it looked just like Bea was using her vaginal muscles to squeeze my freshly-ejaculated sperm out of her creampied pussy. But this "unexpected event" took place during our foreplay (my dick had not come into contact with Bea's pussy yet). And so that sperm-looking stuff was all hers, and not mine. Up until that point in time, I had no idea that a woman could actually do that.

Okay, okay. I'm through talking about my wife's pussy for now. I promise. In fact, I'm through talking about any of her other physical attributes, as well. And that's because Bea's physical attributes are not the only things that make my wife unique.

Bea's inner sexuality (her sexual likes and dislikes) and her sexual behaviors are what truly set her apart, making her incredibly different from most other women. In other words, Bea doesn’t enjoy most of the things that an average woman would tend to enjoy during sex. Yet she enjoys many other sexual things in ways that an average woman probably would not. There are so many unusual aspects to Bea's unique sexuality and behaviors that I simply don’t have the space here to discuss them without bogging down this entire story even more than I already have.

Early on in our relationship, Bea's unique sexuality really baffled me. Then one day, Bea made a confession to me about something that had happened to her, back when she was much younger. Something that she had kept secret for many years. Her confession helped to give me a much better understanding of her unique sexuality. Bea's long-kept "dirty little secret" is what this story is really about.

By the way, Bea was on The Pill at the time that she made her confession to me.

Back in those days, the birth control pill was by far the most effective, least intrusive and most natural form of non-permanent birth control that was available to us. It gave us the ability to fuck whenever we wanted to, without any preplanning involved, and with a very low risk of Bea getting pregnant.

But what we both loved the most about The Pill was that, during our lovemaking, it allowed us to act as if we weren't using any form of birth control at all. And as you can well imagine, that "pretending" only served to make the sex even that much more exciting for both of us.

And now that I have provided you with some necessary background information about my extraordinary wife, I can only hope that you will find the rest of this story as erotic and fascinating as I do. I have tried by best to accurately recreate the conversation and accompanying events that took place, while Bea was making her confession to me.

Bea's Confession

Many months after we had begun living together (while we were both still in college), Bea and I were in bed naked, playfully fondling each other’s genitals and talking, as we were getting in the mood for some lovemaking. I remember that I was lying on my back, and Bea was down on her knees between my spread-apart legs, facing me. She was fondling my balls, while I was playfully running my fingers up and down her closed-up pussy crack.

That's when Bea asked me how I would feel if I found out that she wasn’t a virgin, when we first met (which is what she had always led me to believe).

After thinking it over for a moment, I told her that it probably wouldn’t make that much of a difference to me.

Bea hesitated for a little while, obviously deep in thought, and then very rapidly blurted out, “That’s good. Because back when I was much younger, I let an older boy play with my pussy. And I played with his dick too. There! Now you know!” Then Bea simply continued fondling my balls, acting as if what she had just told me was "no big deal."

For a moment I was floored, and my fingers automatically came to a dead stand-still inside her closed-up slit. I couldn’t believe the words I had just heard spewing out of my sweet Bea's mouth.

I had thought that her bringing up the subject about her not being a virgin when we first met, was merely a hypothetical situation, and that Bea was bringing that subject up just to toy with me mentally, and get my reaction. But once I realized that Bea wasn’t being hypothetical at all, I really didn’t know how to respond. And so I verbalized the very next thought that came to my mind.

“You just told me that you and this older boy played with each other's genitals. How on earth did that make you a non-virgin?” I asked.

Bea removed her hands from my balls, slowly lowered her eyes, and then quietly admitted to me, “I also let Freddy rub his dick against my pussy.”

Then, after a long moment of letting everything sink in, I pulled my fingers out of Bea's pussy crack, and I sat back up on the bed, so that we were now both sitting face-to-face in the middle of the small twin-size bed. And that's when our serious discussion began.

Here’s the essence of the conversation that took place between us, and ended up changing our relationship forever:

“The head of his dick?” I asked, still not quite believing what Bea was telling me.

“Yes,” she softly replied, with her eyes still lowered.

“Against the crack of your pussy?”


“Did he have a hard-on, while he was doing that?” I asked, not realizing just how stupid that question was, until it had already left my mouth.

“Oh...yeah,” she answered very emphatically, slowly nodding her head with her eyes closed.

“Did he cum in your pussy?”

She didn't answer me. Instead, she just nodded her head a little faster, and I could tell that she was on the verge of crying.

“Then what you're really telling me is that this Freddy-guy fucked you?” I demanded.

“Yes, I guess that's what I'm telling you,” Bea finally admitted, obviously trying to hold back her tears. Then she opened her watery eyes to look straight at me, before adding, “But back then, I was so naive that I thought Freddy was just rubbing his dick against my pussy, and that’s all. I had no idea that he was taking my virginity. I was pretty scared and confused at the time.”

“Scared?” I asked, still in shock over what I was hearing.

“Yeah. Scared.”

“Are you saying that this Freddy-guy forced you to have sex with him?”

