RWBY - Teacher's favourites chapter 1

RWBY - Teacher's favourites chapter 1

Expect grammar mistakes, this is not my native tongue

X - X - X - X - X

Things are quiet in the Beacon Academy, especially in the bedrooms, although in one of them something happens that nobody could ever imagine:

The halls are empty, everyone is in the courtyard or walking through the city. If someone walked through one of them, they would be surprised to hear strange and quite suspicious sounds. Now, if someone enters the room where the noise comes from, their jaw would fall to the floor when they saw such an incredible scene.

In one of the beds, three bodies shake in an intense sexual act. Two boys, Jaune and Cardin, formerly rivals, have now joined together to enjoy an unforgettable love session with nothing more and nothing less than Glynda Goodwitch. Yes, Professor Glynda Goodwitch, a woman known for being cold and extremely rational, almost like a she's a robot without emotions. Fortunately for the hunstmen, that was not the case, their hot teacher between the howling at the top of her lungs from the pleasure.

- Ah ... ah ... you ... you're very good - the blonde congratulates them and moans, lying on her side in the middle of her students - youngsters this day have so much energy ... ah ... ah ...

Who would think that such a woman, taking away the fact of how beautiful she is, would be in a bed with two men? To be more precise, with two of her students. The blonde's beautiful green eyes are narrowed, while gasps come out of her mouth with her tongue out. Jaune stands in front of her, fucking her pussy, with one hand clutched at her thin waist and the other at her hips. Cardin, behind her, rams her ass roughly, mawling her big and perfect tits, the flesh reddening by his rough treatment.

-Hey Arc, what the fuck are you doing? - Cardin complains and stops moving when the blond removes his hands from Glynda's tits, and begins to suck her nipples, increasing the rhythm of his lunges, hitting her g-spot. The woman screams of pleasure and her holes squeeze the thick pricks inside her, their thrusts slowing from the sudden grip.

- Doing better than you obviously, idiot - the blond stops sucking the ink nipples to answer his rival, returning to what he was doing before hearing an answer. The brown-haired boy was going to keep complaingn when he feels the beautiful blonde stick closer to him, her ass taking EVERY inch of the Winchester's cock.

-Now, why do you stop Mr. Winchester? - The excited woman asks the younger man, giving him a peck on his lips and staring at him - put more effort! - The woman starts screaming when her student grabs her by the hips and begins to ram her hard, her buttocks jiggling with each penetration. The blond doesn't stay behind, increasing his pace, both members sinking into the warm holes of the huntress. Both guys ignore their balls rubbing each other, completely focused on their gorgeous teacher.

At one point, and without leaving their holes, they move so that Jaune is under her, with Cardin on top of the beautiful teacher, both speeding up their movements, the slutty teacher's holes gripping their pricks like a glove. Glynda, with her body guided by lust, moves her hips up and down, keeping up with her young lovers, not minding their poor coordination, just enjoying having both her holes full. At times they slow down, not wanting to cum so soon, and also to rest a little; Their teacher is quite intense and they'll have to work hard to keep her satisified.

- C'mon! Ah! Ah! Keep going! Ahh! - she demands, really wanting them to screw her up with all their strength - Ahhh! Ah! Ah! Show me you are real men! Ah! Ahh! - Between moans, Glynda orders them to let it all go - we have all night, just cum inside!

Giving them permission to cum inside her, with the condition of not stopping, the horny woman hopes a healthy amount of cum, and wasn't dissapointed. The boys, who had never seen her act like that, stop holding on and let go of their jizz, ruining her insides.. Jaune hugs her by the waist and brings her closer, pouring his sperm into her womb. For his part, Cardin sinks his fingers on her buttocks and, with a last powerful thrust, comes inside her round ass.

- Ha ... ha ... not bad ... ha ... but I hope you have more cum in those balls of yours ... ah ... - the huntress praises them again, honestly proud of the amount of sperm they could expel in a single cum - ha ... now let's continue, we... ha ... we can't end here ... ha ... ha ... - Glynda's really content with how this turned out, two dicks all for herself. Trying to solve their rivalry with this method's the best idea she ever had,

X - X - X - X - X

- I'm dissapointed of both of you - and annoyed Glynda told her students, glaring at them will crossing her arms around her chest, highlighting them. - how could you think of fighting in the cafeteria - and accidentally splash her with water, when she went to stop them

Both their faces are bruised from their last fist fight, but they ignred it as both guys try to avoid looking at her, not only because she scares them with her glare, but because the wet blouse let them easily see her black bra, barely holding back her ample chest.

- I don't care what problem you have with each other, you'll talk like the proper hunstman you should be - An oblivious blonde reprimanded them, walking to them, her big breasts drawing all their attention. Glynda blinks when she notices both guys averting their sight, and widens her eyes when she notices their hardening bulges. - Just waht are you thinking...! - She yells and both students flinch, not noticing their teacher ogling their packages.

- I'm sorry Ms. Goodwitch - Jaune tries to apologize, while Cardin says nothing but looks at her teacher, openly leering at her rack. After all, she already caught them looking.

They're both surprised when a red Glynda lifts up her blouse and her breasts bounce on the lacy bra, the movements entrancing the surprised troublemakers. They stood frozen as the older woman got between them and started to feel up their pricks, above their tight pants. She smirks at them, pleasantly surprised by their length.

- you want to touch my tits? - an extremely excited Glynda tells her students, barely men, and shivers when she see the brunnete nod, the blonde shyly agreeing - go ahead - she unfastens her bra, and her perky jugs bounce a little, entrancing both boys who undo their pants, their cocks harder than they ever been. Glynda kisses Jaune while moaning lightly when Cardin bite her right nipple, his hands squeezing her breasts. Her hands slowly jerks them off, until her eys opens wide and she push them away.

- I hope you keep this between us - She coldly commands them, unfazed by what just happened. When both guys try to reply, she continues - and tonight- she bend over, lifting her bra, and showing them her ample backside - you will come to my room, together - She finished, looking at them in the eye, and pleased when both guys nod eagerly. As she puts on her upper clothes, she watched as both hunstman walked out, for once not fighting, and she sighs happily as she imagines what two horny teenagers can do.

When both guys appeared at her door, bulges evident with their desire, a naked teacher greeted them , her hourglass figure making them drool. Grabbing each guy by the hand, she closed the door with her semblance and throw her boy toys to the bed, her needy holes prepared for anything. When both guys filled her at the same time, she was glad for the wonderful idea.

X - X - X - X - X

Glynda blinked and moaned when she felt the hardening members inside her, showing the vigour of youth. Through the orgasm was unmatched, the rest was very short, as the woman felt her boys resume their movements a few seconds after the end of the first round. A few minutes later, Cardin suggests changing places, Jaune totally agrees, always wanted to have fun with the teacher's ass, which looks as good as Pyrrha's.

The change is fast, Glynda gets up and turns around, the blond cock sinking in her ass at the same time that Cardin spreads her legs and performs the same act with her pussy. The teacher returns to emit obscene gasps of pleasure, her hips move again, the bed shakes to the point of disturbing the people who are downstairs. With the glasses hanging on one of her ears and biting her lower lip, the perverted blonde throws her glasses away and tells them to do it with more strength; It's an order with touches of supplication.

The double onslaught continues until both boys ejaculate again in their horny teacher. Now each one came in each hole of the teacher. No, one is still missing: her mouth. They still haven't testes the oral skills of the woman, who realizes what they want and kneels on the floor, having both guys in fornt of her. Taking a dick with each hand, she slowly masturbate them to help the hunstmen in training regain their erections that diminished after the second round. When she sees that they're both hard again, hse leans toward Jaune to suck him off first, not ceasing to jerk her other young lover off, both guy taking turns at her mouth.