“Well, yes...and no...I mean...kind of,” she replied in a wishy-washy manner, shrugging her shoulders. “He cornered me in a room, and told me to pull my pants down.”

“And you just went ahead, and did what he told you to do?” I asked incredulously.

“No, not at first. But then he said, 'What's the matter with you? Didn't you hear me?' And he stepped in closer to me, and he told me again to pull my pants down. I could tell from the tone of his voice, that he was dead serious.”

“And that's when you did what he told you to do?”

“Yes, I did,” she admitted. “I pulled down my pants. But I left my panties on, thinking that Freddy just wanted to see my panties, and that was all.” After pausing for a second or two, she finally added, “But then Freddy told me to pull my panties down, too. And I realized that he wanted to see my pussy. And so--”

“--and so you just went ahead, and pulled your panties down, and showed this Freddy-guy your pussy?” I asked, rudely finishing Bea's sentence for her, without really intending to.

“It wasn’t like that!” Bea quickly snapped back at me, “Freddy was much bigger than me. He was also three years older than me. I was scared of what might happen if I didn’t cooperate with him. And so, yes,” Bea said in a very measured, matter-of-fact tone of voice, “I pulled my panties down, and I showed Freddy my pussy.”

“So then this Freddy-guy did force you to have sex with him.”

“No, he didn't force me to have sex with him. At the very first, he had me pull down my pants and show him my pussy. And then he exposed himself to me. But that was it. I'm the one who decided to cooperate with him, after that.”

It really surprised me when I heard Bea unexpectedly defend Freddy's actions like that, and I immediately thought to myself, But didn't you just get done telling me that you were scared of what might happen if you didn't cooperate with Freddy? It sure sounds to me like he forced you to have sex with him. And now, you're telling me that he didn't? What's wrong with this picture?

And then I verbalized the very next question that came to my mind, “So who was this Freddy-character anyway?"

“He was a friend of the family," Bea replied. "His real name was Alfredo, but everyone called him Freddy. He and his mother were down on their luck, and they were trying to get back on their feet again. So my parents were letting them stay in that small guest house out in the back yard of my house. You remember it, don't you? I've taken you in there before, when you were over at my house.”

“Yeah, of course I remember it. Did you like Freddy? I mean, was he your boyfriend at the time?”

“Are you kidding me? I thought he was pretty disgusting, as a person. And I certainly didn’t find him attractive in a sexual way, if that's what you mean.”

“So where were you when Freddy made 'the moves' on you?”

“I was in the bathroom of the small guest house.”

And I knew exactly what that little bathroom at the front of the small guest house looked like, because I had used it before myself, and on more than one occasion. I could barely believe that that was the same bathroom where Freddy had sex with Bea.

Upon seeing the open-mouthed look of disbelief on my face, Bea explained, “On Sunday afternoons, I used to go there to watch TV for a few hours, and spend some time away from my family, while Freddy and his mother were gone. They went to church every Sunday. So I assumed that I was alone in the guest house, watching TV that Sunday.

"During a commercial, I got up to use the bathroom. And when I finished, I opened the door, and there was Freddy, standing in the doorway. I could tell that he was intentionally using his body to block the doorway, and keep me from leaving the bathroom. I immediately backed away from him.”

“And that’s when he told you to pull your pants down, right?”

“Yeah. Except that what he really said to me was, 'Baja tus pantalones.'”

"Did Freddy speak to you in Spanish the whole time?"

"No. He switched back and forth between Spanish and English."

"But when he was talking to you in Spanish, you still understood him, right?"

"Oh, yeah. I knew exactly what he was saying to me. So later, when I heard the phrase, 'Baja tus bragas,' come out of Freddy's mouth, I knew that he was telling me to pull down my panties, and show him my pussy."

“So how far did you pull your pants down?”

“The middle of my thighs.”

“So after you pulled your pants and panties down to show Freddy your pussy, what exactly did he do next?”

“He stepped even farther into the bathroom with me. I remember that he just kept staring at my crotch.”

“Was your pussy hairy back then?”

“Oh, yeah. And that did give me a little bit of comfort, but not much.”

“I’ll bet! Did Freddy close the bathroom door behind him and lock it?”

“No, he left it open.”

“Wow, that's pretty bold. He must have known that his mother would be gone for a while."

"Yeah. She was at church, remember?"

"Yeah, you did tell me that, didn't you?"

"But leaving the bathroom door open was still a very bold move on Freddy's part, because my family members were all at home, at the time. And any one of them could have come into the small guest house, looking for me, and caught Freddy and me in the bathroom, which was right by the front door. I can't even begin to tell you how much that thought terrified me, while l was standing there with my pants down, showing Freddy my pussy."

"I'll bet. So Freddy stepped farther into the bathroom with you, leaving the door wide-open, and then what?”

“Then he pulled his pants and underwear down, and he exposed himself to me. That really surprised me. But I was even more shocked when Freddy told me that he wanted me to play with his dick. Actually, he called it his 'verga.' He told me that, if I tried to run away or scream, he would tell my parents what I had done. He said that he would tell them that I had pulled down my pants to show him my 'panocha,' and then asked him to let me play with his 'verga.'”