The blowjob lasts a couple of minutes, until both of them are almost cumming again. Glynda stops and just smirks at them,and then continued, trying to fit both cocks in her motuh. Both Jaune and Cardin are fascinated by how Glynda sucks them off; both have been taken care of by other huntresses, but their teacher surpasses them all. The teacher does not need much time to make them cum again, swallowing both jizzes. To her (pleasant) surprise, the boys want to continue. Glynda thinks about how wonderful youth is, although she does not consider herself an old woman, she is still in her best years.

Enjoying the sight of two large dicks, she opens his mouth while sucking Cardin's cock up her throat, while Jaune lifts her by the thighs and prepares to fuck her again. The arms of the blond surround her waist and his dong makes its way through her vaginal walls, the brunnette hits her chin with his balls and deepthroating her with fervor. As expected, every few minutes they exchange places, spitroasting her, until Cardin lifted her and suddenly bottoming out in her ass, causing the blonde to shriek and wrap her legs around the hunstman's waist, being wildly penetrated.

Seeing Jaune approach, the teacher demonstrated a great flexibility, arching her body until her mouth is leveled at the height of the blonde's cock, who holds the woman's shoulders and plunges his dong into the throat of the teacher, both enjoying the position - you're so good Ms. Goodwitch - the leader of the JNPR team flattered her, while his classmate increased the speed of his thrusts.

- I love your ass, you slutty teach - a panting Cardin says cheekily, taking advantage of the situation. Glynda stops sucking Jaune off and looks at the chestnut with some irritation. He immediately stops and lowers her to the ground.

- I'm glad you think so, Mr. Winchester. - the woman responds dryly, before smiling and using her semblance to move him to the bed, approaching him and wrapping her round tits around his dick, making him growl of pleasure, moving her breasts from top to bottom, as she felt like the blond penetrates her ass - oh gods yes! - Glynda screams with pleasure. Jaune gives her a few thrusts and pulls out, ram his dick into her cunt a few times, and pulling out again to enter her ass, then her pussy, doing it several times, until deciding on her bottom, while the chestnut enjoys a titfuck.

Jaune and Cardin are amazed at the teacher's body, as if they were a pair of brats who experience their first sexual encounter with an older and much more experienced woman, which they are. While everything in her is extremely desirable, and having a good pair of soft and heavy tits, what gets their attention the most is her perfect ass.

- Ah ... ah ... Mr. Arc ... spank me..ah .. - Glynda tells Jaune. The boy doesn't think about it and begins to whip his teacher's right buttock, while his hand is still clinging to her waist. The buttock is reddening as it is beaten and the reddish hue is proportional to the enjoyment of Glynda. On the other hand, Cardin gets on his knees and takes her head with both hands and rams her face with more rudeness, something that the woman doesn't dislike at all. Her nose tickles when she sinks between the pubic hairs and her throat dilates, holding her breath.

The blonde hugs Cardin by the waist, clutching him tightly so she can move her head from front to back at a faster speed. The combination of movements of her tongue and lips makes it difficult for the lucky young man to endure without cumming again. Glyda releases his waist and takes him from the buttocks, maintaining the rhythm of the blowjob.

- Let's switch - asks Jaune, wanting the teacher to suck him again.

- Wait a little longer - Cardin refuses between gasps, he wants to enjoy a little more of that unique mouth.

Turning Glynda, they both prepare to spitroast her again. Although, before Jaune can put his cock back between Glynda's full lips, and Cardin makes use of her pink anus, she stops them.

- Wait, I want you both to work together.

They do not understand it, they only see how their teacher moves away from them a little and turns their backs on them, still on their hands and knees, and spreads her asscheeks with the fingers of one hand and turns her head to see them.

- I want you both here. - Glynda commands, overtaken by her lust, her ass gaping by all the rough action it received, ready to be filled again.