“And so you just reached right over, and put your hands on his 'verga,' right?”

“I had to get over the initial shock first, of course. But yes, I did. What can I say? I had never seen a guy’s dick before. Sure, I had seen my little brother’s, when he was a baby, and I was changing his diapers. I also saw my brother naked a few times, when he was taking baths as a young child, while I was babysitting him.

"But this was totally different. Freddy wasn't a little boy. After Freddy pulled down his pants, I couldn’t stop staring at his 'thing.' The truth is, I was so curious, that I would have reached over, and played with Freddy’s dick, without him ever having to threaten me at all.

“At the time, I was already masturbating at least once or twice a week. But since I was forced to share a bedroom with my older sister, I really didn't have any privacy during the daytime hours. And so I used to wake up in the middle of the night, and play with myself, while I was lying in my bed, under the covers. And whenever I was playing with myself like that, I used to fantasize about what it would be like to actually see and touch a guy’s 'thing.'

"And so when Freddy pulled his pants down to show me his 'thing,' and then told me that he wanted me to touch it and play with it, I just couldn’t help myself. After a few moments, my hands just kind of jumped across to Freddy’s crotch, all on their own. And I started touching and feeling his dick.”

“So I assume that seeing and touching Freddy’s dick got you all excited?” I asked, once again, not realizing what a stupid question that was, until after it had already left my mouth.

“Of course it did,” Bea patiently answered. “But you’ve got to understand something. Freddy was a very dark-skinned Hispanic boy. In fact, he looked more like a black guy, than a Chicano. And you know full well that, when it comes to guys, I have always been attracted to light-skinned Hispanics and Anglos, and especially to blonds and redheads. So to me, Freddy’s dark-skinned dick was pretty gross and ugly-looking.”

“Freddy's ugly dick still got you excited though,” I remarked, half under my breath. And before Bea could say anything back, I quickly asked, “So then, what you're saying is that it was like having sex with a black guy, right?"

"Yes, that's exactly what it felt like to me at the time."

"Wow! That's pretty heavy. So what happened next between you and Freddy?”

“Well, he just stood there and watched me, while I was touching and feeling his dick for a little while. Then he took my hand, and he showed me exactly how he wanted me to squeeze his dick over and over again. He also showed me how the skin on his dick could be easily moved up and down his shaft. He let go of my hand, and I kept on squeezing and playing with his dick, just like he had showed me to do. Then, Freddy reached across and started playing with my pussy.”

“That must’ve really surprised you.”

Bea thought about it for a moment, and then said, “No, not really. It was pretty much what I expected him to do at that point. I would have been much more surprised if he didn't reach over and play with my pussy. After all, I was already playing with his dick. And he was staring at my pussy. I could tell from the hungry look in his eyes that he definitely wanted to reach over and touch my pussy.”

“I can certainly understand him wanting to do that. And so you were okay with Freddy feeling out your pussy?”

“I sure wasn’t gonna try to stop him. And besides, after Freddy started playing with my pussy, it didn’t take very long at all for it to begin feeling really good to me.”

“Are you saying that you were enjoying yourself while Freddy was playing with your pussy?” I asked, realizing afterwards that I had just asked yet another stupid question.

“You bet I was! And that was the worst part. I didn’t want it to feel so good. But it did anyway. I didn’t even like Freddy at all. And yet there I was, having sex with him. And I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit that I was actually enjoying the sex itself. I felt like such a little whore. But I also felt absolutely wonderful at the same time. I was so confused and overwhelmed by everything that was happening.”

“So what you’re really telling me here is that once Freddy 'got the ball rolling,' so-to-speak, your own sexual curiosity got the better of you, and you ended up becoming a willing participant from that point on, right?”

“Yeah. I hate to admit it, but you’re right.”

"Okay. So once Freddy started playing with your pussy, did you keep on playing with his dick?"

"Yep. That's exactly what I did. By the way, I forgot to mention that Freddy's dick was already halfway erect when I first saw it. But of course, Freddy’s 'thing' grew a lot bigger and got real stiff while I was squeezing it.”

Bea paused for a moment. Then she locked her eyes on mine, and with a totally serious look on her face she told me, “Freddy’s hard-on looked gigantic to me at the time!”

"Oh, come on. You've got to be exaggerating."

"Well, I'm not," Bea insisted. "I was just a young girl. And Freddy's hard-on was about the same size around as yours. But it was at least an inch longer than yours. Maybe even two. Freddy's dick was definitely on the long side. And that made it look pretty intimidating."

"Okay. I see what you mean," I automatically responded. Then I intentionally changed the subject by asking, "So when Freddy reached over and began playing with your pussy, what exactly did he do?”

“At first, he felt out the very front part of my crotch with his hand for a little while. And then he worked his hand farther down between my legs, and started massaging my whole mound.”

“And of course you liked that.”

“Yeah. That felt good to me. And so I naturally spread my legs apart a little bit, just to make it easier for Freddy to get to my pussy. He slipped his fingers into the front of my crack, and he began slowly running them up and down my crack, as he was feeling out all the different parts of my pussy.”