The boys swallow hard, they hadn't contemplated the idea of sharing Glynda Goodwitch's ass; It is one of those revelations that change your world for good. They approach her and, getting together quite a bit, press their pricks against the blonde's asshole. They sink into the older woman's rear little by little, while Glynda plunges her face into the bed and bites her lips, until half of each phallus enters Beacon's best ass. Both guys, uncomfortable, try to move, but the position does not allow them to perform at their best. as a frustratedCardin pulls out, letting Jaune take advantage of the fact and fills Glynda's hole with all o his length, . As the younger blond pulled out and drove his cock back into her ass as deep as he could, the gorgeous woman took it like a champ, watching wth glazed eyes her other stud jacking off at the sight

-I have an idea - the leader of CRDL team tells the pair, who stopped thier coupling to look at him, and cockily walks close to them, enjoying the sight of the hot blonde gazing at his big cock. Lying in bed next to the teacher, he exclaims - Come on Ms. Goodwitch - He pats his lap, and both blondes understand.

Jaune pulled out his cock with a pop, and the beautiful blonde moves with shaky legs, and sits on top of her other student. Grabbing his cock with her left hand, she takes a deep breath and slowly takes the long prick in her twitching ass, sharing a fiery kiss, and starts to ride him while he grabs her cheeks and gropes them roughly - hurry up you idiot - He insults his classmate , who is not really offended, He's as excited as his rival to try the teacher's idea. The blond rests his hand on the woman's back, and slowly penetrates the anus of the stunning woman. Glynda, with a smile of pleasure and clenching her teeth, enjoys the sensation of her butt receiving that pair of cocks inch by inch, both at the same time. Glynda yelps in pain as Jaune eased himself in her already filled ass, determinated to not be left out of the action. Glynda tries to move, somewhat regretting her little fantasy, but Cardin wrap his arms around her back and draws her to him, muffling her screams with his mouth, until Jaune finally fits his entire cock in her abused asshole.

The three of them take a moment to regain their bearing, both guys uncomfortable with their junks touching each other, but Glynda paid them no mind, drunk in her pleasure. Getting used to the sensation, the horny students start to move, trying to find their rythm, and matching speed as much as they can. Now, with all the previous sexual acts they've done, they see no need to contain themselves. The double penetration is intense from the start, both teens make use of the strength acquired by their arduous training. Now, they are sexual warriors and the bed is their battlefield. Glynda's pushed like a rag doll, the bed shooking more than ever as the boys manhandle their teacher like she's a cheap whore.

- OH! OH! OHH! - Glynda groans vulgarly, without suppressing the volume of her screams - OH! OH! YES! YES! I HAVE BOTH IN MY ASS! OH! OHH! I WANT YOU TO BREAK MY FUCKING ASSHOLE! OHHHHHH!

Her shrieks and moans motivates the students to keep that pace, and increase it. Glynda no longer intends to keep up appearances with the two of them, now they will be her sexual release. Her body has fallen in love with that pair of cocks and is willing to receive them as many times as necessary. With the other students, she will continue to act as usual, but at least she now has two sources of sexual liberation.

- Do you like having two cocks in the ass, teacher? - The brown-haired boy takes the opportunity to spank her, while the blond leaned in to the back of the blonde woman, surrounding her with his arms and lifting her a little, her huge tits moving with the swing of her hips, giving a wonderful show to Cardin - What would the student think, seeing Ms. Goodwitch taking two cocks in her ass as if she're a cheap whore - the woman tries to answer, but Jaune takes the opportunity to turn her head and kiss her, Cardin starts to slap her breasts, making her whine with pain and pleasure as they redden from the sudden assault.

While Jaune and Cardin hammer her ass with all their strength, the sounds produced by both male bodies crashing into her accompany their groans, Glynda plans all the things she wants to do with her new favorite students, either after school, during the breaks, or infiltrating their room at night.

- cum inside me - Glynda whispers, drained of all energy, her body surrendering completely to the pleasure. Her eyes roll to the back of her head when her studs break her gaping ass, filling it with their jizz, still thrusting inside her, until they no longer have the strength to continue.

Sandwiched between the panting students, the teacher doesn't even care that someone can come in and discover them. Moreover, if a student discovers the forbidden act, she would be more than happy to invite him to join the fun.

X - X - X - X - X

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