“Was he gentle with you while he was doing that?”

“No, not really. But what he was doing felt really good to me. In fact, it felt so good that, within a matter of a few seconds, I was no longer feeling very scared of Freddy at all. And I quickly began to feel 'okay' with the idea of Freddy having his fingers in my pussy. I mean, how else was I supposed to feel about a guy who was busy playing with my clit and my pussy lips? And of course he was also feeling out my piss-hole and stuff.”

“So what happened next?”

“Freddy told me to spread my legs far apart. And so I spread my legs as far apart as I could."

“When you did that, you still had your pants and panties wrapped around your thighs, right?”

“Yeah, and Freddy quickly moved in very close to me. I was staring down at his dick, as he brought it closer and closer to my pussy. Then he buried the head of his dick into the front of my crack, and he began rubbing his dick against my pussy.”

“Let me get this straight. You and Freddy were both still standing up face-to-face in the bathroom, right?”

“Yeah,” Bea answered, “And then Freddy began slowly rubbing his dick back and forth against my pussy.”

“What were you doing, while he was doing that?” I asked.

“I was holding my pussy open for him, because that's what he told me to do, right before he stuck his dick in my crack.”

"Were you using both hands to do that?"

"Yes, of course I was. I had one hand on each side of my pussy, and I was holding my crack wide-open, just like I do for you, when you're rubbing your dick against my pussy."

“Well, did Freddy’s dick end up feeling good to your pussy?” I blurted out, and then almost immediately felt like the village idiot. It seemed to me as if I were inadvertently trying to win the award for asking the most stupid questions in one conversation.

“Are you kidding me? It felt wonderful! And incredibly sexy. I guess a part of me sensed that my pussy was meant to have a guy’s dick in it. The other parts of me were just scared and confused by what Freddy was doing.”

“Did Freddy work his dick farther and farther back into your crack, while he was rubbing it against your pussy?”

“Oh, come on! I can't even believe you're asking me that,” Bea answered, rolling her eyes upward and shaking her head from side-to-side. "I mean, you're a guy. What would you have done, if you were Freddy?"

I knew that Bea didn't really want me to answer that question. So I simply continued asking my own questions. Even if they sounded stupid, once they came out of my mouth.

“You told me that Freddy came in your pussy,” I said, “So you must have felt Freddy's dick start pulsating down between your legs at some point, right?”

“Oh yeah! Freddy’s dick began pulsating alright. I could feel it down between my legs. And I could tell that his dick was doing something to my pussy. But I could only guess what that 'something' was. All I knew was that, whatever Freddy’s 'thing' was doing, it felt incredibly erotic and sexy to me.”

“Didn’t you feel your pussy getting really wet, when his dick was pulsating like that?”

“Yes, of course I did. But by the time that Freddy’s dick started doing that, my pussy was already wet. You know how wet I can get when I'm turned-on.”

“So what you're telling me is that you did feel the increased wetness down between your legs, but that you simply assumed that it was due to your own wetness?”

“Not completely. You see, at the time, I thought that what Freddy was doing with his throbbing dick, was pissing in my pussy. And I could tell that he was 'peeing' in little spurts. Of course, I didn’t know what 'sperm' was, at the time. But I knew that guys pissed out of the little slit at the tip of their dicks. I had seen my little brother do that many times, while I was changing his diapers. And so I never realized that Freddy’s throbbing dick was squirting sperm inside my pussy.

"Besides, even if I would have snapped that the increased wetness down between my legs was mainly due to Freddy's ejaculation, I still would have never put two and two together, and realized what was happening.

"Don’t forget that, back in those days, we didn’t have any sex education classes in elementary school--or in junior high, for that matter. I didn't even know what 'fucking' was, even though I had heard that word being used by some of the kids at school. So I never realized that guys squirted this 'sperm stuff' out of their dicks, and that that was what caused girls to get pregnant. I didn't learn about that kind of stuff until much later on, in high school.”

“When you said that Freddy was squirting sperm directly into your pussy, you really meant inside your vagina, didn't you?”


“So then what you just admitted to me is that Freddy was really doing a lot more than just rubbing his dick against your pussy, and then cumming in your crack. I mean, he actually had his dick up inside of your vagina, and he was fucking you, wasn't he?”

“Yes. But he didn't start out that way. At first, he was just rubbing his dick-head back and forth against my pussy. But after he got my wetness all over his dick-head, he moved it farther back into my crack, until I felt it penetrate me.

"And that's when Freddy began thrusting it into me over and over again. He fucked me slowly at first. But pretty soon, he was going at a pretty good pace. Then, all of the sudden, he shoved his dick up deep inside me and began humping away like crazy.”

“Were you guys still standing up, face-to-face?”


"So, what were you doing, while Freddy was humping you like that?"

"Trying to keep from falling over!" Bea replied, with a sarcastic look on her face. And we both laughed at her rude comment.

"No. Seriously," I said, while we were both still chuckling.

"I am being serious," Bea insisted, even though she was just barely managing to regain her composure, "I was having a hard time keeping my balance and staying on my feet."

"Were you still holding your pussy crack pulled-open for Freddy?"

"Well, I still kept on trying to. But I really couldn't. Because he was humping away so fast, that he was slamming his pubic bone up against mine. But that only lasted for about 30 seconds, at the most--thank God!--before Freddy made one, final, hard thrust.

"And then he just held his dick very still. I remember that he had his dick so deep inside me, that my hands were squished flat between our two pubic bones. And that's when I felt his dick start pulsating inside me."

“Did Freddy pull his dick out of your pussy, when it finally stopped pulsating?”

“No. He just left it deep inside me for quite a while. Then he finally pulled it out of my vagina, and started rubbing his dick-head against my pussy crack again, just like he had done, when he had first stuck his dick between my legs. He did that for a little while. And then he eventually pulled his dick completely out of my pussy.”

“When Freddy did that, did he still have a hard-on?”

“No,” Bea answered, shaking her head, “I could see that he was quickly losing his erection. Of course I had no idea why that was happening. But I could tell that his 'thing' was shrinking back down, and getting a lot softer and smaller.”

“So what happened after Freddy pulled his dick completely out of your pussy?”

“Not much, really. He backed away from me. Then he pulled his underwear back up, zipped up his pants, and calmly walked away, like nothing special had just happened.”

“Wow! I’ll bet you didn’t feel that way.”

“Boy, you've got that right! After Freddy left the bathroom, and I heard him walk out of the front door of the small house, I just stood there for a few minutes, with my pants down, and my legs still spread apart. I didn't know if Freddy was really 'finished with me,' or if he was just 'taking a break' and was going to come back for a 'second go-round.'

"But as soon as I was finally sure that Freddy was really gone for good, I pulled my pants and panties back up, and I ran out of the little back yard house, and straight to my bedroom.

"I threw myself down on my bed, and I cried for a long time. I was dazed and confused. I was also really scared about what Freddy and I had just done together. I didn’t know if anything bad would happen, because of it.

"I knew that what Freddy and I had just done together was 'very naughty.' And I was worried that my family might find out what happened, and that I would no longer be considered a 'nice girl.'

"I was also very worried that Freddy might try to have sex with me again sometime. And worst of all, I just knew, deep down inside, that if he ever tried, I would willingly cooperate with him again. Thank God, Freddy never did come back for seconds!”

“Did you wipe off your pussy first, with some toilet paper or something, before you pulled your pants back up and ran to your bedroom?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t,” Bea slowly answered, staring at the wall, obviously deep in thought.

“I get the feeling that there’s still something that you’re not telling me. Even though you didn’t like Freddy as a person, there must have been something about Freddy that you really liked. Something that really turned you on a lot. Why else would you just stand there with your pants down, and wait for him to come back into the bathroom for a 'second go-round'? Come on, let’s have it,” I prodded her.

“Okay, okay. But please don't get mad at me,” Bea said, still staring at the same invisible spot on the bedroom wall, behind me.

“I promise I won't get mad at you. Just tell me the whole truth about what really happened that day with Freddy in the bathroom.”

Bea looked straight into my eyes and said, “Freddy stuck his fingers inside me.”

“Okay. But you already told me that he played with your pussy,” I said.

“No. You don't understand. After he told me to spread my legs far apart, and before he started rubbing his dick against my pussy, he stuck his fingers deep inside me. At first, it was just one finger at a time. But it didn't take long, before he had two fingers inside me at the same time.”

“So did Freddy's fingers feel good inside your vagina?”

“They didn't just feel good. They felt great!” Bea admitted, and then took a long pause before continuing, “I was enjoying the heck out Freddy fingering me. He was moving his fingers all around inside me, and exploring every part of my vagina that he could reach. And you know how much I love my G-spot. Let's just say that my pussy got really wet.”

“How did Freddy react to your pussy getting 'really wet'?”

“I can't tell you, because I wasn't really paying any attention to how Freddy was reacting. My mind was focused on much more important things--like how great my pussy was feeling!

"But Freddy must have liked my pussy getting wet, because he started thrusting his fingers in and out. He did it slowly at first. But then he kept on speeding up, and--”

“You mean, Freddy finger-fucked you?” I interrupted, in disbelief.

“Yep,” Bea immediately replied.

“Just like I do?” I asked, knowing full well that the next answer that would be coming out of Bea's mouth was most likely going to confirm my just-realized suspicion that the main reason why Bea loves for me to finger-fuck her so fast and hard, is because that's exactly how Freddy finger-fucked her that day in the bathroom.

“Uh-huh,” Bea hummed back, nodding her head. “And he made me cum too. Just like you do. And I don't mean just a little bit.”

“Are you saying that Freddy actually made you gush?” I asked, still finding it hard to believe what I was hearing with my own ears.

“Oh, yeah!”

“But I thought you told me that you were scared and confused.”

“I was. I was scared and confused--and orgasming my butt off--all at the same time. I just couldn’t help myself, you know? No guy had ever seen or touched my pussy before; let alone, fingered me like that.”

“Did you scream out, while you were cumming, like you normally do when I'm finger-fucking you?”

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I did make a little bit of noise. But I really tried hard not to. Whenever I used to play with myself in my bed late at night, I used to bite down on my lower lip, and whimper through my nose, like this,” Bea said, before showing me a quick example of what she was describing. “That way, I wouldn't wake up my older sister, or anyone else in the house, while I was busy orgasming. And that's exactly what I did, when I was with Freddy.”

“When you orgasmed, did you squirt all over Freddy's hand, like you do on mine?”

“Oh, yeah. Unfortunately, I couldn't help that part. And afterwards, I felt so embarrassed. But there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.”

“Okay. So is that when Freddy moved in closer, and stuck his dick in your pussy?”

“No. He just kept on finger-fucking me, for I don't know how long. All I know is that Freddy made me cum over and over again, just like you do, when you're finger-fucking me.”

“So then what you're saying is that Freddy must have spent several minutes finger-fucking you?”

“Yeah, that's probably about right. And then all of the sudden, he quit finger-fucking me. And that's when he moved in close to me, and stuck his dick in the front of my crack, and started slowly rubbing it back and forth against my pussy.”

“So, what else are you not telling me about this Freddy guy? Wait. Let me guess. You liked his balls, didn't you? I mean, you went out of your way to tell me how ugly-looking Freddy's dick was, but you never said one bad thing about his balls, the whole time. In fact, I don't think you even mentioned Freddy's balls at all.”

“Okay, you're right," Bea said, and then paused for a moment, before continuing on, "I didn't say anything about Freddy's balls, because I didn't really want to. I also tried not to tell you about me getting finger-fucked by Freddy. But you can see how well that worked out. What can I say? Those particular things are just so intimate and personal to me that, even though they happened several years ago, it still makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed to tell you about them.

"But if you really must know...yes, Freddy’s balls did turn me on a lot. Seeing them...and holding them...and feeling them. Back then, I didn't know why they turned me on so much. They just did. And so the truth is that I spent a lot more time feeling out Freddy's balls, than I did squeezing his dick. By the way, Freddy called them his 'huevos.'”

“So is that why you always pay so much attention to my balls? Is it because Freddy's 'huevos' turned you on so much? I mean, do you ever fantasize about Freddy’s 'huevos,' when you’re playing with mine?” I asked Bea point-blank, while staring into her eyes, “Hey, you can be honest with me, because I think I already know the answer to that one anyway.”

Bea kept her eyes focused on mine, as she slowly nodded her head a few times.

“That's what I thought. So, how did it feel to you, while Freddy was humping away at your pussy?” I asked.

“Do you want me to lie to you, or tell you the truth?”

“The truth would be good right now.”

“Okay," Bea said, pausing for a moment to take a deep breath, and then slowly exhaling, before she went on to admit to me, "It felt absolutely incredible! That's how it felt. God, I loved having Freddy's 'verga' inside my 'panocha'! And that son of a bitch actually made me cum, when he was fucking me. But then that shouldn't surprise you. You know how much I love to fuck.”

“Looking back on everything, how do you feel about Freddy now? I mean, you just got done calling him a 'son of a bitch.' Do you hate him for what he did to you that Sunday afternoon? I mean, you do realize that Freddy raped you that day in the bathroom?”

“Yes, I do know that what Freddy did to me would be considered 'rape.' But believe it or not, I don't hate him for doing it. Heck, if I were in his shoes that day, I probably would have ended up fucking me, too,” Bea said. “Don’t forget that I cooperated with Freddy the whole time. And it should be obvious to you by now, that I actually did a lot more, than just 'cooperate' with him.

"So I really can’t blame Freddy for everything that happened. I have to take some responsibility for my part in all of it. I could have screamed for help, or tried to run away, or done other things to try to escape the situation. But I didn’t.

"Instead, thanks to my own sexual curiosity--and my own horniness--I chose to go ahead and have sex with Freddy. So the truth is, I let Freddy fuck me that day. Heck, I even held my pussy open for him, and helped him do it. And after he left, I wanted him to come back, and do it again. And I'm the one who has to live with all that.”

“Yeah. That must be a hard pill to swallow.”

“Who knows? Maybe it was just something that was destined to happen. The truth is that, without Freddy, I know I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.”

“I’m curious. After you had sex with Freddy, did you find yourself masturbating more often?”

“Definitely,” Bea answered, “But I still always did it late at night, while I was lying in bed.”

“Did you masturbate later that same night? You know, after you had sex with Freddy that afternoon?”

“Yes, I did,” Bea nervously admitted, obviously feeling embarrassed again. “I woke up and played with myself over and over again, throughout that entire night. God, I had never felt so horny in my entire life!

"And after that first night, I masturbated a lot more often than I used to. I just couldn't help myself. I would wake up in the middle of the night, with my hand on my crotch, already diddling away.”

“Whenever you were playing with yourself late at night, did you fantasize about Freddy, and what you guys did together?”

“Do you really have to ask me that question? I mean, isn’t it obvious, from everything I’ve told you so far?”

“Sure. But I still wanna hear you say it to me out-loud, so that we can get this whole thing out in the open, where it belongs.”

“Okay. Yes, I admit it. After that Sunday afternoon, whenever I was playing with myself, I fantasized about Freddy a lot. In fact, I still fantasize about Freddy.”

“Even when you’re having sex with me, right?” I asked in a demanding tone-of-voice.

“Yes. Sometimes I do. I can’t help it. It just kind of happens. Especially when you're finger-fucking me,” Bea replied. She paused abruptly and then asked, "Are you okay with all this?"

“Yeah, I’m just fine, babe,” I answered truthfully.

The Aftermath

I reached across and began fondling Bea's pussy again. The crack of her pussy was sopping-wet, despite the fact that neither she nor I had laid a hand on her pussy during our entire conversation so far.

My penis had also somehow managed to stay at least partially-erect throughout our discussion about Freddy. And at this point, my dick was fully-erect and my piss-hole slit was wet with pre-cum.

“So how do you feel about everything that I’ve just told you? Come on. Be honest with me,” Bea asked, and then reached across and began playfully finger-rubbing the transparent pre-cum all over the very tip of my dick.

“To tell you the truth, the whole thing turns me on a lot. I don’t really know exactly why. But it just does," I said.

Bea was now gently squeezing the head of my dick between her thumb and fingers, obviously trying to get some more pre-cum to ooze out, when I went on to admit to her, "There's something very erotic about finding out now, that you weren't really a virgin when we met. Knowing that you let an older boy have sex with you, back when you were younger, doesn't make you less desirable to me.

"Instead, it turns me on! In fact, just the idea that another guy's dick and his sperm made it up into your womb, long before mine ever did...well, that thought excites me like you wouldn't believe!"

"Oh, I believe it, alright. You're definitely turned-on right now!" Bea remarked with a big grin on her face, as she watched more transparent pre-cum slowly leaking out of my piss-hole slit; and then immediately scooped it up with her fingers, so that she could rub the watery-looking fluid between her thumb and her fingertips.

"Well, it must turn you on a lot, too. Because your pussy’s super-wet right now. In fact, if you'll let me fuck you, I'll prove to you just how much your story about Freddy turns me on.”

“If I'll let you fuck me? Are you kidding me?” Bea immediately responded, girlishly giggling away in anticipation, as she quickly flipped over onto her back and spread her legs wide apart, waiting for me to mount her in a missionary position.

I knelt down between Bea's spread-apart legs, and that's when we both went into “automatic mode.” Bea and I had performed this missionary position “mounting ritual” together so many times before, that neither of us had to even think about it. Bea pulled her pussy crack wide-open, and held it that way with her hands. We both stared at our crotches as I grabbed hold of my shaft, and then rubbed the head of my dick up and down along the crack of Bea's sopping-wet pussy a few times, just to lubricate the head of my dick. When I let go of my shaft, Bea removed her hands from her pussy. And I leaned over to place my chest on top of hers, with my head right beside hers, on the pillow.

And at that point, I was so mentally excited that I was already very close to orgasming. Using only my hips, I pressed the head of my dick against Bea's pussy mound. And her awesome pussy lips automatically guided my dick down the length of her crack, directly to her vaginal entrance. I eased my dick into Bea's warm, wet vagina--all the way up to the hilt, in one smooth thrust. And then I just left it there, without moving it around at all, as I was trying to let my orgasmic feelings subside a little bit.

With my cheek right next to hers, I whispered in Bea's ear, “Now I want you to just lie very still, and close your eyes, and pretend that you've got Freddy’s dark-skinned 'verga' inside you right now.

“Oh, God! Are you sure you really wanna do this?” she whispered back into my ear.

“Of course I do. Don't you? I mean, this really turns you on, doesn't it? Pretending that I'm Freddy?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” Bea hummed back in total agreement. I could feel her cheek moving against mine, while she was obviously nodding her head.

“Well, while you're doing that, I'm gonna lie still too, and just think about Freddy's dick and his sperm being inside your pussy, long before mine ever was.

"Now don't move!” I demanded, “I want you to lie as still as you can--even if you're orgasming.

"And if you do cum, I don't want you to scream out, and get all vocal about it, like you usually do. Instead, I want you to bite down on your lower lip, and whimper through you nose, just like you did when you were with Freddy in the bathroom.

"And now I'm gonna shut up, so that I can fertilize that nasty 'panocha' of yours--just like Freddy did in the bathroom that day!"

I held my dick very still, deep inside of Bea, and we didn't say another word to each other for quite a while, as we both focused our attention entirely on our coupled-up genitals.

And while I continued to fight off my orgasmic sensations, in an all-out effort to try to make this awesome experience last as long as I possibly could, my dick eventually betrayed me, as it drastically pulsated one time, releasing a little glob of sperm in the process. I know that's what happened, because I can always feel the sperm slowly traveling up my urethra, right before it oozes out of my piss-hole.

Bea shuddered for just a moment, audibly sucking air in through her closed and chattering teeth, acting as if she had been unceremoniously dropped into an ice bath. I assumed that this was her response to the feeling of my warm, wet sperm oozing out deep inside her, thanks to my misbehaving dick.

I immediately whispered in Bea's ear, “Freddy just let out some sperm deep inside you. Did you feel that?”

“Oh God, yes!” she emphatically replied. Then Bea went on to whisper in my ear in a quick series of very breathy-but-intense whispers, “Go ahead, Freddy!...Piss it all out!...My 'panocha' is all yours!...I don't even care if you get me pregnant!”

And "pregnant" seemed to be the "magic word" that took Bea over the top. Because right after that word came out of her mouth, she started whimpering like a little lost puppy, and I felt her vaginal muscles begin rhythmically clamping down around my shaft. And as her entire body was orgasmically writhing underneath mine--in spite of her valiant efforts to try to hold her body as still as possible--I could feel Bea's warm wetness squirting out of her pussy, and flowing down my balls.

And I knew that I was quickly losing the battle to hold back my impending orgasm. And within a few more split seconds, I realized that I had already lost that battle--and had reached what I like to call "the point of no return"--when I felt my butt and my leg muscles automatically tighten up, and stay in a contracted position.

And then I began orgasming, with my pulsating penis still buried up to the hilt, as it was busy squirting my whole wad of sperm all over the rear pocket of Bea's vagina, without me ever having to make a single in-and-out thrust with my dick.

Several minutes later, when we both finally came back to our senses, I looked deep into Bea's large, beautiful hazel eyes, while we were still coupled-up. And just as my dick finally softened up enough to fall out of her vagina on its own, I said, “I can't believe we just did that.”

“Neither can I,” she said, “But it was absolutely wonderful! You can be my 'Freddy' any time you want to.”

“Do you really mean that?” I asked.

"You bet I do," Bea immediately replied with a big smile on her face, "I love you, babe!”

“I love you too!”

Then Bea and I hugged and kissed for quite a long while, before falling asleep in each other's arms. And we didn't say another word about Freddy, after we woke up in the early evening, and went about our normal business for the rest of that day.

The very next afternoon, I surprised and shocked Bea when I intentionally used my body to block the bathroom doorway, as she was trying to leave the bathroom, after she had finished taking a piss.

I immediately ordered her to pull down her pants, and I stepped into the bathroom with her.

And Bea almost-instantly realized what I was trying to get her to do. Because she backed up a little bit, and played right along with me, as she unbuttoned her pants, and unzipped her fly, and then pulled her pants down around her thighs, intentionally leaving her cotton briefs in place. In an ironic twist-of-fate, Bea just happened to be wearing plain white panties that day--just like she had worn during her actual sexual encounter with Freddy.

“Pull down your panties, too!” I barked out as forcefully as I could, while moving in even closer to Bea.

Bea pulled her panties down around her thighs, and my eyes were glued to the front of Bea's hairy crotch, as I casually unzipped my pants. Then I pulled my pants and my jockey shorts down around the middle of my thighs to expose my whole "package" to her, just like Freddy did.

Bea and I went on to re-enact, in our own bathroom, her entire adolescent sexual encounter with Freddy, step-by-step. And while I was playing the role of "Freddy"--a Scotch-Irish version of "Freddy," that is--Bea coached me and corrected me, whenever I was doing something different from the way that she remembers it happening between her and Freddy.

And before everything was said and done, I ended up fucking Bea in close to the same way that Freddy fucked her young, virgin pussy that day.

This re-enactment ended up being a real turn-on for both of us. And I got to learn a lot more about what really took place between Bea and Freddy.

All I can say, is that there were many things that Bea had neglected to mention in her confession to me the day before. For example, she didn't mention the fact that Freddy was feeling out her butt throughout most of the time that he was fucking her.

But most importantly, Bea finally got the chance to mentally process--and begin to come to grips with--much of the sexual stuff that she didn't really understand, back when she was losing her virginity in that small bathroom on that Sunday afternoon.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the subject of "Freddy" kept automatically popping up at some point during our lovemaking, usually during our foreplay. And that was just fine with me. I realized that Bea felt like she needed to explain to me every little detail about what had happened between her and Freddy in the bathroom that day, just so that she could get the whole thing off her chest. And besides, our talking about Freddy during our own sexual encounters always had the effect of getting us both exceptionally turned-on, which only served to drastically improve our own lovemaking.

This intense-but-short-lived "Freddy phase" of our sexual relationship turned out to be a wonderfully exciting experience for both of us--and one that Bea and I will always cherish.

I feel very grateful and honored that Bea chose to share her most intimate and shocking "dirty little secret" with me.

It was Bea's open-minded attitude, her willingness to accept and embrace change, and her unconditional love for me that made it possible for me to later share more of my own intimate and shocking "dirty little secrets" with her.

And I was pleasantly surprised when I eventually found out that Bea also had a few more "dirty little secrets" of her own to share with me. And just in case you were wondering, none of them had anything to do with Freddy.

* * * * *

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